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Lionlini's Selection games!

Hello all! These games are where I will be selecting tributes and using them.


1. No flaming or cussing.

2. These are SELECTION games, so don't be crying that I didn't select your tributes.

3. I am using on occasion one of my own tributes.


The tributes are:

D1: Chardonnay Aude and Austin Winepress.

D2: Shermaine Wilson and Silvanus Justice.

D3: Max Augustus and Nyx Salem.

D4: Nixie Calamari and Radiant Tayz.

D5: Devi Sunshine and Michael Richards

D6: Maco Jerzy and Cario Paradox.

D7: Mercedes Butterscotch and Chopp Tehwood.

D8: Sian Mailey and Texture Tee.

D9: Acacia Range and Shine Sauris.

D10: Sable Rose and Kwartz Diodin.

D11: Yuna Besaid and Dylan Jack.

D12: Piper Quinn and Pik Hayes.


Day 1

Yuna Besaid's POV.

As I came in the arena, I looked around. It appeared to be a metropolis, with no supplies at the Cornucopia, but scattered in buildings. 44, 43, 42...

Devi Sunshine's POV.

I looked for Acacia, Piper and Pik. They all were ready to bolt to a village. I nodded at Pik and he mouthed "Yes.". Great, now I know where to go. 22, 21, 20...

Max Augustus's POV.

I was in the Careers and they were going to a hospital. I went ahead and trusted them. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. GONG!

Dylan Jack's POV.

Oh gosh, I sprinted to the alleyway to the bag I saw. I picked up a dagger on my way there. BOOM! It appears Shine got stabbed by Acacia near a house. I sprinted to the mace and took it. Time to have fun, I thought.

Austin Winepress's POV.

We were in the hospital, and had several bags and weapons. I looked out to see Pik throw a dagger at Sable and Kwartz running to a hotel. BOOM! Sable slumped down. BOOM! Cario fell as Maco went after a bag. I then realized that it was Texture who killed Sian, and not Cario as he arose.

Texture Tee's POV.

Sorry Sian, but I want to live. I ran to the hotel I saw and threw a knife at Maco's foot. I heard her yell and continued. I ran to the room number 1338 as it was open. I saw Kwartz in there, with nothing but a bag and a knife. I asked "Allies?" and he nodded.

Maco Jerzy's POV.

I now hate Tex. He threw the knife at me and hit me. I limped to the motel I saw away from the hotel. I saw Cario and Mercedes fighting with their fists. I took my knife and threw it in Mercedes's neck. BOOM! I helped up Cario and he thanked me.

Nyx Salem's POV.

I was off in the restaurant with my hammers, my knife gloves and a sword. I took the bag from the closet. CREAK! I jumped around and saw Shermaine running at me. I put on my gloves and attacked. BOOM! She was gone with no struggle.

Radiant Tayz's POV.

I was in love with Chardonnay and she loved me. As we walked through an aisle in the department store. BOOM! BOOM! I saw the dead bodies of Silvanus and Nixie as Austin ran off, cackling. I threw a knife at him. It hit his abdomen, and I ran off. BOOM! He slumped.

Cario Paradox's POV.

I was in the motel with Maco and suddenly, she took my arm. "What?" I asked. She responded by kissing me straight on the lips. Oh god, I thought, What the hell was that?. SMASH! Max ran in and threw his hammer at Maco, hitting her in the skull. BOOM! I ran at him, but he threw another at me. BOOM!

Dylan Jack's POv

I was walking in the villa, and I saw Acacia stuck on a bear trap. I smashed her face in with my mace. BOOM! I accidentally threw it back. BOOM! I turned and it decapacitated Yuna. Oh my gosh, I thought. I went over to the horn. I saw the faces in the sky later. Shine, Sable, Sian, Mercedes, Shermaine, Silvanus, Nixie, Austin, Maco, Cario, Acacia and Yuna died today.

Day 2

Literally nothing happens, except Dylan attacks Kwartz and stabs him in the arm. Kwartz needs medicine in a few days or he'll die.

Day 3

Kwartz Diodin's POV.

I got my medicine today, and me and Texture attacked Dylan as he and Radiant fought. We saw Chardonnay nearby and ignored her. I threw my knife at them, but it hit Devi instead. BOOM! BOOM! Radiant also killed Dylan. We ran back to the motel.

Max Augustus's POV.

I saw Texture come in the back and I attacked. He managed to grab a hammer and we fought with them. I threw my knife at Kwartz, missing him. Sucks for me, as I got pummeled by the hammer. BOOM!

Pik Hayes's POV!

I ran at Texture and Kwartz with Piper. Piper stabbed Kwartz as he stabbed her. BOOM! I attacked Texture as he ran at me. I smashed my mace in his kidney as his hammer smashed in my face. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

Kwartz Diodin's POV.

As Radiant tried saving me, he pushed me out a window, and I fell down 80 stories. BOOM!


24. Shine Sauris, stabbed by Acacia Range in the neck with a knife.

23. Sable Rose, knife thrown in throat by Pik Hayes.

22. Sian Mailey, slain with a garrote by Texture Tee.

21. Mercedes Butterscotch, killed by Maco Jerzy with a knife in the neck.

20. Shermaine Wilson, killed by decapacitation with a knife glove from Nyx Salem.

19. Silvanus Justis, killed by spear trap set up by gamemakers.

18. Nixie Calamari, killed by Austin Winepress with a dagger through the eye.

17. Austin Winepress, killed by Radiant Tayz with a dagger in the abdomen.

16. Maco Jerzy, killed by Max Augustus with a hammer snapping her neck.

15. Cario Paradox, killed by Max Augustus with a hammer in his skull.

14. Acacia Range, killed by Dylan Jack with a mace to the face.

13. Yuna Besaid, killed by Dylan Jack with a mace through the neck.

12. Devi Sunshine, killed by Kwartz Diodin with a knife in the back.

11. Dylan Jack, killed by Radiant Tayz with a sword in the heart.

10. Max Augustus, killed with a hammer in the chest by Texture Tee.

9. Piper Quinn, killed by Kwartz Diodin with a knife to the heart.

8. Dylan Jack, killed by Pik Hayes with a mace in the kidney.

7. Pik Hayes, killed by Dylan Jack with a hammer in the face.

6. Radiant Tayz, killed by Piper Quinn with a knife in the stomach.

5. Kwartz Diodin, killed by falling.

4. Nyx Salem, killed by gamemakers with acid.

3. Chopp Tehwood, killed by acid.

VICTOR: Chardonnay Aude, killed none.

VICTOR: Michael Richards, killed none.

Congrats to Char and Mich for winning! Especially your creators!

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