Word Art Hope you don't mind that I used Cool Text, KEAP! Hey Guys, This is my first Games, so please don't be mad if it stinks.

Once the games starts, you can decide where you want your tribute to go!


  1. Please only submit 1 pair of tributes from District 1-12
  2. If it's possible, not too many couples
  3. I won't be taking them from people
  4. It's a first come, first serve


This year's arena is divided into 5 pieces.
Grand Canyon

Section One: Canyon

The first piece is an Canyon, modeled after the grand canyon. Basically, there's a hot, steamy dessert, with no water to drink unless its from the sponsers or rainwater. Well, it hardly ever rains here, so your out of luck. Its filled with poisonous snakes and scorpians, who's stings are highly painful and can cause hallucinations. Although it hurts, its not deadly. There are steamy, black clouds that release an acid gas every 4 days. The clouds are meant to fool the tributes, making them think its rain. There are only a few trees here, and you'll need to be under one by noon, or you will sorch to death.

The second piece of land is an jungle. The jungle is an warm place in the day but extremly cold in

Jungle 1


the night. The climate constantly changes and it is filled with an Capitol generated mutt named SaperTrapers. (don't laugh, just a name I came up with!) SaperTraypers are talented genius lion mutts that know how to track its prey efficiently and quickly. The brain developes an understanding of the region, and is programmed to kill, slowly, and painfully. The tributes that reside in the jungle, seeing the lion mutt with reconise the resemblelance to his/her family member. If you are bitten, you recieve blood poisioning, and slowing wilt to death.


The third piece is an destroyed city. This place is the safest from animal dangers but is filled with piecekeepers. The buildings are an shelter, but can simoustanely colaspe when your in it. You can find stale food, "drinkable water" and maybe medicine. The peacekeepers all weild guns with bullets that will kill you instantly. There may even be an earthquake or too, seing how the name is Destruction City.

The fourth piece of land is named "Paradise" The land is modeled after the 50th Hunger Games. There's adorable little animals, fresh grass, but an unusual smell in the air. The smell, if inhaled to deeply, can give you lung cancer. There's flowers that pollon can make you cough non-stop. In the center, there's a mountian that has a deep hole. In the hole, there's all the supplies and necessities. The tributes all start at this piece of land, becuase the Cornucopia is located there. Various mutts are also located here.

The last piece is a meadow. The grass grows up to 4 meters high. The grass is edible, but the grounds are filled with small mutts and animals. Its a heavy concealment, but highly cold in the night and scorching hot in the day.


District Score Female Male
One Sparkle Rose Ryan Hilford
Two Genieve Terrion Stuart Hummes
Three Evelyn Grace Jason Grace
Four Vaitya Demien Atynn Saitsen
Five Heather Rennac
Six Carrie Ann Lardin Derrick Mason
Seven Jasmine Greft Jason Neel
Eight Mantra Slash
Nine Darlene Jobes Kevin Potter
Ten Fawn Sage Jake Tucker
Eleven Detora Brandy Ryak Torg
Twelve Alison Iris

Aaron Wilde


District One: Sparkle Rose

"Morning." I enter quietly into the kitchen to find my sister and my aunt eating breakfast. It's reaping day. My sister noisily finishes her cereal and walks upstaris. I can hear her sobing quietly. I follow her up. "What's wrong?" "I d-d-on't want t-t-o go." she cries. It's her first reapings. Gently, I touch the velvet fabric headbend on my head. No matter where I go. Its there. Keep it safe. Wherever it is, Remember that I'm with you. Reaching down, I pull my sister to face me. "I know you scared. It's nothing. The reapings not important. I promise you won't get chosen. Everything will you back to normal once the reapings over." "You promise?" She whispers.

"I promise."

District One: Ryan Hilford

Our shimmery district one escort saunters up the stairs. Her dress is an eye catching precious stone, which lights up in the sunlight. Not to be offensive to her...but she's a bit to bright. Her dress makes her look a little wide in the hips. "Welcome, Welcome, to the 59th Annual Hunger di la di la." There's no way I'll be chosen for the games. The escort crosses the podium and grabs a slip of paper from the large glass ball. "Sparkle Rose!" She shouts. An blonde walks up stage. I see an older women and a little child crying. Oh well "Female Tribute. Sparkle Rose!" She beams, and waves at the cameras. "Ryan Hilford!" She screams. These games will be no problem. Smiling, I whisper to her. "I like your dress." "Why thank you.": "But you look fat.

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