Hello! I am pretty new to the wiki but I have been reading articles and reading over the fanmade Games people made for about a year now and I thought to myself: Why not host and make one? More information will be added once tributes are in.

I am also very strange in my writing, mainly is what I do a lot of adding random tributes for them to be killed at the Cornucopia because, honestly, I want everyone's submitted tribute to have a role in the game.


1. No fighting, swearing, etc.

2. Fill out all of the slots for application. (Please, no on my profile and such.)

3. Make sure the name is normal, creative, etc and not some mish-mash or a horrific name.

4. Do not complain if your tribute dies. Plenty of people have had their tribute die and don't even complain.

5. Please give feedback!


Post applications in comments please!

Tribute Name :

Age :

Gender :

District :

Personality :

Appearance :

Weapon of Choice :

Alliance of Choice :

Backstory :

Method(how they will play the game) :


Name District


Gender Weapon Alliance User
1 Male
1 Female
Luke James 2 17 Male Anything Careers TheFakerChild
Zoey Carter 2 17 Female Anything Careers TheFakerChild
3 Male
3 Female
4 Male
4 Female
Isaac Revenant 5 16 Male Mace District 3 & 5  LunarRain
5 Female
Ray Emhoff 6 17 Male Sword None LunarRain
Shae McKlank 8 15 Female Blowgun None LunarRain
9 Male
9 Female
10 Male
Naya Michaels 10 13 Female Spear District 9, 10 and 11 LunarRain

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