The concept of this was taken from a former Games of mine, which got discontinued because I went inactive due to school. But now, it's time for a revival!

"Welcome, welcome...

"The people of before have left our country in shambles... Polluted, destroyed, horrifying...
"The Capitol, our wonderful, wonderful leaders, were able to restore it to its former glory...
"Now it is time for revenge."


Welcome to the 200th Annual Hunger Games!
Welcome welcome... As our special twist for this year's Hunger Games, in order to punish them for leaving our planet in such a state, the Capitol has invented a device that would allow us to go back in time and get a tribute from the past that will represent each district of Panem.
Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor!


The Eighth Quell

by Bea Tolbent

Have you ever been to the different parts of our beautiful country? The different districts? I'm sad to say that they're not quite as beautiful as our beloved home, the Capitol. But who is to blame for this mess? Certainly not us! Long ago, Panem used to be called 'America'. Ha! What a silly name! But I'm not writing about how much better we most probably are than they are, I am writing to tell you what they did.

They left our country, no, our world in such a polluted, dying state. They thought that we could be the ones to clean up the mess for them! Because of this, our very intelligent Scientists have invented a machine that will allow us to travel through time, enabling us to get 24 children from the ages of 12 to 18 from their time. The tributes of this year's Quell will come from them.

And you know what the best part is? I've done some research, and I found out that they didn't use weapons back then! Only guns and such! But they won't be able to use guns in the Games, can they? They need much more skill than that. They will have such a hard time that I pity them.

The winner of this Quell will go back to his or her time along with a million 'dollars' (their currency back then) as a prize! Truly this will be a Games to remember!

Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor.


Tributes will come from modern time, AKA: Now. Please make your tributes realistic, example: in modern time you can't exactly excel at using a sword or a spear. Maybe archery as we can take that up as a sport in modern time. Anything that is considered a real sport in modern time is acceptable. Also, if they have a backstory related to that weapon (Example: They do something related to fishing, so they know how to use a trident) If you want your tributes to excel in a different kind of weapon that they cannot learn in modern time or is not related to their backstory, say which weapon you want to learn how to use in the training center.

And finally, for the different districts, they can be from any part of North America. They are randomly shuffled into whatever district by a random generator unless it is specified what district they want to be in.

Sign Up Form



District to Represent:


Weapon of Choice:


What They Were Doing When Abducted:

What Part of America They're From:

Tribute List

Name Gender Age District to Represent Where They're From Mentor/User
Male District One
Female District One
Randy Lowell Male 17 District Two New England Vatonica
Female District Two
Male District Three
Female District Three
Male District Four
Female District Four
Male District Five
Female District Five
Male District Six
Female District Six
Male District Seven
Female District Seven
Male District Eight
Female District Eight
Male District Nine
Female District Nine
Male District Ten
Female District Ten
Male District Eleven
Female District Eleven
Male District Twelve
Female District Twelve


It won't be a Hunger Games without any stylists!







Chariot Designs:

Interview Designs:


Name District Gender Age User
District One
District Two
District Three
District Four
District Five
District Six
District Seven
District Eight
District Nine
District Ten
District Eleven
District Twelve


Sponsors can sponsor up to two tributes, starting with 500 cash for each of them.

  • Axe - 210
  • Sword - 100
  • Bow - 50
  • A Dozen Arrows - 50
  • Trident - 250
  • Throwing Knives - 200
  • Knife - 50
  • Poison - 50
  • Blowgun - 100
  • Darts (12) - 50
  • Rocks (12, Usually For Slingshot) - 50
  • Slingshot - 75
  • Throwing Axes (3) - 275

  • Raft and Paddles - 300
  • Rope - 50
  • Wire - 100
  • Bread- 100
  • Matches- 150
  • Fruit- 100
  • Meat- 100
  • Night Vision Goggles - 100
  • Sleeping Bag - 100
  • Soup - 100
  • Water - 100

  • Burn Ointment- 250
  • Instant Relief (heals wounds super fast)- 500
  • Average Healing Stuff- 250

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