Welcome to my second hunger games! Please spread the word if possible!


Submitting a tribute/Things to Note


1. Reservations last 48 hours

2. 3 tributes per user

3. Follow the template please (it just makes everything easier)

4. One tribute lives and everyone has the same chance of winning

5. No tributes from my past games!

6. I DO accept links! Make sure you add the info that you need in the comment in which you put the link.

7. Wikia contribuitors may now join! i have a way of knowing who is who, so do not feel discouraged!

8. Preservations last until I feel like you are ignoring this. Preservations are bold, regular reservations are not.

9. Last time, i wasted a bunch of time with reapings and such, but now, I will just do training scores and then the games!






Appearance(Lunaii if possible):



Strenghts (3):

Weaknesses (3):

Fears (2):

Weapons (3):


Other info:


Name Age District Gender Personality Weapons Strengths Weaknesses User
Blake Thiessen 14 1 M Many traits, mostly kind and caring Cat claws, spears, crossbow Strong, fast and a good jumper. Climbing, swimming, has suicidal disorder Tehblakdeath
Lana DeArthur 17 1 F Often compared to a witch Knife, throwing needles, stealth Beautiful, clever, vindictive H2H, not fast paced, autistic Andy1854
Halloween Smiley 17 2 M Psycho surgeon, collects organ specimens Surgeon's toold, bow, sword Used to killing, fast, strong Climbing, swimming, if reminded of Ark and Sharpe, flips out and kills allies Tehblakdeath
Alexia Carver 17 2 F cheeky, flirty, down-to-earth, Swords (deadly) Knives (deadly) Bow (fairly good) One vs one fighting, Intelligent, very strong fairly slow, cant swim or climb Hungryman8
Bubba Bulbs 16 3 M Quiet, intelligent Traps (incredible) knives and spear (good) Unbelivably intelligent, very, very quick, great at hiding Swimming, strength, overthinks Hungryman8
Artemisae 'Artemisa' Hunt 17 3 F Kind, has an 'I could care less' wall Blowgun, Poison, Intimidation (via her Eyes) Agility, Stealth, Plant Identification Hand-To-Hand Combat, Allying, Communication Madgeical
Brenden Ryder 18 4 M sweet and charming, brave and strong Trident, Net, Awl Swimming, Running, Strength Climbing, Hiding, Heights BaconCanadian
Katrina Jenings 16 4 F Quiet, short tempered, alone Sycthe, throwing knives, hand-to-hand combat H2H, survival skills, clever Blind rage, not trusting, can't swim WitchAndWizard
Leo Hathaway 15 5 M Coy, sly, mischevious Throwing knives, spear, swords Clever, quick thinker, can make great traps Not very strong against larger apponents, terrible aim, WitchAndWizard
Alyssa Rossal 15 5 F Intelligent, manulipative Knives, posion, blowgun & darts Manipulative, great at making good stuff from junk, sharp eyes Not as strong as everyone else, is sort of a control freak, not the best with heavy weapons. WitchAndWizard
Grayson James 12 6 M Is a no body Wire, Knife, Smarts Stealth, Speed, Innocence Strength, Swimming, Climbing BaconCanadian
Deklyn James 15 6 F fiesty, stubborn, and very charming Knife, Spear Speed, Stealth, Climbing Strength, Swimming, Hunting BaconCanadian
King "KC" Chrome 17 7 M Arrogant, fond of women Spear, Traps, Axe Spear Fighting, Axe Fighting, Setting Traps Superiority Complex, Arrogant, Climbing KronosTheTitanKing
Hazel Underwood 12 7 F Grateful, frail, shy, nice Throwing knives, crossbow Stealthy, fast, climbing, accurate Weak, small, problems breathing WiressFan21
Josh Feathers 15 8 M Quiet, strong minded, confident Swords(deadly) fists(brutal) spear (decent) Strong, quick and determined not very smart, not a great swimmer, cannot make traps Hungryman8
Alice Liddell 18 8 F Clever, reckless, lonely Knife, Sword, Blowdart Clever, knife, can be quiet drifts into fake world, flashbacks, anti-social Mistfire333
Siver 'Clocky' Clockson 17 9 M Creepy, twitches, occasionally heroic Double knives, throwing knives, combat knives Bloodthirsty, ready to kill at need, fast Pocket watch always ticks, jumping, dodging Tehblakdeath
Bailey Starshine 18 9 F Secret, scheduled, animal lover Spear, scythe, stealth Like Foxface Confrontation, losing Night(her dog) Nightlock Kryptonite
Wario Wade 16 10 M Calm, quiet, doesn't care to kill Dagger, Throwing Knives, Axe Strong, Aim, Smart Slow, Bad at Swimming MyWorld
Helena Krisp 18 10 F Twisted, humble, fascinated with blood Katana, Broadsword, anything with a blade Heartless, strong willed, never backs down Arrogant, massive soft side, hates water Nightlock Kryptonite
Tails Power 15 11 M Nice, loud, aggresive when mad Throwing Knives, Sword, Axe Fast, Great Accuracy, Good at Swimming Not very Strong, Trusts others too Easily, MyWorld
Rio Flock 18 11 F Happy, arrogant, likes birds Traps, Bow, Throwing Knives Good with ranged weapons, is smart, can make traps easily Acts awkward, sassy, shy around boys Mistfire333
Soot Dustcloud 16 12 M Explosive, hotheaded Brute force, Sword, Knife Gloves Strong, good judgement Asthma, hotheaded Mistfire333
Delilah Brooklyn 14 12 F Very sweet, great knife thrower, used to live in D2 Throwing knives, anything that she can throw Kind, healing, unreal skill with throwing knives Can't kill willingly, passes out alot, based on defence Nightlock Kryptonite

