Background -

These games are dangerous for the purpose that you have no clue what you are dealing with. The stakes are high and the cards played are very dangerous. The love, is it as blind as it is played off the be. The deception, are you playing the game right, or are you letting everyone else play the game for you. Death, so many fall and yet only a few may live, Will you be one? or will you fall victim. The hardships faced in the arena are only one of the problems that many will face, each contestant will be faced with their past and you are challenged to either accept it and move on and start over or reject it and fall victim to everything you have every done. The games are dark and many won't see what it has in store, so open your eyes before you let anyone in, death comes in many forms. The games are comprised of 5 districts, each sending in 3 females and 3 males. Each person wants a chance to win, but are they willing to make sacrifices to achieve what they desire?

District 1- Filled with elegant oceans, which sparkle when the sun reflects off them. The buildings are comprised of lovely stone and each building is built to the owners wants. The people range from snotty rich people to the sweet and selfless. The district prohibits the use of guns, because they believe they are a cheap way to kill people. The people refer to themselves by the name "La haute société" which means High Society. Filled with elegance, everyone is doing their best and doing it beautifully, even when they are killing.

District 2- Filled with forests, the lush green areas provide many years worth of food to the district. Many people have comprised their houses out of logs. They are built with the best logs in the whole world, the other districts have nothing of the sort. The people are very close to each other, but with being close they often fight over land issues because of the trees in the area. They refer to themselves as "les amateurs d'arbres" which means Tree lovers. They are great with bladded weapons, and have plenty of practice with effortlessly cutting things down.

District 3- They are the common people, not caring about anything expenisvie materials. They live a very normal life, not expressing many emotions in what they do. They are more like the normal people and they are very down to Earth. They care more for themselves, and only care for others when they get something in return. They refer to them selves as the "roturier" which means commoner. They are deceptive, and use many people to their own purpose. They are well versed in any weapon and they don't favor any particular weapon.

District 4- They are very poor, they are the slums district. They steal from each other, even though they know they wont get much off each other. The houses are made of horrible materials and many don't even make it through a whole year, before they have to return back to the streets. They are very rude and hate anyone who is richer than they are and don't pity anyone who is in their own situation. They refer to themselves as the "pauvres" which means poor. They are very well versed in daggers as many have slit others throats to get what little they have.

District 5- They are the mysterious ones, they have metal gates around the district, no one who is foreign can come to the district unless you have authorization. They are very secretive in their own styles and have no clue if they can trust even their own neighbors.  They build and make their own guns. They refer to themselves as the "inconnue" which means unknown. Each person build something fit for their own liking. The people give up their high tech materials each year to make money, the district keeps this incase a rebellion rises.

Each District will send in 3 boys and 3 girls, making a total of 30 competitors. The competitors will be ranged in age from 14-18. May the Games begin!!!


Up to two characters for each person are allowed.  Here is the common format, dwell into more detail if you like :3




Appearance (picture or description)(optional)


Weapon Choices (think about their district identities)



Possible Alliances


Interview strategy

Feel free to express the characters the out, know no limitations and just have a great time with developing them out. Characters with more information may have a better chance to live, but you certainly don't have too force yourself to put too much into it. I will love anything you give me.

