Chapter 1-Reaping

I awoke again, this is the second night in a row that memories keep flooding back to that terrible night. Mom and Dad got a divorce and i was taken away from my my dad. My brother was in a horrible accident and my mom deemed him unworthy. My dad left me here with a mom who has little faith in me. Each time i wake in the morning, my body is covering in sweat. My mom ran into my room. "Leah get up your butt needs to start doing some work around this house." "Mom you never lift a finger around here since my father and brother left and you let my sister die also because you didnt want to get up to help her. She died from starving because the food i brought from the woods and the training i spent every day were wasted on you because you at all the food. She died at the age of 9 with all the life wasted away." A tear started to swell in my eyes as my mother just rolled her eyes and slammed the door in my face. I began to break into tears as i ran to a lake in the woods. I sat my self down on the side of the lake as the sun sparkled off the water. Every thing here is beautiful except my mother. I began to cry as i felt a hand on my back pull me into a hug. His arms were so soft and i just let my head rest against his chest. His eyes were so beautiful. I meet his eyes as he moved his hands through my hair. His name was Gleamer and i have loved him since the moment my parent's divorce. He stayed with me the whole time and never left my side. He may not know but i like him but love is something that can't come easy in my family as my mother whould disown me if i love someone. Either way he doesnt even know i like him like that but its always good to be in his company. He spoke in a soft tone "Leah, what happened as he rubbed his hand across my jaw. " Mom and I got into a fight today and she slammed the door in my face." Gleamer kissed me on the cheek and then pulled me into a hug. "It will be fine and i will stay with you no matter how much hurt you go through." his voice began to crack. He looked into my eyes and tears started to swell up. He tried to pull me closer but then i pushed him back and turned my face around. "Gleamer,Please dont do this to me. I like you and you just lead me on. Now at this moment you think it doesnt affect me, but it does." Tears started to swell up in my eyes and my hearts feels as though its being broken. I got up and i started to walk away until he grabbed my hand and spun me into his arms as my tears covered his shirt. He tilts my head forward and gently kisses my lips. "Leah, I love you i just never could tell you and i never wanted you to go through the pain with you mom and i care to much for you to be left on the streets. You sparkle just like the diamonds we make but unlike them u never get dirty your pure and clean. I love you so much." I began to cry and i hugged onto his chest and kissed him softly on the cheek. I began to leave when he caddled me in his arms and he walked me out of the forest and onto the streets He brought me to my house and laid me down on my bed as my mom came into the room.

My mother pushed Gleamer out of the way and then slapped me in my face. She ran up to the door and slammed it shut. I ran to the door and tried to open it but then she pushed me back onto the bed. "I hate you little brat. Today at 2:00 the reaping begins and I hope you get chose and die in battle. I have others to support me and u need to leave my house." I grabbed my bow and quiver and then grabbed my bag and shoved her out of my way. "I hate you and ill be glad yo get out of your sight." My mom then reached out to slap my face until i loaded my arrow into my bow and pointed it at her face. " Touch me and i wont have to leave the house you will be leaving my life forever." My mom unclinched her fist and then slammed the door and then locked it and stared at the window as i walked into the streets without a care in the world as long as i got away from her. Gleamer looked up from helping his had and walked over to me. I pushed Gleamer out of the way, i wasn't in the mood to talk at all. He ran up in front of me and blocked my path. "Gleamer, im not in the mood my mom just told me to die and how she hopes im in the reaping." Gleamer faced turned to a frown. "It's all my fault Leah, the way i barged in." I looked into his eyes and then i wrapped my hands around his neck. "Gleamer, it wasnt your fault. She is nothing to me now just an old memory one im gonna supress and never look back on. Now your a different story." He pulled me up in the middle of the street and brought me over to his father. He tapped his dads suit. His father turned his attention to us and gave me a warm pleasant smile. I have meet him only a couple times when i would bring the diamons that i had formed and had him shape them into different varieties. "Hello Mr.Juventas." He was carrying a couple of diamonds in his pouch. "Well hello there Leah, is your mother okay after all the trouble she went through with her divorce." I turned my eyes to the side to meet Gleamer face, his face was smoothe and just as beautiful as always. "I don't want her on my mind right now." I waved him a goodbye and took off down the road and headed to the entrance to the woods. Gleamer saw the anger in my voice and rushed off to comfort me. I grabbed my bow that my father had made out of diamonds, the ones that my father gave me on my 15 birthday the day they got a divorce he made it into a bow. It's something i always cherished and i never let anyone take it. As its the only thing i have of his that my mom hasnt thrown away. My arrows were made by me from some silver i salvaged from my job and added a gold tip on each. I raised my bow into the air and shot at a target. The arrow went straight into the center of the target. "Great aim as always Leah." I pulled my bow down to my leg and then turned around into the embrace of Gleamer. My soft-lush lighted pink lips met his warm-firm lips. He spun me around next to the lake where he picked a rose from the bushes and placed it into my hair. He pulled me close and then we both toppled to the ground as i twisted my self onto his chest with his hands wrapped around my waist. He whispered into my ears about how today was nothing but special and that he would never want to spend it with no one else but me. I began to worry and raised myself from his chest and he rose up till we were face to face. "Gleamer, im scared I dont wanna be chosen for games and i dont want you to either. Our relationship means alot to me and i can't stand the thought of being without you if you die." Gleamer saw the tears rolling out of my eyes and placed his thumb at the bottom of my eyes and brushed the tears away. "Leah, me and you won't be chose and we won't ever lose the love we have for each other." I stare to the lake and avoid contact with his eyes "Gleamer, i hope your right because at the moment your all i have. I can't stand to lose anything more, espically what i have tried so hard to gain and finally have it. That is you and your to important for me to lose." His face showed sorrow as if he believed what we jsut talked about might happen. He heard a bell go off signaling the reaping was about to begin. I got worried and began to cry and he grabbed a hold of me and lead me out of the woods into the town square. They were taking blood samples and my mom saw me and pushed me away from Gleamer. Our hands held tight to each other until it was our turns and we had to let go. "Gleamer, please dont leave me." I began to pull away from my mom and try to run past the guards with out them taking me blood but they held me back and took the sample and released me. I ran past the other guards as he held his hands out and i ran into them. He kissed me on my lips as he could see my concern. "I won't ever leave you Leah." He said as he spun me around in his arms. Effie Trinket appeared at the mic. "Well isn't this such a lovely gathering. So many beauftiful faces waiting to see what fate awaits our two lucky contestants." My face began to become pale when i heard her voice. "Gleamer, I don't wanna be here i'm scared." He pulled me closer and tried to calm me down as some of the other kids were starting to turn and stare at us. Effie taps the mic as everyone turned their attention to her. "Yes now that everyone is present and accounted for and the attention is all on me. Let chose our boy tribute first. Ladies first is so overated every year." I kept thinking now please dont let it be him anyone but him. Effie placed her hand into the bowl and swirled it around. I watched in anticipation as each slips of paper brushed against her fingers. She finally grabbed one and held it up to her face. I looked around the area and watched every kids face flush with anticipation. Effie's voice was direct "Gleamer Juventas." My face turned white as i turned to face him and his face matched mine. Effie "Come on dear, don't be shy." He started to walk up to Effie until i kept screaming and caused the guards to hold me back. "Gleamer, please dont go. I love you please dont go. I don't want to lose you. Anyone but him please Effie. Someone please volunteer." I stared at the crowd and no one made a movement to take his place. I broke into tears and started kicking and punching the guards chests until Mr. Juventas came over and grabbed me and pulled me into a hug and kept me away from looking into Gleamers eyes. I turned towards the crowd and i noticed my mother smiling. I turn my head to not face her and look straight up at the stage. "Leah i love you and i wont lose. I will come back to be with you." I begin to blush as Effie shushed Gleamer. "Now it's time for our lovely lady to be chosen." She placed her hand into the bowl and picked another piece of paper. I felt my knees begin to cave in as the name rolled off her tounge "Leah Lafleur." Mr Juventas looked into my eyes as the guards carried me to the stage. I stare at Gleamer and i begin to cry as Effie begins talking, i just tune her out. I look into Gleamer's eyes. I lose my control as my feet run towards Gleamer as her pulls me into his embrace and calms me down and kiss me in front of the whole crowd. Effie "You two please come here." We step towards her and Gleamer puts his arm around me and kiss me as Effie began to talk again "Please welcome our two district 1 tributes, and may the odds be in their favor." We stare into the crowd as the my mom and Mr.Juventas stare at us with worriec faces except my mothers who is full of delight.

