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Submitting a tribute


1. Reservations last 48 hours

2. 3 tributes per user

3. Follow the template please (it just makes everything easier)

4. One tribute lives and everyone has the same chance of winning









Strenghts (3):

Weaknesses (3):

Fears (2):

Weapons (3):


Other info:

Please include a lunaii if possible

Victor profile!

Name Age District Gender Weapons Strengths Weaknesses Fears Allies User
Mimelia 'Mimel' Bloodstone 17 5 F Dual Swords, Poison, Scythe Keen Senses, Animals Trust Her, Brutal Killer Somewhat Confused, Cannot Communicate Well, Not Extremely Strong The world is sometimes Scary to Mimelia, She doesn't like large groups of people (8+) and feels uncomfortable around them, She also dislikes when too much noise is made due to her Keen Hearing Careers Madgeical

Tribute Gallery


The cornucopia is surrounded by thick mud over 1 metre deep. The rest of the arena is rocks and forest, thick forest to be exact, with a lake at the northern area of the arena. This is not their only source of water though, as it is constantly raining.

The arena.

Yellow= Cornucopia

Blue= Lake

Green= Forest

I know the drawing is bad, at least you know what the arena looks like :D


You begin with $500 per tribute. Per each day that goes by, the price of items goes up $10.

Conditions that change your money amount:

Your tribute kills another: +$50

Your tribute survives the day: +$25

Your tribute does something interesting: +$25



Knife, Dagger, Sickle or Mace: $25

Sword, Machete or Axe: $50

Spear or Bow and 6 arrows: $75

Trident, 10 throwing knives or chainsaw: $100

Food and Water:

Small pack of dried beef or small pack of dried fruit: $25

1L of water: $30

Backpack with pack of fruit, pack of beef and 1L of water: $75

5L of water: $100

Giant pack of Dried fruit or dried beef: $100

Mega back pack with 5L of water and giant pack of beef and fruit: $300


Painkillers: $100 (Relieves pain for 12 hours)

Antibiotics: $125 (Relieves sickness for 12 hours)

Burn Cream: $100 (Relieves burns for 12 hours)

Cut Cream: $125 (Prevents infection, heals wound slowly)

Instant wound heal: $500 (Heals any wound immediatly)

Antidote: $100 (Cures poison)

Tracker Jacker Leaves: $50 (Heals tracker jacker stings)


Sleeping bag: $50

Blanket: $25

3 Matches: $30

Jacket: $25

Rainhat: $25

Firewood(5kg): $50


All tributes will get a POV before the games.


Mimelia Bloodheart's POV:

I feel a cool breeze upon my skin. It is reaping day. I have been saved once from the arena. I was reaped when I was 12, but someone volunteered for me. I know stand among some other 17 year old girls, and I look back at the spectator area, where my Mom, Dad, and 2 sisters wait anxiously. A freakish looking man comes up to the stage followed by the mayor and 2 of our living victors. He says with excitement, "Welcome to District 5's reaping for the 248th annual hunger games!" His annnouncment is followed by a faint applause. He asks the mayor to read the treaty of treason, which the mayor does in his low, fuzzy voice. "Now it's time to select the tributes from District 5, to have the great honor of competing in the 248th annual hunger games!" The escort says, who's name appears to be Pluto. He goes up to the girls ball, and digs all the way to the bottom before snatching a name. He opens it, mouths it and finally says, "Mimelia Bloodheart!"

My mouth drops in shock, and I hope that someone volunteers for me again but another cool breeze just whips around the leaves in the thick forest. I walk up normally and stand where I am told to. Now he calls out a boys name. I'm not sure who it is, but I hear small footsteps followed by fast-paced, loud ones. The next thing I know, Pluto is announcing that we have a volunteer. Great. But then I hear that the volunteering boy was saving his brother. I think his name is Hyperion Florence. How suprising. We stand for the anthem, shake hands, and walk over to the hall of justice.

Ocenus Borgia's POV:

The smell of the salt water wakes me up. I am getting dressed and my mother walks in to check me out, I guess. She says i am very hansome. Not that I am, but I guess to my mother I will always be. I walk by the career training center on the way to the town square, where I train, and whare I will train until I am 18. My cousin came 3rd last year, but was killed by some district 10 girl who became the victor. I have only a vague rememberance of what happens next. The escort from last year, Salt Water, Comes to the stage, and eventually, after a spiel by Salt and the video about the war, he calls a name. "Rivv Seassy!" A 15 yaer old girl I know from career camp walks to the stage.

He is so excited once he gets to the boys ball, maybe just cuz' he is a former victor. He calls out a name. "Oceanus Borgia!" I look around for Oceanus, but then I realise that I'M Ocenus. I walk to the stage, I suppose and we shake hands and we shake the victors' hands, then we head to the hall of justice, where my family tells me goodbye. We head to the train station and I board the train, where my future awaits me.

Brandon Rye's POV:

Time for reaping day. I clutch some wheat tightly as I walk over to the staging area of the reaping. The glass balls are filled with pure white slips of paper, some of them with my name on it. I can hear constant chatter in the pens. I am one of the first ones here, so I wait patiently as my best friend Logan stands beside me. "Are you OK?" he asks, a bit nervous himself. I say to him, "There is nothing to worry about right?" He calms down, sighs, and mutters something under his breath that I can't make out. Many things happen next, including some girl named Lindsey who is destined to win, is reaped and looks very confident.

