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  • Lionlini

    Hello all! These games are where I will be selecting tributes and using them.

    1. No flaming or cussing.

    2. These are SELECTION games, so don't be crying that I didn't select your tributes.

    3. I am using on occasion one of my own tributes.

    The tributes are:

    D1: Chardonnay Aude and Austin Winepress.

    D2: Shermaine Wilson and Silvanus Justice.

    D3: Max Augustus and Nyx Salem.

    D4: Nixie Calamari and Radiant Tayz.

    D5: Devi Sunshine and Michael Richards

    D6: Maco Jerzy and Cario Paradox.

    D7: Mercedes Butterscotch and Chopp Tehwood.

    D8: Sian Mailey and Texture Tee.

    D9: Acacia Range and Shine Sauris.

    D10: Sable Rose and Kwartz Diodin.

    D11: Yuna Besaid and Dylan Jack.

    D12: Piper Quinn and Pik Hayes.

    Yuna Besaid's POV.

    As I came in the arena, I looked around. It appeare…

    Read more >

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