Just a (93rd)

So here I am, once again, with an other game. So as the title says; Just a game. But that isn't true, in the pictures below, you have/can (to) choose 2 tributes. And you will 'own' the one/two you choose, after you have chosen one/two. Tell me your quote for this game. Without a quote, you can't choose a tribute, Lots of fun!

  • D1 girl (13) Begonia
  • D1 guy (17) Dillan
  • D2 girl (15) Charlotte
  • D2 guy (16) Ternes
  • D3 girl (16) Sarah
  • D3 guy (14) Thom
  • D4 girl (18) Halo
  • D4 guy (17) Perry
  • D5 girl (12) Feline
  • D5 guy (15) Rick
  • D6 girl (17) Amy
  • D6 guy (18) Ber
  • D7 girl (16) Anne
  • D7 guy (12) James
  • D8 girl (15) Lotte
  • D8 boy (17) Aaron
  • D9 girl (16) Menia
  • D9 boy (15) Damian
  • D10 girl (13) Roos
  • D10 guy (16) Jake
  • D11 girl (18)
  • D11 guy (17) Alex
  • D12 girl (14) Luna
  • D12 guy (14) Ferry


D1 Girl; Owned by ~Tris~ (score:8) Killed by Feline
D1 Boy; Owned by Ravenclaw Eagles14 (Score:9) Killed by Damian
D2 Girl; Owned by Rose Hathaway (score:10) Killed by Feline
D2 Boy; Owned by Rose Hathaway (score:8) Killed by Feline
D3 Girl; Owned by Anon (score:6) Killed by Halo
D3 Boy; Owned by Anon (score:4) Killed by Terner and Perry
D4 Girl; Owned by Camila Hutcherson (score:9) Killed by Damian
D4 Boy; Owned by Camila Hutcherson (score:11) Killed by Ber
D5 Girl; Owned by Madrigalmagic (score:7)
D5 Boy; Owned by Tresh is fresh (score:6) Killed by Feline
D6 Girl; Owned by QuinnQuinn (score:3) Killed by Alex
D6 Boy; Owned by Mockingjay32 (score:5) Killed by Begonia
D7 Girl; Owned by Primrose33 (score:3) Killed by Dillian
D7 Boy; Owned by Primrose33 (score:7) Killed by Begonia
D8 Girl; Owned by Haybernathy (score:2) Killed by Feline
D8 Boy; Owned by Haybernathy (score:5) Killed by Charlotte
D9 Girl; Owned by QuinnQuinn (score:8) Killed by Begonia
D9 Boy; Owned by Iheartpeeta (score:6) Killed by Mutt
D10 Girl; Owned by Safeandsoundhg (score:5) Killed by Begonia
D10 Boy; Owned by Tresh is fresh (score:6) Killed by Charlotte
D11 Girl; Owned by Mockingjay32 (score:9) Killed by Mutts
D11 Boy; Owned by Blackmage9 (score:8) Killed by Mutts
D12 Girl; Owned by Springawakening4stberry (score:4) Killed by Ber
D12 Boy; Owned by Springawakening4stberry (score:7) Killed by Feline


The arena is an sunny forest, with an high mountain in the middle of the arena. As the cornucopia is standing there, the tributes will start on the mountain. Around the mountain there are lovely trees, flowers in every color, and other plants. At the end of the arena there are high
  • The forest,
  • The mountain looks a bit like that,
  • Another part of the forest.
  • Map of the arena.

hedges so the tributes can't escape,


{C}D1 Girl

Caesar: What do you like the most about the Capitol?

Girl: I like everything, mostly all the people here.

Caesar: That's awesomee,

Girl: Yeah I know, I hope the people here like me too.

  • Public is screaming happy at Begonia*

Caesar: I hope they like you enough to help you in the arena, can you win this game?

Girl: With the careers, yeah sure.

Caesar: Like all of them you volunteered, but why?

Girl: Well I want to win this game, so I can be rich and famous.

D2 Boy

Caesar: Welcome, welcome in the Capitol!

Boy: Thank you, I like it here. Everything is so awesome, the buildings, the food, the women...

Caesar: All the women like a handsome guy like you!

