This will be my first game in a very long time, so I've got no clue as to how it will turn out. Please do join, sit back and watch me kill off your tributes! 

You may submit up to 2 characters if you want. (only one career though).

Reservations are allowed!

Tribute format






Personality (Brief, clear description):




Weapon of choice:


Interview angle:

Strategy during the Games:



District Name Gender Age Strengths Weaknesses Weapon Token User
1 Sapphire Lustre Female 17 Hand to hand combat skills Her nosiness, her bitter attitude Sword, throwing knives Wedding rings on necklace Sambaroses
1 Sebastian Hive Male 18 Extremely strong and fit Not very fast Butcher knife, Hurlbat None Nommehzombies
2 Candy Orenson Female 15 Good at wielding weapons, fast Not very strong, desperate for attention Spear, Mace Necklace with ruby Pippycat
2 Guy Shotgun Male 17 Strong, tactical, fast Poor survival skills Sword, Spear None Meoryou
3 Natalie Tecknus Female 14 Stealthy, fast, good at hiding Not very strong, hand-to-hand combat Tomahawk Necklace YourFavoriteSalmon
3 Lysander Soulwaker Male 18 Very strong, hand-to-hand combat Loud, bad at long distance weapons Sword, Knives None Everderp
4 Chione Nereus Female 17 Good swimmer, very skilled with Trident Shies away easily, not that strong Trident and net None The Boy with the Pikachu Tattoo
4 Tom Loleris Male 16

Accuracy, Strength, Speed

Climbing, messed up in the head Throwing knives, Blowgun None Tehblakdeath
5 Sparks Edison Female 12

Very stealthy, underestimated

Easily overpowered and distracted Bow and arrow Locket Sambaroses
5 Tommy Harns Male 14 Accurate, smart, very fast Weak in combat, not stealthy Throwing knives None HaraiGoshi345
6 Jenna Kirk Female 16

Excellent huntress, strong and good swimmer

Underestimates others, hiding, climbing

Axe,   Knife

None Biel1458
6 Maroon Cutter Male 15 Accuracy, Speed, Stealth Swimming, Strength, Stamina Throwing knives None Nommehzombies
7 Sage Murphy Female 15 Stealth, extremely fast and intelligent Not strong, bad at swimming

Poison, Dagger


Cupcakes with Flames

7 Diamond Reaperson Male 17 Agility, Reflexes, Strength Way too caring, not much of a killer No weapons (Mace) None Tehblakdeath
8 Felicity Caspian Female 17 Survival, finding shelter, swimming Overestimates allies, poor plant knowledge Knife, Axe None Biel1458
8 Ograssu Casser Male 16 Smart, strong, not afraid of killing Not social, slow minded at times Sword None TDR97
9 Fay Kariliah Female 12 Can fit into small spaces, extremely fast Not strong at all, paralyzed when scared Slingshot Bracelet Meoryou
9 Ash Harper Male 14 Fast learner, Good aim, Agility Very emotional, bad at swimming and climbing Doesn't want weapons (Mace) None Pippycat
10 Sable Rose Female 18 Very agile and stealthy, skilled with distance weapons Not very strong, scared of trying Throwing axe, Whip Winged Necklace The Boy with the Pikachu Tattoo
10 Shiloh Finch Male 15 Strength, willpower, using animals Can't swim, insecure,poor survival skills Dagger None HawkWD
11 Bailey Snowbelle Female 16 Intelligent, surprisingly strong and fast Nothing special about her Sickle Bracelet PumPumPumpkin:3
11 Harvey Free Male 14 Stealth, Strength Slight depression, anger issues Knives None Harvey The Hunter
12 Shae Summerfield Female 15 Strong minded, quite strong and fast Bad stamina, poor survival skills Blowgun Jaden rabbit 66mc
12 Martin Johnson  Male 17 Strength, Agility, Stamina Poor survival and fighting skills Sword None LydiaMartin1