Arena Info

The Climatic Games, take place in a simulated computer-generated arena. The game makers have complete control over what goes on during the games. The tributes that are placed in the games are under watch of the Game maker the whole time. The tributes will be lined up in a circle, the trick is any slight movement and the Game maker will have the metal plate be set off. The games themselves are very dangerous now, from wildfires which can burn down the whole area within a few minutes, to freezing cold weather, cold enough to freeze the body from the inside out. However, the whole area will be darkened, with fog covering the whole area. Some area's will have water, however the game makers also create illusions, such as you might go to a river bed to receive water, but when you take a drink its revealed to be a forest fire which will engulf your body in flames. The whole arena is filled with mutts, but the tributes have to figure out if what they are fighting is real or maybe even the illusionment of an actual ally. The plants in the area are but normal plants except some have been genetically engineered to leave a tribute: tired, weak, paralyzed or even placed into a coma for up to a whole days worth of time. The arena is a forested area, but it has two mountains within the area and a lake in the middle with an underground sea cavern, but the further you go down, the less oxygen available and only great swimmers can go down that deep. Each tribute will be given a backpack on the metal plates and inside includes, a limited supply of water, survival knife, a meals worth of food, string and a special something that pertains to each districts sole import. Within the games there will also be acid rain showers, which can cause 1-2nd degree burns and also contaminate any water or food a tribute has. In the middle of the area in which the tributes start is the cornucopia, which is filled with extra supplies such as water, food, and weapons, but also a suprise signal for one expensively priced gift from any sponser without having to use any source of money. Within the days though the cornucopia will always reappear never in the same spot, so the tributes can't return to the old spot and expect it to be there again.


District's Male Male Male Female Female Female

Xavier Doron

age 18

weapon: swords and curved knives

only sacrifices for his family, he is misunderstood

Severus Kerner

age 15

weapon: spears, knives

levelheaded and untrusting to anyone

Maroon Cutter

age 15

weapon: throwing knives

calm, quiet and collected

Haylah Zimmerman

age 15

weapon: Bow&Arrow

very arrogant and popular

Chardonnay Aude

age 15

weapon: spear, baton, whip

ditsy, creative, stirves for best

Marielle Jaffe

age 18

weapon: bow&arrow, rapier

kind, sweet,caring and calm and collected


Anthony Proxy

age 16

weapon: swords,knives, emotions

competitive and arrogant, extrememly loyal

Maximus Vanderschnootz

age 18

weapon: axe, club, dagger

ruthless, cruel, sadistic

Edward Monoghan

age 15

weapon: Knife, axe



Dawn Santori

Age 14

weapon: Axe, blowgun

Shy and hates crowds of people

Annastia Bios

age 16

weapon: poison and axe

agile, plant knowledge, not good swimmer, not strong

Jordana Rusty

age 15

weapon: Two sharp Sai's

Hates distractions, loves jumping attacks


Redlow Fexpo

age 18

weapon: explosions, mace

kind, loves company, small obsession

Lucas Sunsong

age 14

weapon: blowgun, sickles

kind, loyal, shy, insecure, good judgement

Lyno Nactuna

age 15

not used to weapons, favors traps or close range

generous, kind

Yasmin Veleno

age 17

weapon: Awl, poison, knifes

cold, selfish, viscious

Whitney Spears

age 15

weapon: club, baton, dagger

soothes by music, pressured easily

Chloe Black

age 16

weapon: two swords and knives

cruel and self-confident


Jake Taesond

age 18

weapon: blade staff

hates most people in the games

Calix Storm

age 17

weapon: trident, sword throwing spears

charming, flirty and handsome


Frank Ocean

age 18

weapon: Trident. net

sweet, seductive, kind, caring

Daria Suter

age 18

weapon: mostly daggers, pointed weapons

concealed to self

Zia Clow

age 14

weapon: long curved knives

kills like a maniac, paranoid and very self conscious

Drina Vox

age 14

weapon: trident

sunny, bright bubbly, hold dark side in


Krijger Schurk

age 18

weapons: short sword, tomahawk, bow and arrows

lone wolf

Griffon Skulleck

age 17

weapon: custom machine gun sniper

mysterious, shy

Nikolai Ivanov

age 18

weapon: egyptian curved sword, bow & arrows


Calypso Davros

age 16

weapon: what she invents

she wont let others in

Rosa Solarie

age 14 1/2

weapon: blub, wire, whip

cares about environment, very unforgiving

Jennika Acropolis

age 17

weapon: Tazer, knife

sweet, sly, clever, cunning

The Competitors Ball: Recreational purpose for alternative motives.