My name is called. I look over to Logan, who is waving his head in the yes motion very slowly, telling me to accept my fate. Maybe I can win this. According to everyone's look at me, the must have thought that I had or have cancer, so I have to explain how I shaved my head, and thay all seem to calm down after that. The mayor reads the treaty of treason, which was made 248 years ago or so. I think about not making it back home, to my family and friends. I dismiss the thought and look over to Lindsey, who smiles at me calmly, and I smile back at her.

Pixie Nuke's POV:

District 7 is a beautiful place. Trees of many kinds, Spruce, Birch, Pine and even Sycamore. I look at the tree I always climbed up when I was 5, to frail and fragile for my weight now. If the arena is forest, I may have a huge advantage, but if the arena is water, I may be in trouble. That's what I think as our escort approaches the reaping balls. She starts with the girls, as usual. I close my eyes, and think about my future, having kids, living in the forest every day...

"PIXIE NUKE!" She yells out. My heart skips a beat, and I want to pass out, but I try ot remain composed as I walk towards the stage, but I can't stop my shivering, or just me shaking in fear. I try to imagine a knife going throgh my gut. Ouch... "METTALUM EQUITUS!" She yells again. A boy with blue hair walks toward the stage, deadly as ever. What if he kills me... "GOOD LUCK TO OUR TRIBUTES IN THE 248TH ANNUAL HUNGER GAMES!" She yells once more. I smell the trees. I chop one down, happy to supply the Capitol with paper and lumber... I am suddenly am being lead to a large building, called the justice building or the Hall of Justice, I believe. I guess I will say goodbye there, and a single tear drips down my cheek, and I wipe it away.

Training Day 1

"I clap, but Oceanus(4) stops me, and he mutters something to them regarding the word kill. I guess they're our first target."
―Saffira Stan in regards of Karla and Andrew(Both 3)

Diary Magnus's POV:

The training center is huge. The careers seem to be splitting up this year. A pair of 12 year old twins, both somehow reaped, fron district 2 are with Gamzee(1) and Toad(12). Lindsey(9) approaches me and asks me, "Hey, I'm in with the careers this year. Do you want to join?" I think about our chat before the opening ceremonies. She wanted to ally with me. "Who else is in?" I ask. She thinks about it for a while, "There is Saffira(1), Oceanus(4), he's the leader, Rivv(4), both from 5, you, if you want to, and both from my district. so, Do you want to join?"I agree and we join them.

"Welcome to the team!" Oceanus(4) booms so everyone can hear. We head over to the sword station. after a while, there are so many dummies on the floor that I can't count them all. I look over to another set of twins, they both volunteered, and are at the fire station. They're already great with weapons, so I guess they're learning some survival skills. I decide to go make a shelter with my alliance, but not before beheading a dummy with a knife. I might want to use one in the arena.

Saffira Stan's POV:

So far the tributes from the outside districts have been great so far. We now focus on building a shelter, trying to make a roof. Rivv(4) ends up getting the idea that works, and no water got in the shelter. We decide to go and watch Andrew(3) and Karla(3) try the gauntlet. Andrew(3) makes it barely, but Karla(3) makes it easily. I clap, but Oceanus(4) stops me, and he mutters something to them regarding the word kill. I guess they're our first target.

Renee(11) is trying to find an ally, and her district partner ends up stepping up to the plate. Renee(11) is about 12 I think, and they go on to the throwing knives, where they learn how to throw, and Renee(11) severs the dummy's hand, and Coral(11) lands a shot to the skull. I climb into the shelter and it feels satisfactory, so we leave, eyeing the Anti-Careers, only three tributes? There should be more. I look at Gamzee(1), and he is talking with Ark(2) and Sharpe(2), about strategy or something like that. We go to the ropes. where the Anti-Careers are placed.

Ella Darr's POV:

I stand with Mettalum(7) and Mario(10) as the Careers approach us. There are abut 7 or 8 of them, and the leader, the boy from 4 comes up and tells us that we don't have a chance against them, so I begin to climb up the ropes, when someone distravts me and I fall, hurting my arm, at least not to badly, just a bruise. Mario(10) got the worse end of it though, he landed flat out cold, like, he wasn't moving, but he was breathing. I yell like a maniac, "MEDIC!!!! MEDIC!!!!" The medics come, and Mario(10) wakes up, and I am so relieved, and Mettalus(7) is ringing the bell at the top. "Done!" he says proudly. and jumps doum, landing on his feet effortlessly.

Pixie(7) and Trudy(12) make a fire together, and once it is complete, the do some silly chant that I don't understand at all. We are called to lunch, and I go talk to Mario(10). 'Are you OK?" I ask nervously. He replies, "I just badly sprained my ankle. It should heal up before the games." I give a big sigh and I grab some soup, and sit down, when Mettalum(7) joins us. "Is he OK?" he asks. "Yeah he's fine." I reply. He lets out a breathy laugh. "Alright." He says. "Just checking on him."

Ark Cindre's POV:

Sharpe(2) and I finish our meal, and meet up with Gamzee(1), in his stoned state, and Toad(12), a loner we recruited, or well, Sharpe recuited. We wnder what to do next, when a whistle blows, making me jump. "Alright!" says the head trainer, Daphne. "Everyone who didn't do the gauntlet has to do it right now!" We scurry over, but Karla(3) and Andrew(3) go to sit down. I remember them both making it earlier in the morning. Gmazee(1) fails, Saffira(1) makes it, and so does Sharpe(2). It is now my turn.

