District 1-

Leah Lafleur-Blonde hair with curles folding down to her shoulders. Very sweet and is shy and her main weapon is a bow and arrow. Hates to kill those who don't deserve to die. Crystal blue eyes. Her token from her district is a braclet that says "Never back down from a challenge,keep going at any cost." Age 17 and is 5 ft 8

Gleamer Juventas- Age 16 and his main weapon is a spear. He relies on his strength and speed in combat. He has blonde hair. He is ruthless and truly evil and will do anything to win games at any cost. He spent every day training but only he made it and his sister was so mad. He is muscular and has blue eyes. He tends to get worked up easily.

District 2-

Chris-He is 15 years of age. he has learned to kill since the ago of 4 since his mother was killed by some people who wanted the money his father had as his father watched from the side lines. He uses a sword in combat and will take any fury he bottles up and unleash it on his target. He wears a bow pin on chest from his mother. 6ft3

Ellery-She is 16 years old. She is very cleaver and has a talent in using a spear in which she also prepaired herself for hand to hand combat when a spear can be used. Her left eye is blind and keeps a section of her hair covering it. One blue and green eye. the green is the eye that can see the blue can't. dark red hair and freckles. 5ft7

District 3-

Ali Grace Snide-she is 5ft6 and is 12 years old. She has pretty Auburn hair that cascades to her waist. she has brown eyes that always keep a gleam in the left part of the eye. she is a smart girl who always stands up for herself. She is called awkward by many for her singing to her self in dangerous situations. she carries a pocket knife and a sword.

Pheonix- He has red hair with a pair of goggles on the top of his head. his red eyes strike fear in any of those that make contact with him. He carries a double bladded sword on his back which still is stained from the blood of his dead father after he killed him. He is 18 years old 5ft11.

District 4-

Dax- He is 16 years old and carries throwing knifes. He also wears a metal claw which is as sharp as a sword. He has blonde hair and deep sea blue yes which blend in with the water around him. He is 6ft5 and is very agile for his height and is nimble on the soles of his feet.

Ariella- she is 5ft11 and is skinny with a tough girl attitude. She has brown hair and brown eyes.She has a soft spot for friends and will do anything to protect them even if it means dying to save them. She has never lost a fight in her life and she don't plan on losing this one. she is 16

District 5-

Luke de winter- he is 5ft 81/2 and 15. He is like foxeface in size and weight except he is a whole lot smarter than she is even to the point where he manuvered past every bomb the was in his district even when they were spaced 1.5 feet away from each other. His eyes are a green color with a blueish hugh mixed in. He has brown hair.

Kayla- African. she is 16 and she has dread locks that have blonde highlights mixed in with the black strands. She has green eyes and being a medicinal herb carier in her district she healed many patients and also knows the deadliest of ways to kill some body with the mere night lock berries she brought with her and a knife she hides with her.

District 6-

Nora-is 5ft6 with brown curls. Her eyes are the same color as her hair except there is a mixed varient shades of brown in them. She carries a sword around with her and never stops to ask question and in the time of need she makes tough decision weighed on how you are as a person on whether to let u live or not.She is 18

Volt- He is 17 and is 6ft4. He has light bown hair in which he sways it to the right side of his face. He has grey eyes that mimic the color of fog and he has trained them to see throught fog. his skin is white. He carries a flamming crossbow and his agility is unmatched by anyone in his district.

District 7-

Annaleah- she is 14 years old and is 5ft5. she has a shy personality and only holds a conversation with you if she can trust your character. she hides alot and has a very good way of hiding herself from those even with a trained keen eye on picking up hiding places. She hates the spot light and people make her nervous. She keeps a stash of knifes. She has red hair and green eyes.

Damien- He has black hair and brown eyes. the look on his face never changes, its as though a grim expression never goes away. He wears a plain black t-shir and blue jeans. He carries a knife on his hip pouch but has been skilled with a sword since the age of 6 and has never missed a hit with his sword. he also wears a spiked braclet. he is 6ft6 and is 18.