Chapter 2

I stared at the vacant crowd that was starting to break away just like my life in front of me. Effie grabs my hand an escorts me into the justice building where she managed to chip her green nails while trying to shut the door. "Cheep nails, Be a dear and wait in her while we gather you visiters and send them. You only have 3 minutes with each group and you will be timed for each visit." Her wig is the last thing i see as she slams the door shut. I pace around the room wondering who my visitors are if any. A knock on the door startled me. I ran to the door hopeing it was Mr.Juventas but all i had to see was her wrinkled face and i knew it was my mother. "Hey look my wish came true. Your a tribute and you will stand no chance of surviving." I stare her down and then i roll my eyes at her. She pushed me to the side and grabs the food that was set for me. "This food is good here why dont you win this so i can have some of this everyday." "You know what if i win, i hope you die right before it happens. You dont deserve any of this." My mom's face turned red as she raised her fist to punch me when i grabbed it and threw her against the door. The peacemakers barged into the door and helped my mother up from the ground "Take her away she just tried to punch me." As they began to leave the room my mother yelled out "I'll be cheering for everyone else but you." They shoved her out of the door and locked it back. I guess no more visitors. If only Gleamer were here then i could be at peace. I heard Effie yelling from outside and peacekeepers trying to stop someone from comming in. Then the door burst open and Gleamer pulled me into a hug. "I couldn't be away from you and i heard about your mom are you okay." "i'm fine, thank you for your concern." He pulled me into his kiss and Effie and the peacekeepers stopped in the middle of the door way. He grabbed my face and brought it up to his. "I won't let anything bad happen to you." I felt like i begin to cry but no tears fall out. I see Gleamer being pulled out by the peacekeepers as Effie shuts the door behind then to talk to me. Effie then sat down beside of me and grabbed my hand. "Dear who is that?" "That's my boyfriend who was chosen with me. His name is Gleamer." Effie turned her head to the side and grabbed her schedule. "Well, since its about time for you two to depart for the capital lets round up you boyfriend and head out." She unlocked the door and went into Gleamer room and then escorted me and Gleamer to the train that would take us to the capital. "Gleamer, please don't leave me." Effie "Thats enough you two save it for the games and cameras." We turned to the train and right before we entered Mr.Juventas came up to the train opening. "Leah, i have something for you." I stare back from the inside of the car "What is it." Effie impatientaly tapped her feet as the whole convesation wasn't filling into the time she had placed for us on her schedule. "You might wanna hurry mr.Juventas. Effie doesn't like things that don't run smoothly according to her her schedule." He handed me a braclet and then he took off as the door closes infront of me as the braclet flaps in the wind. I take a look at the braclet and it says "dont back down from a challenge no matter how tough it is,keep going at all coasts." I notice the braclet and it's the one my father told me that would be waiting if i ever was in the games. Well he got his wish along with my mothers. I am now a district 1 tribute and all eyes will be on me. If only that was as good as people wished it to be. Eye of other tributes that is all with one goal to win the games and come back with riches and the family they have to leave behind.

I wake up in the morning and Effie has laid out an elegant dress that i am to wear when i enter the Capital. She wants me to look radiant when I first enter the fabulous Capitol. It's a beautiful yellow and blue dress with gray to the right side of the dress and its a sleevless dress, near the knee there is an opening as though someone has cut from knee down to the rest of the dress and a blue zig zag going across the top of the dress. I hold the dress up to the mirror when Effie enters "You'll look so beauftiful when you enter and you will absoultuely win the crowd over. Unlike Katniss Everdeen from the games 11 years ago, you all ready have that stunning beauty and your kindness is unparalled to anything that Katniss ever could have created and your love for the man over there is nothing that she could have ever felt. It's a shame that the poor couple ended short after the loss of her children from sickness. She hasn't recovered from that yet and Poor Peeta is on death bed from a sickness that is slowly make the blood vessles in his body explode and the blood rush to his heart." I just look away knowing that poor Katniss has gone through so much and her life is slowly breaking apart and crumbling infront of her. Winning isn't everthing if you can't be with the ones you love to enjoy it. I slowly reach a bath and then turn the water on feeling the warm water pound into my tense skin. It seems as though ever since i have got chosen nothing has been at my pace it's all been at Effie's. Well this shower should change that. I rub the body wash all along my body and let the water wash it away the body wash along with the memories of the horrible day at the reaping. Until a knock on the door woke me back into reality and im forced to turn the water off and place a towel around me. I get ready to reach for the door until a man shoves it open causing me to spin back on ky heels and cling to the towel and the shower curtain at the same time to regain balance. "Get out." The man was wearing a black shirt and ripped blue jeans and blonde hair and a simple stud earing in his left ear and has green eyes. "Hunny, you don't need to hide yourself. I am your stylist and I will be seeing you in less than that." Effie swiftly spun into the room with her schedule locked tight within her grasp and stopped dead in her tracks when she reached the door. "Leah this is micheal and he will be your stylist." I turn to her and meet her gaze as she manages to cause a little smirk on the layout of the scene. "Yeah we meet just a few minutes ago." She looks as Micheal and then places her gaze back to the schedule. "Well ummm,Please get Leah in that dress u made for her on the bed and have her meet us for dinner on the stage coach." I began to try to get her to stay, atleast she is more familiar then this guy just standing in the middle of my bathroom after i got out of a shower. "So you made the yellow dress on the bed.?" He looked back to the bed and then back to me "Yeah i did. It's supposed to make the ugly tributes pretty but i see your pretty enough without it. The dress will just make you irresistable to those around you." He smiled and a he began to laugh a little and so did I. This happens to be one of the most soothing moments for the past days except the moments I spent with Gleamer. "The dress it beautiful and you have alot of talent to make things as beautiful as that."' He grabbed my hand and lead me to the bedroom and stopped in front of the bed as he handed me the dress. I held it up to my body and spun gently around and then stopped when I about made myself sick. Gleamer was this and grabbed my hand and held me to his chest. He kissed me and then picked me up into the air and then brought me back down. "Hey Gleamer I will be down when I get ready. He walked outside and then i placed the dress on. "Wow,you look stunning." "Thanks i couldn't pull it off without your help." "Hunny,Your the one who pulls the dress off without you the dress is nothing." Effie yelled from down stairs for us to hurry up time is running out. She never slows down in the least bit but without her I couldn't get anything done. I begin to walk down the stairs and then i see Gleamer staring at me. "Wow your beautiful." I begin to blush and Gleamer grabs my hand and helps me down to the stairs and then he carries me in his arms and takes me to the dinner table and me and him lock eyes again and then i'm lost. He kisses me and then we sit down next to each other and Effie grabs a glass and strikes it with a spoon to get our attention. "Wow Leah you look elegant and Gleamer your so handsome." I actually take in the full look of Gleamer and he looks so handsome like nothing i have ever seen. His hair is swayed to the side and is wearing a tux and suit. Effie on the other hand is wearing a purple wig and fake nails with stars on them and she is wearing a purple slim dress that cuts off to her knees and her heels are only 3 inches with black spots on the purple heels. She also has fake eyelashes that are about an extra 3 inches and purple eyeshadow applied to the top of her eyes. She grabs the remote and turns on the T.V. on. She then shows us scenes of the reapings. I mean I guess the official reaping for your district isnt enough when your chosen but now you have to watch the other tributes get chosen also. Effie notices the discomfort in us and she promises to only make us watch their reapings to get to know the competition but I know how it is. Micheal watches the two tributes from district 2 enter and he sees the names flash on the screen. "Chris and Ellery these two seems like they have practiced their whole life for the games. District 2 will surely put up so competition for your two." I look at the screen this time and something catches my eye. "Who is the guy in the red hair." Effie pulls out the tribute guide and reads off the name "His name is Pheonix. No last name is given and he is sort of a mystery to his own district. The girl on the other hand if Ali and she is known for he singing. These two are your district 3 tributes." Gleamer turns his head from the T.V. and exits the room and i follow behind trying to calm him down. "Gleamer, are you okay." He puts on a fake smile to keep me from feeling sad. "I'll be fine it's just that I didn't want to watch it anymore I really didn't want to see the people that we are going to have to kill." I feel the same and i lean in to kiss him so that it would calm him down. "Gleamer i love you and I'm sorry that you had to be brough into this." He smiles and then kisses me with his soft lips and brushes my hair to the said and rubs his hand along my cheek "I am happy as long as I am with you and I wouldn't want to be any where except here with you." I smile and he grabs me and brings me back down the stairs. Effie franticly moves around the table to meet us. "You two need to get some sleep tonight and tommorow we will be arriving into the Capital tommorow morning and you two will need to be in the same dress for the Chariot introduction scene. You will represent your district and you will do so proudly. Me and Micheal will be there watching from behind the lines and after the introduction is over you will be presented with your mentor after the introduction but i will need you both well rested to work with you tommorow." We both waved her away as we went up to my bed and we laid down there together. "Gleamer, please hold me tight I dont want to be without you." He pulls me into his chest and pulls me into his shirless chest. "I would never do that to you. Me and you will be together through thick and thin." We both fall asleep and im wrapped into his arms keeping me safe from all harm and I know as long as I am with him nothing bad can ever go wrong.

