Welcome to the Semi-Annual LimaQuinn Hunger Games! This is our first semi-annual game.

The games will be taking place in a large gym, fifty fee wide and long! Me (Message Me) and QuinnQuinn (Message her) will be running these games.

In this game, all the weapons are hidden only those who are very clever will be able to find them. Alliances are a key way to stay alive in the game. Me and QuinnQuinn are already District One Alliances. These games will be fun!

Me and QuinnQuin will die in Chapter one, Before the games, another tribute kills us.

District One:

Boy Girl
LimaHeights QuinnQuinn

District Two

District Three Foxface911
District Four Clove1999

District Five

District Six Wolverine1717
District Seven Clove1999
District Eight Iluvgale
District Nine Everdeen
District Ten
District Elleven
District Twelve Anna-athena
District Thirtreen

District 2:

Name: Anna Marie de Caprio

Age: 17

Skills: Clawing, sword, knife, axe, strength

Weakness: Not used to people being nice to her

Personality: tough, ferocious, a little conceited

History: The daughter of a Victor,she grew up being told that the only way to prove your skills was to win a Hunger Games. Her mom trained her every day. Anna Marie filed her nails into sharp points, so she has deadly claws now. She grew up in Victor's village and never really made any friends, although most of the boys in the District have asked her out at some point because of her good looks. She thinks that anyone who doesn't live in victor's village is a loser, and that anyone who does isn't skilled enough to hang out with her.

Strategy: Careers until they break up, then survive on her own, killing anyone she comes across.

Token: The file she sharpens her nails with

Name: Levi Stone

Age: 15

District: 2

Skills: Blowgun, bow and arrows

Weakness: reckless, might get sick in the Games

Personality: Not afraid to die, determined, never gives up

History: Levi lived a good life as an only child until he turned 15. He was then diagnosed with a deadly disease; the treatment for which his parents couldn't afford. He was ready to die, until he saw some teenagers training for the Games. Remembering that a Victor of the Hunger Games would get enough money to pay for his treatment and save his life, he trained relentlessly in the month before the reapings for the Games. At the Reapings he volunteered. He knows he has nothing to lose, and will do whatever it takes to win the Games.

Strategy: Ally with the Careers, destroy any threats

Token: none

{C}District 3, Female, Wendy Zirbel

Age - 13

Skills - Sees the best in people, has LOTS of energy, generally pleasant {C}[1]Added byFoxface911Weakness - Doesn't follow rules or directions, and not so great at sports

History - Lives in a biggish house with her mother, father, and a dog names dandelion. Her parents love her very much, and are quite rich, so they plan on sending sponsor girfts. They are not worried. But Dandelion is. That's why Wendy is bringing his puppy collar as a token - she wears it on her wrist.

Personality - Cheerful, carefree, nice

Strategy - Just have fun! She's getting sponsor gifts anyways...

Volunteered or reaped - Reaped

Token - Dandelion's puppy collar

District 3, Male, Ethan Gray

Age - 15

Skills - Math, Math, Math, blah blah blah

Weaknesses - Doing sporty stuff and very inexperienced at smiling {C}[2]Ethan GrayAdded byFoxface911

{C}History - He lived with his mother and father in District ine. They work full time so they don't see him often; only at night, and usually they make him go to sleep by then. They expect him to get 110% in every subject, and if he doesn't, then they don't let him eat untill he does. They call it "high expectations". So he has learned to do his work. He wasn't reaped; when they were standing there a bully pushed him out and said in a sqeaky irritating voice, "I vollunteer!" So he was forced to walk up onto the stage, condemmed to death. when they were leaving, his parents attacked the peacekeepers. "WHAT ABOUT SCHOOL!!!" they screamed. He was worried, too. Who was he without math?

Personality - Very precise, factual, (some people might call him stuck up), no emotions, cold.

Strategy - Rig up devices that can kill people and hide while people slowly die at the hand of his inventions.

Volunteered or reaped - Volunteered... sort of

Token - Pencil, blunt, so that it doesn't get confiscated by the Gamemakers.

District 4:

Name: Ariel Shell

[3]ArielAdded byClove1999

Age: 17

Strengths: Tridents, spears, knives

Weaknesses: Anything electrical

Strategy: Ally with Careers and kill them when there are only 5 peolple left

History: Her brother was killed in a shark attack while deep sea diving with his friends.

Appearence: Golden hair, blue eyes, tan skin

Token: A sea shell charm bracelet

Name: Sebastian

[4]SebastianAdded byClove1999


Strengths: Tridents, harpoons

Weaknesses: Mutts

History: His father was killed in a Peacekeeper accident and his mother is a jewlry maker. Reaped

Strategy: Ally w/ Careers and then hide in a cave or such untill the final 3.