District 8-

Nea- she has tan skin and she has blonde hair with pink streaks. she carries a scyth and only strikes if she thinks that if she misses she can strike back without being killed. she has cerulaean eyes and is 17 years old and is 5ft7 and she never backs down when a friend is in need of help.

Cole Fletcher- He has green eyes and brown hair and he is 5ft8 and has a slightly stronger build than the average man and has been trained in sword fighting and can stab somone straight threw the stomach without even breaking a sweat. he is 19

District 9-

Hevan- she is 16. she uses innocence in a deceptive way in which when she gets your attention she wont be afraid to stab u in the back and leave u left for dead if not killing you urself. She has green eyes and brown hair and keeps a knife in her boots.5ft7

Matt- Matt is 14 years old. he is good with knife and knows how to throw an axe and hit his target in the head without them even knowing that something was being thrown. He keeps a braclet around his arm. His parents and sibling all live in another district 6. he has short curly blonde hair and hazel eyes. 5ft9

District 10-

Chrys- She loves chocolate and is 5ft10. she has carmel colored skin with light brown hair. she is a respectful girl and never does anything to get on people bad side and has green eyes. she has a sword which she has her initials ingraved on the blade so that she can be reminded that her mom is always with her.16

Channin Freindlie-He has a blow dart. He is charming and handsome and protects the weak from people who try to stampede and walk all over them. He plans to kill all careers. he hates to see his friends end up dieing in battle. brown hair with blonde hightlights and green eyes.16

District 11-

Kelly Reyna- Deep blue eyes and blonde hair tied into a bun to keep it out of her face. 5ft6 and keeps throwing knifes and her sword with her and she has a small and skinny frame of figure and doesnt make much noise when manuvering through the woods,15

james-he is a funny and relaxed person who has shagy brown hair and hazel eyes and never judges a person without knowing them properly first. He is 6ft5 and carries a mace with him in hopes that he can hit the stomach on somone and then slam it down on their head.18

District 12-

Camila- she is 5ft7 and 14. her eyes are lavender and she has light brown hair with a couple of blonde streaks. she will use any weapon she can get her hands on even from dead tributes. she is very flexible being able to manuver through very tight and small places and she is very fast.

Alex Jacob Jordan-6ft 9 and is 18 and he has blonde hair and blue eyes and always carries his sword with him where ever he goes. his sword is pure silver and has a very sharp tip and easy enough to cut flesh from his targets and he taughnts his targets.

District 13-

Lily Axelhurst-wavy brown hair, ice blue eyes that pierce through your hapiness, low side pony tail and pale pink lipstick and a crooked left middle finger. 5ft6, she is sweet and very sly and a good hider in the tops of trees and she loves when she cateches her pray and slits their throats, 16

Kyle Jong- he is asian and is 6ft tall. he is very fast and uses a spear and a knife. he is popular and has a crush on a tribute. he is 18 and has brown hair and brown eyes and never stops to long enough for people to keep a trace on him.

District 14-

Sheen-black hair and green eyes that never look you direcly in the eye as he might go insane for looking into your eyes as they die. he is 5ft11 and is 18 years old and is good with spear and can throw one faster than you can dodge out of the way he has a wristband

Depha-she has pink hair with black streaks mixed in and greens eyes. she is 5ft9 and is 17 years old. she has a neclace from her father after he died. she is also very skilled with a spear and all her attacks hit the heart. she has no relatives that live with her except her brother as they escaped together

District 15-

Shimmer-she is 18 and carries many blades with her. she has blonde hair and pitch black eyes that never show any hint of emotion leaving her as mysterious as her personality. she has many mood swings from being happy to sad to them angry in the blink of an eye. 5ft6

Trent-he is 6ft2 and uses a two bladed spear. her created the spear himself without any help. all his family is in his district. he has short blonde straight hair and brown eyes and is 18 years old. he can seperate his spear and use it in two diferent part. he can also poison the blade so that the poison enters your blood stream and u slowly die painfully

Training Scores-































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