chapter 3

I woke up but Gleamer wasn't there beside me. I stare at the ceiling and then Michel's face pops into view and i jolt awake and he moves his head out of the way. "Wake up sleepy head, we will need this whole morning to get you ready for the big introduction at the capital. We want you looking stunning." I roll my eyes and begin to try to fall back down to sleep until Effie charges into the room. "Ewwww. That bed head of yours needs to go and you need to be properly prepared for the chariot ride into the Capital within three hours." She whips her head back around and heads for the door. I clench my fists as she leaves and Micheal makes me unclench them. I roll my eyes. "Strip hunny." I give him a weird stare. "Hunny,I told you i would be seeing you in less than that towel." So i slowly strip down out of my clothes. He walks around my body and his fingers probe me in places as he tries to get the feel and look at the angles i want to show to impress everyone. "Well every angle you strike beauty will take over so you have nothing to worry about. You drop dead gorgeous and you will win the crowd over with your beauty." I smile as i place my panties back on and he reaches for the dress he had made for me. I place it on and spin around in it as he smiles in approval. It's a pure white dress, almost the same design of that of a wedding dress. Diamonds covering lining of the dress. I am handed two stunning pure diamond earring Mr.Juventas has given Micheal to give to me. I place them in my ears and Micheal comments on how they brighten up my face. He then proceeds to straighten my hair until it cascades down to my shoulders. He takes a few strands and twists them into a french braid. I smile at the out come and then Micheal pulls out a box that Effie got for me. It's probably only a simple necklace because Effie doen't like to take to much time off her schedule because she likes everthing to run on the right track or she goes hectic trying to get everthing back on track. Micheal opens the box and the necklace is beautiful i can only gasp in the glory. He places around the necklace around my neck. The necklace has mini diamonds fixed into the chain. At the end is a pure aqauamarine heart at the end of the chain. I open the locket and there is a picture of my dad and brother fixed into each side of the heart. I begin to cry as Effie walks into the room. I burst out of the chair and run into Effie and give her a hug that almost knocks both of us down. "Thank you so much Effie you have no idea how much this means to me." Effie smiled and pulled me in for the hug. "No problem your my favorite tributes and i wouldn't want you to feel left out." She smile and then left the door and attended to the schedule. I left the room in the dress and went outside on the terrance I take in the fresh air and spin around. I then hear footsteps behind me and I turn around and Effie grabs a hold of my hand and sends me through the rooms and then she pushes Micheal out of the way and we stop right infront of the chariot where Gleamer has already climbed in. I actually take in what he looks like. He is wearing a black suite and tux with a diamond that says "Leah is my love." I smile at the diamond and pull him into a hug. The door opens and the chariot begins to move. I almost lose my balance but Gleamer pulls me back up to his chest an hold me tight so that i dont fall. The crowd cheers when we hold each other and then he pulls me into a kiss and they cheer so loud that i almsot didnt hear Gleamer say that he loves me. As roses fall fom the crowd Gleamer grabs one and places it in my hair. We hold hands and then kiss as the chariot comes to a stop in the district 1 spot. We kiss one final time and then watch the other tributes file in numerical order. District 2 tributes-Chris and Ellery appear in a gold dress and a golden tux. How classy, they love to clash and match. District 3-Ali and Pheonix appear in a black feathery tux and dress and it about covers up the chariot. District 4 on the other hand came dresses as a mermaid and and her male partner as the human mate. The colors are blue and green. District 5 dresses in green dress and green tux almost like the color of puke. Not the best way to look appealing. District 6 wears a yellow dress and black tux that has black stripes going around them. They look exacly like a bumblebee. District 7 has a girl who is hiding behind the male tribute and they are both wearin red. District 8 is wearing pink and i feel sorry for the male tribute. District 9 is wearing weapons on their tux and dress and they are only trying to gain toughness. District 10 they are both wearing purple but only the girl is selling it for their team. District 11 appear in style wearing a white dress and white tux with blue scarfs. District 12 come in a coal and soot dress fully naked. District 13 appears in a silver and gold striped dress and tux with purple bows i ntheir hair. District 14 is wearing a brown dress and brown tux and brown sandles. District 15 are smothered in snow and are totally freezing themselfs. I stare back to the podium and I wait for President Snow to turn around and give his speach. All of a sudden i hear a thud against the floor and Gleamer is over me shielding me and the chariot we were just was crushed to pieces. The other tributes gasp in horror. I look up and the crystal chandalier above us had been broken and the crystal is shatered all over the floor. Gleamer kiss me and then tries to look at my body to see if any damage has been done. I stare at the the podium and I see one of the peacemakers drop their guns down. "Gleamer i think they shot it and tried to kill us." He got mad and got ready to go up and attack them until i grabbed onto his waist and stopped him. "Why isn't the president doing anything to stop this?" Then i hear a voice and they say "Because i'm the one who ordered for it to happen." The person turned around it caught me off guard comepletly. The new president is my mom.

Chapter 4

I stare at the podium and start to approach it but Gleamer holds his hand out and blocks me from approaching her. He runs up to the front of the podium and raises his hands into the air as the peacekeepers raise their guns and point them at him. "Unraise your hand or I will have them fire on you and kill you." I scream real loud "No please don't hurt him." She ordered them to drop their guns and she began to start to leave with them following behind her. "Leah you mean nothing to me and You never will." She disappeared in the black smoke she made to escape and the smoke was so thick the tributes from 4,8,12 were chokeing on the smoke. I stare at Effie and my face become red with anger. "How. Effie how could my mom be president of the Capital?" Effie looked away from me and her gaze went away. "Leah, Your mother is a decendant of President Snow and so after he died she became the new president." I looked at my hands as though they were covered in blood and I was horrified. "That means after my mom dies I will become the new president. I dont want that to happen Effie." I cover my face with hands and I begin to cry and Gleamer walks over to me and hugs me and keeps me comfortable. Effie and Micheal then ran out from the crowd and made it down to the floor beside us. Effie grabs my hand and takes us back to the room where she lets me stay and rest for a while. Gleamer sits down beside me. "Leah,I'm sorry you had to find out about your mom like this." I turn my face to meet his and my eyes grow big. "Oh my god did you know about this?" He shook his head in dismay. "Why didn't you tell me. I can't believe you. How could you make me go through all that." He begins to tear up in his eyes and he runs over to a wall and punches his fist into the wall causing it to break. He then barges out of the door and slams it behind him. I stare at Effie and Micheal and they just look the other way as I run out the door trying to follow him. I stop when I hear my mother's voice and see peacemakers hoisting Gleamer into the air and I see them place him in my mother's room. I run over there to hear what is happening. "So your the lover boy my daughter is falling in love with. Your nothing special and you better keep this love thing going if you are to get sponsers to help out our district." Gleamer spat at her. "You can go to hell." My mother slapped him in the face and then pulled a knife out of her dress. She wore a red dress with flowers all around it and she has black hair almost the same color as her soul. My mother raised the knife up to Gleamer's throat. "You should watch your tounge. Before I cut it out of your mouth and I avox you. I'm so glad that loser is out of the way. I mean it's so tradgic how family dies but i'm glad to have his job and I'm not sorry for killing him. It was very simple all it took was one bullet through the head. But it was so fun to do I mean I cut his body so many time and I sliced his tounge out of his mouth so no one could hear his screams. He was so weak and I killed him with one bullet shot to the head and placed his body in the rose flower garden. I'm finally taking a spot that rightfully belongs to me." She grabbed his head and held it to her face till she has eye contact with him. "Your girlfriend will die within the first 25 and she will do you no good. She's worthless just like her father." Gleamer began to try to get the guards off him and try to punch her but she stabbed a needle into his next and then he collapsed to the ground and she jerked it out of his neck. I ran into the room. "I know everthing you did and I am going to tell." She smiled and smirked as the guy behind me tried to stab the needle into my neck but I grabbed his hand and kicked the needle out of his hand and then kicked him in the head and he fell to the ground. I ran to try to get the virus, but my mother got there first and smashed the virus with her feet. "Well I guess your plans are failed mom. That was the only one and I'm going to tell everyone. I began to try to leave until one of the peacekeepers jumped from the ceiling and stabbed the needle into my stomach. I fall to the floor and my vision is begining to fail. I see my mother comming closer and she grabs the needle out of my neck and pulls it out. I cant move any part of my body. She just smiles and smirks.

