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    39th Hunger Games

    May 18, 2012 by Jadexxz

    Sixty Seconds.

    that's how Long I, we, have to stand on our metal plates. Suddenly I spot the Cornucopia. Lying there, waiting to be attacked by us, the Careers. I'm one of them. I'm the female from District 2. My score was 9, mostly because of my knives, and I, Katlyn, deserve that pack of knives.

    Suddenly, the gong rings and I sprint for the Cornucopia. The male tribute from my district, Brintte, hand-fights the male from district 9. Immediately, the District 10 dies. I snalr and grab the knives. Then I take one, stab it in the heart of the District 10 female, and we've already taken dwon so many tributes. 4 so far, I think.

    P2 Coming

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  • Jadexxz

    NOPE You don't get 100 bucks. But reading this is totally worth $100, right?

    I hate this day. Last year I'd watched my district count my brother as the official District 5 male, and he was killed. Now not only do I have to feel dread for my brother, but also do I have to wonder if I will be reaped. Because, today is reaping day.

    And I was reaped.

    After 3 days of normal training, I, Cherylyn Katen, am proficient in archery. The Gamemakers will also see someone in ADVANCED knife throwing and very fast. Also somewhat good in camoflauge. With a bucket of two brown shades, I can easily become dried leaves, mud, dirt, or tree bark. The only thing is, we tributes only have 7 private training minutes. I hope to use mine wisely.

    Part 2 coming later...

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  • Jadexxz

    The arena is already half-decided what it will be like by me, the not- evil head gamemaker. It shall remain a surprise but to spoil a little bit....

    A solid terrain which later follows a jungle. But this arena has more to it though....

    need some!!!!

    Also, when you apply please have it the way I did to the table but have "personality" in it.









    I'm just going to make the counterparts for each district that we have so far and start the training. I don't think I can wait any longer....

    Name Gender Weapon Allies Age District
    Glintstone Aria Female sword, knife, speed, agility Careers 15


    Tristan James Male Spear, stealth, speed Frank Lane 13 10
    Atlas Dunnin Male Axe, knives, tomahawks

    Careers a…

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