Daphne blows her whistle, and I jump up to the first platform with ease. Then to the second one, and the third, when a Padded club hits me and I fall over. The careers start to laugh at me and I attack Oceanus(4). I just lose it. I can't help myself. I punch, kick, slap him all I can before the peacekeepers take me away. I notice the large bruise on Oceanus's(4) face and smile at him and he swears at me, i think the F word, because they sedate me afetr that. The last thing I see is Sharpe and her static eyes.

As a result of this conflict, Ark did not train during the afternoon. He woke up just before training ended for the day.

Tributes who made the gauntlet were:











Training Day 2

"We're gonna KILL that stupid boy from 8!"
―Oceanus Borgia

Hybrid Three's POV:

I think about yesterday. I tripped up on the gauntlet, and I learned some camouflage. But I spent most of my time eyeing the other tributes, like the careers or the Slaughter twins. Today I eye the Cindre twins. They are pretty boring, though, so I decide to go to the archery station, when Sharpe(2) approaches me. "Hey." She says. 'Want to join us?" She signals for her twin, and two other boys to come over. "No thanks." I reply. She thinks for a moment. "How about a truce?" Now I have to think. Will she break the truce? She would have to if we got into the final two. "Sure." I say. Sharpe(2) smiles and walks off.

i know stand at the archery station. I end up hitting a dummy 10 out of 12 times and got one in the heart. The trainer says that I could use some work, and I nod slowly. I ask tyo try again. This time, all 12 of my arrows hit the heart of the dummies. Oceanus(4) comes along, and I see the bruise on his face, remenber Ark's(2) tantrum. I say nothing as he asks me my name. "WHAT IS YOUR NAME!" He asks, obviously fed up with me. I still say nothing. He walks off and yells to his alliance, "We're gonna KILL that stupid boy from 8!" I still say nothing.

Rivv Seassy's POV:

I try to calm Oceanus(4) down as he starts to flip out. Poor him. To not even get the name of another tribute? Complete stupidity. I decide to settle this myself. I go up to the buy and ask for his name, "Hello," I say calmly. "What is your name?" He replies with nothing. I guess I'm out of luck, then. I tell Oceanus what happened to me and he says, "That's it!" That boy from 2 and the boy from 8 are on our kill list!" Diary(8) comes running forward. "Don't kill him! Hybrid(8) is probably shy." "Who's Hybrid?" Saffira(1) asks, coming from the edible plants station. "Hybrid(8) is my district partner." Diary(8) replies.

Oceanus(4) and I decide to teach everyone how to use the trident. Everyone seems to be able to get it except for Brandon(9) and Lindsey(9). So Oceanus(4) teaches Brandon(9) and I teach Lindsey(9). After about an hour, they both manages to get it and we are called to lunch. "You know, Idon't think we need to kill Hybrid just cuz' he wouldn't give his name." I tell Oceanus(4), who sighs and replies, "I suppose so. But we are killing that boy from 2, Ark(2)." I smile and join our alliance.

Toad Jennings's POV:

I overhear a conversation between Oceanus(4) and Rivv(4) and explain everything to Ark(2), Sharpe(2) and Gamzee(1), who doesn't listen, too busyt indulging in some soup of some sort. "Uh oh," Ark(2) says a bit worriedly. Sharpe(2) replies, "We can kill all of them. We are still twelve, but according to my calculations, we should be 13 on the third day of the games, if we live until then." She gulps nervously. Now Gamze(1) jumps in, "I think we could defeat them easily." He says, a bit too peacefully, like he is at his house or something. Daphne is calling us over for a brief announcment.

"LIsten tributes, most of you have been using the weapons. Some of the survival skills are very important. They can save your life depending on the situation. A few of you have the sense to know that, but you have to understand that your life depends on this training. That's all for now." And she blows her whistle. We decide to take what Daphne said seriouly, and head over to the water purifying station, where the careers and district 3 are.

Andrew Spall's POV:

There are 14 tributes at the water purifying station. The other 10 tributes notice the action and come over. Karla(3) and I were just finished here so we back off and let the action unfold.

Zak(6) starts by jumping on Mettalum(7) who throws him off but gets punched by Mimic(6). It is just chaos. Luckily, the peacekeepers break it up in less than 10 seconds, but that was just enough time for Oceanus(4) to dislocate Ark's(2) elbow. The medics pop it back into place immediately. After that, Sharpe(2) punched the other cheek of Oceanus(4), so it looks like he has purple blush on. I giggle at the fact that he got beat up by two 12 year olds, but he runs into the bathroom. To have a tantrum, I think.

I decide to follow him in. The first thing that I hear is a loud scream, followed by kicking, a shattering sound, and sobs. i go in to the stall next to his, stand on top the toilet, and ask, "Are you OK?" He looks at me, sniffles, wipes the tears off his eyes, takes a moment to toughen up and says in a small voice, "Yeah. I guess so. NOW LEAVE!" I run out as fast as I can and the troturous sounds begin again. After about 5 minutes or so, Oceanus(4) came out and purified water. You could only hear the trainers voices talking and telling tributes what to do. The only thing I say is "Thank you." to the trainer at the Spear station. Training ends shortly after that.

The fight at the water purifying station leaves the careers wanting to kill the Cindre twins and their alliance.

