Peeta-we didnt care if the capital stared, we make out in the public somewhere, they'd tell us to keep it up for some soponsers love, they love the star struck tributes and we keep saying that were in love, but all thats a scheme and it's almost up i missed that way when we cuddled so close

Peeta-been so long since you forget the way i tossed you that bread to keep you feed

Katniss-please dont remind me, don't remind me

Peeta-it was so and fire and so burnt but it was all i had at that moment

Katniss-no matter how much i try to forget,it keeps on pilling on all my debt, please just stop it,stop it

Katniss-remeber the cave where we into to save our lives, each kiss brought us a suprise and we couldnt stop because i was slowly falling for you

Peeta-i felt bad because u babysat me the whole time

Katniss-but that meant we had fooled the capital

Katniss-do you remember how it used to be we woulnt even speak,

Peeta-i stared at you evey night and hoped i meet a girl like you one that the birds stop and sing right along with you

Katniss-so on fire the two of us way back since the chariots

Peeta-between those last minutes the ones where i said i loved you, remind me oh Katniss remind me

Peeta-i dont wanna be afraid but i might lose you

Katniss-i wont go anywhere i have you to protect me

both-but if we keep this up dont assume gale wont know he watches this every year and he is in for a show

Katniss-please dont remind me,gale is just a good kisser to me, while Peeta your my everthing

Katniss-you remember the way it felt

Peeta-you mean when our lips couldn't control themselves

Both-you and me will conquer everthing

Katniss-all those things that you did for me just creep back and consume me, the way i cant repay you back the only that i can do is kiss you

Peeta-youd wake up in my sleeping bag, pressed up against my chest, all those mornings that they tributes died, remind me why i fell in love with you

both-we both won,not the act is dead and gone

Katniss-please forgive me my head is confused and my feelings are killing me

Peeta-all that love jsut wasnt enough it made you sponsers which gave us luck and this was all part of your game

Both-please dont lie to me

This song is a parody of the hungers games going along with the song Remind Me by Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood

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