Welcome to the 2nd Quater Quell. This year twice as many tributes go in. You must copy the tribute template. Up to 4 tributes each.











Boy Chariot:

Girl Chariot:

The Chariot:

(Can make a different costume for the different boy and girl)

Name Age District Gender Weapons Strategy
Mia Morris 15 1 Female Knife Find shelter ASAP
Vinesian Lilly 18 1 Female Bow and Arrow, Throwing Knives. ---------------
Callam Delaney 15 1 Male Spear and Axe . Be a career. Leave at final 8
Pheonix Junder 18 1 Male Anything ----------------------
McKenna Kylin 18 2 Female Hand to hand combat, bow and arrows Stay with careers until final 8, then poison then take some supplies and poison the rest.
Bryony Faletta 16 2 Female Throwing Knives Ally with the careers and get some throwing knives.
Nick Glimmel 18 2 Male Spear and Maces Career
Clay Ferintino 18 2 Male Hand to hand combat, mace Get into the bloodbath with the careers. Get a mace or just start killing with bare hands. Stay with the careers until the final 10.
Marleen Danford 16 3 Female Wire ----------
Lexi Hart 16 3 Female Throwing Knives Strap up in a tree near lake
Asher Plaerin 16 3 Male Bow and Arrow, Throwing Knives, Sword Ally with his District Partners
Jake Creen 16 3 Male Axe, Mace, Spear Ally with his crush Asher Plaerin
Marina Brooke 17 4 Female Trident and Net and Throwing Knives. .Use speed to get to the cournacopia then grab weapons and a pack, flee and then ally with anyone she trusts.
Dust Dickson 18 4 Female Bow and Throwing Knife -----------
Wes Quince 15 4 Male Trident and net, throwing knives Career tribute
Liir Fluor 12 4 Male Trident and Knife ----------
Xena Daniels 16 5 Female Spear and mace No alliance
Kourtney Rose 16 5 Female Throwing hammers Pretend to be a weakling, attend the bloodbath and get hammers then stay hidden untill final 12, then stop hiding and viciously kill people.
Ian Vance 12 5 Male Spear, Throwing Knives Grab a weapon and maybe some supplies and get out, Stay a small distance away from people and kill them when it is best
Milly Clatch 14 6 Female Bow and Arrow Team up with one or two tributes not careers.
Barcelona Fox 15 6 Female Poison-tipped axes. Attend the bloodbath and get axes and poison, dip the axes in poison and try not be found by the careers, hide in a tree and when a tribute comes by, throw an axe at their head, heart, stomach, etc.
Brann Clatch 16 6 Male Sword Team up with one or two tributes not careers.
Amazon Parfum 18 6 Male Throwing Knives No alliance
Patty Berliner


7 Female Axes, throwing axes, throwing knives Hide and eat plants, kill on sight.
Yesenia Root 14 7 Female Throwing Axe,Axe,Small Knifes ---------------

Alex Evergreen

16 7 Male Axe, Battleaxe, Throwing Axe, Greatsword -----------------
Leo Bellotti 14 7 Male Axes(prefers throwing), blowgun Grab something really close in the bloodbath and meet with allies. Hide in a tree and wait things out, hopefully with a weapon and allies.
Tereza Christina 17 8 Female Bow and Arrow ---------------------
Patriccia Alfin 16 8 Female Spear, Machete. Ally with her brother, If Patrick dies she will stalk the killer.
Patrick Alfin 16 8 Male Throwing axes, Sickle Pretend to look weak.
Carlo Rohwer 16 8 Male Sword, Spear Get a sword or spear and get out of the bloodbath. Hunt for loners and once they are dead, take there supplies
Feline Madir 12 9 Female Spears and knives She will ally with a few people, but no Careers.
Demetria Rye 13 9 Female Sai, axe ----------
Banak Crane 17 9 Male Trident, Spear Rush to the Cornucopia, grab food and weapons, and try to kill so many as he can. Hunt for the tributes, to kill them.
Hayley Love 17 10 Female Bow and Arrow Make a georgeous ally and keep sheltered.
Myristal Haze 14 10 Female Halberd Any male tribute that falls for her.
Aleena Ives 16 11 Female Throwing knives, spear Make 1 ally and go hunt for tributes

Reserved for Rue FOrever

Sam Kerins 12 11 Male Throwing knives Run away from the bloodbath immediately. Get an ally and stay in a tree. Hope for sponsor gifts
Azora Cowan 12 12 Female Slingshot, Rock. She would Stalk or Follow Tributes through the trees for information or knowing their weaknesses and strengths.
Rosemelrose Divage 12 12 Female Bow and Arrows Be a small fearful tribute
Jacobi Hensworth 13 12 Male Grenade Launcher Kill all.
Conor Quinnary 18 12 Male Sword Show the girls those fit abs and ally them.