Training Day 3

Coral Studkarat's POV:

Today is the final day of training. I stand with Renee(11), she wants to teach me how to do camouflage. So I let her do it. I end up painting myself into a rock, and she paints herself into a tree. With my tribute switcher, it was pretty easy. I talk to Sharpe(2) and make a deal that if Renee(11) dies before me, I will join their alliance. It is as simple as that. Mimelia(5) is showing the careers how to use a scythe, and she's pretty good at it. The careers all end up doing well at it, and now it's Rivv's(4) turn.

I tell Renee(11) that we are going to show them some of our skills. She lands the arrow sent flying off her bow right on the dummy's heart, about 2 feet from Rivv(4). "What the heck do you think you are doing!" Oceanus(4) yells. "Are you trying to kill her! Stupid kids!" Well, it's not like you're a kid too. Renee whines, "Let's go somewhere else." So we go talk with the Slaughter twins, who are using the tridents.

Zak Slaughter's POV:

Renee(11) and Coral(11) seem like nice people, yet, I feel like only Mimic(6) will suit me as an ally. After our chat, we are sent off to lunch. A second whistle blows. "Tributes! After lunch, there will be your individual training session! you will show the gamemakers what you can do, what you have learned, and all of that wonderful stuff. Now eat!" We decide to eat the bread from our district. I begin to talk, "You know, I think it's weird how we make transportation items such as hovercrafts but never use them ourselves."

Mimic(6) talkes a moment to think about it, then replies. "Of course. We just make those items for the capitol." Suddenly, Daphne is announcing that we have about 10 minutes left until the sessions start. We finish our bread, then head over to the large hallway where two large benches lay. We wait for about five minutes and then the first name is called. "Gamzee Makara(1)."

Gamzee Makara's POV:

I am first to go. Iam so nervous that I think the other tributes see me shaking, and I see them shaking too. I go in and grab the bow and start to shoot. A dummy here, a dummy there. I grab the clubs. Once again, I hit a dummy here, and a dummy there. Finally, I grab the sledgehammer and make a ton of destruction. Dummies obliterated, I actually hit the ground and make a dent in it. I am told to go, so I do.

I head back to my floor very pleased with my performance. I believe I deserve a 9, but I don't know what I'll get.. I join my mentor, who says that I will get a good score. I hope that he is right. I go to my bedroom and start to think that I'll never come home. I begin to fall asleep and I wake up to find that I am at the dinner table with Saffira(1) and our mentors. I eat my dinner and go to watch the training scores.

Lindsey Cartridge's POV:

i enjoyed dinner. Soup and meats, and for dessert we had chocolate covered stawberries. I begin to explain what I did during training to our mentor and to Brandon(9). I organized the plants into piles, edidle and poisonous. I then proceed to eat all of the edible ones. Brandon(9) ays that he used the weights and lifted them. We congratulate each other on the good performances.

W etalk adout ouropening ceremony costumes. We made a good impact and have a few sponsors, but we should try to get more during the interviews. We decide to eat some more strawberries before the training scores are announced. We talk about dying in the games. "We could do this together, you know," He gently explains, and that is the last thing i hear before the anthem plays.

Training Scores:

Tribute Training Score Odds
Gamzee Makara 8 9-1
Safira Stan 10 5-1
Ark Cindre 9 6-1
Sharpe Cindre 9 6-1
Andrew Spall 5 30-1
Karla Flake 4 35-1
Oceanus Borgia 11 3-1
Rivv Seassy 9 4-1
Hyperion Florence 7 12-1
Mimelia Bloodstone 8 10-1
Zak Slaughter 10 4-1
Mimic Slaughter 10 4-1
Mettalus Equitus 5 25-1
Pixie Nuke 5 20-1
Hybrid Three 6 22-1
Diary Magnus 9 5-1
Brandon Rye 8 8-1
Lindey Cartridge 6 29-1
Mario Miller 3 45-1
Ella Darr 5 33-1
Chorillonamus Studkarat 7 18-1
Renee Rual 6 19-1
Toad Jennings 8 10-1
Trudy Rose 7 11-1


Sharpe Cindre's POV:

The interviews start. I see Julius Flickerman come up onto the stage. Saffira(1) got things off to a great start. Her dress got my attention more than her talking. Gamzee(1) was much more peaceful than I thought he would be. He talks about how winning would be fun, even if you have to kill your friends. Now Julius is announcing me, and I walk up onto the stage. Julius asks, "How do you feel about going into these games with your brother?" I think for a moment and reply, "Well, I think that if we try, Ark(2) and I will be able to win." The audience roars at my response.

I smile and turn back to Julius. "What is your strategy, for the games?" "It is a secret. I don't want to spoil our plans." I reply quietly. Julius nods thoughtfully and asks one last time, "Do you want to say anything to your family at home or the audience?" I reply, "Mom, Dad, I know you have your doubts but you have to trust Ark(2) and I on winning. I know we can do it!" The audience cheers, the buzzer goes off, and I go back to my seat.

Hyperion Florence's POV:

Ark(2) apppears dark and mysterious. Karla(3) is quiet and very open. Andrew(3) thanks his sponsors for supporting him, Rivv(4) is frightening and at the end says, "I'm a Career and coming after You!" Oceanus talks about how he deserved his 11 and his first target is the cindre twins. Mimelia(5) is herself and now it is my turn. Julius starts with a question a bit too personal for me. "How do you feel about volunteering for your brother?" I try to be nice although I want to kill Julius.

"My brother is my soulmate." I begin. "He is my best friend I don't want him to die. As much as it hurts me to say this, I don't think I'll win."  I find myself holding back tears. I don't want anyone to think I'm a weakling. "But!" I yell. "If I do win, my brother is going to be very happy." I smile just as the buzzer goes off. I walk to my seat and look at Mimelia, who comforts me as I think about home, how I'll never get back to it.