I wake up in the morning. It is almost dawn. My head hurts and every time I move my body pain shoots through my whole body. My face is burning up and Effie places a cold wash cloth on my head to stop the heating but it does little to no effort. "What happened last night Leah?" I begin to raise myself up to tell her but then I almost pass out from the pain it brings. "I dont remember but the last thing I remeber was me and Gleamer dancing beside the rose garden." Effie's face shows that she doesnt believe me but she doesn't push and further and she leaves the room to tend to Gleamer and Micheal enters my room. "Well you look horrible." I roll my eyes at him but then we both burst into laughter. He hands me my water and I take a few sips and then he hands me a pill for me to take to stop the pain. I take the pill. All of a sudden I am shaking uncontrolably and Micheal is pinning me down. I cant feel a single thing and my vision is disappearing and I cant breath. No air is reaching my lungs. I hear Effie run into the room and she is trying to grab me and hoist me up and she bends my back and she beats her hands on it trying to get the pill to come out. Finally it does and I can breath again. Gleamer enters the room and he has small gashes and huge gashes covering his body. I sit up a little and Gleamer climbs down into the bed with me and then we both fall asleep together. I wake up and i'm in Gleamer's arms. I escape his arms even though i wouldn't want to be anywhere other than next to him safe inside his arms. I slowly open the door and go to the kitchen and pour me a glass of water. I then walk myself back to the couch and I notice the big blue chadlier above my head and the red couch under it. Then I notice a video tape with my name on it and I place it into the video player and as I go to sit down I hear a scream from outside. I accidentaly knock my glass of water over. I run to the door and open it and run out into the hall way to find the girl who just screamed. I see a girl convulsing on the ground. The peacekeepers rush over to help her and then her skin turns into a blackish color. Then her skin melts away and she is in nothing but ashes. I Begin to cry and then the peacekeepers push me back into the room and go around the capital trying to find what started this. I hear Gleamer wake up and he enters the living room and then my eyes go to the tv. Some virus was given to some patient on the screen and their body turned pure black and then just melted away. I cover my mouth and begin to hyperventalate and then Gleamer comes and wraps his arms around me and pulls me close. "Gleamer, a girl just died outside." His face went into white and then he looked at the tape and it said "enjoy the pills." I stare at the video tape and then we both go over to Effie's door and knock on it. She opens and she is wearing a blood red wig and a pink dress with purples eyelashes and black eye shadow. "Micheal take Leah and have her ready by 3 o'clock sharp. The interviews will be happening at exacly 3 and I want her there on time." He grabbed my hand and brought me back into my room and the last I saw of Gleamer was him pacing around the room. He sat me in the chair and then straightened my hair and then curled the ends so they would curl at my shoulders. Next I put on the light blue dress that was covered in diamonds that covered the chest area and one's that formed a flower. Then he handed me my blue high heels and I ran out of the room. Effie then brought Gleamer out and he wore a white tux and had his hair in a emo cut. I kissed him on his lips and when our lips met it was like I never feel alone. My pink lipstick came off on his lips. Micheal guided us to the waiting room where we were to wait till Effie got there. Effie arrived shortly there after with someone I havent meet before he was wearing a black tux and he has brown hair and green eyes. "Hello My name is Jacob and I will be your Mentor." He extended his hand out for us to shake hands but Gleamer grabbed his and shoke it but I didn't feel like shaking hands with someone I havent met before. I just simply smiled and waved to him and he did also. He and Effie took a seat by Micheal and Gleamer. I am the first one up. They always say its the best to go first because you get it over with quicker well they are wrong. It just means that you will be the first seen and that means no mistakes. I hear the countdown from outside it counts down just like the 5 last seconds before each tribute is realeased to kill each other same nervousness and same anticipation to have it over with. I hear Caesar calming the crowd down. "Today we will meet with each and everyone of the tributes to get to know them and first up will be the beautiful Leah Lafluer.

Leah's Interview

I hear the crowd cheer when he said my name. I enter onto the stage and I blow kisses out to the audience. They throw roses at me. I begin to take a seat in the chair next to Caesar. He grabs my hand and gently kisses it. I sit down in the sir and place my hands on my knees and cross my feat on each other. "So today we have District 1's female tribute Hot Lafleur. I smile and wave at the crowd. "So Leah tell us a little about yourself." I smile and begin to talk. "Well my name is Leah Victoria Lafleur. I am 17 years old and I work with diamonds. I craft the diamonds and have them fitted into frames and fixed into braclets." I smile and I run my hands through my hair. "Well Leah that dress is quite beautiful on you." "Why thank you caesar." I get up from the couch and I twirls around as the dress sways in the air. The sparkles begin to shine on the dress and I am practically swaying in the sparkles lighting up my face. "Wow. That is all I can say." I smile as the dress stops spinning. I begin to sit down. "So Leah how is your family." I begin to become irritated but I don't show it since I want to look the best I can. "Caesar,my family isn't a very hot topic. My mother is the new president and my father and brother abandoned me when I was 15 two years ago. The divorce was finalized and my father chose my brother over me. My mother hates me and I have to fend each day in district 1 for myself and she takes adavantage of that. She is the reason my sister died. She is selfish and a greedy mother who took everthing i gather to support this family for herself. She watched my sister die and she just went on with life as though my sister didnt matter to her. Well I guess that means I have two parents who don't care for me." He doesnt respond for a while as I just wish the whole interview is over. "Leah,I'm sorry for your lose." He pauses and doesnt say anthing else. "I can't do this. She ruins everthing for me. My happiness doesnt matter to her and I guess I'm not meant to be anything else than a tool used to do everthing for her." I begin to start to cry but caesar grabs my hand and holds it up to my heart. "leah, your wrong you have everthing a good person is about and what matters most is that you have a heart and you care for people." He points to my heart and I sit back down. "Well Leah is their anything you would like to say to the people out there who already care for you and all of your trouble you have gone through." I begin to almost walk off the stage until I think of something I have really wanted to say. I stand at the very edge of the stage and the crowd becomes still. "I love Gleamer and no matter how much she doesnt like him. He brings me joy and I wont let anything happen to him not matter what happens in the arena. I will die just to protect him as he is the only thing I care about." The crowd throws flowers at me and Caesar grabs one and hands it me. "Leah, your the best tribute I have ever met on my show. Your the reason I love my job, it's to meet tributes like you that have so much potential." I smile as I hug Caesar. He has actually made me feel so comfortable than any other person in the capital could ever make me feel. I smile and wave back to the crowd as I exit out of the stage and their cheers begin to raise louder and louder. I finally find my way back to the room in which I came from and then Gleamer wraps me into his arms and then he kisses me on my lips. "Leah, what you went through is something I could never imagine." Effie then runs over to me and pulls me into a hug. "Leah I envy your strength and how come you never told us how these things bothered you." "I guess I never wanted to burden you all with the details and I just wanted everthing to be forgotten." Micheal then comes up to me next and kisses my hand. "Girl the way you represented your district was nothing but compasionate and powerful and you did your distric justice. Now the way you wore that dress you looked amazing and very breath taking." I smiled and then wen't to head back to the room. I got ready to open the door when Jacob grabbed my hand. "You were something out there." "Thanks I guess." I walk into the room and then wait for Gleamer to finish his interview.

Gleamer Pov

I watched as Leah exited the room. She was spectacular. I don't have faith in me being that good but I'll try helping our district achieve the best recognition it can get. I watch as Effie stirs up a conversation with Micheal. "Micheal, so how do the tributes look this year." I began to try to enter the conversation but I turn away on the grim chance that they might mention how we can't stand a chance against the other tributes. "Please don't underestimate us." They just turned their heads a little to stare at me then they went back to their conversation. I hear Caesar shouting to the crowd about how Leah was everthing a tribute every needed to be. "Now we move onto the male tribute of district 1 Gleamer Juventas." I stumbled from my seat as I begin to leave for the stage but stop when my the crowd began to cheer. Effie makes a waving motion for me to head to the stage. I force my self to walk onto the stage and I hear the blaring of the crowd as I try to avoid eye contact. I stare at Caesar and then take a seat. "So Gleamer how is your love intrest with the female tribute Leah." I try to say something but I kinda choke up on my words. "Well me and Her love each other. We went into this competition knowing that it would be difficult but we won't give up on each other." Caesar smiles. "Well she is very lovely. She is really lucky to have you." I smile and then the crowd begins to awww in love and I kinda begin to smile. "So Gleamer please tell us about yourself." I move my hand through my blonde hair. "Okay. Well my name is Gleamer Juventas. I have worked with my father in helping crafting sizes of the diamonds. I am 17 years old. I will do anything to protect the ones I love and I wont let you get away if you hurt the one I love." "Well Gleamer your a wonderful person and I know whoever your friends with have a special guy to lean on." Caesar tells me to get up and show myself off to the crowd. So i do so and i pat my White tux down before I get up. The girls in the crowd cheer at the sight of me, but then Caesar chimes in and the girls die down "Girls he is already taken. He is in love with Leah." I smile as I look out into the crowd and I see her there and her smile warms my heart." I snap back into reality when I hear Caesar ask me a question. "So Gleamer how is your family life." "My family is good. My father and I are as close as we can be. I dont have a mother though. She was taken away from me when I was young. She died in the hunger games when she was 20. I never got to know her very well. Dad would just sit there and tell me stories of how they met. I never had a normal life growing up I was overshadowed by all my brothers who all died in a fire at our old house. I was the only child to escape and that next year my mother died at the hunger games. So it's just been me and my father. I always wanted fame back then for my father to finally notice me but this isnt how i planned for it to happen." My smile fades but not completely. "Well I'm sorry for your lose and I hope the odds are in your favor." He smiles and then I exit the stage but not before I wave to the others in the crowd. I then exit off the stage and then enter the room where Effie and Micheal were sitting. "Wow Gleamer you did a wonderful job and Your story back their touched my heart." Effie then kinda went back to going through the schedule and then exited back to the room while Micheal followed her. I followed behind and then I felt a hand touch my back and I noticed Jacob was telling me to come back there. "You did good out there. I know your mother by the way she was such a nice woman. It was a shame I had to watch her die." My face flushed with anger as I stormed away from Jacob and almost knocked Leah into the wall but I swiftly grabbed onto her hand and pulled her into a kiss then took off before she could talk to me. I 'm not in the mood to talk to anyone.