Capitol Favourites 

Place District Name
1st 2 Guy Shotgun
2nd 1 Sebastian Hive
3rd 4 Chione Nereus
4th 1 Sapphire Lustre
5th 7 Sage Murphy
6th 2 Candy Orenson
7th 3 Lysander Soulwalker
8th 10 Sable Rose

(These are the top 8 who are believed to have a high chance at winning, not what number they will place)


It's made up of a Cornucopia located on a sandy open spot in the centre of the arena. Around the Cornucopia, a swampish forest can be seen. Some parts of the forest are underwater with only the mangrove trees sticking out, this is however not the case for most of the forest. The ground is mostly marshy dirt. There are rivers and streams running through the forest, which are splitting offs from the parts of the forest that are underwater. East of the Cornucopia, down the forest, there are ruins of a small city. Nearly all the buildings are destroyed, but two. Most, if not all, of the mutts aren't that friendly.


Careers: Sapphire Lustre (1), Sebastian Hive (1), Candy Orenson (2), Guy Shotgun (2), Tom Loleris (4), Chione Nereus (4                          

The Little Kids Club: Natalie Tecknus (3), Fay Kariliah (9), Ash Harper (9), Diamond Reaperson (8), Sparks Edison (5), Harvey Free (11)


Training scores

Tribute Score
Sapphire Lustre 9
Sebastian Hive 10
Candy Orenson 8
Guy Shotgun 11
Natalie Tecknus 5
Lysander Soulwalker 8
Chione Nereus 10
Tom Loleris 7
Sparks Edison 4
Tommy Harns 5
Jenna Kirk 6
Maroon Cutter 6
Sage Murphy 8
Diamond Reaperson 6
Felicity Caspian 5
Ograssu Casser 7
Fay Kariliah 4
Ash Harper 3
Sable Rose 8
Shiloh Finch 6
Bailey Snowbelle 7
Harvey Free 6
Shae Summerfield 5
Martin Johnson 5


Caesar: Let’s hear it for our first tribute tonight!

(The crowd cheers)

Sapphire: Thank you Caesar, it’s a privilege to be here.

Caesar: So is having you here, Sapphire.

(Sapphire smirks)

Sapphire: I know it is, I’m confident I can win these Games, I can outlast these other tributes any time, any place.

Caesar: Your time is up! The best of luck, Sapphire! Please welcome our next tribute, Sebastian Hive!

(Sebastian comes up the stage and high fives Caesar)

Caesar: Well, Sebastian,  on a scale of 1 to 10, how ready are you?

Sebastian: Probably a 10, if some hick from 12 doesn’t use a certain force field to kill Careers.

Caesar: Enough about that. Tell me, do you have a special girl back home?

(Sebastian shows his crooked smile and winks at the crowd)

Sebastian: Nah, I’m  single and ready to mingle with all you lovely ladies here tonight.

Caesar: Thank you, Sebastian. Next up is Candy Orenson!

Candy: Hi Caesar!

Caesar: And hello to you too, Candy. May I say you look lovely tonight.

Candy: Thank you, Caesar, I hope I live up the Capitol’s fashion expectations.

Caesar: Of course, you look great! Could we please have a little peak at the strategy of the Careers this year?

(Candy giggles)

Candy:  We’re going to rip everyone who comes in our way's throat out.

Caesar: I hope you'll do good in the Games. Come on stage, Guy Shotgun!

Guy: Hey, Caesar, how you doing?

Caesar: You’re not trying to steal my job as interviewer, are you? Now to the Games, what’s your strongest point?

(Caesar laughs and so does the crowd)

Guy:  Probably my victor mentality and my strength, of course.

Caesar: That's all for tonight, bye Guy! Please welcome Natalie Tecknus.

Natalie: Hello Caesar.

Caesar: How do you feel about being reaped in the Games?

Natalie: On a rainy day, I was nearly robbed all of my possessions. When I win, they'll regret it.

(The crowd goes silent)

Caesar: And regret it they will. Best of luck! Meet Lysander!

Lysander: Nice to meet you.

Caesar: Likewise. How are you feeling?

