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The Amount of Games

Lily! November 30, 2012 User blog:Lily!

Okay, so..... I am just going to point out....

Since I got back from my block, I have seen these games on this wiki

And the amount is getting pretty ridiculous......

I mean really???

They had The Hunger Games but no....

On this wiki, we have to make games by different names and all this other stuff???

Don't ruin Hunger Games.... I see in all these intros to games about Katniss and Peeta and other stuff that is SO IRRELEVANT to the series.... and as a matter of fact it really pisses me off

And when I see all of these popular games I think that why people like them so much better besides other users games???? Huh? Whats so great about them?

I feel like all I see on this wiki is games games games and NOTHING ELSE!

I mean one time I saw for example "The Thanksgiving Games" on the popular blog posts section.... ARE.YOU.KIDDING.ME!?!?!? 

And yeah I know I have made games before but I was just making them because I had nothing better to do....

So this is just my personal opinion.... hate on it all you want....

But if you were to gain anything out of reading this can it please be to just calm down with the amount of games here?


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