Appearence: Dark hair, green eyes

Token: His father's picture

District 5-Edit

Rick Jones(13) Skills- His brain, clever, knoweldeg, quick thinker, plan making, tree climbing, and very hard to find, and knives.

Weakness- Any weapond but knives

Stragety- Once the gong rings run the oppisite of the Cornucopia and hide near the edge of the clearing. Then[5]D5- Rick Jones(13)Added by Nate777very sneackly spy and track other tributes and steal from them just like Foxface. Hide at all means, never come out or ally. Slwoy and cleverly think of a way to destory to careers.Personality- Very shy with newcomers. Also won't hesitate to betray you.

History- Being for 14, Genetics. But moved to district 5, with his neighbor Cathy. He had fox DNA put in him just like his great grandma Foxface. It is mandatory for all babies in the whomb to be mixed with DNA of another animal in 14.They are the Capitol lab rats, but when you become a tribute they take away the DNA as an unfair advantage. His Great grandma found out a way to keep her out foxing the gamemakers as will Rick. The scientist who randomly select DNA had selected Fox's DNA. This might have saved his life. His mom has cat DNA and his father an eagle's DNA. He has two little twin sisters with dog DNA.

Token- No need for one

District Six: Name: River Rhodes District: 6 Age: 17 Male

Skills: Intellegent, Cunning, Likes to experiment with things

Appearance: Tall, wears glasses, short brown hair, brown eyes, scarr under left eye

Personality: kind, giving, will always lend a helping hand, smart and cunning in situations

Strategy: Stick with Sutton, form small alliance, take enimies out one-by-one

History: Mom died when he was 6 years old. Lived with dad until he was 12. Dad got arrested for abusing his new girlfriend and River (which is how he got scarr). Moved in with his aunt and uncle, where he hung in garage most of time making inventions, experiments, and becoming a genius. Met Sutton Yates at 14 and they became great friends. He eventually asked her out and they started dating.

Token: A necklace with a picture of Sutton in it.

Weapon: Trident, Knife

Weakness: Losing Sutton

Family: Mother (deceased) , Father (jail), Aunt, Uncle

Reaped or Volunteer: Reaped

Name: Sutton Yates District: 6 Age: 16 Female

Skills: Agile, gymnastics, loves to climb and jump in trees.

Appearance: Thin, tall, chin length blonde hair, bright blue eyes

Personality: kind and cares for others, loves animals, is very confident

Strategy: Sticking with River, small alliance, take enimies out one-by-one

History: When she was 9 her sister, Tracey, was reaped into Hunger Games, she made to final six and was killed. Sutton became full of hate and anger. Then when she was 13, she met River Rhodes. She became happy and they became really great friends. River eventually asked her out and she said yes.

Token: Sister's necklace of a swan.

Weapon: Knife, Bow and arrows

Weakness: Losing weapons and River

Family: Mother, Father, Sister Tracey (deceased)

Reaped or Volunteer: Reaped[6]River RhodesAdded byWolverine1717[7]

District Eight:

Name: Hades Bringer(Male)

Age: 15

District: 8 {C}[8]Hades BringerAdded by Bklmc5Appearance: Dark skin, jet black hair, large build

Personality: Dosent like to bond,

Skills: Plants, Sword and knives

Weaknesses: Mutts

Strategy: Find an alliance

{C}Name: Amanda Hills(Female)

Age: 17

District: 8

Appearance: Very fair skin, blonde hair, medium build, Sexy {C}[9]Amanda HillsAdded by Bklmc5Personality: Nice, trusts people too easily

Skills: Traps, bow & arrows,
Weaknesses: Pain, strength

Strategy: Get a bow and arrow and pick people off in the trees. Try to find Hades

{C}District 9

Name: Demetra Roselle

Appearance: Silky, wavy, reddish brown hair, piercing deep sea green eyes, thick dark eyelashes, sun kissed {C}[10]Demetra RoselleAdded byEverdeenskin, pale rose pink lips, medium height, slim.

Age: 16

Token: Her heart necklace, given to her by her best friend after she volunteered for her, hidden inside is a picture of her dad, who died.

Personality: Cares for her family, and is very nice and likeable, but when it comes to the being a tribute in the Games, she has to be fierce and deceiving.

Strengths: Witty, cunning, intriguing, cautious, thorough thinker, runs like a gazelle, quick reflexes, knows her edible plants, very talented with the bow and arrow.