Mettalum Equitus's POV:

Mimic(6) is harsh, impulsive and very sarcastic. Zak(6) is evil, but humorous. Pixie(7) is very quiet, and at the end says, "You better watch out, because you'll never know where I am!" Julius calls me up. I begin with talking about the past victors. "I think that our victors were very brave and I honor their skill." I say, with the same finess and formality as the capitol citizens. He asks me about my allies. "I have two very excellent allies, both from district 10. We are a forced to be reckoned with." "I'm sure you are." Julius replies.

"Do you like the capitol?" Julius asks. "It is very interesting. Your technologically advanced society really interests me." I reply. "The showers, the food, and even the windows, are much more advanced than I thought they were." The buzzer sounds. The capitol audience claps like maniacs, and I go back. Pixie(7) congratulates me on a job well done. I congratulate her as well.

Trudy Rose's POV:

Only one or two of the other interviews stick out to me. Hybrid(8) speaks agressively and Brandon(9) proves his strength by lifting his chair up, it is about 50lbs. Lindsey(9) appears weak, and I know her plan already. it is my turn. "How are you today?" "I'm-I'm ok I suppose. I think I can win these games!" cheers follow my statement and I tell a very long story about my childhood and my family. My buzzer goes, and I go back to my seat.

Toad(12) is very underestimated and does not apear to be a threat. I stand for the anthem, and we go back to our compartments. Our mentor tells us that we have more sponsors now. I go to my bed, and dream about my family back home, when a thunderous sound wakes me up...


Mario Miller's POV:

I look out my window to see fireworks going into the sky, and yelling, cheering, partying. I try to go to sleep, but there are too many fireworks. Suddenly, our mentor, Piggs Poultry, comes in. "Can't sleep?" He asks. "Yeah." I respond with a tired voice. He hands me some earplugs. "Put these on." He says. I do, and I calm down, able to find some peace find sleep again.

My slunber are filled with dreams of the boy from 4 hacking at my body, then the rest of his alliance jumping on me, when I wake up, terrified as ever. I breathe heavily, trying to tell myself that it wasn't real. I look out the window and the partying has stopped, so I guess it must be late. I see the coutdown clock, 8:00:00, 7:59:59, 7:59:58 and I decide to sleep again.

Mimic Slaughter's POV:

6:24:57, 6:24:56, 6:24:55. The countdown clock keeps ticking. A door opens, and I jump. but it's just Zak(6). I realize that I have gotten no sleep yet. "You should get some sleep." He starts, when I see the first streaks of daylight, and suddenly I feel VERY tired. "I don't think there's any point in doing that now." a capitol attendant comes and says, "Time to go get ready!"

We walk down to our floor, where breakfast is served. I eat as much as possible, knowing I could die from starvation or dehydration, but I'd rather a knife to the heart. We are lead to a hovercraft where our stylists join us. I recieve the tracker in my arm, and the windows blacken, so we don't see the arena from above. We are lead to a small room, where my stylist joins me, and we say goodbye.

Renee Rual's POV:

60, 59, 58, 57... I watch the countdown clock and look at my surroundings. Ark(2) to my left, Mimelia(5) on my right. About 6 plates to my right, I look at Coral(11), who tells me in a complicated hand gesture to get out of there quickly, and he'll go in to fight for items. I nod and turn, making sure not to disturb the mine, so that i am facing the woods in front of me, as the rain poors down.

43, 42, 41, 40... The air is very hot but the rain cools it right down and I feel comfortable, I wear a winter cap but I don't know why, and I assume that it will have use later in the games. I look behind me and see that the ground is thick mud, and thank myself for listening to Coral(11), as I may fall in and drown, the mud seems to be over 1 metre deep. 34, 33, 32, 31...

Karla Flake's POV:

30, 29, 28, 27... Andrew(3) is luckily beside me so we wisper, making sure that Saffira(1), who is to my left, can't hear us. We make a plan to grab items falling inside the mud, and getting out of there. I scan the area, Oceanus(4) is very concentrated on the items right in the middle. Just knives, spears, axes, bombs, matches, flint, water bottles, dried fruit and meat, sleeping bags, compasses, and backpacks. 13, 12, 11, 10...

9, 8, 7, 6... I am very nervous, but feel a twinge of adrenaline as I take my last look at the tribute formation. i make a plan in my head, avoid everyone, focus on digging the almost invisible items out of the mud, and join up with Andrew, then fear takes over. What if I die? Will I see tomorrow? I dismiss the thought and look over at Andrew, who nods slowly. 3, 2, 1, GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!

The Games

Capitol Citizen's (Who is watching TV) POV:

The first thing that happens is Renee jumps and scrambles into the forest. Rivv looks for a trident, but settles for a knife as Hybrid approaches, and she stabs him in the stomach. Now Andrew picks up a bomb, and runs to the cornucopia, and sets it off. It will explode in 5 minutes. Coral has gotten two backpacks, two knives and spear as he runs in the same direction that Renee did. Ark and Sharpe join Gamzee as they plan to take out some of the careers. Toad has already run off somewhere.

Hyperion runs toward them as Ark axes him in the head and Gamzee viciously stabs him with a knife over and over. The three of them run off. Oceanus is busy scrimmaging for some items as Trudy approaches him, and without hesitation, Oceanus drowns her in the mud. Andrew and Kar;a are running off as the bomb explodes. KABOOM! Lindsey is smashed into the wall of the cornucopia, and she lansd on top of a spear, which goes through her heart and the other careers run off.