We can start stylists after all the tributes are in.


District One

Mia Morris P.O.V. of all District 1's reaping

I stand in the sqaure exicted about the up coming event. Our escort, Ladybug Beebee, welcomes us to a new exicting year of the Hunger Games. Just get on with it, I think, the excitement is unbarable, no matter what happens I will volunteer to bring pride to my district. Ladies first she booms. Ladybug Beebee elegantly lowers her hand into the bowl and lifts out a small piece of paper. Mia Morris she says. I couldn't believe my luck, I, Mia would participate in the Hunger Games. I run up to the stage and yank the micro-phone out of Ladybug's hold, and almost scream, No need for volunteers. The next girl is a tall, large shoulded girl named Vinesian Lilly she strideds camly to the stage as it is no big deal. Then, a small 12 year old boy was reaped who is quickly replaced by Callam Delaney. The last boy, Pheonix Junder, was asleep in the crowd until a peacekeeper woke him.

District Two

McKenna Kylin P.O.V. of all District 2's reaping

Waiting in the sqaure is so boring only the sound of Sir Redginalts yelp is satisfying enough to make me move. My head snaps up just in time to hear him read the name so familiar, I let out a gasp. Rose Dandelion, the exact girl that saved me from a burning building. I cannot let her die, I owe her this much. I exclaim my offer to volunteer. We exchange a knowing glance, and she gives me an encouraging nod. The girl I shall face is no one else but my training partner, Bryony Faletta. We trained days together, and taught eachother skills, I am not prepared to kill her. Next is a handsome boy called Nick Glimmel who strides up to the stage as many young girls cry, maybe we should be allies, the question rollercosters my head about when I should declare it.

District Three

Marleen Danford's P.O.V. of all Districts 3 reaping.

I stand in the sqaure fiddling with my wire, so satisfyed I'm not even sure if I'm at a reaping or not. I carry on playing until a loud voice makes me jump. Lady Casserol Mayo is welcoming us to a new year of the Hunger Games. I let out a bored yawn when my friend nudges me, I look up and Casserol reads,Karleen Danford. My sister Karleen has been chosen. I drop my wire, running up to shove my sister out of the glory of winning. I have to have the fame. The next girl is an energetic figure with flowing brown hair. She emerges from the crowd and gives me an evil look. Oh no she hates me already, no point of trying to ally with her. Next is a friendly looking boy who gives us a weak smile, whom is called Asher Plaerin. Then a black ashen fallen haired guy called Jake Creen.

District Four

Wes Quince P.O.V. of all of District 4's reaping.

The smell of sea air overwhellmes me and I fell more joyful than ever. The Games are back and so am I, destined to win. Our escort, Sir Macerana Conga, welcomes us once again to the Hunger Games. I am nearly jumping up and down when he digs his hand into the female bowl, and extracts a peice of paper. A curious girl who walks up in wonder of the world called Marina Brooke. Then a relaxed girl called Dust Dickson. Then the real thing begins, I hold my breath, there's a pin drop in the crowd as a small, but strong, boy named Liir Fluor. I wonder if he is a Career, if he is going to survive. Then once more Macerana lifts out what may be my future, and reads to my greatest luck, my name. I push and shove my way through the crowd, just to get to the stage.

District Five

Ian Vance's P.O.V. of all of District 5's reaping.

Glumly the District assembles in the sqaure. Our escort was late so the mayor started by welcoming us. Lychee Guche applys one more layer of a solar star coloured lipstick as if to mock us. Then sings this little song about a star that twinkles. The mayor clears his throat loudly and Lychee roll her eyes. First there is a quiet and sly girl named Xena Daniels. Then she picks a guy called Justin Beiber, but soon notices its a girl and pick me. I hum under my breath thinking of tactics and allies.

District Six

Amazon Parfum's P.O.V. of all of District 6s reaping.

