Welcome, welcome! The 125th Hunger Games will happen in a few days! This year, is a Quarter Quell, so remember, there will be some surprises. If you wish to join, please fill out the form below, and place it in the comments. Thank you, and Happy Hunger Games!

-Airene Archerway, Head Gamemaker


President Praetor the new president of the Panem ever since Snow died, enters the room with a white envelope, handed to him by a small girl in a white dress.

"For the 25th Hunger Games every district was made to hold an election and vote on the tributes who will go in the arena.

"For the 50th Hunger Games as a reminder that two rebels must die for every Capitol citizen, twice the number of tributes must go into the arena

"For the 75th Hunger Games, tributes were chosen from the existing pool of victors.

"For the 100th Hunger Games...

"For the 125th Hunger Games, there will be no mentors, and the Gamemakers have decided on a theme that we will not tell you for fear of spoiling the surprise.

"Happy Hunger Games. And may the odds be ever in your favor"


Name District Age Gender
Al Dazzle 1 16 Male
Kez Hunter 1 15 Female
Jakmon "Jak" Gamron 2 18 Male
Joy Mainhood 2 15 Female
Fabian Holmstrom 3 14 Male
Lila Maganachi 3 15 Female
Hunter Oceanic 4 17 Male
Valentia Gourde 4 17 Female
Tristan Cale 5 16 Male
Kylie Bang 5 15 Female
Benjamin Woodrew 6 17 Male
Alicia Subvectio 6 16 Female
Connor North 7 15 Male
Teryl Ellard 7 18 Female
Mark Textilia 8 12 Male
Luna Snare 8 15 Female
Leo Chase 9 18 Male
Miya Rye 9 14 Female
Caleb Schumann 10 18 Male
Cecelia Pierce 10 16 Female
Max Vaz 11 14 Male
Lilith 11 12 Female


Name District Gender
Bliss Haworth 1 Female
Topaz Lane 2 Female
Veronica Hart 3 Female
Al Shifter 4 Male
Serena Marvel 5 Female
Maria Mariel 6 Female
Dahlia Vincent 7 Female
Uana Feawl 8 Female
Naranya Payloma 9 Female
Ashwell Magstron 10 Male
Karina Barreto 11 Female


Each sponsor gets 1000 dollars to spend on.


Parachute container where sponsor items come from.


Axe - 210

Sword - 100

Bow - 50

A Dozen Arrows - 50

Trident - 250

Throwing Knives - 200

Knife - 50

Poison - 50

Blowgun - 100

Darts (12) - 50

Rocks (12, Usually For Slingshot) - 50

Slingshot - 75

Throwing Axes (3) - 275


Raft and Paddles - 300

Rope - 50

Wire - 100

Bread- 100

Matches- 150

Fruit- 100

Meat- 100

Night Vision Goggles - 100

Sleeping Bag - 100

Soup - 100

Water - 100


Burn Ointment- 250

Instant Relief (heals wounds super fast)- 500

Average Healing Stuff- 250

Sponsors (You Are Allowed To Sponsor Up To 2 Tributes)

Sponsor Tribute Money Remaining
OrangeGreenConverse Miya Rye 800
District3Tribute Connor North 1000
District3Tribute Teryl Ellard 1000
CallamD97 Hunter Oceanic 1000
Deaphalia911 Leo Chase 1000
Deaphalia911 Caleb Schumann 1000
OrangeGreenConverse Luna Snare 1000
Jodasalz1129 Kez Hunter 1000
Jodasalz1129 Al Dazzle 400
Sponsor Tribute Money Remaining
Wikia Contributor A Max Vaz 1000
KEWLBEN Kez Hunter 1000
KEWLBEN Alicia Subvectio 1000
ScissorLover24 Kez Hunter 1000
Katniss 9 Al Dazzle 1000
DaughterOfRue Al Dazzle 1000
Gohungergames Valentia Gourde 1000
Derky Jak Gamron 1000
Derky Al Dazzle 1000
Sponsor Tribute Money Remaining
Catnipkatniss Jak Gamron 1000
Catnipkatniss Joy Mainhood 1000
theworldscolliding Cecelia Pierce 1000
Rue district 11 Luna Snare 1000
Sponsor 101 Kez Hunter 1000
Sponsor 101 Benjamin Woodrew 1000
Cupcakesrule Luna Snare 1000

Also, you get 1000 for each tribute, but if you run out of money for the first one you're not allowed to use money from the other 1000. And, no changing tributes if the tribute died.

-=+Sponsoring Closes the day the Games start+=-


FROM THE POINT OF VIEW OF: DREW DUNMORE, CAPITOL KID WATCHING THE REAPING RECAP At the Capitol, young Drew Dunmore's eyes are glued to the television. The reaping recaps are about to begin.

District One

"Kez Hunter!"

A girl with long, curly black hair walked up the stage, not showing any sign of being scared. Drew knows that this girl is going to be a tough competitor to the games. The girl, Kez, has a deadly smile on her face that shows she is ready for this. A look in her eye shows everyone that no one needs to volunteer.

"Hello." she says in a cheerful voice. "I knew I would get picked. This is jsut great!" She smiles a dazzling grin.

"District One, your female tribute!" the escort, sporting puffy blue hair and purplish skin. "And now for the boys..."

"Sage Firay!"

A boy, looking no older than about 13, walks up to the stage, it was obvious that he, unlike many others in his district, is rather poor compared to the others. Suddenly, another boy, about 16 pushes his way through the crowd.

"I volunteer as tribute!" he says. Drew instantly feels relief, the thought of that poor boy going into the arena is quite sad.

"What is your name?"

"Al Dazzle." the boy with the golden eyes and hair replies back casually, he grins a dazzling smile.

District 2

"Kyle-" the name of the boy being called isn't able to be finished. A boy immediately volunteers and walks up on the stage. His blue eyes look deadly, he is truly going to be one to compete with.

"Young man, what is your name?"

"Jak. Jak Gamron." He says this somewhat cockily and smiles, Drew instantly knows this boy is a Career, and has been training for this all his life.

"OK then, now for the girls..." the escort says, walking over to the other reaping ball. Drew clutches her knees and bounces up and down on the couch. She loves the Hunger Games, but the reapings are her favorite part.

"Victori-" once again, it seems like the tribute's name does not get to be finished. A girl, only 15, screams the familiar:

"I volunteer!" She has big blue eyes and a petite figure, and unlike the other tributes Drew has seen so far, ths one actually does look quite innocent. But something in the back of her head makes Drew believe that she is quite lethal, and should be watched out for in the arena. "My name is Joy Mainhood." She says with another big smile.