Lysander: Fine, same old, y'know?

Caesar: So you aren't nervous a bit?

Lysander: Not the slightest bit.

Caesar: As you shouldn't be. Say hello to Chione Nereus!

(The men in the crowd whistle as she comes up)

Chione: Hello, Caesar.

Caesar: And good night to you! You look absolutely stunning.

(Chiones winks)

Chione: That's for all you lovely gentlemen in the Capitol tonight.

Caesar: I bet the men would love for you to win, so they can get to know you better. Am I right? 

(The crowd cheers)

Caesar: Please welcome Tom Loleris!

Tom: Hey everyone!

(Caesar laughs)

Caesar: Someone's excited for the Games!

Tom: Of course, it's an honour to be here.

Caesar: And I'm sure you'll do your District pride.

Tom: I will do whatever it takes.

Caesar: We need more men like you. Meet Sparks Edison!

Sparks: Lovely to meet you, Caesar.

Caesar: Likewise. Sparks, tell me, do you think your training score reflects your ability to win?

Sparks: Not at all. I may not be very strong, but more than strength is needed to win the Games.

Caesar: That's right, there are many factors to be taken in account.

(Sparks smiles cutely)

Caesar: Thank you, Sparks. Here's Tommy Harns!

Tommy: Hello Caesar..

Caesar: There's no need to be nervous.

(Tommy bites his lip and looks down)

Caesar: So, are you liking the Capitol?

Tommy: Yes.

Caesar: Well, I hope you'll be able to enjoy it even more in the Future. Jenna Kirk, folks!

Jenna: Hello Caesar, it's a pleasure to meet you.

Caesar: So, Jenna, are you nervous for the Games?

Jenna: Nope, not at all.

Caesar: What's the plan?

(Jenna smirks)

Jenna: If someone crosses my way, I'll cut their tongue out and shove it down their throat.

Caesar: Good luck in the Games! Next up is Maroon Cutter.

Maroon: Hi Caesar.

Caesar: Maroon, how did the training go?

Maroon: I was able to show my skills off and I think I did pretty well.

Caesar: Do you have everything under control?

(Maroon's face hardens)

Maroon: This isn't control.

Caesar: Please say hello to Sage Murphy.

Sage: ..............

Caesar: Nervous, are ya?

Sage: .............

Caesar: So, ummh, the next tribute is Diamond Reaperson!

Diamond: Hello Caesar.

Caesar: Ready for the Games?

Diamond: I'm ready to set right every unjustice that has been done to my brother, Dennis, by District 2.

Caesar: Oh, District 2 needs to watch their backs!

Diamond: They better.

Caesar: Please welcome Felicity Caspian!

Felicity: First, I wanna thank all the people in the Capitol. You've been so generous to me.

(The crowd cheers)

Caesar: That means a lot to us, Felicity, we try to make the tributes as comfortable as possible.

Felicity: And you've succeeded, I feel at home here.

Caesar: Then if you win, you should move to the Capitol!

Felicity: Oh, I'll think about it, Caesar.

Caesar: Next up is Ograssu Casser!

Ograssu: 'ello, Caesar

Caesar: Do you think being from District 8 will be an advantage or disadvantage in the Games?

Ograssu: Probably a disadvantage, since textiles don't help you win anything. 

Caesar: But you're still confident?

Ograssu: I have enough other skills to make up for it.

Caesar: I bet you do. Our next tribute is Fay Kariliah!

(Fay waves at the crowd)

Caesar: Aren't you just the cutest!

Fay: Thank you, Caesar. I love the dress I'm wearing.

Caesar: It's lovely. Are you afraid of any of the other tributes?

Fay: A little bit of the Careers..

Caesar: Good luck and bye! 

(Fay blows a kiss to the crowd)

Caesar: Meet Ash Harper. What do you think of the Games, Ash?

Ash: I hate them and f*ck everybody who supports them.

Caesar: Well now, calm down, Ashh.

Ash: No, f*ck that, I didn't ask for any of this.

