• Luke978

    Leah's Fanfiction

    April 9, 2012 by Luke978

    Chapter 1-Reaping

    I awoke again, this is the second night in a row that memories keep flooding back to that terrible night. Mom and Dad got a divorce and i was taken away from my my dad. My brother was in a horrible accident and my mom deemed him unworthy. My dad left me here with a mom who has little faith in me. Each time i wake in the morning, my body is covering in sweat. My mom ran into my room. "Leah get up your butt needs to start doing some work around this house." "Mom you never lift a finger around here since my father and brother left and you let my sister die also because you didnt want to get up to help her. She died from starving because the food i brought from the woods and the training i spent every day were wasted on you be…

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  • Luke978

    Character in my story

    April 6, 2012 by Luke978

    District 1-

    Leah Lafleur-Blonde hair with curles folding down to her shoulders. Very sweet and is shy and her main weapon is a bow and arrow. Hates to kill those who don't deserve to die. Crystal blue eyes. Her token from her district is a braclet that says "Never back down from a challenge,keep going at any cost." Age 17 and is 5 ft 8

    Gleamer Juventas- Age 16 and his main weapon is a spear. He relies on his strength and speed in combat. He has blonde hair. He is ruthless and truly evil and will do anything to win games at any cost. He spent every day training but only he made it and his sister was so mad. He is muscular and has blue eyes. He tends to get worked up easily.

    District 2-

    Chris-He is 15 years of age. he has learned to kill since t…

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  • Luke978

    My parody song

    April 2, 2012 by Luke978

    Peeta-we didnt care if the capital stared, we make out in the public somewhere, they'd tell us to keep it up for some soponsers love, they love the star struck tributes and we keep saying that were in love, but all thats a scheme and it's almost up i missed that way when we cuddled so close

    Peeta-been so long since you forget the way i tossed you that bread to keep you feed

    Katniss-please dont remind me, don't remind me

    Peeta-it was so and fire and so burnt but it was all i had at that moment

    Katniss-no matter how much i try to forget,it keeps on pilling on all my debt, please just stop it,stop it

    Katniss-remeber the cave where we into to save our lives, each kiss brought us a suprise and we couldnt stop because i was slowly falling for you


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