District 3

"Fabian Holmstrom!" the voice of the escort booms across the entire place. A boy, around 16 with ashen skin walks up the stage and frowns. Unlike the first two, District 3 isnt a Career district, no one is likely to volunteer for him.

"Hi." he says awkwardly, almost stumbling on the stage.

The escort however keeps her big smile and continues to read the next slip of paper.

"Mary Macdonald!"

"I volunteer!" is shouted one second later. The girl walking up the stage is far less awkward than Fabian is and looks über happy according to Drew. She happily goes up and smiles, and starts to jump with joy. "I'm Lilliana Maganachi. But you can call me Lila."

District 4

"James Evans!"

"I volunteer!" it's either the fifth time Drew has heard the familiar cry in the past 10 or so minutes. A good-looking boy walks up the stage confidently. He has dark blonde hair and dark emerald eyes. "Hunter Oceanic." He says to the escort, smiling. Being from District 4, and most probably a career, Drew notes that maybe he could be a fierce competitor for this games.

"Thank you. And now for the girl..." the escort, Poppy Trench, Drew thinks, is dramatically getting a slip of paper from the bottom of the jar. She slowly unfolds it and... "Ella-"

"I volunteer as tribute!" Sixth time. She doesnt know why but Drew is counting the number of tributes who have volunteered. It's an interesting game to pass the time. The girl coming up the stage has darker skin and black hair tied into a big ponytail. "Hi. My name is Valentia. Valentia Gourde."

District 5

"Ladies first..." Beatrice Mullington, the escort of D5 says. "And our lucky little female tribute for this year's Hunger Games is... Kylie Bang!" A girl with light brown hair with a braid, although nervous, smiles as she walks up to the stage. "Bang, where have I heard that name before? It sounds familiar. You look familiar in fact."

"My brother won a previous Hunger Games." she says, although not quite enthusiastic about it. Her brother is a victor? She could actually have an advantage of winning this.

"Oh, that was an interesting year. Anyway though, our lucky male tribute for this year's games is..." walking over to the other ball she quickly pulls out a paper and opens it quite eagerly, nearly ripping it in the process. "Tristan Cale!"

A boy with green eyes walks up to the stage shyly. Two girls from the audience look at him sadly, and Drew immediately realizes those girls must be his sisters or maybe cousins. Drew feels instantly bad for the family, but continues to watch the reaping recaps. He has something to fight for, he might be able to win this.

District 6

"Alicia Subvectio!" when this Alicia girl walks up the stage, the first thing she notices about her is the death glare she seems to be aiming at the camera. It's like she's death glaring the Capitol. She's muttering stuff under her breath about stupid tesserae. She looks fairly pretty, green eyes with red hair and freckles, forcing a smile as the escort greets her. But something tells Drew that she's not just a pretty face, Drew can see a big bruise in her arm, disadvantage for the arena right there.

"And now for the boys" the escort says "Benjamin Woodrew!" The boy on the screen, around 17, looks so happy. He joyfully takes his place next to the glaring Alicia on the stage. Benjamin however has some sort of deadly smile. Shucks, Drew thinks, He could actually do this maybe.

District 7

"How about we try boys first for a change?" the escort says "Ben-"

"I volunteer as tribute!" Seventh. A boy with dark brown hair that is spiked up in the front and hazel colored eyes comes to the stage confidently, and he looks like he could be a deadly competitor. "My name is Connor. North." he adds the last part quickly after a small pause, he grins.

"Girls then." the escort continues. "Teryl Ellard!" An eighteen year old confidently walks up the stage, being older than most, she has a better shot most probably. Her big, light, blue eyes seem sort of surprised but she continues to act as if fine.

District 8

"Mark Textilia!" Youngest tribute Drew has seen in the Games so far, and she feels immediate pity for him. The little boy starts to get glassy eyed as he walks up the stage with his hands in his pockets. When nobody volunteers he starts to cry some legit tears.

Then again, it could all be an act.

The escort dismisses him and he goes to the other reaping ball to call out the name of: "Red-"

"I volunteer!" The eighth tribute to volunteeer from the eighth district? Drew chuckles to herself as she watches the girl from somewhere in the middle of the crowd, probably the 15 year olds, sprint forward with amazing speed, her red hair a blur. That would be a skill to watch out for in the arena.

"What's your name?" the escort asks

"Luna Snare."

District 9

"Miya Rye!" the escort booms, a girl goes up the stage, she seems to be smiling optimistically and she has blonde hair and green eyes she also looks around 14. She looks somewhat childlike and innocent though. Her optimism might be helpful in the Games. She continues to smile up until...

"Leo Chase!" a tall boy with dark brown hair and eyes coming from the 18 year olds comes up on stage, causing Miya's smile to turn into a frown of sorts. He looks pretty smart and sly, Drew notes that he might be able to be a great competitor.

District 10

"Caleb Schumann!" the boy coming from the eighteen year old section sprints up the stage and his blue eyes are terryfying the hell out of Drew as he stares straight into the camera. Remaining silent, the escort continues to call the girl's name from 10 as Drew thinks about how Caleb could possibly be a huge threat.

"Cecelia Pierce!" a pretty girl with red hair and blue eyes walks up the stage cautiously but confidently. She smiles as Drew notices that this girl looks quite clever, seemingly already formulating a plan for her survival.

District 11


"I volunteer as tribute!" Ninth. Drew watches the TV closely. A volunteer from an outline district? Interesting. This boy might be skilled. "My name is Max Vaz."

"District 11, it looks like we have a volunteer. Presenting your male tribute!" she walks over to the other reaping ball, but this time, even before she gets to read the name someone else shouts.

"I volunteer!" Tenth. Another volunteer from District 11? This year will be interesting indeed. She cranes her neck looking for the source of the shout. And what surprises her most is that it comes from the 12 year old section. "I'm Lilith*-"


Drew turns off the television before Lilith could finish her name. She rushes to her parents' room, she knows which tribute she wants to sponsor.

  • Just so you know, the creator of Lilith didnt give me her last name...


Chariot Rides

FROM THE POINT OF VIEW OF: ELLA STILTA! Reporter for Capitol News.