Caesar: Your time is up! Next up is Sable Rose!

Sable: Nice to meet you.

Caesar: Nice to meet you too. How's the Capitol different from 10?

Sable: Well, not everybody smells like cattle.

Caesar: Oh, I hope I'm not part of the group that does!

(The crowd laughs)

Caesar: Goodbye and the best of luck, Sable! Please welcome Shiloh Finch!

Shiloh: Hello Caesar.

Caesar: Tell me about home, Shiloh.

Shiloh: I don't have a home; it's full of ghosts.

Caesar: But that'll change as soon as you win, right?

(Shiloh nods)

Caesar: Okay, make room for Bailey Snowbelle!

(Bailey giggles)

Bailey: Hi Caesar!

Caesar: Congratulations on getting a score of 7. How'd you do that?

Bailey: I'm afraid I can't tell. But you'll see in the Games.

Caesar: I'm sure we will. Please welcome Harvey Free!

(Harvey shakes Caesar's hand)

Caesar: Quite the little gentleman we've got here!

Harvey: Well, I was raised to be polite.

Caesar: You've already won me over. What about you folks?

(The crowd cheers)

Caesar: That sounds like a yes. Please welcome Shae Summerfield.

Shae: Hi...

Caesar: Don't be nervous. We won't bite.. Hard.

Shae: Okay..

Caesar: I love your dress

Shae: Thanks.

Caesar: Please welcome Martin Johnson, the last tribute!

Martin: Hey, Caesar, buddy.

Caesar: Hello to you too. How are you tonight?

Martin: I'm feeling prepared for the Games. Yourself?

Caesar: Of course, after all these days of training.

(Martin nods)

Caesar: That's all for tonight, folks. The next interview will be between the victor and I!


Day 1 - Morning (Bloodbath)

Sebastian Hive

There was no nervosity to be soon on Sebastian’s face. He was prepared and ready, ready to realise his dream of becoming a victor.  He hugged his stylist, a bloody idiot in his opinion,  and stepped into the tube. It was now or never. Sebastian closed his eyes, took a deep breath and when he opened his eyes again, he saw the Cornucopia and all around it a swampy forest.

A large, booming face could be heard as its owner said: “Ladies and gentlemen, let the 54th Hunger Games begin- and may the odds be ever in your favour!”

Immediately after the gong rang, Sebastian ran towards the pile of butcher knives he saw lying. He grabbed a couple, put most but one in his pockets and ran toward the nearest tribute. The boy from 9. Sebastian pulled him up by his hair and then slit his throat.  Then he threw him down onto the ground. As the boy from 2 looked around, he saw everyone fighting in and around the Cornucopia. The other Careers were just as vicious as he was, attacking everyone near them. He saw Guy hurling his spear at the boy from 6 and it piercing through his stomach. Another body, a girl, lying right next to Guy, her head twisted sideways.

Sebastian smiled at that.

Diamond Reaperson

The Bloodbath was nothing but plain chaos. Several bodies were strewn across the ground and many were still fighting. Some people had already taken off with a bag, into the woods. Diamond hadn't. He was still fighting with the boy from 6 over a big, green bag, which hopefully contained many useful supplies. The boy from 6 was agressively pulling the bag and raised his fist to hit Diamond. Then his eyes went wide, mouth open and he fell down to the ground, a spear sticking out of his back. Diamond looked up and saw one of the Careers had just thrown the spear.The Career started running toward him, sword in hand. 

So Diamond ran, he ran as fast as he could. He had been close to the Cornucopia, so he had to dodge all the fighting people around him to make it out of this massacre. Then he felt a sharp pain in his neck suddenly. Diamond touched his neck only to find a knife stuck in it and to fall down to the ground, on top of the body of the headless body of the boy from 12.

Sage Murphy 

Sage hadn't meant to join the fight, but the supplies were so tempting. After being one of the last to make it to the supplies, she tripped over the body of a cute, little girl. An axe was still sticking out of her body, so Sage took it, as well as a bag lying next to her on the ground.  