We wait infront of the Justice Building waiting for four of our death sentences to be made. Our escort,Sir Codagon, starts singing a moody song about the wheels on the bus go up and down. He inserts his hand into the female reaping bowl and reads the name of a hystericall girl, Milly Clatch. Complicating matters, her brother Brann Clatch is choosen too,I can see their mother weeping. Aided by others around her. I close my eyes and inhale a lung full of air. Amazon Parfum. I give a small shake of the head and walk up. Maybe I can win, but who am I fooling I will die, I will lose.

District Seven

Patty Berliner's P.O.V. of all of District 7's reaping.

I stand anxiously in the sqaure, as our escort, Annika Lumberghini, trots onto the stage. She welcomes us in her usal way. Her shoes are ridiculous they make a saw sound. First she chooses a girl named Yesenia Root, its painful to watch because she reminds me of me. That young face and slim body. Next is a girl named Bob Jovi. Who I replace because its my little sister. Then a boy, yes a boy, whos name is Alex Evergreen. A boy with meduim red hair with sea green eyes. That beautiful olive skin we dont see much often. He walks up confidently. How can I face such a figure?

District Eight

Patriccia Alfin's P.O.V. of all of District 8's reaping.

I fiddle around with a peice of string and a button, trying to weave it through. Just as our escort, Buttonless Threadter, jumps on the stage, the person next to me has a spaz attack and kicks me. I lose track of the reaping for a few seconds. Then a plain faced girl called Tereza Christina is picked. My oh my, I do hope I don't get picked., or Patrick! Unfortunatley I do get picked by our dull escort. Please, not Patrick, NOT PATRICK!,I think. Patrick Alfin, our escort repeats until he finally steps out the crowd. My doom, its me or Patrick, or both. I glance at the crowd, then to my mum, then finally to my uncle. They don't appear sad, but I know why. So they don't hurt us.

District Nine

Demetria Rye's P.O.V. of all of District 9's reaping.

The reaping is like a funeral here in 9, the ocasional person who crys. Still I walk in the sqaure and stand in a huddle of laid back 13 year olds. Our escort, Grainy Granny, jumps on the stage and starts with Ladies first. Before anyone else, a young 12 year old girl named Feline Madir is chosen. She walks up confidently, maybe she can win. Demetria Rye. WHAT?! Suddenly everything goes blury, the next thing I feel is me being hurled up by a couple of blonde Peacekeepers. Next is Banak Crane who looks sort of lethal in a way, not the most friendly figure.

District Ten

Myristal Haze's P.O.V. of all of District 10's reaping.

After a long day on the farm I like a good meal, but today may be my last meal in 10. The reaping. A chance to check out the boys and cry if the cute ones get picked. I pick my favorite and most beautiful dress and apply some berry eyeshadow and red lipstick. I stand in a gang of 14 year olds and wait. Our escort, Moo Mow, makes a tragic apperance wearing a cow bell. The next thing I hear is the name Hayley Love. I look up to examine her, the short pink dress that wows the boys, that glow of her skin. Next is me. I gasp as if it where my best friend. No. Not me, I'm too pretty to be in the Games! I walk up gently waiting for an out burts of sadness. But none come.

District Eleven

Aleena Ives's P.O.V. of all of District 11's reaping. I stand gracefully in the courtyard. Listening to the boring same old speech drifts me away to daydream. But it is broken evetually by the two sturdy Peacekeepers collecting me. I yell for them to release me but they don't even exchange a shake of the head. In the blur of the event comes another frightened boy named Sam Kerins. He looks pale and colour-drained.

District Twelve

Jacobi Hensworth's P.O.V. of all of District 12's reaping.

I stand fiercly fully confident that I won't get picked. Our escort is looking gloomy to have us but yet happy as the arrival of the games draws ever so nearer. She digs her hand into the bowl of many girls fates and pulls out a name. First a small 12 year old named Azora Cowan, whom walks ever so slowly. Then comes someone else. Someone who I know. Rosemelrose Divage, the girl who is popular and strong. She is so beautiful in her flower patterned dress. She walks up like a bride to the altar except the smile is not seen. Then comes the most horrific name, I am outraged. Me. I breath heavily as I make my way up to the slaughtering. Next comes a gasp, and weeps of many. Conor Quinnary, the guy with no shirt, Taylor Launtner there. But the girls weep of sadness and happiness to not be the ones.


Name Male Chariot Female Chariot The Chariot Score and Comment
Alexa Serinta A sparkling tux with many precious gems, dress shoes that glow silver, very realistic face paint that is a silver streak, a gem is also painted A sparkling silver dress with many precious gems(mostly diamonds), high heels with a glow that gets bright and then dies down, a silver tiara with diamonds every centimeter It is made of pure silver. It gives off a slightly eerie glow. There are diamonds and other gems implanted into it.