"Am I ready? Do I look OK? Good." Ellla says

"Filming in 3, 2, 1-" the camera man says. Ella takes a deep breath and begins:

"Hello Capitol! Reporting from the CHARIOT RIDES this is Ella Stilta, journalist for Capitol News.

"First up is District 1! Designed by Bliss Haworth, Kez is wearing a beautiful rose-colored ballgown with matching heels. Kez's hair is done up in a bun with a tiara around it. (Could they be foreshadowing another crown on her head? Probably the victor's crown?) While Al is wearing white tuxedo with a tie that is the same color of Kez's dress, also wearing a crown. Very pretty indeed, note Capitol fashionistas, red is in season!

"Next up is District 2. Both tributes are wearing silver body armor, like those knights or whatever you call them from back before, both are wearing helmets and holding extravagant swords. The Capitol cheers, obviously impressed. This beautiful ensemble was desinged by Topaz Lane.

"District 3, designed by Veronica Hart! Lila is wearing a sparkly black dress with lightning patterns, Fabian however wearing a suit like it, except the color of the suit is white and the lightning is silver. Bolts of lightning shoot out from the chariot, looking like it's radiating electrictity. The Capitol loves it!

"District 4's brilliant costumes are designed by Al Shifter! Valentia wearing a white dress and Hunter wearing a black suit. And look! It seems that they're made out of pearls! A brilliant costume indeed! Both have crowns on their heads, shooting water out of pearls. The Capitol is very impressed.

"District 5! Wearing outfits made out of solar panels, a dress for Kylie and a suit for Tristan, the solar panels keep on shifting from white to black. The chariot seems like the sun, one of the biggest sources of energy in the world! This district was designed by Serena Marvel. The Capitol, although their eyes hurt from looking at the bright 'sun', think the design represents the District perfectly!

"Now time for District six! Designed by Maria Mariel, both tributes are wearing the outfits of a motorcyclist. Both are wearing helmets boots and a belt, except Alicia is only holding the helmet, her long brown hair reaching her waist.

"Designed by Dahlia Vincent is District 7! And it looks amazing! Teryl is wearing a green dress with things that looks like different kinds of plants! Connor, the same except it's a suit! Extravagant indeed! Both are wearing shoes seemingly made out of leaves.

"District 8, textiles! Rather than focusing on material, the stylist, Uana Feawl focused on the making of the cotton itself! Their costumes look terrific! Luna is wearing a short lilac dress and metal shoes with shiny white flakes representing the cotton fibers. Mark however is wearing a vest top with long pants on and metal shoes. He is representing somebody like a mill manager. He is wearing a flowing cotton cloak. And look! Bits of cotton are starting to break off, showering the crowd with bits of cotton. The chariot looks like a machine and just a while a go fire came shooting out of it. The Capitol liked it very much.

"Designed by Naranya Payloma is District 9! Miya is wearing a flowing, shimmery amber dress with subtle wheat pattern, straight hair pulled up with a wide, woven straw headband, gladiator-style sandals, woven bracelets to match headband. While Leo is wearing a white suit with tie matching girl's dress, straw belt, straw Tom's, straw fedora.

"District 10, Caleb is wearing a sheriff outfit complete with a badge while Cecelia is wearing an outlaw costume. This is designed by Ashwell Magstron who decided to go with a wild west theme.

"And last but not the least, Max is wearing a red armor with Spikes in the shoulders and spiked boots and a Bull skull as a hat and is carrying a huge axe that shoots shirts saying "Go District 11" to the audience. A few are grabbing some to show their support. Lilith is wearing blue bikini armor and a staff shooting out caps saying go District 11 to the audience. The crowd doesn't quite understand what this has to do with Agriculture.

"Thank you Panem, and good night to you all. And may the odds be ever in your favor."

"CUT! That's a wrap!"

Order of Appeal

First is the best costume, last is the worst. Sorry if your district is near the last or the last itself. Sorry to the stylists near the bottom, but someone needed to be last. All your designs were amazing, and I had a hard time deciding which to be first.

1. District 8

2. District 7

3. District 5

4. District 1

5. District 3

6. District 2

7. District 4

8. District 9

9. District 6

10. District 10

11. District 11



Training Scores

Tribute District Score
Al Dazzle 1 10
Kez Hunter 1 9
Jak Gamron 2 10
Joy Mainhood 2 11
Fabian Holmstrom 3 6
Lila Maganachi 3 7
Hunter Oceanic 4 10
Valentia Gourde 4 9
Tristan Cale 5 8
Kylie Bang 5 7
Benjamin Woodrew 6 7
Alicia Subvectio 6 9
Connor North 7 7
Teryl Ellard 7 8
Mark Textilia 8 5
Luna Snare 8 8
Leo Chase 9 8
Miya Rye 9 6
Caleb Schumann 10 10
Cecelia Pierce 10 7
Max Vaz 11 6
Lilith 11 5



Meet the Host: Iris Grim, a newbee at this job. She was preceded by Caesar Flickerman who died a few years ago. She's obsessed with the color blood red, and everything about her is red. Red eyes, hair, eyelashes, even a red dress!


"Hello Panem! I am your host, Iris Grim, for the 125th Annual Hunger Games!" the crowd cheers as she gives them a soft smile. "Can you believe it? A quell! And it's only my third year here." She along with the audience laughs at this one, although Iris is really panicking in the inside of her mind. What if she screws up? "And now, our tributes...

District One

"First from the luxurious District 1, Al Dazzle!" a boy with gold hair and eyes walks in wearing a normal black tuxedo with a red rose over his heart. "So, Al, how are you liking it here in the Capitol?"

"It's quite great here actually." he says. "But I prefer my home because, it's home. Though it's really awesome here!"

"Nice to see you're enjoying it." she replies. "Anyway, who is that boy you volunteered for, a friend? Why did you volunteer for him?"

"He comes from the poorest family in the District." the crowd starts to Aww... at his generosity

"Do you have anything to say to your family and friends back home?" Iris asks

"I'll tell you when I get home." the crowd laughs and claps really loudly. The buzzer sounds


"Up next... Kez Hunter!" a pretty girl with long curly black hair and chocolate brown eyes goes to sit down. "What a beautiful dress you're wearing!"

"All thanks to my stylist, Bliss Haworth." She twirls in her sleek, knee-length, light green dress that fits her perfectly.

"I have to say your name sounds familiar. Have I heard it before?"

"My father was a victor. All of Panem's must've heard of him!" the crowd laughs and claps

"No wonder! I guess you're gonna be a victor then, just like your dad?"

