Day 1 Bloodbath

Alicia Jonnes D1 POV

5,4,3,2,1,GONG!!!!!!!!! I sprint towards the center of the cornucopia,grabbing some knifes.I throw one at Jake(7) and it finds its mark in his skull,BOOM.I hear somebody running towards me,I turn around and see Leon(12) running at me with an axe.I dodge and I kick him towards the ground.As I'm about to deliver the finishing blow,I feel something poke me in the back.I take it out and I see a knock-out dart.I fall to the ground.

Sydney Barkley D12 POV

When the gong sounded I went for the nearest pack which was 2 feet away.As I go into the forest I take in the Arena which was modeled after a beautiful landscape with forest,mountains,and a little village.In the forest I find a good tree and try to climb it."Perfect time to settle for the night",I whisper.

Mickey Mcalister D8 POV

Rushing into the bloodbath I grab a sword and swing it to Harry(3),BOOM.Me and NAvy(11) managed to convince the careers to let us join.As I'm fighting with Karma(9) over a pack something hits my back.A knife.I feel the warm liquid trickle down my back and out of my mouth.Then I see and hear nothing,BOOM.

Emily Blue D12 POV

"Great I made it out of the cornucopia with some packs",I think to myself.Two packs to be precise with some knifes,matches,two full waterbottle,beef jerky,and a camoflauge tent.As I'm making my way through the forest I spot a crow,then another.2 seconds later there is about 20 crows surronding me."Crap".I barely have time to scream as the crows swarm me,pecking at my flesh with their beaks.My last thoughts were,"Come on 12 you could win".BOOM

BOOM ,BOOM,BOOM,BOOM,BOOM.The bloodbath ended

Day 1 Deaths:

Jake Turner(7),27th place

Harry Caties(3),26thplace

Mickey Mcalister(8),25thplace

Ember Foreman(3),24th place

Emily Blue(12),23rd place

Day 2

Sila Longman D7 POV

I wake to the sound of a cannon."Another one bit the dust guys",I say to my allies,Scarlett(4),Cassidy(5),and Chase(5)."Who do you think was it?",Cassidy asks."How are we supposed to know?",Chase replies."Everybody shut up",Scarlett whispers."Excuse me",I reply."Look",Scarlett then points to a crow.Then another crow lands and they keep on landing until there is A LOT."RUN!",Chase screams.We all gather our packs and run.The crows not to far behind.Scarlett screams and I see the crows pecking at her and she keeps on waving her arms trying to get the crows away.Then the crows swarm us all and we start waving our arms to.I hear something fall,I look back and see Chase on the ground squirming all over the ground trying to keep the birds away."I'm sorry Chase",I say and we take off.I hear Chase's cannon ring out,BOOM.

Gunner Pann D10 POV

BOOM,I hear a cannon ring out."Someone else is dead guys",Alicia(1) says.We all wonder how when we se the crows flying around the area where we saw the hovercraft."Oh my god",Navy(11) whispers."The crows killed them!!!!!!!",Seel(4) screams.Then the tree smashes her and splatters her body everywhere,BOOM.We all scream.


Day 2 Deaths

Chase Electro(5),22nd place

Seel Blue(4),21st place

Day 3

Leon Witt D12 POV

"Crap no more food",I mutter.After a near death experience with those damn crows I hid in the village.Now I'm out of food.When I walk out of the hut.I see the knife flying towards me.BOOM,goes the cannon but it's not mine,I think.

Italia Brialle D6 POV

"Where to hide",I mutter to myself.I only have 1 small pack from the corpse of Chase(5).Now my main objective is to hide.Then I hear screaming then a cannon.The next thing I do is probably the most stupidest thing ever.I follow the source of the scream.I go inside a small hut and find the body of both Leon(12) and Terri(10)."Holy",I scream."Hello Italia",I hear a voice say.

Fox Averin D2 POV

I can't believe Phoenix's(1) plan worked.Now we trapped this idiot from 6.She kicked Phoenix out of the way and grabed her knife.Then she stabbed him in his eye,BOOM."You BITCH!!!!",I scream.Now she will pay.I easily disarm her and I pin her down,"Please don't",she whimpers."To bad",I mutter back.I feel tears forming in my eyes.I grab my bat that I got from the cornucopia,but I wrapped it in barbed wire.I bring the bat down hard.Then again and again and again and again and again ,until her head is nothing but a bloody pulp,BOOM.But then an axe smashes through my back and then through my head and they keep on bringing it down again and again and again,BOOM.

Gunner Pann D10 POV

Hearing three cannons in a row I know Fox and Phoenix are dead."SHIT I was going to fucking kill the district 1 boy for killing my brothers",I think to myself."Might as well take out the slut from 1",I think to myself."Hey Alicia lets go tribute hunting",I call out."Fine whatever lets go",she says.When we are far away enough I kick her down and disarm her."What the fuck are you doing?!!!!!!!",she yells."Well since Phoenix is dead might as well take my revenge out on you!!!",I say back with wickedness in my voice.

