aka yes i know my username is funny

  • I live in your mom's chest hair
  • My occupation is to ruin your life
  • I am a fucking unicorn
  • LiveWhileWereYoung

    to the user's who dont know him wes is a "im wes ley im 16 im male im bi i got a bf im pc addict" P.S he describe himself so i'll be throwing some questions to wes! here it goes

    Me: welcome! are you prepared? Wes:yes Me:okay bai Wes:fine Me:xD lol kiddin' who's your favorite hunger games character? Wes:mags Me:do you think mags should die? Wes:It is a good plot twist I think her deaths meant a lot for Finnick's character Me:what can you say about finnicks character? Wes:He is awesome :3 Me:we all know you had an affair with gruff how can you react to this Wes:Gruff and I are married :3 Me:all of us knew that your having an affair with your dog outside how can you feel about this issue? Wes:i dont have a dog Me:describe yourself in one word…

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