Lonely Waffle

aka None of ur beeswax

  • I live in side of your bedroom walls
  • I was born on September 13
  • My occupation is Spongebob's assistant fry-cook
  • I am an alien O3O
  • Lonely Waffle


    District one male:Griffin Collins

    District one female: Echo Mathews

    District two male:Norman Smith

    District two female: Emilia Oswald

    District three male:Leopold Leuderspit

    District three female:Vicki Rydell

    District four male:Blake Rywell

    District four female:Billie Targaryen

    District five male: Connor Grove

    District five female:Sheila Gondo

    District six male:Martens Toder

    District six female:Calypso Abbot

    District seven male: Quinn Kelly(Brother)

    District seven female:Hannah Kelly(Sister)

    District eight male:Anderson Quinlan

    District eight female:Maura O' Kennedy

    District nine male: Ryan O'Leary

    District nine female:Caitlin 'Cait' Mallory

    District ten male: Jack Ng

    District ten female: Quin Tolzin

    District eleven male:Jack Star

    District eleven female:R…

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