Tribute Gallery


The arena is basicly the moon, however, there is oxygen. Sometimes there will be gravity, sometimes there will not.


All tributes are alone.


You begin with $500 per tribute.

Items for sale:


Knife, Dagger, Sickle or Mace: $25

Sword, Machete or Axe: $50

Spear or Bow and 6 arrows: $75

Trident, 10 throwing knives or chainsaw: $100

Food and Water:

Small pack of dried beef or small pack of dried fruit: $25

1L of water: $30

Backpack with pack of fruit, pack of beef and 1L of water: $75

5L of water: $100

Giant pack of Dried fruit or dried beef: $100

Mega back pack with 5L of water and giant pack of beef and fruit: $300


Painkillers: $100 (Relieves pain for 12 hours)

Antibiotics: $125 (Relieves sickness for 12 hours)

Burn Cream: $100 (Relieves burns for 12 hours)

Cut Cream: $125 (Prevents infection, heals wound slowly)

Instant wound heal: $500 (Heals any wound immediatly)

Antidote: $100 (Cures poison)

Tracker Jacker Leaves: $50 (Heals tracker jacker stings)


Sleeping bag: $50

Blanket: $25

3 Matches: $30

Jacket: $25

Rainhat: $25

Firewood(5kg): $50

Training Scores

Tribute Training Score
Blake Thiessen(1M) 8
Lana DeArthur(1F) 7
Halloween Smiley(2M) 11
Alexia Carver(2F) 10
Bubba Bulbs(3M) 6
Artemisae Hunt(3F) 7
Brenden Ryder(4M) 10
Katrina Jenings(4F) 8
Leo Hathaway(5M) 8
Alyssa Rossal(5F) 7
Grayson James(6M) 5
Deklyn James(6F) 6
King Chrome(7M) 8
Hazel Underwood(7F) 7
Josh Feathers(8M) 4
Alice Liddell(8F) 4
Silver Clockson(9M) 10
Bailey Starshine(9F) 7
Wario Wade(10M) 6
Helena Krisp(10F) 7
Tails Power(11M) 8
Rio Flock(11F) 6
Soot Dustcloud(12M) 9
Delilah Brooklyn(12F) 9

The Games

The Bloodbath: Leo Hathaway's POV:


I sprint toward the cornucopia, shaded by the space light. The arena is the moon. Katrina already has left the area, most likely with a backpack. Suddenly, I trip over a crate, and fall flat on my face. I look up to see King standing before me, his axe coming down fast. I roll just before it impales my skull. The sound of footsteps to my right shocks me, and I find Alyssa grabbing everything she can.

I continue to avoid weapons, ranged or melee, they all seem to come at me. Rio is running toward me, throwing knives in hand, and throws one. I catch the handle, and throw it back at her. She has turned around and is reaching down to grab another throwing knife, the knife lands firmly in her skull. She flops down to the ground, a dead bird. I smile somewhat mischeviously, and run away with Alyssa.