"Of course" she replies confidently


District Two

'"And now, from District 2, Jak Gamron!" 'Jak is wearing a navy suit with a tie, his suit is giving odd a silver shine when the lights shine on him. Very interesting indeed. "So, do you think you can win this year's Hunger Games?"

"Of course I can!"

"I like that attitude!" Iris exclaims as the crowd cheers. "And to imagine, this year is a Quell! Are you ready for the surprises the Gamemakers might throw your way?"

He nods. "I am."

"I suppose that means you're very skilled then?"

"I wanted to put them to the test by volunteering for the Quell."

"And what do you think about the different tributes this year?"

"Some are good, like the Career pack of course." Iris noticed he was looking at Joy, his district partner when he said this. "I could most probably beat the rest."


"Joy Mainhood! In her spectacular dress!" a girl wearing an outfit like Jak's comes in.. Joy twirls around in her dress before taking her seat as the Capitol cheers loudly. She is wearing a warm purple color that is very plain like, the dress is to her knees and the top is knotted. There is a silver glow that comes off, just like Jak's suit

"Thank you, Iris." she replies.

"So tell me, why did you volunteer?"

"I wanted my mother's death to mean something." she says, the crowd goes silent as she continues. "She died at my birth."

"I see." Iris, uncomfortable, decides to change the topic. "That was a pretty impressive training score you got."

"Thank you."

"Can you give us a hint?"

"I don't think I'm allowed to tell."

District Three

"And now, from District Three! Fabian Holmstrom!" Fabian walks up the stage in a simple black suit with silver lining that looks like electricity is flowing through it.

"So, what attributes do you have that will help you win the games?" Iris asks. After a long moment of silence he says:

"What?" the Capitol laughs as Iris repeats her question

"I said, what attributes do you have that will help you win the games?"

"Well, being from District Three, I've got more knowledge about technology than most. I'm smart, and fast too."

"But you got only a 6 in your training?"

"You can't exactly rewire bombs for a Gamemaker session. Right?" the Capitol laughs as the buzzer sounds.


"Now, Lila Maganachi!" the girl walks in, wearing lightning earrings and bracelet and a black dress with gold lining that matches what Fabian wears. "What a pretty outfit! I especially love your necklace!"

"It's my token." she opens the locket revealing a picture of her family. "It has a picture of my family inside."

"And I suppose you'll be coming back to them then?"

"Yes," she turns to face the camera. "I wil come back for you. I promise."

The crowd aww...'s and cheers.

"Try you will. Good luck! And may the odds be ever in your favor.

District Four

"Now we welcome to the stage, Valentia Gourde!" A tall girl with darker skin and deep, chocolate brown eyes comes up the stagein a beautiful dress.

"Hi." she says, a bit silently, waving at the Capitol crowd

"So, cuold you tell us about yourself? Your family perhaps?"

"When I was a kid my family died in a shipwreck." she says, obviously she's trying not to cry but it isn't that noticeable. "I was raised a Career. And I developed tough skin, strong muscles and a sound mind. Which will help me win this year's games."

The crowd is in her sympathy.


"Let's welcome, Hunter Oceanus!" A boy around seventeen perhaps comes up the stage smiling.

"Glad to be here, Iris."

"Thank you." Iris says. "So, what attributes do you have that will help you win this Games?"

"I'm pretty good with a trident and a spear. I use them with nets too."

"And what made you volunteer for this Games?"

"Well, when I was twelve, my little brother got into a fight and I fought for him. I've been training to be a Career ever since.


District Five

"Now we have Kylie Bang!" The audience claps as a girl with light brown hair tied up into a side braid enters the stage, in a silver and gold dress, that sparkles. "So, Kylie, just like Kez Hunter, I seem to recognize your name, where have I seen it before?"

Iris hears her release a soft groan. "My brother, he won a previous Hunger Games."

"Wow! Imagine if you win this! Two victors from one family!"

"Yes, but, that isn't the reason why I want to participate."


"My brother seems to be in the spotlight of everything, and I want to win so I can prove to everyone, I'm just as good as my brother."


"Now, Tristan Cale!" A boy with slightly spiky hair and green eyes comes up the stage in a silver suit with gold lining. "What attributes do you have to win this Games?"

"I'm good with..." he hesitates then continues. "Well, I'm quite intelligent."

"I see." Iris says, obviously noticing he's trying to hide something. "Can you tell us more about yoruself?"

"Well, I have two little sisters at home." The crowd Aww...'s "And a step mother. I want to win this Games so that our family could live a better life.


District Six

"And now, Alicia Subvectio!" A pretty girl with short blonde hair and doe like eyes comes up on stage, she looks around sixteen. "So Alicia, what do you think of the Capitol?"

She eyes the audience for a while. "It looks like a rainbow barfed on all of you."

The crowd is unsure of whether to laugh or not, Iris instantly senses that this girl is a rebel. "So, Alicia, tell us more about yourself."

"Well, my older brother was in the Hunger Games. I guess you forgot about him, because he died." she says. "My older sister was executed by Peacekeepers." She continued to put on a sarcastically happy act continuing her life. "And my mom died in a fire because of bombings."

It is obvious the Capitol caused most of the misery in her life, and Iris is grateful when she hears the:


"Now, we have Benjamin Woodrew!" A boy comes up on stage, he has cold blue eyes and dark brown hair.

"Hello." he says.

"So, Benjamin, tell us about yourself. Your family perhaps?"

"Well, I have my little brother Louise Woodrew. And both my parents are still alive, luckily." At this he starts to face Alicia as the audience laughs.

"Weapon of choice?"

"I'm quite skilled with a lot of weapons."


District Seven

"And now, the male tribute from District 7, Connor North!" she says. A boy with dark brown hair and eyes comes up the stage, glaring at the capitol. Another rebel. Great. "Hi Connor!"

"Hi, Iris."

"So, Connor, like I've been asking almost all the tributes tonight, could you tell us about yourself?"

"Well, my parents and grandfather were executed. By the Capitol." he mutters afterwards. "And me and my sister have been living alone for a long time. I was hoping that, when I win, I could ask that instead for the prize, President Praetor brings my parents back to life. I'd rather have that than all the riches in the world."


"Now we have, Teryl Ellard!"A girl with straight blonde hair and light blue eyes comes onstage. "Hi, Teryl, tell us about yourself."

"Well, growing up in District 7, I've always been physically active, I'm also quite good with a few weapons and some survival techniques."