Later in the day, four cannons sound. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

Day 2: 9:00AM: Rivv Seassy's POV:

We are eating breakfast when a rumbling sound gets our attention. "A flood!" I yell as we now see the water, too fast for any of us to outrun and we brace ourselves for impact. The water submerges us and we all scramble to the surface, and I pull Diary up, when Saffira is smashed into a rock. Diary takes the time to finish her off by stabbing her with the knife. BOOM! I lose my grip of Diary when she is pulled under, but pops back up and is carried away by the flood another direction.

The flood finally ends, and we all smash into trees, when we notice that Brandon is gone. "Where did Brandon go?" Oceanus asks, when he comes back with Diary. "Found her." He says when we hear yelling, and we run over to the cornucopia to see Karla being killed by Ella while Mario and Metallus hold Andrew off Karla is killed soon after. BOOM! We run away as fast as we can, making sure that they don't notice us.

Day 3: 5:00AM: Gamzee Makara's POV:

I dream about the blizzard last night. No one died, but we were freezing cold. Now the sound of burning wood wakes us up. "Run! Run!" I yell, and we scamble off. We are the first ones at the lake, while the Slaughter twins join us. we don't notice each other, as we stand together, panting like a group of wild dogs. No one else joins us for a while, when we begin to fight.

We dodge attacks and wield knives, axes and spears when Coral and Renee join us. We gang up and kill Coral quite easily, although Mimic just stabed him in the heart. BOOM! Everyone is here now, and the forest fire ends, we scramble off in different directions, and we return back to our camp. "I everyone OK?" I ask, as we assess the damage done to our camp, just the grass burned. A second cannon fires. BOOM! at about 8:30PM, the seal appears. Pixie, and Coral appear. so Pixie was the second cannon. Who knew?

Day 4: 8:00AM: Metallum Equitus's POV:

We hatch a plan to eliminate some other tributes. We head over to where some of the Cindre twin's alliance should be. They come out and we begin to fight. I start by killing Toad with an axe in the back. BOOM! Sharpe retaliates by tackling Mario into a tree, and kills him with a well aimed knife to the skull. BOOM! Gamzee flees and Ella does too. I am left with the Cindre twins and we run away.

I am with Ella at camp when she recieves a bow with 6 arrows, 10 throwing knives, a blanket and a backpack which contains some food and water. "That's alot of money you have there." Good after the tornado yesterday. We leave the area and go to hunt for food and we get some birds, we are cooking them for dinner and I am toying with one of the throwing knives when the ground begins to shake.

6:00PM: Mimic Slaughter's POV:

"Earthquake!" Zak yells and we flee to the lake, now empty, free of trees to fall on us. The careers must have known we would have come here, and we begin to fight. rivv launches a trident at me, and it spears me in the arm. I pull it out and fight. Oceanus comands for the rest of the gang except for him and Rivv. Ocenus launches a knife at Zak's head and he dodges it swiftly, but soon after, Rivv's second trident impales my stomach.

I fall to the ground as Oceanus and Rivv run, knowing that I am as good as dead. Zak joins me, and we hug until my head gets foggy. He puts me down gently and begins to beg, I close my eyes and then I hear him yell louder and louder, although each time it gets quieter and quieter. I say in my head. "Zak, win for us, our family." The last thing I feel is Zak kissing me on the forehead. BOOM!

6:05PM: Zak Slaughter's POV:

The hovercraft takes Mimic away, and I run until I come up to where the cornucopia used to be. It's gone, and there is a bridge connecting the two parts of the arena together. I climb down the cliff carefully and begin to cry. Why! Why did she have to go! No. It's not her fault. It's the capitols fault, and they are to blame for this. I watch as the sun begins to set, tears still pouring down my eyes, when I see the Cindre twins coming down. I begin to panic.

To my suprise, Sharpe begins to comfort me, and I feel better now, when golden squirrels start scaling down the cliff. They are eating away at Sharpe like she is a giant nut, when I realize that they are mutts, Ark is screaming for Sharpe to fight back, but they prove to be too much. BOOM! He sits back, as if in a trance, and I go over to comfort him, as Sharpe did to me.

6:12PM: Ark Cindre's POV:

It is hot, and cooling down fast. Sharpe dead? How? Zak now sits with his arms around me, as if protecting me, as I try to take in the news of her death, when it becomes unberable and we both break down, unable to live with it. We eventually get over it and begin to prepare a meal, we make a fire, and a sponsor gift comes in, two of the actually.

"Yahoo!" I yell as I retrieve the needle from my parachute and Zak is smiling as he removes the two swords, when he gives one to me. "For me?" I ask, slightly confused over his generosity. "Yeah." He replies. The anthem starts after we eat our meal. Sharpe, Mimic, Mario, Toad. Galf of us are gone, and I lie down in my sleeping bag, slowly drifting off to sleep.

11:00PM: Renee Rual's POV:

"S-s-s-so c-c-c-cold!" I mutter to myself, and the blanket isn't helping much either. I remenber the coat in my backpack, so I put it on. "Ahhhhh..." I say, and I notice Gamzee and Zak down below joining up, and walking off together. I wonder how he is doing after his sisters death. A light breeze isn't helping, you can literally see Zak and Gamzee shivering in the cold.