Helena Krisp's POV:

Hazel is quick to make her next decision. She flees, realizing that she took too much time to decide what to do. Halloween runs of with Lana tightly locked in his arms, as she thrashes around trying not to suffer a horrible fate, but I brace myself for the screaming, and I want to help her, but I don't want to have surggery right now, and I am having the time of my life holding Bubba up against the cornucopia.

"Please, don't kill me Halloween! Plea- Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Her agonized ctried of pain, and her sobs make it a horrible song of death. It isn't helping us focus on our current task, and the ticking in Clocky's eye makes it worse for him, so he leaves with what he has, and passes where he is going to head with Blake. Lana stilll screams, and amid all of the sounds, Bubba electrocutes me.

Halloween Smiley's POV:


I smile as I walk back to the fighting, and Alexia stabs Bubba with a knife. I slam the cornucopia with my needle to get attention and I say, "Look at this!" I hold up Lana's breast, and I throw it at Tails. He faints, and I watch Blake kill him with a sword. I run with Blake, and we run as far as we can. We find Clocky in a crater, and we join him, awaiting the cannons.

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! 5 people died, and we wait to learn who. The projection appears.

Lana, Bubba, Helena, Tails, Rio. The projection disappears. We go to sleep.

Day 2: Noon: Soot Dustcloud's POV:

I sit, toying with my sword, and I hear my tummy grumble. I look at my watch. "Noon!?" I yell, realizing why I'm so famished, and walk hungirly toward the freshly prepared rice, when Delilah stops suddenly, frozen with fear, clutching her throwing knives, when Leo and Alyssa come running toward us, and their first instinct is to run, when I speak up, "Join us," and they do.

"I thought that you were going to kill us!" whispers Aiyssa, and she cautiously walks toward us, not wanting to fall into some sort of trap, but why would we pull a trap? "It's-" Clockoween and Co. begin to charge at us, but Clockoween realize that they don't have anything to kill us with, so they run, laeving Blake behind. Delilah gets him in the neck with her throwing knife, and he chokes like a maniac. BOOM!

1:00PM: Brenden Ryder's POV:

I lay quietly on the moon, feeling somewhat restless, and I wonder wh othe last cannon could have been for. Suddenly, Clockoween comes over and requests, "Allies?" I nod, and they join us. "Do you know who the last cannon was for?" I ask. "Blake." Clocky replies, confused over something, though I can't tell what. I just ignore it and ask, "You hungry?" I give them some food.

The two now eat hungrily, and now I notice how they mustn't have had a single ounce of food since entering the arena. Halloween sighs, "I wish food tasted this good in District 2." Alexia rolls out of bed. "Me too," she replies, when the sound of faint footsteps cuts our chatter off. I look around in that direction, and see nothing, but the footsteps continue, and I turn around to see Artemisae in front of me.

1:05PM: Artemisae Hunt's POV:

I signal for the Anti's to come over. Grayson and Deklyn don't look at each other at all, but still focus on the opposing alliance. We begin.

Alyssa falls over in a heap, an I see the spear in her stomach, Daklyn smiling with pride. Leo's reaction is very, sly? He manages to crawl over to Halloween's back, but just in time, Clocky notices, and there he goes, running like the wind. Realiizing that we are outnumbered, we run as well, but not in Leo's direction, knowing that he wants to be alone.

We realize that Alyssa's cannon hasn't fired yet. Soot notices as well, "Alyssa's cannon, it has not gone off yet." We wait and wait, and wait.

5:00PM: Alyssa Rossal's POV:

I lie on the grond, the spear still in my stomach. I slowly pull it out, and try to remain as quiet as possible, but the pain is to intense, and by the time the spearhead is out, tears are making my vision blurry. I watch as Katrina comes over to me. She grabs my first-aid kit, which I haven't been able to get at, and I am all fixed up. "You hungry?" We eat.

I make sure to take it easy, knowing that my injury will have to take time to heal tomorrow. The sky bagins to illuminate with the seal. I know that Blake is already dead, but this comes as a shock to Katrina. Then I remember that she wasn't with us. "Can I call you Kat?" I ask. "Nah." She responds. I shrug. I wonder what Leo is u pto right now.

