Welcome,welcome. The time has come for Los95361's very first Hunger Games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1.No tributes will be submitted users will pick a tribute.

2.There will be gamemakers to help with The Arena,Mutts.ETC

You will be able to claim 4 tribues and 2 gamemakers


Name District User Jill Valentine District 1 Los95361
Chris Redfield District 1 50thGamesFTW
Leon S. Kennedy District 2 50thGamesFTW
Claire Redfield District 2 rebelmockingjay
Ada Wong District 3 District3Tribute
Albert Wesker District 3 50thGamesFTW
Sheva Alomar District 4 Rebelmockingjay
Carlos Olivera District 4 Los95361
K-Mart District 5 District3Tribute
Piers Nevans District 5 Los95361
Sherry Birkin District 6 Whatrbrooks
Jake Muller District 6 Los95361


Name Training Score Jill Valentine,District 1 8/12
Chris Redfield,District 1 9/12
Leon S. Kennedy,District 2 9/12
Claire Redfield,District 2 8/12
Ada Wong,District 3 12/12
Albert Wesker,District 3 11/12
Sheva Alomar,District 4 7/12
Carlos Olivera,District 4 6/12
K-Mart,District 5 10/12
Piers Nevans,District 5 8/12
Sherry Birkin,District 6 6/12
Jake Muller,District 6 10/12


The arena will be based on various RE locations

In the center is the cornucopia and to the right there is a forest with mountains and a secret river.To the left there is the mansion from the first game.Past the mansion is Raccoon City.Also there is the African region from RE5.Underneath Raccoon City there is sewers.


Day 1(Bloodbath)

Jill Valentine POV

5,4,3,2,1,BOOM.The games have begun!!!! I sprint to the cornucopia and grab a sword and swing at Piers(5),BOOM.I see Chris(1) grab a random bag trying to find a knife.I try to get Ada(3) who escapes and leaves the cornucopia with two large bags."Crap",I shout.I swing at Sherry(6) but only getting her arm causing it to bleed.No use in chasing her so I keep fighting at the bloodbath.Then I see the knife flying towards my face.

Ada Wong POV

As soon as the gong sounds I sprint at the two large bags side by side.I see Jill(1) kill Piers(5),BOOM. I grab the two bags but I see Jill swing her sword toward me but she misses. I run from the cornucopia with the two large bags and towards the forest.Once inside the forest I find a nice tree for me and I climb.When I check my bags I find a big supply of dried meat,fruit,and nuts.Also I find two knifes,a machete,and a CROSSBOW."Perfect",I whisper.But no arrows is in the bag."Shit",I think.

Claire Redfield POV

When I reach the cornucopia I grab a knife and throw it at Wesker(3) ,who is trying to find a bag,it manages to cut is forhead.Then Wesker who apparently found a mace right away charges at me."Shit",I scream.I see a sword ,which Piers(5) dropped, and I swing it at Wesker's face,BOOM.I see Chris(1) fighting Jake,Sheva(4) fighting Jill(4)."Weird I guess Sheva and Carlos(4) aren't in the careers",I think.Then i hear screams coming in my direction,it's Carlos.Readying my sword,I swing but I miss then I see Carlos grab a knife."Crap".Then he swings in my direction,BOOM.

Jake Muller POV

"I can't believe I got out of there",I think.After fighting with Chris(1),I managed to escape with a sword and a water bottle,and managed throw a knife at Jill(1) but I missed.Now I need to find Sherry and ask her to ally.Im trying to think who I saw die at the bloodbathI saw Jill(1) kill Piers(5) but thats it."Guess I'll find out tonight",I whisper.In fact I don't even know where Im at.

BOOM BOOM BOOM,the bloodbath is over,

Day 1 Tribute Statistics

The careers(Jill Chris and Leon) are suprised Sheva and Carlos did not ally with them and even more shocked that they lost Claire.They have all the suplies they need.

Sheva is by herself in Raccoon City still wandering.She only got a waterbottle and a knife from the cornucopia thats all and she has a cut from Jill.

