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  • Lux in noctibus

    I'm sorry for my inactivity. I was on holiay for 16 days and just came back in France last night, but was exhausted, so I'm writing this blog today.

    I'm just going to edit 2 or 3 pages (maybe 20 or 30 pages) :P

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  • Lux in noctibus

    Ignore this blog. XD

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  • Lux in noctibus

    First of all, the the game's modality isn't made by me; I used a style similar to District 3's Attacking Games.

    • You pick up a "Fallen tribute" during the 74th or 75th HG (the available tributes are in the chart).
    • When you pick a character, you must write " attacks ".
    • You'll be able to post twice, only when 1 hour will pass or after 3 posts.
    • Every tribute has a basic health of 10/10; when the tribute'll go to 0/10, the tribute'll die.
    • Read the next stuff.

    Every tribute need to get food and water every day... so I decided to enstablish this rule: a tribute must post at least 1 post per Day, otherwise that tribute'll lose 1 health point.

    These are the available weapons:

    • Nothing: when the game starts nobody have weapons, so you must punch the tributes…

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  • Lux in noctibus

    I knew this wiki five days ago. Yesterday I wrote my first comment in a blog: I said my opinion about the District 10 female and an user reply me very bad, only because I expressed my opinion. I decided to create this blog to reason and enstablish together the strenght's level of the missing tributes.

    I described the tributes missing in The Hunger Games and the tributes killed in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (except the District 5 male and the District 9 male, whose deaths were seen).

    Age: 13

    The District 8 female's odds of winning were 5-1. Her odds were very high for a tribute coming from a lower-middle class district and a 13 years old girl, in fact according to her odds, she was stronger than other 13 years old girls. However she didn't kno…

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