Day 3: 8:00AM: Bailey Starshine's POV:

I'm at home. My sister walks into my bedroom. "Allies?" I jump awake. Hazel is standing over me. I sigh. I have been lonely recently, and she does remind me of my sister somewhat, so what can go wrong? I nod. I look at her emaciated body. She hasn't eaten since the games began. She looks like she has had no sleep, and she looks like she has a fever. I let her lie down in my sleeping bag.

I know that Alyssa and Katrina are near by, and they have a first aid kit. but I try to think about things I know about fevers. I have had several fevers before, but were treated with medicine. She looks at me with despair. I look at her with an uplifting face. "It'll be OK." I tell her. "Have some fruit." She slowly reaches for the pack, but she is so sick that I end up feeding it to her like a baby.

She slowly finishes the food. "Thank you," she gets out, and she falls asleep. I tuck her in. "Sweet dreams,"I say, looking at her youth, small, hopeless, how could she win a competition like this? She is so pale, she must be dead soon. I feel bad for her. I want to help her, but we are opponents, and opponents, i mean tributes kill each other in these games.

11:00AM: Hazel Underwood's POV:

I wake up, but my stomach feels horrible, and theer goes my breakfast. I want to die, I hate this. Thunk! Throwing knives, antibiotics. Just what I need. I thank the Capitol for such generous gifts. I get one of my cups, and drink the horrible tasting liquid down fast. Bailey looks relieved to see me a bit better, but I know I should still rest. I eat some more dried fruit and begin to drift off.

Just as my eyes begin to droop, an asteroid falls out of the sky, followed by several others. We franticlly dodge the speeding rock-like objects from space, when a human figure I judge to be Leo gets hit in the distance. BOOM! An asteroid big enough to kill us come hurlng towards us. I jump out of the way, but Bailey isn't so lucky. Her ankle is crushed by the heavy structure. She screams so loudly, I have to wonder how that felt. I run over.

I slowly roll the asteroid away, and look at her injury. She clutches her ankle, and I can tell that she is trying to be strong for me, but I tell her there is no need to be. I need a first aid kit now. I consider my options. I can go to Katrina and Alyssa, but I might get killed. If I stay here, i will live, but Bailey could die. So I decide to use my throwing knives to defend myself, and sacrifice myself for Bailey.

12:05PM: Katrina Jenings POV:

"That was Leo's cannon," I tell Alyssa softly, "and Bailey's scream," I continue. "She must be hurt, if not, I don't know. "Do you suppose we try to help?" Alyssa asks, her voice more sad than questioning. Leo. I forgot that they were district partners. "OK, then." Hazel, the little girl from 7, comes over. "Ummm... Bailey's hurt. Can I borow your first-aid kit?"

Alyssa speaks up, "Sure, but let me help, I know alot about first aid." We quickly run over, where we find Bailey, on the ground, clutching her ankle for dear life. Alyssa kneels down to get a closer look at the injury. "Her ankle is broken, no doubt," she says. Ilisten for more information, but Alyssa is already opening the kit. Hazel looks at the medical tools in admiration, and Alyssa grabs some bandages, to cover the wound.

I manage to calm bailey down with things that remind her if District 9. Bread, wheat fields, and her sister. in half an hour, Bailey is all bandaged up, and we bring over our stuff from camp. Hazel tells us that she has a sort of fever, but it is going down, and I prepare a small meal. We help Bailey sit up, and we all eat, while watching Earth rotate. I think that I might want to kill these three.

Day 4: 9:00AM: Josh Feathers' POV:

I wake up to find some gianty backpack in front of me. Considering that I am starving and thirsty, this will make a pretty good breakfast.

I know that Alyssa and alliance had a smaller backpack delivered to them, I was spying, but I have no idea how I will kill those 4, but I think that will be pretty easy. Baliey is injured, for one thing, and Hazel is still showing slight symtoms of a fever, Alyssa isn't in the best state of mind after Leo's death, and Katrina... well, she is the only one who could kill me effectively.

my mind tells me that something bad is going to happen today, but I don't know what. Muttations? Another asteroid shower? Something unimaginable?


I hear the sound of shreiking, and I head to the crater about 30 feet off of the girls' camp, where aliens are attacking them, and Halloween is running, but is outsped. The alien tears his head open, and removes his brain from his body. He is still alive, though, and he takes one last breath. BOOM! The alien puts Halloween's brain in it's body, and says to the Brenden, just approaching, "Time to fix you up!"