It was a little predictible but was a great idea.


The person who is me A plastic sprayed tux with funky sandals (by me) A plastic sprayed dress with funky sandals. (by me) A plain chariot Not counted but the Capitol loved it.
Amos Kellerman Bright blue tux that glows, blue and black shoes, a single blue stripe in hair Bright blue dress that glows, blue and black high heels, a single blue stripe in hair

Bright blue,decorated with electronics, slightly glows, draws eyes on to it

It was great how you encorporated the blue of electronics.


Toby Morinteen A blue tux that has ripples that moves across like waves, has a fishing pole, sea colored shoes, has a big starfish in his hair A blue gown ripples across it, has a fishing pole, has a tiera made entirely of pearls, high heels that are white like foam A huge blue thing that looks like waves, fish are painted on the sides, the fish change designs after one minute (ex. shrimp to clams to salmon)

It is very fishy. It made the crowd feel dizzy.


Beener Hatty (by me) A flshlight and lights stuck on private places A flshlight and lights stuck on private places Nothing Not counted but the Capitol loved it.

Jenner Hati

(by me)

A baby suit and toy car on head A baby suit and toy car on head Nothing Not counted but the Capitol loved it.
Alona Hobin Brown suit with green leaves that come and go randomly, a crown that is made of leaves, brown and green shoes Brown dress that turns green as it goes down, it also has random green spots, a tiara made of leaves, brown and green high heels Made of grass, has some trees with rubber axes in them, also has things you make from trees like paper

It was an exicting and life-changing experience.


Fifi Wergenberman Playful multicolored jester outfit made with different fabrics. Playful multicolored dress made with different fabrics. The chariot will have fabric on it. It is covered with many buttons and needles.

It was predictable and a littlee boring.


Whaty Wheat (by me) A crimson tux. A crimson dress Nothing Not counted but the Capitol loved it.
Ten Tenny (by me) Tarzan outfit. Tarzan Female Outfit Nothing Not counted but the Capitol loved it.
Ellie Elephant (by me) Fruits stuck on privates Fruits stuck on privates Nothing Not counted but the Capitol loved it.

Addison Hallyforty BoyChariot: A plain black tux that emergies with flames and shoots bouquets of roses to the crowd with a note saying We will win Girl Chariot: A plain short black puffy dress and heels, that emergies with flames and shoots bouquets of roses to the crowd with a note saying We will win Chariot: Black saying Best till last Comments and Score: It was very interesting and evrybody loved it to bits. I give it 9.99/10.

District Score out of 10 Place
1 7 5
2 0 Last
3 9 3
4 7.5 4
5 0 Last
6 0 Last
7 9.75 2
8 5 Last
9 0 Last
10 0 Last
11 0 Last
12 9.99 1

The winners of the district get an extra sponsor gift.

Last Chance for outfits (can do for own district)

Sponsor Chart

District Number of sponsor gifts between you (starts with 4 aka 1 each)
1 4
2 4
3 4
4 4
5 4
6 4
7 4
8 4
9 4
10 4
11 4
12 9 Conor: extra 1

However many there are you spilt equally or if one person gets one and others don't I will write names.

Training Scores

Name Score
Mia Morris 5
Vinesian Lilly 6
Callam Delaney 3
Pheonix Junder 9
McKenna Kylin 6
Bryony Faletta 8
Nick Glimmel 5
Clay Ferintino 5
Marleen Danford 6
Lexi Hart 10
Asher Plaerin 5
Jake Creen 7
Marina Brooke 4
Dust Dickson 6
Wes Quince 3
Liir Fluor 6
Xena Daniels 7
Kourtney Rose 8
Ian Vance 6
Milly Clatch 3
Barcelona Fox 7
Brann Clatch 8
Amazon Parfum 5
Patty Berliner 6
Yesenia Root 8
Alex Evergreen 7
Leo Bellotti 6
Tereza Christina 6
Patriccia Alfin 5
Patrick Alfin 5
Carlo Rohwer 6
Feline Madir 7
Demetria Rye 5
Banak Crane 7
Hayley Love 10
Myristal Haze 10
Aleena Ives 6
Sam Kerins 3
Azora Cowan 8
Rosemelrose Divage 8
Jacobi Hensworth 8
Conor Quinnary 11

Training P.O.V's (sorry if you didn't get one)

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