Boy: I hope they do, *Winks*

Caesar: Enough with all the women, if you come home, you will plenty of time for that. So What's your strategy for this game?

Boy: Well I'm going to ally with someone, maybe..

D3 Girl

Caesar: Hii, what do you think of this game?

Girl: Well it's awful, and I dislike it, please let me go.

Caesar: Sorry I would love to, but just can't.

Girl: But I will see my family never again, I'm not ready, please...please sir.

  • She starts crying, Capitol is moved*

Caesar: Just go back to your seat, we will find a way to help you.

D4 Boy

Boy: Hello, Caesar, how are you doing?

Caesar: You do know I'm doing the interviewing,

Boy: Oh yeah, sorry babe.

Caesar: He is genius, don't you think people?

Public: "You rock" "Yeahh" "I wanna have your babies!"

Boy: Sure you can have them, but you will have to wait till I'm out the arena, see you later Aliens!

D5 Girl

Caesar: Hii, do you like the other tributes?

Girl: Yeah I like them, one of them really much..

Caesar: A love story?

Girl: Maybe, if we both could win yes. But one of us will die, maybe we both will die.

Caesar: Tell me his name!

Girl: Well it's.... James, he was so sweet for me at the training. Always helped me, and we saw each other alot of times on the roof.. He said, he will help me win this game. But he was wrong, he's going to win this game.

D6 Boy

Boy: Well that was quite an show, don't you think?

Caesar: Sure it was, but what about you?

Boy: Well I'm the son of the mayor, I know alot about plants, and about allying. So that wont be a problem, I think..

Caesar: I really think you can win this, we're all betting on you, so make your sponsors proud. And show everything you can or have in the arena

Boy: I will show everything I can and have.

D7 Girl

Caesar: I think I know you, you look so familair.

Girl: Well I haven't been here yet. But my sister has, she died in the final. Killed by Lisa Ster, she tripped over a log, and Lisa stabbed her several times with her sword, it was awful. So now I want to take revenge on D4, And I will believe me!

Caesar: How sad, I hope you will win this, for your sister,

Girl: I will win, I'm sure

D8 Boy

Caesar: Well, how do you... Wait that isn't even a good sentence, what do you think of your mentor? That's a right sentence, sorry I'm really sleepy

Boy: Doesn't matter, we still love you, right people?

Caesar: I hope they do, I've been here for so long...

Boy: Everyone knows you, the whole country, every single person in Panem.

Caesar: Luckily they do, I'm a famous man now. Just like my mother told me..

D9 Girl

Caesar: Heeey,


Caesar: You seem very nervous, is that right?

Girl: Maybe, if you want to.

Caesar: I like this girl, right?

  • Crowd start laughing for no reason*

Caesar: Hahahahaah

Girl: Hihi

Caesar: I hope you will the same amount of humor in the arena.

D10 Boy

Caesar: Howdy! Well that was kinda racist..

Boy: Nevermind, I'm just a kinda ill.

Caesar: Ill? What do you have then?

Boy: Pudding.

  • Caesar is shocked*


Boy: You really suck, do you know that?

Caesar: No I'm not aware of that.

Boy: You should be,

Caesar: Go back to you seat, you annoying little man.

D11 Girl

Caesar: How are you doing?

Girl: Not too well,

Caesar: Why?

Girl: Because.. I'm pregnant of my districts-partner.

  • Crowd starts crying, laughing, screaming*

Caesar: Wow, and tomorrow is the arena. That sucks, too bad for you teenmom.

Girl: I wanna go home, I hate this. I want to go home with my baby.

Caesar: Sure you can..

D12 Boy

Caesar: So do you like your mentors, Katniss and Peeta?

Boy: Yeah I do, but Haymitch is always drunk. And looks like a ape. No offense to Haymitch.

Caesar: Alright, Alright, Have any hatred towards a tribute?

Boy: Yeah the D2 Boy, He's too arrogant.

Caesar: Wow the time is almost done...

Boy; Wait, we have still 2:30 minutes left,

Caesar: I wish you all the luck, Bye!

