This is my Fanfic,"The Chrys Games". Which is about a D10 Girl being reaped into the Hunger Games.
The chrys game

My Cover. "The Chrys Games"

Chapter 1: Reaping

I was so sad. District 10 was bringing me down. I loved farming, but District 10 was boring. I went out to the woods to kill something. My father had taught me to hunt before he died. I took my arrows from my secret hiding place, a tree log in the beginning of the forest, and strapped it over my back. I heard something move and I got ready. I put the arrow in the bow and when I looked up I saw a deer.

I loved deers. I pointed my arrow at the deer, who ran. I didn't have time for bullshit. I shot the arrow just in time for the deer's head to get hit by the arrow. I left the body there. I went home and saw my mom waiting at the door for me.

"Where where you?" She asked sternly. I was afraid.

"I was just in the forest. Got a deer too." I replied.

"Young ladies don't hunt. They will be proper." She was and looked at me. "Look at your hair!"

I had gotten leaves in my hair somehow. She stroked my light brown hair as she pulled me inside. She fixed my hair after a few minutes. I heard marches. I got up from my seat and some people in white armor. Peacekeepers. Whenever the Hunger Games- a series of television show about how people kill each other- come they are there during the reaping.

"There here." My mother said from behind. I turned around and she said "The games."

After getting ready, me and my mom went to the Justice Building. I was ready to go and see who got reaped. My mother prayed that me or her were not chosen. We made our way to the building.

When we got there I saw many of my people. They were dark-skinned. I was happy that I was a caramel skin tone. I saw a man with a bread and a yellow Mohawk. He was tall. On the Justice building he was one of the tallest men.

"Well this isn't District 12" He started "So gentlemen first." He fished his hand into the Reaping Ball, which was just a glass ball with everyone's name in it. Even though I wasn't a boy, my heart thumped when he pulled out a slip of paper and yelled:

"Drake Sojo!" I saw a spot where everyone formed a half circle, there was one boy in the middle. The boy was dark-skinned and had somehow had blonde hair. Drake. He was leaded to the Justice Building by the Peacekeepers.

"Now time for the ladies." Garrett said. I felt something squeeze my hand. I looked down to see my mom's hand on mine. We hugged as Garrett picked a slip of paper.

"Chrystina Davis!" Garrett yelled. My heart sunk and crashed to a million pieces.

"No!" My mother yelled.

"Ma, Its okay. I'll be okay." I lied. I was so shocked I didn't even know what I was saying. That is when the Peacekeepers came."I love you Ma." I followed the keepers to the stairs of the Justice building. As I walked I looked at my mom. She was so sad. Crying over me, knowing they put me to death.

I stood next to the skinny Drake. He was staring at me. We was only 12 or 13 years old. As I scanned him, I noticed he had black eyes.

"Well! Happy Hunger Games!" Garrett said. Now he looked to Drake and I, "And my the odds be ever in your favor." He took us to a room where we could talk to our parents.

"Mom!" I exclaimed as I ran into her arms.

"Chrys, you can't go!" My mom yelled. "I love you too much."

"Its okay, I know how to hunt and fight." I was happy that I was skilled in martial arts.My mother nodded.

"Times up!" A Peacekeeper said. My mom backed up. I love you She mouthed. Which made my cry.

I have to win.

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