When she turned around, she saw a girl dashing toward her. Six. She should've watched her back better. When the girl finally reached her, Sage took a swing at her with her axe. The girl dodged it and cut Sage's arm. Then Sage tried again and hit her in the side with the flat side of the axe. The girl fell down to the ground and Sage ran, like she had never run before.

In the swamp she tripped over some stones and fell into the water. Wet and full of adreline swam through the mangola trees until she reached land and continued to get as far as possible from the Cornucopia. The sound of the eight cannons would haunt her until her dying day.

Day 1 - Afternoon

Sable Rose

The girl stumbling through the forest was unrecognizable. Her face as well as her hands were coloured red by blood. She had killed one of the Careers, the girl from 2, of that she was sure. But that bitch from 7 had stolen her axe, literally pulling it out of the Career's body. Well, she was hardly a Career. How did a 15 year old from District 2 even end up in The Hunger Games? Aren't they supposed to volunteer when they're 17 or 18? Whatever. Sable had killed her and was glad she did. If there were people to watch out for, it'd be the Careers.

The sun was shining relentlessly over the Arena. Sable was used to it though, due to always having worked outside in 10. She was familiar with the outside. All around her water, but would it be safe to drink? She decided to check her backpack for useful supplies. A filled water bottle, some crackers and dried fruit. Wait, what's that? Sable pulled the item out of the bag, finding it to be a leather whip with a sharp, iron point at the end of it.

Sable smirked. The others would have to watch their backs. 

Natalie Tecknus

Where were they? They had agreed to meet up around the Cornucopia after the Bloodbath. Natalie was hiding in the bushes around the sany open spot that marked the location of the Cornucopia.This was incredibly stupid and dangerous of her to do. What if the Careers who were still going through all the supplies caught her? The ground was filled with lifeless bodies from those who had tried their luck in the Bloodbath and miserably failed.

There was Diamond Reaperson.. And there was Fay.. Her allies were dead. Well, not all of them. Harvey and Sparks were still alive.. She hoped.  If not, Natalie still had the bag she managed to get in the Bloodbath. The guy from 2 had thrown a spear at her but missed. That's when she ran away from the fight, from her dead allies.

"There's someone in the bushes!" the girl from 4 yelled.

Natalie sprinted away.

Tom Loleris

They just laughed. They really laughed at all the children they had brutally murdered during the Bloodbath. This is why Tom hated the Careers. All that was left of them were heartless killing machines with no remorse whatsoever. In most Districts, parents were crying over the deaths of their children at this moment. And their killers were just laughing. 

Tom felt sick to his stomach.

"Hey, sissy, gonna help dispose of the bodies or not?" Sebastian asked.

They were throwing all of the bodies on top of each other, forming a big pile. This way the hovercraft could take them away easily. When it came and raised the fallen tributes into the air, Guy waved at them as they disappeared for once and all.

His smile was from ear to ear. "Let's kill some tributes tonight."

Day 1 - Night

Harvey Free

Sparks and Harvey were walking through the swampy forest, watching out as to not fall in the water. Sparks had noticed some dark figures swimming in them. They didn't want to find out what those were. 

Both Sparks and him had managed to get a bag at the Bloodbath. Nothing fancy. Just some water bottles, food and knives. Sparks wanted a bow and arrow but there was only one and the Careers have it now. It would be stupid to try take it from them now. They wouuld probably go hunting tonight; they always do. 

Twilight had set in by then and replaced the sun with the moon. The darkness felt stuffocating, monsterous. The moonlight didn't help a bit. It had never been so dark in the entire history of darkness, Harvey thought.

Sparks sat down against a tree and closed her eyes. "Wake me up when the Careers kill us."

Sapphire Lustre

The Careers had been searching the swamp for hours now and hadn't found anything but several ant hills spread across the Arena. The boys were carrying torches so we could see. Chione was holding Sebastian's hand as if she were scared and needed comfort. Like hell she didn't. 

"Watch out!" Tom yelled.