"What's your weapon of choice?"

"A trident. Because I grew up in District 4." she says sarcastically, rolling her eyes. "Of course not! Axes, because of thw whole District 7 thing."


District Eight

"Now let's welcome to the stage, Mark Textilia!" He is wearing a white suit and pants, underneath the white blazer is a black waistcoat and black top. His fingers and hands are decorated in gold patterns that show machinery

"Hi." he says shyly.

"So, Mark, tell us about yourself."

"Well, I'm the eldest of three. I have two younger, twin sisters."

"Do you think you can win the Games?"

At this, Mark shakes his head.

The rest of the interview Mark remains silent, only responding to questions with a nod or a shake of his head.


"Luna Snare!" a girl with red curly hair and pale skin came on stage. She is wearing a fluffy, flowing white dress (keeping with the cotton theme) and her make up is very subtle but most of it will be a white color.She is also wearing black mascarra and eyeliner. "What a beautiful outfit you have!"

"All because of my stylist. I say it fits my personality quite well."

"And what is your personality?"

"Pretty. Innocent, but deadly." She says. "Although I'm also quite sly and elusive."

"I guess that would most probably help you win the Games."

"Yes, it will."


District Nine

"And now, Miya Rye!" Miya comes up the stage in a knee-length dress made really poofy with matching green petticoats, the dress has gold accents, green barrettes in her curled hair, the bracelets from the chariot, and green wedges. "Miya, I think almost everyone has noticed some tension between you and your district partner, Leo Chase. Why?"

"I hate him."

"And why is that?"

"I don't want to talk about it." She continues narrowing her eyes at Leo. "But, I have a message for him."

"What is it?" Miya smiles widely and clears her throat.

"Roses are red, violets are blue, when we're in the arena, my first kill will be you." She finishes the poem, still smiling optimistically. Leo shows no sign of being scared.

"OK..." Iris says. "Well, Miya, could you tell us more about yourself?"

"Well, I'm a vegetarian. And I'm the youngest of five children. And I really think I can win these Games, so I can come back home to my family."


"Leo Chase!" a boy comes up on stage. He is wearing a slightly shiny gold suit with green accents, the oppsite of Miya's dress; a green tie, and the same hat, belt and shoes he wore in the chariot. "Could you perhaps tell us about the thing happeninng with you and Miya?"

"She's hated me for a really long time, and I don't really remember why."

The crowd sighs, as does Iris, looks like they'll never find out why. "So, could you tell us about yourself?"

"I'm happy that I don't have such a tragic backstory like most tributes here." he says. "i just lived happily with my dad. That's it."


District Ten

"Caleb Schumann!" A tall boy comes up on stage he has short brown hair and blue eyes. "So, Caleb, tell us about yourself."

"I was tortured by Peacekeepers." he says. "For fun." he ads as an afterthought. Another rebel. The crowd gasps.

"Your strengths?"

"I'm quick and strong."

The rest of the interview Caleb is quite quiet, only answering questions when he has to.


"Cecelia Pierce!" A pretty girl comes up on stage, she has long curly red hair and bright blue eyes. "Hi, Cecelia."

"Hello." she replies.

"What attributes do you have that will help you in the Games?"

"Well, I'm quite strong for my size. And I'm absolutely certain that I'm going to make it past the bloodbath. Don't underestimate me."

"How about your family?"

"I live with my mother and brother. My father went to work one day and never came back. Some say he drowned, others say he was pulled in. Guess I'll never know why."


District Eleven

"And now, from D11, Lilith!" the crowd's cheering drowns out her last name. A twelve year old girl comes up on the stage wearing a pretty, sparkling blue dress. "Well, Lilith, was attributes do you have that will help you win this Games?"

"For a twelve year old, I'm quite good with throwing stuff."

"As in?"

"Stuff. I'm great with long distance fighting."

"Why did you volunteer?"

"My mom has cancer." the crowd becomes silent. "I was hoping that maybe, if I win, the Capitol could cure her.

"I see, I wish you luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor."


"Finally, last but not least, Max Vaz!" the crowd cheers as well, although not as loud as the other districts. He is wearing a polo with a red blazer. "Max, what attributes do you have that will help you win this Games?"

"I'm great with a blowgun and darts."

"OK." she replies. "Anything else you would like to share?"

"My parents died when I was seven. And I'm also pretty good with plants."


"That's all! And to all of our tributes this year, we wish you luck! And may the odds be ever in your favor!" she finishes.


OrangeGreenConverse - Miya Rye - Bread and Water - 200


Name Status Alliance Belongings In Need Of
Al Dazzle Alive, Winner None None None
Kez Hunter Dead N/A N/A N/A
Jak Gamron Dead N/A N/A N/A
Joy Mainhood Dead Going Solo In Posession of Jak Gamron N/A
Fabian Holmstorm Dead N/A N/A N/A
Lila Maganachi Dead N/A In Possesion of Benjamin Woodrew
Hunter Oceanus Dead N/A N/A N/A
Valentia Gourde Dead, Runner-up N/A N/A N/A
Tristan Cale Dead N/A In Possession of Hunter Oceanus N/A
Kylie Bang Dead N/A N/A (Destroyed in Tornado) N/A
Benjamin Woodrew Dead N/A In Possession of Valentia Gourde N/A
Alicia Subvectio Dead N/A In Possession of Miya Rye
Connor North Dead N/A In Possession of Hunter Oceanus N/A
Teryl Ellard Dead N/A N/A N/A
Mark Textilia Dead N/A N/A N/A
Luna Snare Dead N/A In Posession of Tristan Cale N/A
Leo Chase Dead N/A N/A N/A
Miya Rye Dead N/A N/A N/A
Caleb Schumann Dead N/A In Posession of Alliance #1 N/A
Cecelia Pierce Dead N/A In Posession of Miya Rye N/A
Max Vaz Dead N/A N/A N/A
Lilith Dead N/A N/A N/A

Hunger Games

Day 1


10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

The gong sounds.

The Careers instantly sprint to the Cornucopia, getting weapon from the outer rim as well the inside. Joy (D2) finds a backpack, inside is a blowgun and darts, and poison. While Kez (D1) luckily finds a bow and a sheath of six arrows. They also find some matches, and sleeping bags.

Al (D1) gets a sword, night vision goggles and some dried meat. He notices Mark (D10) sneaking up on him, with a dagger. Al instantly stabs the poor boy with his sword. BOOM!