I wake up to a buzzing noise. Tracker Jackers! One stings me, and I feel woozy. Luckily, i am about 30 feet from the lake, so I climb down, and run over, when a fish bites me. It hurts. "Eek!" I yelp. I walk off and ponder. Why would that fish bite me? Was it trying to kill me? If I'm not dead now, am I poisoned? Poisoned! "NOOOOOOOO!" I scream, and I realise that some other tributes may be on my tracks.

Suddenly, I hear a sound on the ground, and a blinking light catches my attention. I walk over to it, and it is labelled, "Antidote." I am so thankful for this gift, and I drink the liquid, and shudder at the taste, but I know that it is saving my life. A note is enclosed, "Drink half now, half at dawn." I feel so relieved and decide to stay awake, knowing that if I sleep, i may never wake up.

Day 5: 6:30AM: Oceanus Borgia's POV:

The sound of Rivv preparing a fire wakes me up. the wood crackles and warms the area. I smile at Rivv, who smiles back at me. "Good morning!" Diary says, and gives a pot to me. "You are making breakfast today." She explains, and I prepare some fish, along with some fruit. We all eat, ready to take on a new day. "What's the plan?" Brandon asks.

"Well," I begin. "We should see if nature has anything in store for us today first. Then we should be able to locate some tributes and figure out what they are up to at this point in the games. It should be easy for us to overpower the others. If we get past the feast, we split up. That way, we don't resist killing each other. It should make for a good show too." I end my story.

Andrew sprints through the forest with huge bumps the size of a plum on his skin. Tracker Jackers  have stung him. He falls to his knees, and pleads for us to help him, and I decide to show no mercy, watching him die. Rivv and I smile, but Brandon, Mimelia, and Diary are grossed out. He is figthing for his life, I can see his face, he is fading, soon he falls to the ground, just as he managed to get to his feet. BOOM!

8:17AM: Ella Darr's POV:

The cannon stuns us. I climb up a tree, and see Andrew's body taken by the hovercraft. 11 of us left. I am so happy inside, but don't let it show. I climb down, expecting Mettalum to be there, but he is gone, and so are my bow and arrows. I now want to kill him. He was my servant! He was my ally! He is definitely going down next, but we are all strugling to survive now, so I decide to kill him at the feast, where I hope to win.

It continues to get hot, and I consider going naked, the heat, but I don't. I need to keep my dignity, I need sponsors. Mario comes to my mind. He recieved the lowest training score, he didn't participate in the bloodbath, he didn't do much to help our alliance, he didn't do much at all. Now I think that he may be more useful now that Metallum is gone.

I climb the tree again, and I realise that I am too close to the careers camp for comfort. They are a scant 50 yards away, I pack up and head off. The tracker jackers are buzzing above me, and I say hi to them, but of course, they do not understand. Just then, Renee comes up to me. "Let's be allies." I make a choice between making the alliance, and killing her. "Sure," I respond.

2:00PM: Mimelia Bloodstone's POV:

I return with the news to my alliance. "Ella and Renee have allied." I tell them. Suddenly, Mettalum comes out from the forest. "Hello." He says casually, as if we are friends. "And what do you want?" Rivv asks. "Alliance." He responds. "Group! Huddle!" and that is exactly what we do. "It's hard to decide." Brandon begins. "It's too risky." Oceanus says, clearly preoccupied with staying cool than our disscusion.

We walk up to him. "Sorry," Diary says. "But you are too risky to join us." This makes him very angry. "Arrrrrrgggh!" He yells, and proceeds to stamper off. "He was no use to us anyway," I say. "Right?" I wallk over to our pile of food. "He stole our birds." I say. "WHAT!" Oceanus runs over. "WHAT THE FUDGE!" I calm him down, and grasp my bottle with fish mutt poison inside.

I give the bottle to Rivv, who then puts it in some of Brandon's food. I don't want to let anyone in our alliance die until the feast, so I secretly toss his food somewhere in the forest. I am so hot. Soooooooo hot. I would kill myself if it meant that I could still live and the heat would stop. We are all swaeting, but I want to look like I can win, so I run off and return several hours later, to show my stamina.

4:00PM: Brandon Rye's POV:

Mimelia returns, and I don't believe how much she is sweating, although she is a girl. "Water... *pant*  *pant* *pant*" I give her some water, and she drinks it very thirstily. "Thank you." She says, feeling much more hydrated. "Who's cooking dinner?" I ask. "You." Mimelia says. I sit down and get to work. I take some of Rivv's food since Mimelia threw mine into the forest to save me.

"Dinner is sreved!" I yell, and the group runs over to eat. We eat, and then I ask about our plans for the feast, if there is one. "We are all going in to fight." Oceanus and Rivv say at the same time. "JINX!" Rivv yells. Oceanus gives her a bottle of water. The anthem starts, and after, trumpets blow. "Tomorrow at the lake at the north end of the arena, there will be a feast, there will be one backpack per person, with your district and gender on it. May the odds be ever in your favor."

The feast is next! Who will die in the massacare? Find out on Friday! (EST time)

Day 6: 4:00AM: Diary Magnus's POV:

"Mimelia, I'm scared." I begin, I really am scared, the feast was my favourite part of the games, and that was because of the deaths, but I may die here. I shudder at the thought. "Hmmm... Let's get going." I say, and we pack essentials and leave. "It is soooo cold," I say, and my small body size is not helping AT ALL.  I grasp my jacket tightly, and try to stretch it as fer as possible, when Mimelia looks at me.

