This is the second chapter to "The Chrys Games". To read Chapter 1 click here.

Chapter 2: The Capitol

I left the room and went with Garrett to the train tracks. After giving my mom a hug I boarded the train. Then I
The chrys game

My Cover. "The Chrys Games"

saw a glass chandelier, china teacups and a silver candelabra. I was looking around to see the black eyes of Drake looking at me.

"Are we friends?" He asked. He was so scared and was quick in alliances.But so was I.

"Sure!" I smiled. I was happy he was also scared.

"Hello." I heard a male deep voice. Me and Drake turned to see an elderly man in Chinese robes staring at us. His eyes were white, he was blind.

"Hi." Me and Draked said at the same time. We both giggled. "I'm Chrystinia, but please call me Chrys." I pointed at Drake. "This is Drake Sojo." I put my hand down in embarrassment, due to this man being blind.

I heard chatter from behind and saw Garrett who was coming on the train."This is Terry Stamp. He is your mentor and last District 10 survivor." From where, the 1st Hunger games? I wanted to ask.

"Don't worry." Terry started "I can still fight. You two should get relaxed."

I looked out the window to see we where moving. Fast. I had never seen something so fast. I went into what I was told was my room. It was very impressive, at home I just have a mattress on the ground. But this, this was beautiful. That's when I saw a shower. I ran into the bathroom. I was in there for about in hour. The thirty minutes just to let the boiling water wash over me.

After my shower I put on some new Capitol-funded clothing. I was happy to eat these Delicious food. I had a stomachache when we finally arrived to the capitol.

Drake and I were taken to a room- that looked like a hospital- and were stripped and told to put on one of those hospital nightgowns. I layed down on their table while they scrubbed away. I was stress-free now. With some foam, they washed my skin. They brushed my hair out and gave me a Mani-petty. At the end of the process, I was glowing. I thanked the prep team, while they brought me and Drake out of the remake room.

"Hello! My name is Ongina! I will be your-" She looked a Drake "Stylist." She was bald and had on what looked like a floating hat. She had on a belly shirt and a ripped shirt.

"I am your stylist, Chrys." I turned to see a sexy guy with brown hair up to shoulder. He had on leather jeans that were tight and to top it off he had on a tux top. "I'm, Paoul."

After a brief talking we where ready and set for the Tribute Parade. I had my hair in curls. The dark brown of my hair slicked and the blondish-brown in curls. I had a diamond necklace on also. I had a strapless purple dress, up to my ankles. My diamond bracelet matched my necklace. It was hard to walk in pink heels. I almost fell, if it wasn't for Drake- who had on a grey tuxedo with no shirt, showing off his six pack. His hair was slicked back. We got on the chariot and my heart pounded.

I looked at Drake as we went into the street and heard cheers form the audience.

"Here goes nothing!" I heard Drake whisper.

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