The Careers go to the inside of the Cornucopia already, where Valentia (D4) finds two spears and three throwing knives. She gets a knife, and throws it at another tribute.

BOOM! It hits the neck of Fabian (D3). He is dead.

Meanwhile Kylie (D5), Teryl (D7), Benjamin (D6), Lila (D3), and Alicia (D6) form an alliance. Alicia is able to grab a backpack containing burn medicine and a canteen of water as well as a dagger and a slingshot with a few rocks. Kylie is able to get a bag from the outer rim, containing a dagger and night vision goggles, as well as some bread. Lila is able to get some wire, fruit, meat, and some water. Benjamin finds three throwing knives and water.

Teryl is about to pick up an orange backpack when Jak (D2) finds a bow and a sheath of arrows as well as a sword. Jak aims the arrow at Teryl, and Teryl, not noticing, turns around to face him and an arrow hits her eye. BOOM!

Benjamin on the other hand, was running with his alliance when he spotted Kez (D1) about to shoot Alicia with her bow and arrow. He throws his knife at her, and Kez dies. BOOM!

Joy (D2) notices this and decides to shoot one of his alliance for revenge. She aims at Lila, she pulls the trigger and Lila dies. BOOM! Benjamin gets her backpack.

Hunter (D4) and Leo (D9) have formed an alliance. As did Cecelia (D10) and Miya (D9). Miya is able to find a sickle, and spots Leo, against Cecelia's warning, she speints towards him, ready to kill. However Kez (D1) sees this and aims her bow and arrow at Miya. Not noticing, Miya continues to run up until Leo notices and pulls her down, dodging the arrow.

Miya runs back to Cecelia, who was able to get a spear and some water. They both get out of the Cornucopia and run to section three, realizing the Careers are starting to set up camp at the Cornucopia, which was supposed to be their first choice.

Hunter is able to get a trident while Leo got a sword and plenty of food that the two could probably share. They find Connor (D7), who has a knife pointed to Leo's neck. Instead of killing him, he aks for an alliance, which the two agree to. They go to the second section.

Tristan (D5) is able to get a purple backpack containing bread, a canteen of water, and some matches. While Luna (D8) got a blowgun, some darts, a spile and poison. She wasn't able to get any food. Tristan spots some knives, and runs towards them, he is able to get them when Joy (D2) finds him, she is about to kill him but then Tristan slashes her leg wth one of the knives. She is not dead, but is injured, and will need medicine.

While all this is happening Caleb (D10) was able to get a sword, a bag of apples, water and matches. He runs to the fourth section, but trips on a stick on his way there. The Career alliance notice a noise, but he keeps on running and eventually makes it there. Although his arm is injured, and he may need medicine.

The Careers notice two more people left at the arena. Lilith (D11) and Max (D11). Lilith asks to join the Careers, but they won't let her, and instead Joy kills her. Max however is running away with no supplies and Al, using Kez's bow and arrows, shoots him.


The Careers are setting up camp in the Cornucopia. Joy still has her wound, and will need medicine in two days for it to heal. Until she gets the medicine, she will remain weak. The Careers also have collected water, and put it in a canteen for everyone in the alliance to share.

Alliance #1 is in the second section. Alicia, highly skilled in plant/animal identification, was able to gather some plants for them to eat. Alliance #1 now has food. The plants they gathered are not poisoned.

Alliance #2 is in the the second section too, but far away from Alliance #1.

Alliance #3 is in the second section as well.

Alliance #4 is in the third section.

Caleb is in the fourth section, and needs medicine by two days time for his arm.

Day 2

"Attention tributes." the voice of Claudius Templemith, the second, booms through the arena. "Starting today our 'theme' for this year's arena will begin. That is all."

Some of the tributes are worried about what the theme of the arena will be, and are quite scared.

The Careers are continuing to set up camp. Joy did not recieve any medicine yet, and will die by tomorrow if she doesn't recieve any. Some of the Careers are still looking around the Cornucopia for medicine to heal her, but there is no luck.

Meanwhile in the second section, Alliance #1 and Alliance #3 are nearing each other. While Alliance #2 is safely away from everyone else, they also gathered some water using a spile and put it in Tristan's canteen. They were also able to get soem food from the different plants and Tristan shared some bread with Luna as well. They aren't so sure of the different plants they collected, but so far none were poisonous.

In the third section, since no one else is there, Miya and Cecelia were sleeping. When suddenly, an earthquake strikes their area of the arena, but only their area, and not the others. Suddenly, they hear stuff starting to fall. Miya wakes up Cecelia, and they notice that the falling things are tracker jacker nests.

There are around five of them falling, and Miya stuffs all her things inside her backpack and runs, Cecelia does the same thing. They're running to the second section, most probably, up until Cecelia trips on a fallen log. Cecelia tells Miya to leave, and gives her her backpack. Miya takes it, and although she doesn't want to leave Cecelia, she leaves. She reaches the second section, with only a few stings.


Miya finds Kylie Bang from Alliance #1, who is gathering more water for her alliance. Kylie points her dagger at her, but Miya asks to join their alliance. Kylie brings her back to where Alliance #1 is, and they agree to let her in the alliance. Kylie shares a bit of her medicine with Miya, for her stings.

Alliance #1 decides to start moving to Section Four, having already collected a plentiful supply of water.

Meanwhile in Section Four, Caleb is resting, and needs to get medicine by tomorrow.

Day 3


In the Cornucopia, everyone is just waking up. They are suprised to find that Jak (D2) is already awake, and rather happy, as he has found medicine for Joy's wound. They apply it, it only being average healing stuff, and wait for it to heal, as it might take a day. They celebrate by once again looking through the Cornucopia, finding some bread, meat, and fruits, somewhere in the back. They decide they'll start hunting down tributes around the final ten.

In the Second Section, Luna (D8) spots Alliance #3 coming nearer. She wakes Tristan (D5), and dips her darts in the poison, and loads them in her blowgun. She aims it at Connor and pulls the trigger, it hits his arm, and he drops down dead.


Hunter (D4) notices Luna and he decides to act as if he didn't see her, he got Connor's stuff and put it in his backpack.

He continues to lead the way, making sure that he is getting closer and closer to where he suspects Luna is camping out. He has his trident ready, and then notices where they are camping. He sneaks up on them and stabs Luna with his trident.


