Hi Everybody!! These are my very first games on the wiki! I'm so excited to do this, and if these turn out good, then I will DEFINITELY make more!! Please, don't give me a hard time if these suck, because these are only my first games! So, please join and enjoy!! :D


District/Gender Name Strengths/Weaknesses Weapon(s) Personality/Appearance User

D1 Male

Greg Fanner Hand-to-Hand, Physical Strength Knives, Axe Nice, loud/ Sandy blonde hair, Blue eyes, Slightly tanned skin, Tall Jsm13athome
D1 Female Dymentia Lights Very fast, stealthy, and intelligent/ Very nimble, frail and isn't strong Scythe and Kama Very kind on the outside, pretends to like everyone, but on the inside she is very crude and judgemental/ Light blonde hair, light skin The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
D2 Male Antero Lisn Swimming and knows how to fish/ Climbing Trident, Knives Mean, cocky, jerk/ Blond hair, light skin Wesolini
D2 Female Clarisse Steel Speed, Strength/ Very short tempered Throwing Knives Charismatic/ Black hair, Tall, Brown eyes MR.Clove14
D3 Male Buzz Kindler Smart, quick/ Curious, underestimated Long Knife Mean, quiet/ Short naturally spiky brown hair, glasses, dark brown eyes, small Camidoodle
D3 Female Aura Porinne Brute Strength, Running/ Hiding, swimming Sword Mean, quiet/ Light blonde hair, light skin w/ freckles, blue eyes Cloveismywife
D4 Male Quelli Banks Strong, trustworthy/ Easily judged, misunderstood Sword, Axe Nice, quiet, shy/ Emo-ish style black hair, deep blue eyes, well built, handome Camidoodle
D4 Female Rose Stream Swimming, fighting/ Climbing, sleeping too hard Throwing axe and hatchet Mean, obnoxious, cocky/ Black hair w/ braids, tan skin Cloveygal
D5 Male Jason Green Smart, strong, and swordsmanship/ Impatient Sword and Bow and Arrow Unkind, loyal, stubborn, and nervous/ Brown hair, blue eyes, well built Chrystalbeast96
D5 Female Kittiwake Wynters Swimming, hiding, running/ Climbing Trident, daggers, traps Fearless, bossy, impatient, sarcastic/ Short dark brown hair, light skin, brown eyes Everderp
D6 Male River Rhodes Intelligent, cunning/ Losing Sutton (whos not in these games) Trident, Knife Kind, giving, will always lend a helping hand, smart and cunning in situations Wolverine1717
D6 Female Bridgette Trasfar Strength, Inventing/ Speaking her Mind, Trust Issues Spear, Bow and Arrow Nice, loud, sassy/ Light blonde hair w/ black streaks, ocean deep blue eyes, light skin, blushy pink cheeks, tall, pink lips Fluffeh Kitteh
D7 Male Sev Strong, fast/ One eye, one prosthetic arm Knives, Spears Sweet, quiet/ Short black hair, green eye, skinny Dannoh403
D7 Female Kristen Shcoo Speed/ Small, Scared of Mutts, Won't eat anything, Woodpeckers Blow Gun w/ Poison Darts Nice, funny/ Reddish brownish hair, small, brown eyes Omgdeadpeople
D8 Male Sebastian Klein Speed, strength/ Intelligence, hiding Blowgun, Throwing Knives Funny, quiet, sly/ Brown hair, tan skin Justafox
D8 Female Celia Thumball Strength, Running/ Scared of a lot of things, hiding Dagger Nice, shy/ Short black hair in a bob, About 5'7 Asfbn
D9 Male Houston Thomas Aim, Courage/ Weak, Running Sword, Spear Mean, can't shut his mouth, jerk/ Short buzzed hair, Lots of freckles, About 6'3, Blue eyes Asfbn
D9 Female Kurumu Urucu Running, Hand-to-Hand combat/ Hiding, swimming Knife, Sword Has 2 sides to personality, is kind hearted and gentle but can be made easily mad/ Brownish blackish hair, tan skin ~PoundtheAlarm~
D10 Male Jupiter Storm Hand-to-Hand Combat, Sneaking around, Being quiet, Swimming/ Long distance running, Ignorance Spear, Sword Cocky, big ego, Gentle, Funny, Determined/ Orange hair w/ red in the front, tan skin, red eyes RedTurtle433
D10 Female Liliana Marx Running, hiding/ Brute strength, swimming Bow and Arrow Nice, kind, quiet/ Short black hair, light skin, green eyes Cloveismywife
D11 Male Dylan Mack Plant identification, Hand-to-Hand combat/ Climbing and Swimming Machete Nice, sweet, quiet/ Short brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin, tall Rueforever.
D11 Female Luna Snare Hiding, killing, clairvoyant/ Strength, speed Blowgun Sly, elusive, nice/ Pure red hair, pale skin Justafox
D12 Male Icarus Vago Running, climbing, hunting/ Swimming Sword, traps Quiet, shy, fearless, nice/ red hair, pale skin Everderp
D12 Female Melanoi Jet Very accurate and fast/ Verk weak Death Star, Shurikens Very quiet ands loves sneaking around/ Chocolate brown hair, tan skin The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo

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