Hello! Welcome to the 73rd Hunger Games! there are open tributes. Currently, Districts 5 and 12 are open. They'll close soon so apply quick! Also, I have already started private training...and I'm doing it on the order the way I listed it on the chart below.


The arena is already half-decided what it will be like by me, the not- evil head gamemaker. It shall remain a surprise but to spoil a little bit....

A solid terrain which later follows a jungle. But this arena has more to it though....


need some!!!!

Also, when you apply please have it the way I did to the table but have "personality" in it.









I'm just going to make the counterparts for each district that we have so far and start the training. I don't think I can wait any longer....

Name Gender Weapon Allies Age District
Glintstone Aria Female sword, knife, speed, agility Careers 15


Tristan James Male Spear, stealth, speed Frank Lane 13 10
Atlas Dunnin Male Axe, knives, tomahawks

Careers and District 7 Female

16 7
Harvey Free Male knives, speed Any other 12 year olds (plz have some) 12 4
Zara Lancaster female knives,medicines, speed, smart, camoflauge, plants Careers 17 2
Lynnette Handsows Female agility, hunting, knives Frank Lane and Tristan james 16 6 (tell me if u want 9)
Frank Lane male sword, archery Districts 10 and 12 15 11
Alec Tromagnet male Electricity,intelligence, endurance Lynette, Frank and Tristan 15 3
Darah Vannielle Female cleverness, knives, sly Harvey and other 12-yr olds 12 3
Hades Breuus Male archery, spears, speed None 15 1
Hawn Dassil Female agility, knives, spears Harvey, Darah and other 12-yr olds 12 10
Enilia Bruneo Female sword, archery, speed Careers and Atlas Dunnin 13 7
Jane Ellen Female Intelligence, knives, speed Careers 14 4
Nathan Lancaster Male Anything Cato can do Careers 17 2
Anni Cates Female Archery, speed, spears, Intelligence, camoflauge Careers 15 6
Katara Hanelle Fema;e Knife throwing, spears, Intelligence, medicines Harvey, Darah & Hawn 12 11
Luna Snare Female blowgun, hiding/camoflauge, killing Sarah 15 8
Gerany Quay Male axes, knives D8,7,11 15 8
Sarah Parker Female Blow darts, Archery Luna 16 9
Jeremy Al Male Axe and Trident Luna & Sarah 16 9



Glintstone, Atlas, Zara, Enilia, Jane, Nathan,Anni

7 Careers? Wow

12-yr olds:

Katara, Harvey, Darah & Hawn

Frank Lane, Tristan James, Lynnette Handsows, Alec Tromagnet

Everybody please note that i have total control of all your tributes now.

Private Training

1: Glintstone

I walk in the door. I see a bow, ten arrows, and a sheath. Those are useless...

I grab a knife and throw it at a dummy. It apparently hits right below the chest. I gladly cheer and throw another 5 knives, 2 hitting around the brain, 1 hitting the chest and 2 missing the dummies.

I take another knife and walk up to a dummy. before a second passes, it is on the floor with a knife right in its metal heart. The Gamemakers clap." Another 3 minutes, babe," says Seneca as he watches me intently.

I nod and take a sword. I throw it in the air, use a bow to block it from me, and right when it comes down, the handle hits the bow and the sword bounces on the heart of the dummy. I stab another 3 with these swords. then my time is up and I walk out proudly.

Score: 9

2: Tristan

I sigh as i walk in the door. The Gamemakers don't blink as they watch my every move. I heavily take a spear and throw it at a dummy. It almost hits the heart and I smile. Being 13 years old, I usually have no talent but this is my day. I grab another 3 spears and throw them all at one time.2 miss and 1 hits the stomach area.

I then rush to the bow and arrow spot and try to aim one at the heart, but it missees all the good spots but instead takes a nice shot on the leg. these won't do me good in the arena; I'llhave to watch out for these myself. I heard Hawn can't do these either, but my ally (we've agreed on this but I don't fully trust him yet) Frank is decent with them.If anybody will join the ally pack then they'll have to be good at archery too because me? Oh no, you must be kidding.

The Gamemakers look at each other I accidently overhear one of them whisper into another's ear "He's a good one at running."

"Time's up,"says Seneca and I walk out feeling optimistic about my speed and spears.


3: Atlas

"ATlas Dunnin, age 16."

I bound into the room, eager to get started.

First, I grab a knife and throw it at a dummy. It pierces the artificial, leaving the Gamemakers half satisfied. I toss another 3 knives. 1 again grabs the heart, one takes the brain abd the other misses.

I bow but then realize there's not tomahawks! I'm great at those. So I jump to the axe station and stab it into another dummy 's heart. it falls down, defenselessly, being my kill. I snarl. The careers already have invited me to join their alliance and I'm just thinking "Why not?".

Then I stab 2 more dummies with axes, and then another with a knife, and the alarm goes off and time is up.

Score: 8


I look around the training center. There are knives, a medicine ball and a run-timer (what else should I call it?).

First I bound over to the run-timer and press START IN 30 S. I dash to the line, and once the bell rings for 30 seconds, I race to the Finish and place my foot on the F button.

7 seconds!

7 seconds?

Wow. O.O

Then I get my way to the med ball and try and throw it. It rolls down halfway through and the Gamemakers shake their heads.

Anyway they haven't seen the best o' me! I run to the knife station and aim one at a dummy. It immediately pierces the heart.I throw another 3, 2 also hitting the breast, and1 just hitting the arm *dull*.

The gamemakers write some things down and smile. "Dismissed,"says Seneca.


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