She falls to the ground, dead. Tristan notices and tries to go after them but he isn't able to reach them. He mourns Luna's death for a while, and decides to continue as Luna would've wanted him to win, or something like that. He gets her backpack, and decides to go the third section.

Meanwhile, Alliance #1 reach the fourth section, where they find Caleb. He has gotten no medicine yet, but seems to be surviving. Caleb gets his sword, even though he is quite weak because of his arm injury. Alicia (D6) tries to stab him with her dagger. Caleb, although injured, was able to gain the upper hand, and is about to make the death blow, when Benjamin (D6), gets one of his throwing knives and throws it at Caleb's back.


He falls to the ground. Alicia gets his sword and gives it to her district partner (Benjamin), because she thought he deserved it having been the one to kill him.

Being quite hungry, they feast on all the apples that Caleb had.


The tributes are asleep.

Sometime near the middle of the night, the Careers are sleeping in the Cornucopia when suddenly one of the red flowers surrounding the Cornucopia starts to be on fire, the fire is quite big and rather tall, spreading through the section quickly. Al (D1) notices this, and wakes his fellow Careers up. By the time he does, the fire has made halfway through the ring of flowers, and has already spread through quarter of the section. He wakes everyone up, and they gather their supplies and run. By the time they make it out of the Cornucopia, not the section, the fire has already spread a lot, and are catching up with them.

The fire seems to only be in their section of the arena, as if something is preventing it from going to the others. They continue to run, but Joy (D2) has a hard time catching up, as her leg is still healing. She tries to limp after them, and she is helped by Jak (D2) in trying to run away. Jak is carrying both their backpacks and their weapons. But, sadly, Joy starts to feel a sudden pain in her leg, as the medicine hasn't finished healing yet, she falls down to the ground, and succumbs to the fire.


Jak runs away and catches up with the other Careers, who made their way to the second section. Jak mourns Joy's death, and decides to keep her supplies for his own, while giving the matches to Al.

Day 4

The tributes from the Fourth Section (Alliance #1) are awoken by a loud, whirring noise. Miya (D9) squints her eyes and tries to make out what's happening. Kylie (D5) recognizes it as a tornado, they quickly stuff their things and supplies and weapons in their bags and try to run away.

Many of the trees are falling because of the tornado, Kylie, although she's trying to run and run away cannot seem to fight the strength of the tornado's pull. She and her things are being pulled towards the tornado and Alicia (D6) unfortunately witnesses her collide with a tree.


They are able to run to the Cornucopia section, which has repaired itself, so the alliance has no idea about the disaster whatsoever. They are confused as to why the Careers aren't there, so they search around the area first and find no one. They set up camp in the Cornucopia, hoping that no one will kill them in their sleep.

Meanwhile, the Careers (Jak (D2), Al (D1), and Valentia (D4)) decide to start hunting the other tributes in their section of the arena (Section 2). They go around the forest, armed, they find Hunter (D4) and Leo (D9).

Leo (D9) gets his sword when Al (D1) gets his sword. They duel while Jak (D2) takes on Hunter (D4). Al stabs Leo and he falls down, dead.


Hunter runs away (probably to somewhere else in the forest, near Section 3) and Valentia (D4) has the oppurtunity to kill him, but doesn't as he's her district partner and she doesn't wish to. But she promises herself that if they come across again she'll kill him that time.

In Section 3, Tristan was doing pretty well. He found some edible fruits in the trees and covered around four of them in poison and scatters them around the section, hoping a tribute might come along and eat one of them. He's doing pretty well, away from a lot of the other tributes, but little did he know that Hunter was somewhere near, on the edge of the forest.

Day 5

Alliance #1 woke up in the Cornucopia quite happy as they thought that this was some elaborate plan of the Careers to kill them in her sleep. They decided to go check around the cornucopia for more supplies, but find none.

Meanwhile in Section Two, Jak (D2) wakes up to find most of his surroundings wet. He's thankful that he knows how to swim and wakes up his alliance. Valentia (D4) and Al (D1) get up, grab their supplies, and try running away.

Hunter (D4) is able to escape quickly to Section Three, where he finds Tristan (D5), Tristan doesn't notice him so he grabs his trident and stabs him.


Al is carried away by the current, seperating him from Jak and Valentia. They think he's dead as they hear a cannon. But in reality it turns out to be Tristan's cannon and not Al's. Valentia also makes a horrible realization, the mutts from the lake in the water, seems to have joined them. Since there is a flood, the water of the lake and flood connected and became one big body of water.

They try to swim faster and faster but one of them bites Jak's bag, and makes him lose most of his supplies, except for his sword. A fish mutt bites Jak's leg, although he doesn't die. They are able to swim to Section 1 where they find Alliance #1, Miya (D9) alerts her fellow allies.

Valentia can tell they are outnumbered, but she thinks that maybe she and Jak can handle them. She takes on Alicia (D6) while Jak takes on Miya. Miya gets her sickle and kills him, almost instantly, as he is quite injured from the bite that the fish mutt gave him


While Valentia uses her trident to stab Alicia in the heart.


Valentia runs away to Section Four, where she sets up camp with the supplies she was able to bring with her. After she leaves, Benjamin (D6) gives Alicia's pack to Miya, as she has the fewer supplies.

While all this is happening, Al, making it out with only minor injuries, is in Section Three, far away from Hunter.

Day 6

"Attention tributes!" the voice of Claudius Templesmith II booms through the arena. "I have a few messages. First of all, there will be a feast in the middle of the the arena, where all four sections meet." he says. "Some of you may need something, desperately, anything you want at all. Secondly, it is the final five, and we want you to know that our 'disasters' will commence again starting tomorrow. That is all."

Most of the tributes are quite angry/sad that the disasters will be happening yet again. If earth was the first disaster, most of the tributes assume that it will be earth once again that will be the first disaster.

Everything is OK, there is no confrontation and nobody dies today.


Day 7

Al (D1) wakes up to find many sponsor gifts around him, a trident, rope, wire, a blowgun, darts, and poison. He's thankful for the gifts, and decides to go to the feast to look for Valentia (D4).

Benjamin (D6) and Miya (D9) agrees to split up when they're in the final four so they don't have to kill each other. Miya decides to not go to the feast, while Benjamin decides to go. (NOTE: Since the creator of Benjamin Woodrew did not say what was in his bag, or if he was going ot the feast or not, his bag will contain Instant Relief)

Benjamin walks to the middle of the arena, and sees no one. Little did he know that Al (D1) is hiding and has a blowgun and some darts. He shoots one.