Up ahead was an enormous hole in the middle of the path. The hole must have been 16 feet deep and 9 feet wide. In it was the girl from 11, Bailey, if she recalled correctly. Her eyes full of terror as she looked up.

"What to do about this one? Guy asked.

"I've got an idea," Sapphire said.

She got a rectractable shovel out of her bag, started digging in the ground and threw the dug-up dirt into the hole.

"We're burying her alive."

Shiloh Finch

The Arena was enormous. How big was the chance of walking into her? Zero. But still here she was, an axe in hand, ready to kill him. Not that Shiloh was going to let that happen. Over his dead body.

"We don't have to do this," Shiloh says.

"But we do. These are the Games. This is how they go."

She charged at Shiloh; swinged her axe at his head and chopped off his ear. He screamed out of pain and fell to the ground. As she raised her axe to finish the job, he kicked her on the side of her knee and tried to strangle her. The girl from 7 pushed him off of her, put her fingers in his eyes and pulled them both out. A cannon sounded.

"Don't mess with me, 11."

Day 2 - Morning

Lysander Soulwalker

Damn it. This night had been no good. Lysander couldn't get to sleep because of all the bugs flying around his head and the fear that the Careers would find him.

He had been sleeping at an open spot surrounded by mangrove trees. His sword shone in the sunlight that entered through the trees. The Bloodbath had been.. Well, bloody, but Lysander had gotten away with no injuries at all. It could be worse.

The sound of a cannon boomed through the Arena. Probably another victim of the Careers, Lysander thought to himself. He should get moving, as far as possible from wherever they may be.

Jenna Kirk

She was turning and tossing in her sleep, not yet aware of the ants that were entering her body through her mouth. When they bit her in her arms, she awoke with a scream.

"Help me!"

Jenna tried to spit them out but there were too many of them and they were all biting. She collapsed to the ground only to find ants coming out of her body through her eyes, ears and nose.

Then a hovercraft came to pick up her body.

Day 2 - Afternoon

Harvey Free

Harvey and Sparks were crossing this not very deep but wide river.

"Where are we going?" Sparks asked.

"We'll see where we end up," Harvey replied.

Then suddenly, he screamed.  A fish had bitten him in his leg and now blood was flowing out of the wound. More fish came to bite him. Eventually they dragged him down into the water, which had by now be coloured red, to disappear from Sparks' sight. She had ran to the side of the river to get away from the diabolic fish. 

"Harvey?" she asked, so quietly no one could hear. No one answered.

Sage Murphy

It's not like Sage had to kill the boy from 11, but since she was more of a loner and he might have some cool stuff in his bag, she decided to fight him. Her knee still hurt but whatever, she had made her first kill. It wasn't that terrible as they always said. It was either him or her and she chose to live. 

She was in the swamp and it was full of annoying bugs, like mosquitos and such. There were hardly any in 7, they only had Trackerjackers. Not that those were better or something. Probably even worse.

Only 10 of us left, she thought to herself as she was biting down on some dried fruit. It tasted horrible but food was food and one couldn't permit to be picky in the Games.

She tried to remember which tributes were still alive: The Careers, except for the girl from 2, District 3, the girl from 5 and herself.

'That are only 9 people though.. Whom did I forget?' she wondered.

Day 2 - Evening

Sparks Edison

She had tried to block Harvey from her mind, but she couldn't. Tears formed in her eyes.

"I hate it here," she cried.

Tears were streaming down her face.

"I wanna go home."

Her words were hardly intelligible by now.

"I wanna go home"

Chione Nereus appeared at the horizon, out of breath but still running toward Spark, trident in hand. 

The Career screamed as she threw the trident. Sparks closed her eyes, knowing it would all be over soon.

Natalie Tecknus

Four cannons had been sounded, spread over the entire day. Four more deaths. The chances of her allies still being alive were very slim but at least she had made it so far. She was clearly smarter than the rest. 

"Hello, remaining tributes.

Tomorrow at noon there will be a feast at the Cornucopia. All of you will find a bag with your District number on there. In the bag is something you require.

