Yeah you heard me


And better than ever

I am really happy that I am back

This month was WAY long

And I am actually happy that it was long because it helped me think about some stuff

And the stuff I thought about was the really dumb and idiotic things I did before my block....

Sooo... I just wanna apologize to some people...


Thomas, I know we haven't been the BEST of friends, and I remember before my block you were on chat and I admit that I was being disrespectful to you so I am sorry and I hope we can become friends...


Zack, before my block I lied to you, which was extremely wrong... I really don't know what I was actually thinking.... and I really am sorry...


Kaitlyn, we have had bitter sweet moments, but before I was blocked I was very harsh with you and I apologize.


Ranger, I know that you're blocked right now, but I was pretty harsh to you, also. I really am sorry.

And yeah.....

Lily out <3?

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