Benjamin dies.

Meanwhile Valentia (D4) is on her way to the feast when an earthquake strikes. There are trees falling everywhere but luckily, unlike before, there are no tracker jackers. She is able to make it out alive, although she loses some of her supplies while running away, namely, her sleeping bag and one of her throwing knives. She hears the cannon and suspects that someone has already been killed at the feast, nevertheless, she continues going there.

Hunter (D4) is in Section 3, he decides to not go to the feast, and stays.

Valentia grabs her bag, which contains Instant Relief. She isn't able to find Al, and vice versa, although she sees that Benjamin's corpse hasn't been collected yet, and she steals his backpack.

Day 8

Miya (D9) is quite unlucky today, the next disaster is water and acid rain falls from the sky. She tries to find a safe haven in the Cornucopia but it's too late.


Meanwhile it's the final three Al (D1) comes across Hunter (D4), Hunter grabs his trident but Al is quicker. Al makes a quick stab to his stomach and he falls down.


It is the final two.

Day 9

Valentia (D4) can tell it is the final two, so she gets a pack and fills it with instant relief and most of her weapons, as she knows that she would probably need it because a lot of sponsor gifts seemed to come for Al (D1).

She is going to collect water using a spile someone sent her when she sees a mutt. A regular dog mutt, like the ones from the 74th Hunger Games. There are around four of them and she knows that she is outnumbered, instead of trying to put up a fight with them, she tries running and running away.

Meanwhile Al is in Section Three, dipping some of his weapons in poison, when he notices some fire spreading around the grass and various trees, he too, tries to run away.

Then, they both meet at the middle of the Cornucopia and all these disasters disappear. Valentia grabs her spear and Al gets his sword, both of them have numerous weapons. The two try and duel for a while with these two weapons, when Valentia knock Al's spear out of his hand.

He goes to his pack to get another weapon, and is able to get a blowgun loaded with some darts and also a trident. Although a trident isn't his strong suit, he is able to slash Valentia on the arm, Valentia, expecting something like this, hastily applies instant relief to the wound.

She knocks out his trident with her spear, and gets the trident for herself. She is about to stab him with it when he gets his blowgun and darts and tries to shoot her.


Valentia is about to make the death blow when she is hit in the arm with a dart. She falls to the ground in an instant, and dies.


"Congratulations to Al Dazzle, victor of the 125th Hunger Games!" Al is elated that he won this Hunger Games, a Quell to be exact, and boards the hovercraft about to bring him back to the Capitol.

Congratulations to Al Dazzle and Italicos for creating him! And to District3Tribute who created Valentia Gourde! Trust me, it was a hard decision as to who would win...

Death Chart

Tribute Killed By Place
Mark Textilia Al Dazzle 22th
Fabian Holmstrom Valentia Gourde 21th
Teryl Ellard Jak Gamron 20th
Kez Hunter Benjamin Woodrew 19th
Lila Maganachi Joy Mainhood 18th
Lilith Joy Mainhood 17th
Max Vaz Al Dazzle 16th
Cecelia Pierce Tracker Jacker Stings 15th
Connor North Luna Snare 14th
Luna Snare Hunter Oceanus 13th
Caleb Schumann Benjamin Woodrew 12th
Joy Mainhood Fire 11th
Kylie Bang Tornado 10th
Leo Chase Al Dazzle 9th
Tristan Cale Hunter Oceanus 8th
Jak Gamron Miya Rye 7th
Alicia Subvectio Valentia Gourde 6th
Benjamin Woodrew Al Dazzle 5th
Miya Rye Acid Rain 4th
Hunter Oceanus Al Dazzle 3rd
Valentia Gourde Al Dazzle 2nd


In the Arena there are four sections. The arena is shaped as a circle cut in to four sections.

The First Section

Bottom right, is where the Cornucopia is, surrounded by mysterious red flowers, aside from that it looks fairly normal. The nearest source of water is the river in the section beside it. You can also get water with a spile from the trees. The Cornucopia is surrounded by the red flowers.

The Second Section

Bottom left next to the section of the Cornucopia is a forest with many trees and a river with water mutts inside. The water mutts aren't doing anything harmful to the water (ex: making it poisonous). Water can be also found in trees with a spile. It is filled with different kinds of plants.

The Third Section

The third section, top left is a beautiful meadow with strange butterflies of different colors. A river in the middle of it has water. There are also a lot of trees, though not as many as the ones in the forest. It is filled with different kinds of plants. There are also some tracker jacker nests, but they won't harm you if they're not bothered at all.

The Fourth Section

The fourth section, top right, is a fairly normal place with no source of water except for the trees where you will use a spile. It is very windy there.

Tell me which section of the arena your tribute will go.

Theme of the Quarter Quell

There are four sections of the arena, for the four different elements. Earth, fire, air, and water. Each section will have a calamity/disaster or something will happen, relating to the element itself.

When all the disasters are completed for each part of the arena, then the sections will change elements. Example, once all the disasters are finished, Section Three which was earth will exchange elements with another section. So let's say that it becomes water.

After each disaster, the place repairs itself, minus the disasters. Example: The Third Section repairs itself after the earthquake, it will be exactly the same, except there will be no tracker jackers.

So far, Section Three has had an earthquake which means that that section is the one for earth. And Section One had a fire. Section Four has had a tornado. Section two had a flood.


Al Dazzle from District One!

Let us also recognize Valentia Gourde from District Four for coming in Second Place!

The 150th Hunger Games

President Praetor the new president of the Panem ever since Snow died, enters the room with a white envelope, handed to him by a small girl in a white dress.

Screen Shot 2012-04-30 at 5.45.31 PM

The Envelope Containing The Twist

"For the 25th Hunger Games every district was made to hold an election and vote on the tributes who will go in the arena.

"For the 50th Hunger Games as a reminder that two rebels must die for every Capitol citizen, twice the number of tributes must go into the arena

"For the 75th Hunger Games, tributes were chosen from the existing pool of victors.

"For the 100th Hunger Games...

"For the 125th Hunger Games, there was no mentors and there was a theme relating to the elements.

"Lastly for the 150th Hunger Games, in order to punish them for leaving our planet in such a state, the Capitol has invented a device that would allow us to go back in time and get a tribute from the past.

"Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor."

This is my next Hunger Games, it will be up soon and the Quell twist is that tributes will be chosen from modern time AKA: Now. I'll give the link when it's up! Please no copying of this idea...

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