K-Mart is in the forest with no supplies or injuries.

Ada is in a tree with plenty of supplies and only a splinter from the tree.

Carlos is in the mansion with a knife and a pack of crackers,unaware of the things wandering inside the mansion.

Sherry and Jake are allied and they posess only a sword,a waterbottle,and a knife.They are in a shop in Raccoon City.

Day 1 Deaths:

Piers Nevans(5),12th place kiled by Jill(1)

Albert Wesker(3),11th place killed by Claire Redfield(2)

Claire Redfield(2),10th place killed by Carlos(4)

Day 2

Leon S. Kennedy

We decided to go tribute hunting today,leaving our supplies well hidden.Almost immediately we find K-Mart(5) and Jill(1) throws a knife,but it freakin misses.K-Mart turned around and ran with Jill's knife but I easily catch up.Then she turns around and throws the knife at me,BOOM.

K-Mart POV

BOOM goes Leon's(2) cannon as the knife sinks into his heart."Holy shit my first and probably only kill",I think as I run from Chris(1) and Jill(1).They look pissed.BOOM I hear another cannon as I hear Jill scream Chris's name I turn around and see a dog mutt ripping his throat out."Holy crap".BOOM BOOM two cannons have just fired."I wonder".

Sheva Alomar POV

I awake to the sound of four cannons.Thinkng about alliances I only think of the careers."I hope its the careers",I say as I get up.Then I hear something outside of the store.Grabbing my knife I brace myself.Then the the door flies open and it hits me in the face,BOOM fires the cannon but it's not mine.

Tribute Statistics

Jill is alone at the cornucopia saddened by Leon and Chris's deaths

Ada has encountered Sheva just as Sheva blacks out.

K-Mart is hiding by the secret river.

Carlos,Sherry,and Jake have been killed by the dog mutts and eachother they are now reanimated and wandering around.

Day 2 Deaths: both tributes from 2 and 6 are now dead

Leon S. Kennedy(2),9th place killed by K-Mart

Chris Redfield(1),8th place killed by dog mutt

Carlos Oliveira(4),7th place killed by Sherry and dog mutts

Jake Muller(6),6th place killed by Sherry and dog mutts

Sherry Birkin(6),5th place killed by Carlos and dog mutts

Congratulations to K-Mart Ada Sheva and Jill for final 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sheva Alomar POV

When I finally wake up I see Ada(3) standing over me."Well hello Sheva nice day right?",she ask with a twist of wickedness in her voice."You are going to die",I say back."How you have no weapon",she teases."Well I hope you are found of dogs and dead people",I say."What are you-".BOOM the zombies and dogs tear into her flesh and I barely had time to escape the mutts.

Jill Valentine POV

Hearing a cannon I hope its Ada,she is to dangerous to fight in the Final 2.Then the glass tube swallows me."Where in the f**k am I?",I think."WELCOME FINAL 3 TRIBUTES YOU GIRLS ARE GOING TO BRAWL IT OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ARENA!!!!!!! HAVE FUN"."Shit".

K-Mart POV

When the glass tube gets lifted I see the final 3.Me,Jill,and Sheva.I could tell Jill is relieved to not see Ada but pissed to see me here.Sheva looks scared.Then three parachutes drop down.All of us have swords."Now we fight',I shout.We all charge at eachother and I swing.BOOM Sheva drops down with no head."Oh my god",I hear Jill say.Now its us two only.I swing and she dodges then she swing and I dodge."You are better than what your training score says",Jill screams."Well I cant believe they gave you that score",I say back.Then BOOM Jill drops down with her torso missing."I won",I shout."CONGRATULATIONS TO K-MART OF DISTRICT 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Day 3 deaths

Ada Wong(3),4th place killed by Sherry Jake Carlos and dog mutts

Sheva Alomar(4),3rd place killed by K-Mart decapataded

Jill Valentine(1),2nd place killed by K-Mart cut in half

Congrats to District3Tribute for winning The Resident Evil Games!!!!!!!!

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