Day 1

D3 Thom

I'm really nervous, and my legs feel like rubber. A friendly women voice says that we have to go to the tube; as I'm walking into the tube, I get even nervouser. The tube goes up, and suddenly I hear a 'Boom,' my tube is stuck. And this wont work in my favor, I start crying. I hear that there are only 30 seconds left. The tubes listen to my prayers, and shoots up. There are only 15 seconds left, I see the little D5 girl aiming, to the other tributes. She throws her token, and the mines explode, where the token has hit the ground. I hear screaming everywhere, the sign goes. But everyone is just paralysed, but not the thrower, she and her love are already at the cornucopia, and when they are running to the forest, the fight begins.

D6 Ber

Everyone is running towards the Cornucopia, but the little lovers aren't. Smart kids. But that's for later, now I have to get a backpack, as I'm looking around I see a blue backpack, I run towards it, get it. But something grabs it the same time I do, the girl from 3! I hit her in the face, get the backpack and leave her for the careers. Then I run away from this fight.

D3 Sarah

The enermous guy just hit me in the face, I won't survive this. I just know it, and I'm right. Halo is running towards me, she's filled with anger. I'm scared, let's enjoy this last moment of my life, Goodbye Friends and Family. And then Halo throws her trident..

D9 Damian

I run away from the Cornucopia, down from the mountain. 4 others have the same idea, all the careers are still up there, probably killing the last people. When the forest starts, I look around and see no one. So I run further into the forest, and then I hit someone. The D12 girl! We are both a bit stunned, and when I run away she does the same. I'm running further, and further... Then I see a tree, with a scarf in it. I touch the scarf, and the tree opens. A hiding spot to help the tributes! As I'm going inside my hiding spot, I hear the careers coming.

D4 Perry

'So.. 5 careers left,' says Ternes. 'Shall we make our camp here?' I ask. They all agree, I decide to talk about the dangerous tributes. Everyone agrees Feline and Ber are the most dangerous. I hope they don't kill us.

Day 2

D7 James

'So Feline, 11 dead.' She doesn't seem happy about it, but I have to make her win. She's my life, and if she would be killed right now, my life would be over. But no one can find us here, in the dark waiting for the dawn. We are sitting high above our cave-hiding spot; the sky is filled with stars, Feline quitly starts singing to herself: Can we pretend that hovercrafts in the night sky are like shooting stars, I could really use a wish right now, a wish right now, right now, After a while I decide it's time to take a nap; we both get into the cave, and I promise also to sleep. But what if I am an excellent liar?

D11 Mercy

'Alex I want to go home,' 'Sure you can, with your baby.' We're walking further, and further, I think we're almost at the end of the arena. I want to turn around, but he wants to continue till the end. So we're walking and walking, but then, and the gamesmakers probably think we have gone too far, a small pond, starts shaking and making noise, And after 2 minutes, or something, the whole area here is filled with fog, I can't see my love anymore, and as we're screaming, we probably attract other tributes, or dangerous mutts/ animals. Suddenly I see shapes coming, out of the pond. I stay quiet, they must not hear me, or find me.. But they find Alex, I see that they grab his legs, and bite him in his legs, and as they are bringing him to the pond, I finally can see them, small blue things, walking on their legs, just like us. But as I can see them, they can see me. And they get the same idea, they start screaming, I run away, run away, then I hear a canon and I collapse.

D9 Damian

The careers finally left, when dawn started; No I can finally leave my hidingspot, I will come back for it, when I'm done with spying the careers. So I gotta find them, I decide to walk to the east, and I see the careers on a open spot in the forest, nearby a pond, they are all there. And even one more: The girl from 12. She seems really handy with boobytraps, as she can make spikes appearing out of the grond. But you can only come to their pile of food, when you take the right path towards it. And if you don't, you will be dead. So, a hour later the trap is done. And the food and supplies are safe. And then they see me, 'Get him!' they say, and I run, run and run. But they are coming closer and I decide to climb a tree, I hope they can't get me, up here.