I'm now shaking in fear. I try to be quiet, but the entire thing is just so frightening that I have to let out a sharp squeal that attracts the aliens toward me, but their attention span must be fairly low, because they immediately head beck for Brenden. The "Hallowalien," begins to perform his operations to retrieve Brenden's brain. I cover my ears, and try not to listen to the agonized cries.

BOOM! Now I want to run, but I know that those aliens are faster than me, so I try to stay in this crater here. The girls over there have managed to get everyone out safe and sound, where as Clocky is still holding his sponsored knives. Now I wish that I had some knives myself. The mutts disperse, and I let out my breath slowly, a sigh of relief, great relief, but Alice may not be so lucky.

12:07PM: Alice Liddell's POV:

I'm thinking to myself, 'What was that screaming for?' Josh is yelling at me, "Alice! Aliens! Take your brain out! Run!" I do just this.

I run until I am about to faint, but I have run right into a group of girls, and only 2 of them are in good shape. Bailey has a broken ankle, Alyssa has a stomach wound, Hazel appears to have been sick recently, and Katrina looks indifferent, sort of bored. I pull out my knife and get ready to attack. I aim my knife at Katrina, because if she is taken out, the rest of the alliance will fall apart quickly.

But, something unexpected happens. Hazel jumps out to protect Katrina, and my knife lands in her back. In retaliation, Katrina's scythe rips my body in half. Oops. BOOM!

12:15PM: Hazel Underwood's POV:

I can tell, my life is slipping away, fast. "Please," I mutter to my allies, "Try to help me, just this time. I will repay you someday. Avenge your deaths, win if you die, anything, well almost anything." Katrina speaks up, "You saved my life. Of course I will help you." The group goes t oget the first-aid kit, and I manage to remove the knife out of my bloody back.

The girls are in chaos, trying to gather bandages, and disinfectant. My back is screaming in pain, my worst fear. I had to go through enough of it during my cancer. I hate pain, dislike it, fear it. I begin to fade. By the time the bandages are secured to my back, I am having trouble breathing. "Thank you... for... your..." 'Good night, Hazel,' I think to myself. BOOM!

8:00PM: Alexia Carver's POV:

The anthem blares in my ears, as the capitol seal begins to appear in the sky. I saw Halloween and Brenden die myself, but I still wonder who those last cannons later were. Halloween's sinister smile glares at me in the sky, followed by Brenden's charming face. All of the girls fell for him, except for me, I knew that he had a plan. The next face suprises me.

Poor young Hazel appears. Everyone in my group has a sad expression on their faces, because we know that no one deserves to doe in this way, especially 12 year olds. Alice is the last to appear in the black sky. You have to wonder what happened to the two girls, were they killed by the aliens? Or was it something else? I will never know, but I do know that it is time to sleep, because tomorrow, we hunt the Anti's.

Day 5: 4:00AM: Katrina Jenings POV:

Footsteps jolt me awake, as is the same with my allies, who are just as lazy and tired as me. I look at my watch intently, trying to make out the time. Why couldn't the capitol make the display digital rather than analog. When I look back to where the footsteps were coming from, I see the careers, and the anti-careers, fighting. It's a good thing we are in this crater with Josh, who joined us last night, most likely afraid of being the only loner, who could be overpowered easily, it was hard to reject him. After all, I felt the same way until I found Alyssa on the floor a few days a go.

Just then, the fight takes an interesting twist. Grayson and Deklyn appear to be getting together. I thought that they were bitter enemies. They run off together, leaving three careers, all very powerful, against 4 anti's, all not as powerful, but having one extra member to their alliance makes them have equal chances of winning. Suddenly, gravity releases, and we are all swimming in the air.

Then gravity releases us, and everyone falls in a heap, and Alexia's beautifully shaped knife lands in Soot's head. BOOM! She is lucky to have hit her opponent, because she landed inches away from Clockwork, who tosses Delilah off of him, to walk right into King's axe, but she immediatly throws her knife into him, and he falls, dethroned from tribute to deceased. BOOM!

