• Limaheights


    Welcome to the Semi-Annual LimaQuinn Hunger Games! This is our first semi-annual game.

    The games will be taking place in a large gym, fifty fee wide and long! Me (Message Me) and QuinnQuinn (Message her) will be running these games.

    In this game, all the weapons are hidden only those who are very clever will be able to find them. Alliances are a key way to stay alive in the game. Me and QuinnQuinn are already District One Alliances. These games will be fun!

    Me and QuinnQuin will die in Chapter one, Before the games, another tribute kills us.

    District One:

    Boy Girl
    LimaHeights QuinnQuinn

    District Two

    District Three Foxface911
    District Four Clove1999

    District Five

    District Six Wolverine1717
    District Seven Clove1999
    District …

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