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  • LydiaMartin1

    Premise: Where one story ends another is just beginning

    The story follows preformers who have have their own backstory which is established and upon this, each one of them is secretly holding something from the others. In this, every memeber will be given a name based on the secret they are hiding and as the story goes along you get to realize why your character is based on that trait. Every character has a part in this story, its just that based on how your character is, their story might be cut one thread sooner than the others.

    This story isn't meant to be taken lightly, each one of the characters placed in has something wrong with them. Something that sets them off and makes them a freak to society. They whither and cry and almost want t…

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  • LydiaMartin1

    Okay everyone this is a fanfiction in which everyone of you will have a chance to live inside the Miss Robichaux's academy for exeptionally young students. Each of you will be placed in the story where each of you will be in the running for being the supreme of this generation against everyone else in Coven. Things won't be easy for any of you as each of you will be against each other but at the same time will need to be able to ban together to get the chance to become the new supreme. As being the supreme you gain all sorts of abilities and honestly it's a very dangerous position to be in. If you want to be in the story and drive your way into becoming the next supreme then you will need to learn to master your own abilities and better th…

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  • LydiaMartin1

    The games to test the strength of Past Victors. The games that could possibly end their luck and leave them for dead. Who will win? These games were made to put the victors in their place, that even though you can make bonds with the other victors, you still might have to kill them in the end. The game isn't something to be messed with, and even if you may be a Victor, are you still better than people who might have been in the games longer than you. The games are a testment for your ability and strength, to have to kill for a second time, the games can be a dangerous place as everyone one of them has come to know, and while you havent faced death yet, these could be the games that out due you, who is the strongest tribute of all? Which Vi…

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  • LydiaMartin1

    These games are dangerous for the purpose that you have no clue what you are dealing with. The stakes are high and the cards played are very dangerous. The love, is it as blind as it is played off the be. The deception, are you playing the game right, or are you letting everyone else play the game for you. Death, so many fall and yet only a few may live, Will you be one? or will you fall victim. The hardships faced in the arena are only one of the problems that many will face, each contestant will be faced with their past and you are challenged to either accept it and move on and start over or reject it and fall victim to everything you have every done. The games are dark and many won't see what it has in store, so open your eyes before yo…

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