Hey! These are my new games! Yea, I'm pretty bored so that's why I'm making these. And some of you may be thinking "Dafuq, why is Lily making a games when all of her other ones turned to out be shit?" and "What the hell, what does breakfast have to do with a Hunger Games?". Frankly, those are absolutely marvelous questions! And yea, they will be answered momentarily.


Okay, so these games are extremely different than any Hunger Games: the arena is made up of breakfast food items. It may sound stupid, but I guaratee you it won't be. And if these are successful then I may do a Lunch Games ;D There probably will be a twist, but I cannot guarantee that. 

Rules/Reminders (Heads-Up)

  • There's most likely going to be swearing in these, so YOU GUYS CAN SWEAR TOO! :D
  • If you hate on me when your tribute dies, I'm going to hate you back ;D
  • There are reservations and they only last for 2 days... if you don't enter your tribute within that period of time, you'll lose the spot.... so ultimately, you're screwed if that happens and if you really wanted that spot :3
  • These games are going to have District 0, District 13, District 14, and Capitol tributes
  • I'm too lazy to make a table so I'm just gonna make a regular list of tributes
  • People may only have two tributes
  • These games will have reapings and then the actual games. That's it.
  • I can always not accept your tributes<33

Tribute Template






Backstory: (this can be brief or long... but ultimately, long backstories are preferred)



Tribute Token:

Don't put less or more than the template

Please supply a lunaii with the tribute you make!


This is the section where I basically keep track of the people who currently have reservations going...

Misytmolla: District 1 Female and District 13 Male (2 days)

KEWLBEN: District 6 Female and District 5 Male (2 days)


District 0

District 0 Male:

District 0 Female: Lonessa "Nessie" Sanders

District 1

District 1 Male:

District 1 Female:

District 2

District 2 Male: Mason Ekon

District 2 Female: Ashlyn Trezzy

District 3

District 3 Male:

District 3 Female:

District 4

District 4 Male: Draco Light

District 4 Female: Isis Glow

District 5

District 5 Male:

District 5 Female: Cassandra "Cassie" Underwood

District 6

District 6 Male: Axl Lockhart

District 6 Female:

District 7

District 7 Male: 

District 7 Female: Lucy Cambridge

District 8

District 8 Male: Kyle Laney

District 8 Female: Hollow Breeze

District 9

District 9 Male:

District 9 Female:

District 10

District 10 Male:

District 10 Female: Vivan Incomstanti

District 11

District 11 Male:

District 11 Female:

District 12

District 12 Male: Garfield Slater

District 12 Female:

District 13

District 13 Male:

District 13 Female:

District 14

District 14 Male: Scorpi Rex

District 14 Female: Fawn Paon

The Capitol

Capitol Male:

Capitol Female: Maple Shade

Tribute Slideshow

  • Lonessa "Nessie" Sanders (District 0 Female)
  • Mason Ekon (District 2 Male)
  • Ashlyn Trezzy (District 2 Female)
  • Draco Light (District 4 Male)
  • Isis Glow Blue Background.png Isis Glow (District 4 Female)
  • Cassandra "Cassie" Underwood (District 5 Female)
  • Axl Lockhart (District 6 Male)
  • Lucy Cambridge (District 7 Female)
  • Kyle Laney (District 8 Male)
  • Hollow Breeze (District 8 Female)
  • Vivan Incomstanti (District 10 Female)
  • Garfield Slater (District 12 Male)
  • Scorpi Rex (District 14 Male)
  • Fawn Paon (District 14 Female)
  • Maple Shade (Capitol Female)

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