Luckily, the axe only hit her, it did not stick inside of her, and she gets away with her alliance. We all go back to sleep, hoping to get some rest before we move, now that Bailey's ankle is healing. I think of the ocean in district 4, and I can really smell the salt in the water, then I imagine myself drowning in the water, I can't swim, can't breathe, then I wake up.


9:00AM: Grayson James' POV:

"Look, can't we just stay by ourselves? Why do we have to join up with Josh? It seems stupid, and I won't tolerate such self-oriented actions!" I yell at the top of my lungs, right into my older sister's face. This brings her closer to me, slowly drawing out her knife. "You see, I saved you so that district 6 has a greater chance of winning, but, I can undo that little truce we made anytime I like, because we never set consequences if we were to break this truce, now did we?" She yells back.

"Uhhhh... I guess not, but, since you are older, and are favored more by ouur parents, do whatever, this alliance, truce, whatever, is over!" I storm off, cursing at her in my head, fed up. I was a no body anyways, I think to myself, shaking my head in hatred. She can ally with Josh if she wants, but he recieved the lowest training score, along with his district partner, Alice. Why would anyone ally with him? I think to myself again and again.

BOOM! I've only ignored this cannon, knowing that I won't care about it, just like the other 13 that have fired earlier. A hovercraft slowly approaches the area where the deceased tribute lays, and then I realize, the hovercraft is headed in Deklyn's direction. I watch the claw descend toward the girl, I can see her hair, and Deklyn is raised into the hovercraft. Gone forever, never to return home, if I get there.

Josh is running up toward me, and he has nothing on him except for a backpack a small backpack. I draw out my knife ready to defend myself, and he locks his arms around my neck, tight.

There is no way to breathe, no way for the blood to flow up to my brain. I am being strangled, choked to death. "Just like your big sister, perfect," Josh says, as I look at my hands, which are trembling. "I scramble to find a quick exit, but my lungs can't do this for much longer. I find a giant moon rock and slam it into Josh's temple, and he lets me go reflexively.

I lay there, gasping and holding my neck, which is now severely sore. I find the rock again, and Josh, trying to regain control of his body, doesn't see the rock impale his head, until his life is gone, when he looks at me in sadness, and I look at him the same way he looked at me when he came to stragle me. Who said that a 12 year old can't kill? BOOM!

8:00PM: Wario Wade's POV:

I look up to the sky, as the anthem blares in my ears, to see who died today. It has been a very tiring day, as I havn'e gotten a wink of sleep since 3:30AM this morning. The first person to appear above me is the beautiful Deklyn, from 6. I'm still staring into her eyes when I hear small choking sounds. I have run a good distance away from Artemis and Delilah, so I don't feel worried that I will get killed. In fact, I am so fearless at the moment , that I walk over, where I see Grayson, on his hands and knees, his silent tears splasing on the stone. Even though they hated each other, they cared about each other.

The other faces go by my mind faster than Deklyn's. King, Josh, and Soot, all gone, forever. When I look back at Grayson, a wave of pity shoots through me. Not just the, "Oh, I feel bad for him," kind of pity, it's more like a pity that makes you want to cry with him. So now, Grayson looks up at me, with his puffy eyes and red face, and he notices my look of pity, and it sends a greater wave of it through me, which is when I start stroking his back, because I have know idea if he would appreciate hugging right now.

So I don't know what to do, and there is this 12 year old child in front of me bawling his eyes out. Great. Just great. How am I suppposed to deal with this? And why would the gamemakers pick such a pointless time to tell us about the feast the day after tomorrow? Like seriously, I can barely hear them over this kid- I mean- this disappointment to myself and himself, and why tell us today? You can tell us tomorrow! Come on, people! The kid who was previously bawling his eyes out 5 seconds ago stops suddenly, and lies down, with his head on my lap, and falls asleep.

Why does he have to snore?!

Day 6: Morning: Silver Clockson's POV:

I watch as Alexia practices with her knife, and as I eat some rice. "You hungry?" I ask her. "No, thank you. I ate before you woke up, she replies. I think to myself, as if I am two different people.

Kill her.

No, she will give you food.

But one less ally means one less person to kill.

She is a valuable asset, you will want her.

Tick, tick, tick,

My watch ticks in my eye, rminding me of where I am. "Alexia, could you turn around, please?"