D1 Begonia

The spy climbed up really high, 'So what can we do?' I ask. We decide to wait, so he will die of hunger, or he wil come down. We get ready for the evening, and lay down in the grass. It's very dry, so we can sleep well in it. We will have to wait for him, but he will die. No matter what,

D6 Ber

So, I've found the D11 girl, she seems to be freaked out. As she is following the river, she continues saying "Alex, please forgive me," I bet that he is her district partner, and that he's dead; but I don't care, this is a war. A war where children die. But she is pregnant, she told that in the interviews. Well, I don't know to believe it or not. Suddenly she walks to the river, and she seems wanting to pass it. It's not very deep, not dangerous at all. But suddenly she starts to scream, and I see mutt fishes biting her, she screams and cries; I don't hesitate, and jump into the water to save her. Finally I get her out. But she has been so harmed, she won't survive. 'Thank you, but please save the baby. Cut him out,' she says. And I tell her I will, she says I have to do it now. When she is alive, I get a sharp rock, cut into her belly. It starts bleeding alot, and I start to be afraid. After a while I get the baby out, but her mother is already dead, I decide to name her Brave.

D1 Dillian

We are waiting for the boy to come down, Begonia decides to all take a nap. Except of the tributes from d4, they will be guarding. It's almost dark, and very hard to see a thing. Just take a nap, I take a nap.. But then I have a dream about birds, in every color. They turn into water, and I drown. I hear a noise, but I assume that it's the water, but I'm not dreaming anymore, and a big branch comes down, I see it's coming mine way, and Halo's way. When the branch hits me, I can only think of one thing I hope you will die, little spy..

D5 Feline

James and I decide to go to the career camp. When we finally got there, because James was a little bit slow, I see a big pile of food. James wants to run for it, and grab it. But I hold him back, this is too easy. When I look around I see a little berry bush. I get some berries, and I aim to the pile, and the area around it. Nothing happend, till the berries hit the ground. Sharp, and dealy spikes came up, high and mean. But I see a patron in it, some spots have a little stone in it. I throw some berries to that spots, and no spikes come up. I decide to go for it, and make my way to the food. I cut the bags and sacks open, take some supplies out of them, and turn them around, so you can't see, I've cut them. Then I make my way back to James, and we decide to go back to our cave.

Day 3

D1 Begonia

So, 3 careers and the d12 girl, our alliance has shrimp. Damian killed 2 of them, he could escape because the gamemakers made the are around the tree foggy. Luckily he didn't kill anyone when he ran away, he has already killed 2. Suddenly I hear a voice, saying that there is a feast at the cornucopia for weapons, when the dawn arrives. We're sitting in the dark now, at our camp. Most of us, don't want to hunt now. That would be too dangerous, so we sit and wait. Waiting for light, that's the only thing we can do. When it's getting less dark, we decide to go to the spot of the feast,

D6 Ber

A feat... With a baby? What am I supposed to do? Nevermind, I will leave the baby here. I hope I will surive, so she can too. With that plan in my head, I start walking and walking to the Cornucopia.

D7 James

Feline and I can really need some weapons, we can't attack now. We need weapons, we decide to hide up the Cornucopia. When we arrive we seem to be first. After waiting like 3 minutes, dawn arrives. And we see a big pile of weapons coming, we both start running to the weapons, and I get a axe in my hands, but then I see a knife coming to Feline, and I jump to the knife. For her, for us. The knife hits me in my chest, and Feline is shocked, but takes me away. She has a blowgun in her other hand and puts that in her pocket, we see the careers coming. But suddenly, from behind the Cornucopia, comes the D6 Boy, he scares the Careers away, and says to us; 'Go kids, go, and try to be safe from harm,' Feline drags me the whole way to our cave,

D5 Feline

As James is laying here, I can't control my tears; they start flowing. His chest is going up and down slower, and he will die pretty soon, I know. I want a special goodbye, to show the Capitol: They don't own us, that we're not their love item. I quietly start singing my song for him:

I don't know where I am,
I don't know this place.
Don't recognize anybody,
Just the same old dirty face.
See these people, they lie,
And I don't know who to believe anymore.

But there comes you,
To keep me safe from harm
There comes you,
To take me in your arms
Is it just a game?
I don't know.
Is it just a game?
I don't know.