A brown haired woman with high cheeks bones and green eyes sat down on a radio broadcast over the capital news.

"Here we have it folks, the tributes coming into the beautiful prom-esque dance." Each tribute was given an hour to prepare for the dance and each will come out in a beautiful array of costumes. Deciding to change things up this year instead of having the boring old chariot ride, each person will be placed in the well masquerade dance. The style is presented so that you don't know who you are looking at, making you more aware of deception that the maskes hold behind them."

A man standing beside her, with his muscles and blonde hair and blue eyes started chiming in.

" The dance holds many secrets, because you have no clue of what your partner from your district will be wearing, keep your information secretive. Each of the tributes will be blindfolded and walked out into a room."

The Girl from earlier showed a diagram on the board of the room.

"Each tribute will be placed in a room, once the room door opens they will enter in a catwalk. The room will spin around and all doors connected to the outside will close, giving the tributes alone time. While this is going on the music will be enhanced to make the senses dull, seeing who has a powerfull mind to avoid spilling everything. Well I for am hoping for a romance to brew."

The man smirked and then nodded in approval. "May I say we have some dashing and elegant competitors this year, from boys and girls alike."

The girl grabbed a tissue from the box in front of her. "Yeah I can tell, your drool is everywhere on the table." She started laughing and the guy turned away from embarrassment.

She then pointed to the screen above their heads. "So lets get down to buisness here, we will give you a brief description of the tributes from each district. This shall be fun, I finally get to be paid to be honest, I'm ready to let my real opinion take over.

District 1

"What can I say? Other than each one of the tributes being drop dead handsome for the males and beautifully sexy for the females. To begin with lets just say I feel like a creeper considering most of the competitors are 15 years old."

"The two eldest memebers of District 1 are Xavier Doron and Marielle Jaffe, with both of them being the age of 18. Their district is the richest and most valuable of the ones we have brought here for the games. I just can't wait to see what elegant attire they will be dressed in. Only the finest and nothing less than the riches they have in their district i assume."

"Maroon seems to have a quiet and akward vibe to him, most likely a loner. Severus which means severe had a severe disruption with one of the capital members today, he didn't want them to touch any of his stuff, seems like he has trust issues. Xavier well lets just say we had a talk earlier today and the sarcastic prick called me a conserved virgin, refering to my open shirt revealing my cleavage. Ugh, I hope Jason had better luck with the female tributes he met up with because I have nothing left to say."

She crossed her legs and then turned to Jason the muscular host from earlier. She gave him a long stare and tapped her hands against her legs.

"Okay Veronica. I get the point its supposed to be a brief explanation, but your term for brief is I can sit here and never shut my mouth for the next 48 hours." She scoffed at the opinion of the host beside her and then turned away from him.

"Well lets see, who to begin with? lets start with Marielle. She is a very kind and caring person, she offered to help a little kid who had lost his mother in the crowd, luckily they found his mother. Next we have Haylah, which is a pretty unique name, she was the stuck up one of the group and referred to herself as the face of district 1, if that includes a someone you want to punch in the face to be the one who represents for your district then Haylah you have my vote. Finally we have Chardonnay, who is very ditsy, poor girl fell off the train when she arrived."

Jason was still thinking about how funny it was and then just blurted out laughing. He whispered into Veronica's ears and then she let out a little chuckle too. " Okay everyone, we will be back later to provide you with district's 2-5's tributes. I am so excited about meeting the district 4 people, I hear they are the poorest people, maybe I should throw a couple of dollars in their faces, show them what we make here, just kidding, maybe."

District 2

Veronica went and sat down on a chair next to Jason again. "Okay, how can I put this nicely, if I have to put up with seeing the district 2 tributes in a tree for the costumes, I will most likely put them on fire myself. Oh wait what kind of example would I be setting for mother Earth?"

