NOPE You don't get 100 bucks. But reading this is totally worth $100, right?

Chapter 1


I hate this day. Last year I'd watched my district count my brother as the official District 5 male, and he was killed. Now not only do I have to feel dread for my brother, but also do I have to wonder if I will be reaped. Because, today is reaping day.

And I was reaped.

Private Training

After 3 days of normal training, I, Cherylyn Katen, am proficient in archery. The Gamemakers will also see someone in ADVANCED knife throwing and very fast. Also somewhat good in camoflauge. With a bucket of two brown shades, I can easily become dried leaves, mud, dirt, or tree bark. The only thing is, we tributes only have 7 private training minutes. I hope to use mine wisely.

Part 2 coming later...

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