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favour."

Something you require.. Natalie wondered what that could be. She didn't need anything. Well, a green-card to victory would be nice but she know she would have to fight for that. Probably against a Career.

Well, those worries were for later.

Day  3 - Morning

Lysander Soulwalker

The sound of a cannon awaked Lysander. He always wondered to whose death it belonged to, how they had died, by the hands of whom and if they had family crying over their death back in the Districts. Probably. They always did.

Lysander remembered when his cousin got reaped and how he had died as the first tribute in the entire Games. Everybody was crying, but honestly, he didn't care. Usually the person who died first was an enormous loser.

He got up and took the eggs he had found out of his bag. It probably belonged to some bird in the swamp. And if it didn't.....  Then, well..         food was still food. He ate them raw. He needed to be ready for the feast this afternoon. 

Lysander had his sword and held it tightly in his hand. 

"This day is the day people die."

Guy Shotgun

The presence of death and decay all around him made Guy happy. The girl from 3 had cried like a little baby before Sebastian had silenced her with his knife. It were up to him though, he'd have made the girl suffer. They were the Careers after all. They could do whatever they wanted.

After their last kill they headed back to the Cornucopia to prepare for the feast. The plan was for all the boys to stay at the Cornucopia, get the all of the bags and fight whoever was dumb enough to try their luck.

The girls would look between the trees around Cornucopia to see if any tributes were hiding their, waiting for a good moment to take a chance and get their bags. Oh, how they will be disappointed.

Everybody was checking and cleaning their weapons for the fight. If the sun were at its highest point in the sky, the bags will rise from a table out of the ground. Guy knew that. He'd seen it before.

"Are we ready!" He asked the other Careers.

"Hell yeah!" Sebastian shouted.

Day 3 - Afternoon (Feast)

Sable Rose

There wasn't much that scared Sable, but the Feast did. She'd have to face the Careers.. She wondered if they were still pissed at her for killing Candy. But then again, it wasn't like they needed an excuse to kill Sable or anything. It was still cold and foggy in the arena, although it was nearly noon. The Gamemakers must have wanted to mess with them. Perhaps it was because of the Feast.. Or something bigger was coming up.

The whip felt dead in her hand, instead of an extension, as it normally did. Would it really be smart to go the Feast? Did she really need anything or would she just get killed.

She told herself to count down to 1 from 10 and make a decision.







Sable realised this fog would not only hide the Careers from her sight but her also from theirs. "Okay, let's go, Sable. You're playing with the big boys now."

Chione Nereus

"Is everybody ready?" Guy asked.

"Yeah, of course," Sapphire snapped.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," he replied.

She stayed quiet. Poor, stupid girl. He would snap her neck like a twig.

Everybody went to their places. The boys stayed at the Cornucopia to watch for other tributes trying to get their bags and kill them. There were only 3 of them left though. After they killed them, Career would turn against Career.

She and Sapphire split up to look around for tributes hiding in the bushes and the trees around the Cornucopia. Chione was kinda hoping Sapphire would get killed by the District tributes. 

Chione heard Sebastian scream that the bags had appeared.

She turned around, only to see the Cornucopia disappear in an massive explosion. Destroying everything close to it. The bags from the Feast as well as the boys from her alliance.

"Oh, shit."

Day 3 - Evening

Sage Murphy

Well, it clearly was a mistake coming to the Feast. If only she had listened to her feelings.. There was nothing to gain here. But maybe if the other tributes were wounded, she'd have a better shot at killing them.

She knew the Career girls were somewhere around here, looking for the District tributes. If she didn't run into them, there was no problem getting out here alive.

Then she saw her. The girl from 10, standing between the trees. Blood coloured the right side of her face, dripping down all the way to the whip in her hand. Behind her, the burning remains of the Cornucopia could be seen. The trees around it had caught fire as well, creating a giant forest fire. The sky was black but here on earth, we had all the light there was.

"You shouldn't have come here, 7," she muttered.

