Welcome!!!!!!It's time for the 90th Annual Hunger Games!!!!!!!!!!!


1.You may submit 4 tributes

2.The tributes MUST BE BRAND NEW

3.No fighting in the comments

4.Don't get mad if your tribute/s die,IT'S THE HUNGER GAMES

5.I will need training sessions(OPTIONAL IF YOU DONT WANT TO I WILL GIVE YOU A SCORE)





Apearances:(with height lunaii is prefarable but a description is good)

Strengths(Don't make a tank):



Bloodbath:Yes or No?

SUPRISE TWIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Since District 12,District4 and District 11 where the first rebels in the 2nd rebellion they must sacrafice another female".

Authors Note:I dont know if D4 was one of the first rebellious District but who cares Finninck was a rebel so........... YA.


District 1 Female,Alicia Jonnes Score of 10/12

District 1 Male,Phoenix 'Nex' Collins Score of 11/12

District 2 F,Fox Averin Score of 9/12

District 2 M,Draco Adams Score 0f 8/12

District 3 F,Ember Foreman Score of 6/12

District 3 M,Harry Caties Score of 7/12

District 4 F,Scarlett Flame Score of 7/12

District 4 F,Seel Blue Score of 8/12

District 4 M,Ace Manex Score of 9/12

District 5 F,Cassidy O' Hara Score of 5/12

District 5 M,Chase Electro Score of 6/12

District 6 F,Italia Brialle Score of 7/12

District 6 M,Liam Carnation Score of 5/12

District 7 F,Sila Longman Score of 12/12

District 7 M,Jake Turner Score of 8/12

District 8 F,Jada Carney Score 0f 5/12

District 8 M,Mickey Mcalister,Score of 10/12

District 9 F,Karma Mellona Score 0f 11/12

District 9 M,Dominic Blakenship Score of 11/12

District 10 F,Terri Angel Rosedain Score of 6/12

District 10 M,Gunner Pann,Score of 12/12

District 11 F,Astrid Greene Score of 10/12

District 11 F,Haiden Pelzer Score of 5/12

District 11 M,Navy Wonders,Score of 11/12

District 12 F,Sydney Barkley Score of 4/12

District 12 F,Emily Blue Score of 2/12

District 12 M,Leon Witt Score of 3/12

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