Weaknesses: Not very strong and powerful, but has endurance. Hates gore and is a little emotional, but hides this, trying to look confident.

Weapon: Bow and arrow

Strategy: Doesn't trust anyone, so only makes alliances when facing death (if someone plans on killing her, she very persuasively convinces not to, and to become an ally). Gains others trust, but is very sneaky and backstabs them if she needs to. To kill from afar and hidden (not a face to face combat person).

Family: One older brother and a mom.

Reaped? Volunteered for her friend, as she thought her friend would not be able to compete.

Life At Home: not done

Name: Aden Sparks

District: 9

Appearance: Capturing violet eyes, flowy golden hair, charming smile, medium height.

Age: 16

Token: His mom's leather necklace, which was given to him when she was diagnosed with a rare, uncurrable disease. {C}[11]Added byEverdeenPersonality: Funny, charming,... not done

Strengths: Strong, convincing, fast, charmer, great at hand to hand combat.

Weaknesses: Feels sorry for people, too nice.

Weapon: Sword, throwing knifes.

Strategy: Make alliance with a trusting tribute, hide and wait, get lots of supplies at cornucopia by fighting for them.

Family: A dad

Reaped? Yes, he hates violence.

Life At Home: Farm boy, lives with dad, also helps out at a flower shop.

District 12:

Evelyn Dreamcatcher (Ev-ve-lyn)Edit

Gender: Female

Age: 13 1/2 {C}[12]Evelyn DreamcatcherAdded by Anna-athenaToken: An mulitgem bracelet given by all her friends. Each of her beads represents someone or something.

History: Evelyn is an straight A student that dreams of becoming an lawyer. Shes short tempered and enjoys getting into fights. She's popular though, but her friends are more of an temporary alliance. Evelyn is an only child, her father died when she was young. Or so what everyone thinks. Evelyn and her mom think that maybe, just maybe he was turned into an Avox and is still in the Capitol. She wishes to find out.

One thing about Evelyn is that she enjoys causing pain and suffering. She killed her "best friend" and framed someone. She killed the girl because she stole and guy she liked. That didnt work well with her.

Evelyn volunteered to be in the games because she wanted to satisfy her love of killing, become even more popular when she wins, and also see if her dad is alive.

Appearence: Golden Brown Hair. Dark Browish Eyes.

Hobbies: Dancing, Gossiping, Shopping

Fatal Flaw: Thinking shes the best. Otherwise Huberis

Name: Adrian ChristensonEdit

Gender: Male

Age: 15 [13]Adrian ChristensonAdded by Anna-athenaHistroy: Adrian has always been popular and witty. Being the son of the mayor, he dosen't know how to live in poverty. Adrian has this weird phobia of the color Black. He can't stand it and is always being teased because of it. When he was 12, he almost died in a fire at his house. He was saved by his mother, who died for him. Ever since then, Adrain shut out everyone in his life, his family, friedns and pets. He voluteered to go to the games, because he dosent care. At all about anything.

Appearence: Blue Eyes, Red Hair

Hobbies: Reading, Sulking, Crying

Fatal Flaw: His phobia

Please Comment with your tribute and what district you would like, you need to include










Thanks! Happy Games!

Chapter One

District One:

limaheights he looks out the window of his high rise house, he loves District one, it is amazing. He looks in the mirror at his perfect face, in fact everyone in District one had a perfect flawless and beautiful face. Today was the day he dreaded, the reaping.. ugh how was he going to get this over with? he dosen’t want to get picked

QuinnQuinn looks in the mirror at her flawless face, she was ready to fight and win the money the honor and the name, QuinnQuinn the champion of the Hunger Games...

At the reaping and the boy tribute it limaheights, wait are you kidding me Lima thought, this is not happening, he cried and fell on the floor and hit his head.... he is in the hospital now, he has been kicked out of the games. on the other hand, QuinnQuinn volunteered herself and is very excitied to start her new adventure... when all of a sudden some one called “A” texted her, “Watch out, QuinnQuinn”

District 2 (Characters by Necterine411)

Anna Marie de Caprio: She looked down at her cat like razor sharp nails. She had the hunger games, she knew she was going to win. She thought of all those other kids who won't have the same training as her, ones that will most likely not survive. She knew she was beautiful and all the girls hated her becasue of it, she was ready to dominate.

Levi Stone: He coughed and coughed, he was getting sicker by the day. He couldn't wait to win the Hunger Games, all he wanted was to feel better. He will win.

At the reaping , Anna Marie de Caprio and Levi Stone both voulnteered themselfes for the Hunger Games.

Who will win?

New Chapter Soon

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