She placed her hands on her lap and then looked directly into the camera. "Well we just got back with the district 2 tributes, the males are a whole lot different from district 1's. First off we have Anthony, Lets just say he was a well mannered man except he made everything a competion, even when leaving from the train he jumped out to be the first. Maximus, well he scared me to death, he was chanting about how much he wanted to kill, I'm glad I'm not a competitor. Lastly there was Edward, who actually didn't make me want to kill myself after the small chat, he was friendly, even offering to help one of the ladies off the train."

She stopped talking for a minute and placed her hand on her head. "God I'm glad that is over with, Jason please tell us about the girls so we can get this over with quicker and so I can go take a nap." She rolled her eyes and then Jason coughed.

"So the girls, they were something. Dawn was very shy and I noticed that when she stepped off the train, the poor girl about fainted in front of the crowds. Jordana was taking in the crowd and tried to get them to not take their attention off of her, she hated distractions. Then lastly there was Annastia, she was so boring I mean the whole time she was leaving the train, she had her face buried deep in a book about herbology. Ugh, I mean learning, how can you possibly want to actually do it when you dont have school."

He made a sign of him choking himself and then Veronica punched him in the arm and grabbed the glass of water in front of her. "Oh this should be good, next we have the normal people, ugh I just hate normal its so bland and boring I mean excitement is where everything is at now adays. Right Jason?"

He nodded in agreement and then took a bite of a sandwich he had on the table. "This work is making me hungry, if only we were given a buffet like the tributes. Want to join the games Veronica?" She chuckled and then grabbed a notebook on the table. "Yeah, but you would be dead lying on the floor. Have fun all the food would go to your gut. We have an image to keep. Now we will be discussing district 3 next."

District 3

Veronica got her glass of water out and held it up to the camera. "Now we get to dwell into district 3 who all together have just about as much personality as this glass of water." She put the glass down and then laid down on the couch. "I hope you all don't mind, but they basically almost put me to sleep, if it wasn't for Jason I would be passed out somewhere." She covered her face in the pillow. "Ugh, Jason you go first."

Jason started laughing at his co-host's behavior and then he poked her and she threw the pillow at him. "Okay from district 3 femals, well they were something. Chloe, well lets just say I wanted to choke her after she walked off the train and then proceeded to pour water all over me on purpose. Whitney, umm her singing was horrid and made my ears split in pain and Yasmine, she was viscious againt Whitney, even going as far to say that her singing was like nails on a chalk board."

He slouched into his chair and then cuddled against his pillow. "Veronica its your turn." He waited for her to respond and then he looked over and she had fallen asleep. "Get the hell up." He threw poured water on her head. She was drenched and then she looked over at Jason and then stuck the pillow over his head and then proceeded to sit on the pillow.

"Okay so the district 3 males, lets start with Redlow. He was really enjoying the company at the train, while I for one wanted nothing to do with any of them. Then we had Lucas, god I could tell on his face he was insecure I mean, normal people unlike me always get that feeling. Last we had Lyno, who wouldn't shut up the whole time, oh my god what an annoying tribute. Ugh, I'm go glad these post- interview descriptions are almost over."

She felt Jason flailing around under her and then she quickly got up because she had forgot he was even under there. "Oh my, are you okay?" He was trying to catch his breath and then he passed out onto the floor. "Oh well, he will be back soon enough to talk to us about the district 4 females, hopefully." She got down on the ground and waved a piece of cloth over his face.

District 4

"Welcome back, Jason will not be able to join us, so I got another male to cover his place." She pointed to the guy next to her with dark brown hair and deep sea blue eyes. "So everyone this is Alex, he will be taking over while they take Jason to the hospital."

Alex waved at the camera and then sat down in the seat Jason was sitting in. "So Alex, pour water on me and then you will be visiting Jason." He seemed scared and the he nodded. "Good so I got to meet the dirt poor males, oh what fun that was, I have never had as much fun in my life to see how horrible it can get past these walls."