Ellery Pov

I sit there and wait as I watch district 1 male tribute leave the stage. Leah and Gleamer seem like the pair that will most likely stay together and fight to have everyone else killed. I on the other hand dont plan on making an alliance with Chris as I have no plans on killing the tribute that I have come into the arena with. It's only a matter of minutes before I am called onto the stage and will begin my interview with Caesar. I sit here in this stupid purple frizzly dress that my stylist has made me wear to look appealing. My hair is tied in a pony tail in the back and it's so red that some would say it's crimson. I fidgit with my hair for a big as Chris tries not to make contact with me. I don't plan on dieing without giving a fight while Chris is nothing like me he would rather die than to survive. I hear Caesar call my name and I am rising from my seat to enter the room and not a single good luck from Chris. I see the lights shine so bright on the stage that I almost go blind in my left eye. I am already blind in the right eye from a brith defect. People mostly just ignore me because I can't fully see them. Caesar stood up into the air and then grabbed my hand and guided me from the left side of the stage to my seat. "So this is Ellery everyone. She is the district 2 female tribute." I smile and way as I try to focus in on every person in the crowd as my eyesight gets worse in my left eye the more i strain to see the others. "Hey my name is Ellery. I live in district 2 and im 16 years old. I am completely blind in my right eye from a birth defect. I died my hair as a symbol of all the blood shed during the hunger games." Caesar claps his hands and then begins to speak again. "Well Ellery how is your family life at district 2?" "I have no family. My mom and dad abandoned me when I was 13 and I havent seen them since. I have been raised by my aunt who adopted me and she may not live long enough to survive the ends of these games. She is dying from a brain injury she suffered from falling while in a wreck. The car ran into her head and she is slowly bleeding eternally and the doctors say there isnt a thing that they can do to help her. My little cousin is the only thing I have left after my Aunt. She is 14 and is trying to help support my herself and my aunt. I have worked with stones since i was 10 and I have had to support myself with the money I had made from my job. My stonework isnt that special as I only do a job good enough to get by with the money as I'm not looking for recognition for the work I do at my job." He takes a deep breath before talking again probabaly to collect his thoughts. "Your suppoting everyone now and everything is on the line for you to win if not your life crumbles to a million pieces." I nod my head in agreance and then my time is up as if I never had done anything to begin with. I walk off the stage and I sit and wait for Chris to finish his interview.

Chris Pov

I have no plans on winning these games at all when I first was brought up on what they were about. That all changed when My mother was killed by a group of people who wanted money to support themselves and my father wouldn't give them any and they just killed my mother while my father watched from the sidelines. I have trained ever since that day to achieve enough strength to prove myself worthy of beating many people to prove that I am the strongest.That's why when I got put into the games I know that I can prove myself. I don't let myself show off around Ellery as may end up my opponent in the match and if I die she might as well win. She isnt as arrogent as I am. I dont plan on letting myself die within the first people as I am atleast smart enough to avoid the bloodbath at the Cornicopia. I wont get close to Ellery because relationships is what hurt the most when it comes down to killing other tributes and If me and her joined together and became friends it would just make it harder to kill each other. If someone kills her before I do that just means I don't have to deal with her in the end. Or if I die before she does she wont have to burden herself with having to kll the tribute from your own district. I play it off as though I don't want to be in the games so that she wont bother with me. I dont worry about my job as my father makes more than enough money to support ourselves. I loan some money to Ellery in her desperate times of need as we used to be very close friends before all this happened and now we remain in privacy to each other. I rarely find time to enjoy my childhood at the age of 15 as I am to busy trying to train for the games. People my age dont socialize with me knowing that I am always training to kill those in the arena and they back off from me because I train myself to kill and they think I will try to kill them. My house is nothing special just made out of the rocks that my father had collected over the years and built the house. I have a little sister who was taken from me and then handed to the Capital where she was made into a peacekeeper and then she moved away and I never saw her again. These games are horrible and they corrupt the minds of others as Ellery is already trying to keep herself from thinking about the damage they do to the ones that win. I dont want to win I would rather be killed off than to suffer alone in life for the rest of my years. Last year both tributes from our district died in the 84th hunger games. We offically lost all the victors from our district and We were given Johanna as a mentor this year. She knows alot about the games but it was a shame she has to partcipate in the same games Jacob did and they both survived and they were the only two that survived the 82 hunger games leaving that to be her 3 time in the games. Caesar just didnt say much after that knowing that Johanna was a tough subject to bring up after she survived 3 times. She almost died in the 82 games if it hadnt have been for Jacob being there for her. She was jacob's girlfriend and he didnt want to abandon her and they both won. I dont learn much about schools subjects during the time of my life as I am more focused on training to save the ones that I care about and bring them closer to winning. Caesar dismisses me and I walk off the stage and I walk back into the room to watch as district 3 tributes are about to be shown.

Ali Grace Snide Pov

I walked into the room where pheonix was waiting as my auburn hair swayed in the breeze. As I passed Pheonix he gave me a rude stare that kept me shivering. "Pheonix the Captial own us here. If we can just band together we would be back to tear them down. We are their power as long as we promote their good side then no other district will rebel against them but if we were to show them that they dont own us their power would disappear. We could go back home and we could stop all these games from happening ever again." He just shoves me aside and I fall to the floor. "The Capital owns you and there is nothing you can do about it." He smirks as is about to leave the room until I get up from my seat. "What are you that you would bow down to them? Cant you see we are only viewed as pawns that are used to kill each other because they dont want themeselves to be framed for the killing. We are their tools and they use us so that after we kill each other to be crowned victor we will feel gulity while they will still remain pure in the district's eyes. He then walks out of the room leaving me along in the room and with my velvet red dress all dirty from where he shoved me to the ground. I brushed myself off and took a step to the mirror and saw my reflection. There was always a gleam in the left side of each of my eyes and I was instructed to show off myself to Caesar and let my real self do all the talking. Well that cant happen as what the real me wants to say could get us all killed. I then hear Caesar call my name and I walk onto the stage and try not to make contact with them and hide my eyes from them. I smile at Caesar and he grabs my hand and then kisses it. "So tell us about your self would you." I smile and then turn to the audience and I think to myself be yourself there is no one better. "Hey my name is Ali Grace Snide. I am the female tribute for district 3 and I work on technology of computers. I make the chips and process the computers and have them delivered to you. My mother and my father spend alot of their time working on instaling many technology camers such as the ones used in the Capital to have them safe from harm from the inside and the outside. I am the shortest and the youngest competitor of the games this year." He smiles and then looks at his watch and then looks over to the clock and notices times about to run out. "Well thank you for the time you spent with us. We cant wait to see more of you in the games." My smile turns into a frown as I exit the room and then I feel the piercing gaze of Pheonix as I enter back into the room but this time I dont speak to him to frustrate him even more than he already is. I just wait for his interviews to be over so we get closer to the last of him I have to see.


I watch as Ali walks away without a care in the world. She is always so optomistic that you would figure she would never be hurt by anything. I dont want any alliances with her or any of the competitors as Ill just have to turn around and killer her in the end anyways. 29 competitiors and If i start of will killing her that will bring me one step closer to having the victor title in my hands. She isnt that special anyways she is just to whinny and should be disposed of at the initial bloodbath and that's what I plan on avoiding. I adjust the goggles in my hair as they were messing with my spiked red hair. I go to enter the stage when my eyes meet the crowd as they all turn away and try not to gaze into my fierce red eyes. I walk over to the seat and Caesar hasnt even turned around to aknowlede that I was there. I tapped him on the shoulder as he was wasteing valuable time for me to bring me closer to the ends of this game. He then turns his head and his gaze meets mine and he quickly turns away. "Come on you horrible professional talk show host you can do better than that atleast aknowlede me. You and this pathetic crowd are nothing more than cowards who sit behind the lines and bet for who is gonna die first." He becomes furius with my comment and turns around. "Well why dont you tell us about yourself as You already have the rudeness part down for the competition." I smirk and then roll my eyes. "My name is Pheonix and I am the oldest competitor in the games being 18 and this is my last year of having to be in these stupid games. My family are dead beats who are both dead now. My father was a drunk man who would always come home and never have anytime to spend me with me. My mother didnt give a crap about anything but the money they both made and she was a greedy woman who deserved the fate she got. My mother was killed by my father in a drunken fit. I then proceeded to kill my father from there for killing my mother and I enjoyed every minute of the torture he went through with my blade stabbing him and It made me feel even better when that final swing went straight through his neck severing his head from his body. The crowd just stopped cheering and I exited the stage and then went back into the room as I saw Ali waiting for the elevator and when our eyes met she turned away and entered the elevator as I went straight to my room and waited till the days got shorter and then watched for district 4 tributes about to begin their interviews.