She raised her hand to lash her whip at Sage. The hit formed a gash in her cheek. Before she could strike again, Sage duck into the bushes next to her and hid behind a tree.

Sage charged at the girl from 10 who lashed her whip again, making Sage fall to the ground. Sable sat down on top of her and put her hands around the girl's neck. 

As Sage was lying on the ground, being strangled,  she grabbed the axe next to her with all the effort she could bring up, She thrust it into Sable's leg who then rolled off of Sage. She then buried her axe into her attacker's chest.

Maybe she did have a chance after all.

Chione Nereus

All Hell had been unleashed onto Earth. Most of the trees had caught fire, illumating the forest. Several had fallen down, taking others with them, a domino reaction.

Another cannon sounded. She hoped it was Sapphire. The little bitch could fight, being raised in a Career District. She didn't worry that much about the District tributes. Chione could better them any time, any place.

She saw the girl from 7 standing at the Cornucopia and the girl saw her. Chione dashed forward, screaming as she went. The girl threw her axe at Chione. Since she was already running, it was too hard to dodge now, so she blocked it with the teeth of her trident.

Then Chione buried the trident inside the running girl's back.

Chione looked at the girl's body and suddenly felt an aching pain shoot through her body. As she looked down she saw the top of a knife sticking out of her chest. Then she fell to the ground, closing her eyes as she went down.

Soon after her victory, Sapphire was interviewed by Caesar.

"Congratulations on your victory!" he said.

"Thank you. It means the world to me."

"What was your hardest moment in the arena?"

"Probably after the explosion. We had no idea what was going on or where everybody was," Sapphire confessed.

"Who do you think was your strongest opponent?" he asked.

"Chione. She was a tough one to kill."

"But you did anyway. Are you excited to be a mentor?"

"Of course, it's an honour to guide the children from my District."

Then she was crowned by President Snow and returned home to 1.

Place Name District Killer How When
24st Ash Harper 9 Sebastian Hive Throat slit with knife Bloodbath
23rd Shae Summerfield 12 Chione Nereus Pierced with trident Bloodbath
22th Fay Kariliah 9 Guy Shotgun Neck snapped Bloodbath
21st Maroon Cutter 6 Guy Shotgun Spear thrown in abdomen Bloodbath
20th Martin Johnson 12 Lysander Soulwalker Beheaded with sword Bloodbath
19th Diamond Reaperson 7 Sapphire Lustre Knife thrown in neck Bloodbath
18th Candy Orenson 2 Sable Rose Axe thrown in chest Bloodbath
17th Ograssu Casser 8 Jenna Kirk Stabbed with knife Bloodbath
16th Tommy Harns 5 Chione Nereus Strangled Bloodbath
15th Bailey Snowbelle 11 Sapphire Lustre Buried alive Day 1 - Night
14th Shiloh Finch 11 Sage Murphy Eyes scratched out Day 1 - Night
13th Felicity Caspian 8 Sebastian Hive Pierced with sword Day 2 - Morning
12th Jenna Kirk 6 Mutts Eaten by ants Day 2 - Morning
11th Harvey Free 11 Mutts Eaten by piranhas Day 2 - Afternoon
10th Sparks Edison 5 Chione Nereus Pierced with Tridient Day 2- Evening
9th Natalie Tecknus 3 Sable Rose Whipped to death Day 3 - Morning
8th Tom Loleris 4


Explosion Day 3 - Afternoon
7th Guy Shotgun 2


Explosion Day 3 - Afternoon
6th Sebastian Hive 1  Gamemakers  Explosion Day 3 - Afternoon
5th Sable Rose 10 Sage Murphy Axe buried in chest Day 3 - Evening
4th Lysander Soulwalker 3 Sapphire Lustre Slit throat with knife Day 3 - Evening
3rd Sage Murphy 7 Chione Nereus  Pierced with trident Day 3 - Evening
2nd Chione Nereus 4 Sapphire Lustre Stabbed in the back with knife Day 3 - Evening
Victor Sapphire Lustre 1

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