Sydney Barkley D12 POV

I hear fighting beneah my tree and I look down and see Alicia(1) and Gunner(10).Then I see two tracker jacker nest a knife throw away from me.Grabbing my strongest knife I throw it at the two nests.They go down and I hear screaming and squirming.But then the second nest finds me and swarms me.I start screaming and I fall off my tree.I hear two cannons signaling the deaths of Gunner and Alicia.I give up so I just lay there as I'm fading off into blackness I say,"Sorry 12".BOOM

Draco Adams

Another three cannons."I think Gunner and Alicia are dead",I say to the remaining careers.The last careers are,Me,Ace(4),and Navy(11).I would say Fox and Phoenix but they havent came back and after hearing the three cannons earlier I doubt it.Then the anthem starts.Phoenix,Alicia ,Fox,Italia,Terri,Gunner,Sydney,and Leon are dead."SHIT!!!",I yell out.

Day 3 deaths:

Terri Rosedain(10),20th place

Leon Witt(12),19th place

Phoenix Collins(1),18th place

Italia Brialle(6),17th place

Fox Averin(2),16th place

Gunner Pann(10),15th place

Alicia Jonnes(1),14th place

Sydney Barkley(12),13th place


Day 4

Navy Wonders D11 POV

Great now after the other careers died we are a weaker alliance in terms of numbers.BOOM,BOOM,BOOM."Holy",Ace(4) says."Mutts",Draco(2) says.I nod.To answer our theory we hear wolves in the distance."Well lets go tribute hunting!",Draco says eagerly."All right!",Me and Ace say.We all take a weapon and a small pack just in case.Almost immediately after we leave camp Draco stops dead in his tracks.We wonder why,but then he falls apart into cubic pieces,BOOM."HOLY CRAP!!!",Ace screams.I try not to barf.But I cant hold it.

Sila Longman D7 POV

As I'm running from these wolf mutts the gruesom scene plays back in my mind.We found Liam(6) and were about to ask him to ally when the wolves come and tear him to pieces.Scarlett(4) and Cassidy(5) tried to get away but the mutts got them too.Their screams are still in my mind.I climb a tree and they give up."Phew".

Ace Manex D4 POV

Even after Draco got chopped into bits we decided to go out anyway.Navy(11) is still in shock."Pussy",I think.Then we hear a howl not to far from us.We hide."Great:,Navy mutters.We hear a girl scream.It's Jada(8) she runs past us and I grab her.She screams more."Shut up or we will kill you",I say into her ear.Then we see a wolfs eye peek through our hiding spot."Shit".But we are prepared and kill the wolves attacking."Aliies?",I ask.They both nod.

Day 4 deaths:

Liam Carnation(6),12th place

Cassidy O'Hara(5),11th place

Scarlett Flame(4),10th place

Draco Adams(2).9th place



Day 5

Dominic Blakenship D9 POV

I wake up after having another nightmare."Phew final 8",I mutter to myself.I'm expecting a feast soon,but the last two days alone took out more than half of the tributes."It should be awhile before they make us kill eachother over backpacks",I say."CONGRATULATIONS FINAL EIGHT!!!!!!!!YOU WILL HAVE THE NEXT DAY TO MAKE IT TO THE EDGE OF THE ARENA,ONCE YOU ALL ARE THERE YOU GUYS WILL KILL EACHOTHER.BUT ONLY FOUR OF YOU WILL DIE THE OTHER FOUR WILL BE THE VICTORS!",the voice of the headgamemaker booms out."Yay",I say before I head out to the edge of the arena.

Jada Carney D8 POV

"I still have a chance",I say to myself.I only made the alliance with these barbarians so I could live longer."Ace,Navy wake up",I say.How could they sleep through that announcement?"We all of a chance at winning.We need to make it to the edge of the arena and four of final eight will die",I explain."All right",Ace calls out."Lets go",Navy says

Karma Melona D9 POV

"Are you fucking serious?!",I yell out to the sky.The last two fucking days were FILLED with deaths,Couldn't they give us another day to live?I eat the last of my food and head out.But then a wolf mutt blocks my path.Sneacking behind it,I kill it.i find Haiden(11) sitting there eating.I don't kill her yet.


Haiden Pelzer D11 POV

I make it to the edge of the arena and see the other tributes there already,waiting."5,4,3,2,1.........KILL EACHOTHER",the gamemaker booms out.Everybody sprints at eachother.I throw a knife at Ace(4),it hits his back and he goes down.I walkover to him and cut his face until its a mess of flesh,BOOM.Then Navy(11) tackles me,"YOU BITCH YOU KILLED ACE",He screams.Is he really gonna kill someone from his own district?Then he raises his knife and cuts me up the same way I did to Ace,BOOM.

Sila Longman D7 POV

"two dead two more to go",I say to myself.Then I hear screaming behind me and I seeJada charging at me with a sword."Idiot!!!",I scream.I kick her down and gouge her eyes out with my fingers,BOOM.Everyone is fighting still."One more left to die".

Astrid Greene D11 POV

"I have to win for 11",I say.Haiden is dead and the people left standing are Sila(7),Karma(9),Dominic(9),and Navy(11).I see Navy charging at me and he tackles me.I squirm around and I manage to kick him somewhere where it HURTS.I push him off and I manage to get his knife."See ya BITCH",I scream the I decapitate him,BOOM."I won",I say

Day 6 Deaths

Ace Manex(4),8th place

Haiden Pelzer(11),7th place

Jada Carney(8),6th place

Navy Wonders(11),5th place


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