I walk past Ariella who is sitting on the otherside of the room from me and catch her staring at me as I brush my hands through my blonde hair. I turn her direction as I stare into her brown eyes and she turns away from my peircing deep blue eyes. I go onto the stage and I hear the crowd cheering and then I stare into the crowd and they all see my blue eyes and the girls become happy and flirtuous and they smile and wave with thier shy expressions. I turn my head from the crowd and then smile as I sit down next to Caesar. He turns and then begins to speak until he looks me in the eyes and gets lost in his speach. "Well um, tell us about yourself." I smile and then begin to meet with the gaze of the crowd. "Well my name is Dax and I am 16 years old. I am the district 4 male tribute. I work on a barge out in district 4 where I fish for food to bring home to the family. My mother works at her own restraunt in the main town in district 4 and we have many visitors come and eat so I am pretty well aquainted with the people in my district. My brother and sister help work around the house and come and help my mother dutring her shift at the restraunt. They prepare the meals and help clean up after the people have left. I fish and export the fish to many of the other districts and I also prepared some of the meals for the capital attendents in the Capital. I spice up the dishes here and then open them up for the other tributes to eat. It's kind of a hobby of mine but my mother and father stick more to working alone away from each other as my father is gone and away on buisness while me and my mother set up the restraunt and tend to it while he is away and I dont have much father and son time like the other kids because he is gone." Caesar smile goes into a frown and then the clock goes off just as he was about to ask his last question which was "How do you like these wonderful games that you have been put through." I am so happy that I escaped that question as I have no idea how I would have answered it as most im sure would say they hated the feeling of being put up to fight against others and have them killed. I exit back into the room Ariella is sittting in and then I walk past her and sit down in the seat next to her and I wait until she finishes her interview.


I watch as he exits his interview and He seems to have them all under his gaze and and mine as well. I look into the mirror and stare at my long waist brown hair and brown eyes and none of it I deem beautiful like the beautiful and perfect female tribute Leah from sidtrict 1 with her blonde hair and her crystal blue eyes. She sickens me with her perfection. I take a look at my hair that has a gold bow from the mermaid costume in the chariot ride into the Capital. These cant be the last days of my time here such grusome memories if I am to win the games and have to watch all the deaths of the people I met this year. I whip my hair around and I push past Dax and confuse him as to where he was heading as I walked out onto the stage and then I present myself off to the crowd by smling and waving as I come to sit down beside Caesar who is suprised by my height and then beings to talk. "So tell us about yourself why dont you." I smirk with an amused look on my face. "My name is Ariella and I am 16 years old and I never lose a battle and I dont plan on losing my battle here during these games. My mom is spends most of her hours alone and sick in the bed and my brothers and sisters tend to her as I would go out and find fish and other stuff and cook dinner for them and I dont eat until they get enough and My father is always with another woman and he never finds what he has been looking for. He never makes time to care about us or even show up and try to come and take us places. My older brother helps me take care of the family and we hoold part time jobs in town working in a restraunt under Dax's mother to try to make enough money and she is very nice to use and gives us a raise if we desperatly need it and she will do us a favor and she never makes us pay for the stuff we do and and We bring her fish and other animals for her to cook at her work and I also have a thrid job that I do at night time and I help gather medical leaves to make medicine to go along with the fish we have to make medicines to help fix minor wounds and that also keep people from protein difeceny. I then come home and help the kids clean up the house and then prepare them with their food and then tuck them in bed and feed my mother the pills and then I go to bed and then I wake up in them morning and then head back out." He seems like I just laid alot on him and then the timer goes off and I exit the stage and then I head back into the room and then me and Dax head back to the room to watch district 5 interview.

Luke De' Winter

I walk into the room and then wait for me to be called as my parter is still in the room waiting. I rub my hands through my hair and I see the brown strands and then twist them between my fingers. I then look into the mirror and I stare at the reflection of my eyes and it looks as if they just mixed two colors together and then just left it like that. I keep waiting for Kayla to come but she never does and I just raise from my seat and then exit to the stage and as I enter the air hits me and I take in the faces of all the crowd and I smile and akwardly wave my hand and then come to the seat across from Caesar and just wait for him to start talking. He looks at me and then smiles as If he thinks I resemble someone. "So tell us about yourself." I begin to talk. "My name is Luke De' Winter and I am 15 and I am the male district 5 tribute. I help power the electricity of the whole nation and I also fixed my own electricty in my house and I routed the whole sytem to only power my house. My mother also helps and does all the cooking while my father does nothing but drink and waste his life away. My sister was killed 10 years ago and she placed 4 out of the 24 competitors and I lost her as easy as that. Many knew her as Foxface but no one knew her like I did and I was the only one who cared what happened to her my father and mother went on with life not even caring to notice she was gone and she cant come back. I wish my brother would help but he is so spoiled that my father and mother let him get away with anything. My parents baby him and I was forced into this competiton because my brother was chosen and they would rather me die than their precious baby." Caesar just looks at mean and then notices the resemblence between me and Foxface as he sees the red hair strands comming out of the brown. "Foxface she was such a lovely girl and she outwitted most of the competition and took their supplies away from them without them knowing. She was something to be able to keep them from noticing by only taking small portions. You will have a lot of people after you for you being her brother. Well may the odds be ever in your favor." I turn away from them and exit the stage and head back into the room and Kayla was sitting there.


I sit here with my hands in my lap and I notice Luke exiting and I begin to stand up and my black dreadlocks shake across my head and the blonde stands come loose. I place my hands on my blackened skin and then I stare at myself in the window and my green eyes are the only light thing about my personality. I walk past the others and step onto the stage and as I so people turn away in disgust as they see the big scare across my face from where I was beat by my stepfather. Caesar then cups my face and gives me a kiss on my forehead. "I am so sorry to have scared you all. My name is Kayla and I am 16 and I work as a medical student and train to keep those who suffer burns from electricty and relive their pain with the medicinal herbs I recieve from trailing around the woods and I keep record of the berries I spot. My father and my mother often visit me at my work to recieve the supplies I give to them as they come hom with many burns and I treat them but many of time I have many patients to attend to so I stock up on supplies earlier and hand them over to them and have them ration the supplies. My brother died a few years back from electricution from a broken power line." I exit the stage and many in the crowd wonder why I left so early and then I exit out into the room and I see Luke and I smile at him and then I twirl my hair in my hands and then I go to exit back into my room and then I start to think about my brother and how I had to just sit there and think about how his charred skin felt against me as I tried everthing to save him but he was already to far from saving. I would sit there ever night and burn a candle and let it get all burnt and then blow it out for every day he had to suffer with those injuries and the way my stepfather just laughed at watching him die in the hospital. I would visit his grave everyday and I would bring the burned candles and lay them there at the base of the grave and then I would head back to home and then I would go back to bed and I would think about what would happen to him and then I woul tell stories about him to my smaller brothers and sisters about how every time he was around the family I was happy and after he died I never felt happiness around anyone but them. I then shook my self awake and then me and Luke entered our room and waited to watch the other tributes.


i enter the stage and I sit down to talk to Caesar. "So tell us about yourself." I raise my head up and begin to speak. "My name is Nora and I am 18. My father and my mother both live with me in our house. I help transport many things in and out of our district. My mother died during the 82 hunger games after being killed by Johanna with an axe to her head. My father on the other hand lost a leg in the explosions. I have taken care of him since the moment we met a year before my mothers death.


I entered the stage and sat down to talk with Caesar. "So tell us a little about yourself." I look at him and then I begin to speak. "My name is Volt and I am 17, My mother is a traveling agent and makes sure things that leave the district are watched so they arent damaged whether they be goods or people. My father died in the war a while back and I have to raise money for our family as my brother and sister are way to young to be able to work in transportation.


I enter onto the stage and instantly many people begin to start to cheer. I see Caesar trying to quiet them down and then he looks back to me and ask me a question. "So tell me about yourself." I smile and then begin to speak "My name is Annaleah and I am 14. I am very shy and I dont normally talk to people that much. My mother is the same way while my father was outgoing until his death. He died when I was very young when a tree collapsed onto top of him.


I enter onto the stage and sit down next to Caesar. "Well please tell us a little about yourself." I smile and then I nod my head in agreeance. "My name is Damien. I am 18. My mother works on carving jewlery for her store while my father works on cuttign tress down and carves them into boats and many weapons. He displays them in my mother's store. My brother and sister make little weapons out of the wood and they fight each other until one of them wins and its always my sister.


