• Here is the 74 anual hunger games tributs Cato, and Clove they are the best tributs in my book at least. Cato is one of the final 3 people alive in the hunger games noval! Clove was the 6th pearson alive out of 24 people. Clove's killer was Thresh, he killed her by holdding her off the ground by her neck, than smashing her head in with a lage rock. Cato's death- Cato die's when Katniss shots anarow threw his head because Cato has Peeta in a head lock,which is stopping Peeta to breath, Peeta draws an X's on Catos forhead as a shigh to Katniss to shoot. Cato live tell the very end on the last day of the 74 Hunger Games he died.

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