"Sure, why-"

My knife enters her body, followed by a sharp cry of pain. She lies there on the floor, looking at her wound. I decide to put her out of her misery, and put her into a new kind of misery, the misery of death. So, I insert the knife into her heart, and she tries to yank it out, but she immediatly dies.


I smile.

Tick, tick, tick.

Noon: Grayson James' POV:

Like day 3, a rumble darts across the sky, and I know what is about to happen. I see the first meteor falling, and the sharp shriek from several girls. Bailey, I recognize because of her yellow coloured clothing, runs into the distance. Her two companions, aren't so lucky, as the meteor is approaching to rapidly for them to dodge them, and it impales their bodies like they are nothing.


"Dead." I say, and Wario wakes up with a start.


"The meteor struck them. Katrina and Alyssa."


Completly unaware of what is going on, I jump out of the way, as I suspect a meteor is headed for our faces.



I lok over to see why a scream like that would have come out of Wario, and by the look of the crater, the meteor spun right in his direction right before it landed. It had the kindness to spare my life.


I decide to get these games overwith as soon as possible, and I as Clock-whoever approaches me, I reflexively throw a knife, and I hear the shattering of glass, and I look over to find himlooking at his hands, splattered with blood, but he can't breathe. Then I notice the shattered glass in his neck. He is turining blue, and he can't go on much longer, he collapses to the ground.


I am initially shocked that I am in the final four, but I wonder what my fate is.

Delilah Brooklyn's POV:


The cannons confuse me. The meteor shower is over, four people dead. Now six, I can't figure it out, but it is two of us.

Just two.

I can hear small quick footsteps, and I know who my opponent is.

Grayson James.

I wait for him to come. I ponder. If I win, I tie for being the youngest hunger games victor ever. If Grayson wins, he sets the new record. I can't let that happen.

And like that, the little boy has started his charge at me. Each of us hold our arsenal of throwing knives. Well, I have throwing knives, he has... regular knives. I throw one. He barely dodges it, and this time, I use both hands and end up throwing three, like a tri attack. He ducks, and they barely miss him, again. He somehow knocks me to the floor, knocking every wisp of air out of my lungs.

I cough, and him being on top of my lungs doesn't help.

Out of the corner of my eye, I can see that he has a bruise on his neck. A weak spot. I punch it, and he howls in pain, and I seize my chance, there goes the knife.

His skull explodes and he is gone. Just like that. Gone.


Death Chart

Placement Tribute Killer Cause of death Day killed
24 Rio Flock(11) Leo Hathaway(5) Throwing knife to head 1(BB)
23 Helena Krisp(10) Bubba Bulbs(3) Electrocuted 1(BB)
22 Lana DeArthur(1) Halloween Smiley(2) Breast torn off 1(BB)


Bubba Bulbs(3) Alexia Carver(2) Knife to stomach 1(BB)
20 Tails Power(11) Blake Thiessen(1) Sword to Heart 1(BB)
19 Blake Thiessen(1) Delilah Brooklyn(12) Throwing knife to neck 2
18 Leo Hathaway(5) Asteroid Hit in head 3
17 Halloween Smiley(2) Alien mutt Brain taken out of body 4
16 Brenden Ryder(4) Halloween's alien mutt Brain transplant 4
15 Alice Liddell(8) Katrina Jenings(4) Body ripped in half by scythe 4
14 Hazel Underwood(7) Alice Liddell(8) Blood loss from back injury 4
13 Soot Dustcloud(12) Alexia Carver(2) Knife to head 5
12 King Chrome(7) Delilah Brooklyn(12) Throwing knife to heart 5
11 Deklyn James(6) Josh Feathers(8) Strangled to death 5
10 Josh Feathers(8) Grayson James(6) Rock to head 5
9 Alexia Carver(2) Silver Clockson(9) Knife to heart 6
8 Katrina Jenings(4) Tied w/ Alyssa Meteor Impaled 6

Alyssa Rossal(5)  Tied w/ Katrina

Meteor Impaled 6
6 Wario Wade(10) Meteor Impaled 6
5 Silver Clockson(9) Grayson James(6) Shattered glass from throwing knife aftermath 6
4 Bailey Starshine(9) Meteor Head injury 6
3 Artemisae Hunt (3) Bailey Starshine(9) Last ditch effort knife throw 6
2 Grayson James(6) Delilah Brooklyn(12) Throwing knife to skull 6


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