"You're cold," she says. She huddles me. I feel slightly warmer. The grey light strikes the sky, so we run quietly, and get there before anything happens. I see some leaves in a tree rustle slightly, and I think that it is another tribute, but it is just the wind. Soon, the table starts to rise, and it clicks into place. The action begins to unfold, I run over to Renee, who is perched in a tree.

Capitol Citizen's (Who is watching TV) POV:

Renee shoots her arrow into Diary's heart. BOOM! Rivv stabs Renee in the back with her trident. She falls down, and dies soon after. BOOM! Oceanus runs in, and Brandon runs in too, they both grab their bags, and both run out, not noticing each other, when Brandon gets Rivv with a knife to the throat, and Oceanus retaliates with Rivv's trident to the skull. BOOM! BOOM!

Now, Zak goes in and gets both his and Gamzee's backpacks, when Oceanus kills Zak with the trident to the stomach, just like Mimic. BOOM! Gamzee comes along and grabs the sledgehammer he got from a sponsor, he hits Oceanus in the temple. BOOM!

Ella comes in, now that the initial fighting is over, and is just about at the table when Ark comes in, unlike his mentors instructions. "Time to fix you up!" He says, like his best friend, Halloween Smiley. Ella screams for what seems like forever. BOOM! Ark gets his backpack and leaves.

Day 7:

Metallum goes over to the table where the feast was held. Today is the last day, he thinks to himself. He gets his backpack, the last backpack, and the table folds down. Will I win? Or will I lose? I WILL win. The bag contains a beautiffly sharpened dagger, some camouflage paints, and a small note, "Good luck." He smiles and paints himself into a rock immediatly.

Ark is spying on Gamzee as he packs up his things. He comes out, and slowly stones him, now Gamzee is too peaceful, and Ark springs out. One slash with the sword makes Gamzee sober again, and Ark blindly swings the sword. BOOM! He opens his eyes, and sees that he beheaded Gamzee. He smiles. I can do it, I think I can go home, he thinks to himself.

Mimelia is alone at the career camp, still with a bounty of items. A golden squirrel mutt comes and begins to play with her. Ark comes over and the golden squirrles pounce. "Go! Go! Go!" Mimelia yells, commanding the mutts to do more damage. Ark thinks to himself, "I'm sorry, Halloween!" He falls, and the mutts run away, Mimelia noticing that he isn't dead yet, so she grabs a sword she recieved in her pack at the feast, she stabs him in the heart. BOOM!

The final battle!

Mimelia now walks in the forest, and passes a seemingly harmless boulder, but suddenly, a dagger stabs her in the ankle. "Ahhhhhh!" She shrieks, and falls down in a heap. She pulls out her dual swords, dipped in the fish mutt venom, and they fight. She gets Metallum in the arm. "Oww!" He yells and tries to tackle Mimelia over, but runs into a tree. Mimelia proceeds to repeatedly slash, not stab, Metallus's back. He falls down. He charges at Mimelia when he freezes, the fish mutt venom has gotten into the bloodstream, and falls over, his skull smashing onto a rock. BOOM!

Mimelia begins to fall to her knees, the pain from the cut in her ankle starting to come back, and the shock of winning, get to her and she begins to sob. "I won!" She manages to get out in between breaths, and the people around me are cheering. A wonderful end to a wonderful games!

Congratulations to Madgeical on winning!

Death Chart

Placement Tribute Killer Cause Of Death Day Killed
24 Hybrid Three(8) Rivv Seassy(4) Knife to stomach 1
23 Hyperion Florence(5) Ark Cindre(2) and Gamzee Makara(1) (Shared) Axe to head/ Knife stabs 1
22 Trudy Rose(12) Oceanus Borgia(4) Drowned in mud 1
21 Lindsey Cratridge(9) Andrew Spall(3) Bomb/ Spear to heart 1
20 Saffira Stan(1) Diary Magnus(8) Smashed into rock/ Knife to heart 2
19 Karla Flake(3) Ella Darr(10) Throwing knives to various body parts 2
18 Coral Studkarat(11) Mimic Slaughter(6) Knife to heart 3
17 Pixie Nuke(7) N/A Burns from forest fire 3
16 Toad Jennings(12) Metallum Equitus(7) Axe to back 4
15 Mario Miller(10) Sharpe Cindre(2) Knife to skull 4
14 Mimic Slaughter(6) Rivv Seassy(4) Trident to stomach 4
13 Sharpe Cindre(2) Golden Squirrels Devoured 4
12 Andrew Spall(3) Tracker Jackers Stung/ Venom 5
11 Diary Magnus(8) Renee Rual(11) Arrow to heart 6
10 Renee Rual(11) Rivv Seassy(4) Trident to back 6
9 Rivv Seassy(4) Brandon Rye(9) Knife to throat 6
8 Brandon Rye(9) Oceanus Borgia(4) Trident to skull 6
7 Zak Slaughter(6) Oceanus Borgia(4) Trident to stomach 6
6 Oceanus Borgia(4) Gamzee Makara(1) Sledgehammer to temple 6
5 Ella Darr(10) Ark Cindre(2) Surgery? 6
4 Gamzee Makara(1) Ark Cimdre(2) Beheaded 7
3 Ark Cindre(2) Mimelia Bloodstone(5) Sword to heart 7
2 Metallum Equitus(7) Mimelia Bloodstone(5) Venom from sword 7
VICTOR! Mimelia Bloodstone(5)! N/A N/A N/A