He denies to break my heart
So homesick and confused
But I know I must play my part
When tears I must conceal,

There comes you,
To keep me safe from harm
There comes you,
To take me in your arms

Is it just a game?
I don't know
To keep you safe from my world

Take my hand and my heart recedes
Flames illuminate our faces
And we are on fire
Blow a kiss to the crowd
They're our only hope now.

And I know my place.
And I know my place.
We're all just pieces in their games.

His eyes close, he opens his mouth and says: 'I love you, Feline.' 'I love you too,' say I, to a dead person. I start crying, and I swear I wil get my revenge on the careers, on Begonia who killed him.

D2 Charlotte

Ber scared us away, but now we are coming back. We're sure he's still there. Also we were right. He sees us. and he seems ready for a fight. He gets a whip, throws it at Luna. She falls, down off the mountain, the cannon goes off. We're scared; Ber is a incredible fighter, he screams. So we run away, we fail as Careers. 3 more left of us,

D6 Ber

I have most of the weapons. The weapons I can't bring with me, or fight with are thrown into a pond, after that I run back to Brave, but she ain't at the spot she was a while ago, all I can see at that spot are some feathers. When I look around I see darkness, I run to the direction I think Brave is, she has to be brave now.

Day 4

D4 Perry

'Just let the baby here, we can't use it at hunting,' 'Sure, Begonia,' I say. It was her idea to steal the baby. She's clever, even for a career. After 3 hours hutning, we have found, and killed, the D8 boy. Not very clever, to make a camp on a open spot. We've killed one tribute. When we got back, there's nothing about our camp. Just nothing, not a single thing, Suddenly I hear the girls screaming, I turn around and see a spear coming. 'Don't touch Brave!' Do I hear before a cannon goes.

D5 Feline

I'm spying the careers, Ber just killed the guy form 4. Now he's running into the forest, with his baby. Begonia decided to chase him. Charlotte stays here to guard the pile, luckily I've already a plan for the pile. I take the mines out of my backpack, for a minute is hesitate. But then I throw the mines to the surrounding area of the pile. For a second nothing happens, but when the spikes come, the mines explode. And Charlotte was torn to pieces, a cannon goes, and I run away. For her dead body, for the ash, for the giant forest fire.

D6 Ber

I run away with Brave, but Begonia is chasing me. Far behind me, I see a... Forest fire? Yeah a forest fire, I heard a cannon 1 minute ago. Probably Charlotte. A tree falls and blocks my chaser's path. Now I've a advantage, I see a cave and hide Brave in there. I seduce the girl from 2, and she follows me. I hope Brave will stay brave, after a long chase; I finally get to the end of the arena. But there's a high hedge, high as the sky. So I can't escape. Then she comes, and the chaser throws all her knives. Goodbye Brave,

D9 Damian

So, 3 left. Everything was in such a rush, the games are just like 4 days going on. The gamemakers will decide to bring us all together. Well, I will just go to the Cornucopia. After a journey, and a long climb, I finally reach it. I know Begonia will come here too, but about the little girl I don't know. She's very sneaky and shy. And I see Begonia coming, I get ready for blood. But then something grabs, and I got thrown high up in the air by a giant bird, he opens his mouth, and I see how awful Begonia is looking before the mutt swallows me.

D5 Feline

I decide to go to my cave, and then hunt my finale partner down. When I finally reach my old hiding spot, I see.. a baby? Yes a baby, it must be the baby of Ber. I decide to take her with me, and dress her before we go. After a while I reach the mountain, and I see Begonia standing on the top. Waiting for my death, as I'm walking to the top of the mountain, Begonia's throwing knifes to me. I duck, I jump , so she won't hit me. When I finally on the top, like 50 birds come; they start to attack us, I jump, and I dodge every single attack. Begonia is not so fast as me, and a bird drill through her leg, she screams and throws knifes in every direction. I jump but Brave slips out of my arms, and she almost falls down of the mountain. Almost, because I've saved her. The D2 girl comes my way, and hits me in my face. I kick her on her wound; she falls down, and screams. 'This one's for James,' I say. And then a poisonous dart goes straight through her heart.

The winner is Feline; Owned by Madrigalmagic

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