Katlyn's POV

Sixty Seconds.

that's how Long I, we, have to stand on our metal plates. Suddenly I spot the Cornucopia. Lying there, waiting to be attacked by us, the Careers. I'm one of them. I'm the female from District 2. My score was 9, mostly because of my knives, and I, Katlyn, deserve that pack of knives.

Suddenly, the gong rings and I sprint for the Cornucopia. The male tribute from my district, Brintte, hand-fights the male from district 9. Immediately, the District 10 dies. I snalr and grab the knives. Then I take one, stab it in the heart of the District 10 female, and we've already taken dwon so many tributes. 4 so far, I think.

P2 Coming

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