I go and sit down in my seat next to Caesar. "So tell us about yourself." My face lights up and I scream with pleasure. "Ill be gald to. My name is Nea and I am 17. My mother works in her clothing store and makes many of the clothes the capital wears while my father makes shoes that he styles himself and then puts them on display where he sells them and helps pay for the materials my mother uses to make her clothes. My bother and sister help make the buttons. I sing in my spare time and sing at big events.


I go and sit down beside Caesar. "So tell me about yourself. "Well my name is Cole and I am 19. My mother owns her own bag store and sells many of them to the Capital in oder to pay for the fabrics of her new creations.My Dad on the other hand makes many sandles in which he laces them together to make intricate designes and has them sold on high schoe stores and then recieves the money and puts it together for my moms fabric. I on the other hand work in the tuxes department for extra cash to feed my family.


I go and sit next to Caesar and then wait for him to speak. "So tell us about yourself would you please." I nod my head and then begin to speak. "My name is Hevan and I am 16. My mother is in production of many grain fields and plukes the grain and has them made into bread. My father on the other hand works in a factory and has the grain smashed into little dinner rolls and then goes and adds them to his little bakery on the other side of town he also makes sandwitches. I make the bread and then have it and deliever it to each house.


I go and sit next to Caesar and me and him shake hands. "So tell me a little about yourself." I smile and then shake his hand again and then begin to speak. "My name is Matt and I am 14 years old. My mother works in the same factory as Hevan's mother and they work in a dual course in making the bread. My father on the other hand goes and cuts down many of it each day and hands it over to Heavan's father and they make the yeast rolles and they work on the bakery together. I just sit around and chop up the grain for fun.


I enter and then go and sit down beside Caesar. He then begins to speak. "Well tell us about yourself." I nod my head and then begin to start to speak. "My name is Chrys and I am 16. My mother works with herding the cows in and milking them for their milk while my father breeds them and has them slaughtered for the meat in the Capital. My brothers and sister also have their own little cows in which they keep as a pet and have them make milk and then mom brings it to the store. I on the other hand ride horses for shows to earn money.

Channin Friendlie

I enter the stage and go and sit next to Caesar. "So tell us a little about yourself." "My name is Channin and I am 16 years old. My mother works in breeding cows into competitions for the most meat and then gains the money and has they butchered. Me and her do this alone as my father died a few years ago and we took over the tradtion and my little sisters and brothers made the food from the cows that were killed and sold them to many people who wanted their meat to eat. I also do work in carrying out orders through the district.

Kelly Reyna

I go and sit next to Caesar as he takes my hand and gently kisses it. "So dear tell us about yourself." I begin to smile and then I begin to speak. "My name is Kelly and I am 15 years old. My mother is the only family member I have left. Me and her both work on the crops and have them harvested for the Capital to use and we also sing many songs to use to calm many of the birds before we kill them and have them sold for their meat. It just me and her and i also go and buy many food for us so that we will have more than we actually need to save up on money to buy more stuff when it's needed.


I go and sit next to Caesar and try not to listen to what he says so I just but in and start talking. "My name is James and I am 18. My mother works on the crops and has them sprayed so that insects dont mess with the food we grow and she also owns a stroe which we sell our extras over for more cash to help support out family. My father on the other hand just simply cuts them down and has someone take ther orders and I go and pick up the items and have them dropped off where he prepares them the way they want him to prepare them and I go and bring them back to them after they are finished.


I go and sit next to Caesar and listen to him talk to the crowd and then he leans over and starts asking me a question. "So tell us a little about yourself." "My name is Camila and I am 14. I help in burning the coal and have it so that it will heat our houses. My father works in the mines and find some valuables and has them sold for money to support my family. I also go and help katniss with her tasks and she pays me to help her and I use the money she gives me to help pay for food. I help take over the bakery for Peeta while he has been sick. My brother and sister also help with decorating them.

Alex Jacob Jordan

i go and stand up next to Caesar while he offers me a chair but I generously decline the offer. "So tell us about yourself." "I am Alex and I am 18. I am working in the mining and I bring alot of the coal which is used to heat the houses in my district. I also help in routing the electricity whenever it needs to be done. My mother is a stay at home mother and she tends to the children while my father works down in the mines with me and he has the same job as me except he also does some work for the mayor.

Lily Axelhurst

I go and sit next to Caesar as he begins to ask me a question. "So tell us a little about yourself." I smile and then begin to speak. "My name is Lily and I am 16. My mother works on nuclear bombs and their radioactivity levels and how much damage they make. My father on the other hand works on how to construct them and break them apart and then put them back together. I cant handle the bombs since I am not of age to handle the dangerous equipment so I have to work and cook and clean the house while all that happens.

Kyle Jong

I walk up onto the stage and then sit down next to Caesar. He begins to start asking questions. "So tell us about yourself would you." I nod and then begin to speak loud since I am usualy quiet. "My name is Kyle and I am 18. My mother works with actually testing the bombs strength by dropping them in Nuclear bases which can handle the bombs to see how much of the damage they suffer. My father works on building the bases to support the bombs dangerous powers. I also work on the same thing my mother does.

Sheen & Depha

We go and sit next to Caesar. He asks us a question that I am already to familar with. "So tell us a little about yourself." I shrug it off and then begin to answer the question. "My name is Sheen and mine is Depha. I am 18 years old and I am 17. Our mother works on chemicals in which she makes to form more substances that we provide to the Captial in times of need. Our father also works with the same thing she does all though he mixes them together to cause them to become unstable and then uses them in chemical bombs. We also work with them too but on a smaller scale.


I go and sit next to Caesar and he begins to ask me a question. "So tell us a litttle about yourself." "My name is Shimmer and I am the little sister of Glimmer who died during the 74 hunger games and I am 18. My mother works on swords and has them made and formed with black ash while my dad has them melted for scrap metal to be used to make other weapons we use to help form an aresanal. I test out the weapons to make sure they have been made and live up to each level of criteria before they are released onto the shelfs for where they can be availabke for purchas.


I go and sit next to Caesar and I let him finish his talking. "So tell us a little about yourself." "My name is Trent and I am 18. My mother works on which materials fit best to use for the weapons we make and she goes and orders them and has them delivered to the people who make the swords and weapons so they will have the equipment to be able to use. My father used to test the weapons out until on freak accident and he was killed and now Shimmer took his place.


I walked into the room and the others tributes all read graced the gym in a huddel standing next to each other forming their districts. All I had on was a simple black full one piece tight suit with light blue strips on the lining of the material. A color code for every croup so they can seek you out if anything goes wrong. I walk up towards Gleamer. The other tributes seemed annoyed at my abstence as they had waited for me the whole time it seems but I am still on time. I see the peacemakers holding their stun guns to keep peace among us. I give Gleamer a nod to not do anything like the night at the chariot entrance. We all merge together to listen to Atala tell us about each station and then she finishes and I am set free.

