This game is about 10 candidates, who have to complete assignments by which they can earn money. However, one of the groupmembers is the Mole. The Mole's goal is to make the assignments fail and keep the amount of money earned as low as possible. The other candidates do not know who the Mole is, and need to unmask him or her. At the end of every episode the candidates take a multiple choice test about the mole's identity. The test contains 20 questions (40 questions in the final test) about the mole's activities since the previous test and personal questions about the Mole (for example, "Is the Mole a girl?"). With the help of 'jokers', which they can earn during the assignments, the contestants can turn incorrect test answers into correct answers.

The person with the fewest correct answers is "executed" and has to leave. The mole cannot be executed. In most series this process continues until only two contestants and the Mole remain. The winner is the person with the most correct answers in the final test and he or she gets all of the money earned during the previous stages of the game


These are user Games, so you'll have to enter yourself.








Name Gender Age Country Status
Alice Female 13 Austria In game
Liza Female 14 US In game
Wesley Male 18 The Netherlands In game
Ryan Male 18 Scotland In game
Rebekah Female 13 Australia In game
Connor Male 14 England In game
Dani Female 13 Scotland In game
Zach Male 17 US In game
In game
In game

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