I look at Gleamer and he looks back at me. "So where you wanna go?" I hesitate to begin to talk but then I see a couple of tributes at the bow and arrow training and I quickly make my way over there as Gleamer goes to spear throwing. I see one tributes try to shoot the arrow and she misses the target completely. The one in the purple outfit I remember fondly she is the district 3 female Ali. She missed the target completely while the male tribute from district 4 in the red cant even work the bow enough to get the arrow in. His name was Dax. I step up past the two and they both stop messing with their bows and watch me. I grab a bow and a quiver and place it on my back. I pull an arrow out and place it in the string of the bow and extend it back and point it as the heart of the target and I let go of the arrow and it soars into the heart of the target as Atala comes over and pats me on my back. I pull the arrow out and after I do I notice Gleamer getting knocked to the ground in a sparing battle against Pheonix. I run back over there with the bow and the quiver still with me. I grab onto Gleamer and help him up. "Are you okay." He nods but he is still a little wobly from the impact. I look at the look Pheonix is giving him and I go up there and challenge him. "So, is it okay if I fight you." He smiles because he thinks I wont be a challenge at all. I enter the ring and when I do Pheonix tries to kick me but I duck under and then I kick his feet causing him to fall and then I do a back bend after he tries to kick me again. I punch his stomach and then he bends over and then I kick his back and he collapses to the ground. I walk out of the ring and wave goodbye as the other people standing there gasp in suprise. Gleamer is all ready back on his feet and is back at the spear throwing when I notice him throw one right into the targets head. I then see a woman standing at the taget stand and he is holding her knifes. She is the female district 13 tribute Lily. I walk up to her as I notice that she hasnt missed her mark on the target at all yet. She stares at me and she catches me off guard. "So your Leah. Quite a few good skills you have back there. Let me guess your a career tribute." "I am a tribute whose district normally joins with the careers but that doesnt mean I will join them this year." She smiles at the comeback and then offers me a knife to throw. Before I get ready to throw it she starts talking. "Just between me and you. You are the only tribute here with any skills worth mentioning." I smile and then throw the knife and it goes straight into the heart and then she smiles as she takes it out and I head off away as she does back to throwing this time into the targets neck. I see a couple of other tributes trying out the knife throwing. Annaleah tries throwing her axe misses. Her male partner Damien just sliced a head off of the target she was throwing at as he gave her smirk and went back to training. She went and gather her axe and then just kinda sat down. My eyes then caught the attention of the male tribute Luke from district 5. He was shooting a couple of darts at the peacekeepers and one collapsed to the ground as he pulled the dart out and fled from the scene. The other peacekeepers grabbed a hold of him and carried him out. Hevan the female tribute from 9 is around the berry station and is telling the other tribute that the poisonous berries are safe to eat. Her deception is something that many people cant see through. I see the guy named matt trying out trying to throw a ball and chain and he just falls to the ground. Hevan goes over there and helps him up. The two district 10 tributes Chrys and Channin are both practicing on a metal target while she is slicing away at the target flawlessly he is trying to shoot darts into them with no luck and swtiches to a knife and it hits the targets stomach. Ellery the female tribute from 2 has missed the target with her spear and is trying hand to hand combat but every time a punch passes her left eye she doesnt react because of her blindness and many have taken account her blindness and are using it against her. Chris her partner is helping her up after a blow to her left eye. He picks up a spear and kinda throws a spear at the targets stomach stabbing through it. Camila the female tribute 12 has tried a sword spar with another tribute cole from district 8 and they are both striking each others sword until she knocks his out of his hand and then she puts hers down and walks away. His partner from district 8 Nea is slicing through a taget with her scythe which is her weapon that she brought from her land. Sheen and Depha from district 14 are both practicing throwing their spears and they both stab into the head. I head over to a couple stations about berries and there I meet Ali who is learning about the basics of the poisionous and non poisionus berries. "Hey i'm Leah." She pays me no attention and goes back to what she is doing and I just leave and then she exits the station and throws a knife into the outer rim of the target and gets mad. I decide I'm not satisfied with any of the stations except the bow and arrow training so I head back and everyone has cleared out except the female tribute from district 15 Shimmer the deceased Glimmer's sister. She has picked up a bow and has actually managed to hit the targets leg instead of missing completely. I walk back up and I shot an arrow into the target's heart and she gives me a rude look and whispers into my ear. "We will see who the better shot is in the arena and thats how I will finish you." She walks away. The male tribute Trent from the smae dsitrict comes over to appoligize for her behavior and then moves over to a mace in the corner and jumps into the air and stabs it into the targets stomach. Kyle from district 13 is trying to creat a snare but to no success. Alex from Camila's district 12 has grabbed his sword and threw it and it went into the neck of the target. James and Kelly from district 11 both are throwing some knives but only she actually hits the targets but even then she doesnt his anywhere lethal. Kayla from district 5 is also looking at the berries but she is the only there and is trying them out on some birds and feeds them some nightlock and the bird falls dead. Volt from district 6 is shooting a crossbow even though they wont be available in the games. Nora on the other hand is just finishing a sparring match with a couple of the other tributes and is putting her sword away. I see Ariella from district 4 making a perfect snare and she jsut caught a bird with it. We all stop when the Atala comes back into the middle and tells us that the training is over for today and that tommorow we will be doing our individual training lessons and we will be recieving our scores. I smile and me and Gleamer exit the room and head back to our room.

Chapter 5

I awoke from the night before except this time something doesnt seem right. Effie has gotten both me and Gleamer up before the personal training 4 hours earlier. We dont talk much since we are still waking but that still doent account for the absence of Micheal since we are offered a make-up the morning of the individual training. I finally break the silence. "Why are up so early." I say as I stuff a biscuit into my mouth. She leaves her chair and then runs to me and pulls me into a hug and she begins to cry. It catches me off guard and I return the favor and cry for her to. "What's going on Effie." Gleamer peaks his head up from his food and joins in on the conversation. "So Effie and Leah when are we getting read for training." Effie begins to cry even harder but then she wipes some of the tears out of her red eyes but more keep comming down and she tries to speak but the crying flattens her voice out. She finally stops crying enough that her speech is distinct enough to make out what she is saying. "Personal Training wont be available this year. You were all evaluated yesterday. Your mother passed a rule so that the training wasn't private and recorded your scores and they will be shown before you enter the areana in a few hours." She begins to cry even louder than before and Micheal and Jacob both enter back into the room and walk her off and get her calmed leaving me and Gleamer in the living room. I feel tears start to exit my eyes and then thats when it hits me this is the day I will be sent into die. I cover my hands on my face as Gleamer pulls me close except evething seems so far away and out of grasp. My mind is botteled up to the top. I feel as though im gonna pass out when he releases me and I fall back into his arms. "Gleamer, today the games are going to happen and I dont want to hurt any of these people. Espically I dont wanna lose you. She did this so that we would all suffer and not be ready and be sent into battle to die. Gleamer she wants me to die more than anyone and she being the president has enough power to do that." Gleamer tries to calm me but no matter how much he tries it just makes it even worse and now I'm to the point where If I am going to die I want to kill myself. I open the door and try to run out but there she is waiting for me just beyond the door.

"Leah, I hope you enjoyed the little suprise. The arena is very vacant now and many of the bodies of your fellow tributes will be there to and if all goes as planned yours will be among them." She twists her head around and her black hair flows in the wind and she moves onto other rooms and walks around monitering the hall. Gleamer runs out of the room but only makes it there to witniss her leaving. Effie and Jacob both call us back into the room. Effie is still crying and Jacob is just ignoring her. Jacob walks up to both of us and pulls us into my bedroom. "You two listen I want both of you to become careers in these games and I want neither of you to leave each others side at all and If you do come up with a plan to meet back together. Leah you get your bow and quiver and you participate in the blood bath by killing 1 person and then I want you to head into the woods. I know I said don't leave each other but at that very moment I want you to hide out in the woods while Gleamer you stay with the other careers and keep them off her back as she finds water." We both nod and Effie is the next to come and visit us and she is plenty sad and I can see her tears have redened her face and her eyes are bloodshot. She hugs me first and it is the longest hug I have ever recieved and even though it is super long I know that she is a true friend and that she cares about me and I am happy that I recieved that long hug from her than just any other person as she is actually one of the people I admire of the Capital that isnt afraid to speak her mind. Me and her are so much alike that you would think we would butt heads alot but there is not such thing happening here. I exit the room and begin to cry as Effie is in their hugging and talking to Gleamer. The one actual person I want to talk to right now isn't even here whether that be that he is waiting until the right time or the emotional feelings got the best of him and he doesn't want to cry in front of me. I just want someone of help me get through this all. Then I hear my name being called and It catches me off by supise and it's the voice I havent heard in forever and I know who exaclly it is. I turn my head and I see Micheal standing in front of me but someone was behind him. My eyes light up when the man appears from behind Micheal and I run up and hug him. Me and my dad sit there for a while and rock each other back in forth as he kisses me on the cheek.

Me and My father sit down. "Leah I'm so sorry I had to leave you with that horrible mother of yours. Your brother and I have worried about you each day since the divorce. We tried to get to see you but your mother took full custody and we were left with nothing in order to remember you by but the baby photo's." "Dad I love you and I know it must have been hard to have to give me away and It makes it even harder to say that this may be the last time you ever get to see me." He brushed the comment away and just kept holding onto me. "By the way Micheal how did you find him." Micheal just smiled. "Let just say your mother has no idea he is even here. I went out and got him without her knowing and I will take what ever punishment she throws at me if she ever figures you. I wanted you to see the people you love the most and I wont let the evil witch who runs this place from stopping me." I begin to tear up that he went out of his way and is willing to take any punishment just to let me see my father. This is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I run up to Micheal and squeeze him so hard his face begins to get purple and I begin to cry. My father shakes hands with Micheal and he leave to give us a few minutes alone before everthing. I see him lay my dress on he bed. The door closes behind me. I get up from my seat and open the bad and there is the blue dress I wore for the interviews and a jacket he wants me to wear with it. I place the dress on and I brush my hair and then my father places my shoes on my feet and then I put the jacket on over the dress. Then I notice my locket is gone and I begin to cry and then my father holds his hand out and I see the locket in his hand and he places it around my neck. He looks into the mirror and so do I. "You look as beautiful as ever Leah and I'm happy I have a wonderful daughter like you, You mother stands no where in comparison to you and she never will because unlike me she has no love for you and that is all I can give you." I kiss him on his cheek and then hug him. "Dad that all I ever wanted to hear from you all these years was the fact that you still loved me when all this happened." He smiles and I see a tear come out of his eyes and he tries to hide it until he breaks down into a million tears. "Please win. I want to be able to see you again. I dont want this to be the last of which I see you I want there to be more to me and you then this last few minutes of conversations between us." I can tell he is craving so hard and is trying to keep some hope that I will make it back. "Dad, I will win this for you and if I dont atleast me and you know in our hearts that the time we spent together will be something we will always cherish." Me and him have one final hug and then I set off to the room and await my final moments until I am headed up onto the platform. So many things going on at once I feel as though pressure has never felt so tiresome than it does now. One thing is for sure WINNING is the most important thing on my mind right now.

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