She laughed and Alex gave her a nasty look. "So back to the discriptions umm well I felt bad for them, I mean they were all poor, so I threw them each a quarter, not like they are gonna live to put it to their names. Well anyways first I met Jake and boy does he hate every competitor out there, almost as much as I hate doing this. Secondly we had Calix, oh my what a handsome boy, if he was dirt poor i might have actually went out with him once, if I was younger. Lastly to round out the poorest district we have Frank. Is it bad I was seduced by a 18 year old?"

She akwardly poked Alex and then made a motion with her hands to move things along. "Okay the first female was Daria, she would not say a thing, to anyone for the matter. Next we had Zia, she was basically the same as Daria, a snooze fest. Lastly I was actually suprised, someone with an actual personality, Drina was hoping around and around and she made me dizzy."

Veronica was playing with something and then Alex leaned over and saw it was dirt. "Where did you get that?" She smirked and then started laughing. "It's kinda obvious, there was a pile coming from the tributes as they exited the train. Guess thats where the saying dirt poor comes from." Alex rolled his eyes and then brushed her dirt away. "We will be right back, we will be discussing the final district and how mysterious the people from it are."

District 5

Veronica was clapping now and she jumping up in the seat. "Yes, its finally over with. I can finally leave after I give this." She was jumping so hard she fell and hit her head againt the counter in front of her and recieved a loud laugh from Alex.

"Not funny, anyways the secrets were kept hidden with this crowd. The first person off was Krijger, and he left the others in the dust and didn't even both to look at the crowd. Second to follow was Griffon who walked off slowly and avoided all the gazes. Lastly Nikolai got off the train and was eating out of the hands of the people in the district, he was being so prideful that he forgot where he was going and walked into a wall."

She eagerly shook Alex. "Come on, I'm ready to get done with this. Hurry up already." He repositoned himself and then stared at Veronica. "I'm gonna take a few minutes to drink something." Veronica shot him the evil eyes as he slowly sipped the water. Veronica ended up snatching the glass out of his hand which made him chuckle.

"So the females from the district were all three different from each other. Calypso would not talk to any of the other three who were walking beside her, she kept to herself. Rosa was talking for a moment and then picked up a dead flower, she then proceeded to tear up, I believe she should live in district 2. Lastly we had Jennika, she was talking sweetly to the girls, but when they looked away you could tell she hated every minute of it."

Veronica burst up from the table and then ran to the door. "Yes its finished, finally." Alex slowly got up and walked out of the room. He slowly turned to the camera. "Thats all, stay tuned tomorrow for the tribute interviews, where hopefully things will go alot smoother."

The Capital Ball: Being Hidden Behind a Mask, Can Only Tell Half The Story

The Tributes are being placed in their outfits and are going to be released from their rooms to a secret passageway into a little room, which will have a walk way out onto the actual dance floor, where the real dance will begin. Behind the mask is a tribute, but who that tribute is remains a secret to each other. Be prepared for the Dance, secrets will be revealed, death might even take over someone, who will it be?

Each person will be video taped and then blindfolded and then the blindfold will be taken off of them in the small room. These Games couldn't have gotten more secretive.

Xavier Doron

The room is empty except a couch and a tv, he walked over to the T.V. and then it came on. "Hello Xavier, It's Veronica. Tonight there will be a special dance, the dance not only will be filled with joy and laughter, but there will also be a suprise twist. The capital has provided us with a very special outfit for you."

He looked around and then in a glass case was a pitch black tux, with a white diamond encrusted bowtie. Then laying next to the tux was a mask, the mask was quite unique, The design was of a golden key, that was lying next to a white lock, with key whole being pitch black.

"What is this?" He said pulling the mask up to his face. She smiled and then pulled up the mask on the video screen. "That is the mask of secrets, The mask knows everything, how long can you keep everything you know, before everything becomes foreign like it was never actually real?"

He placed the tux on and then placed the mask over his face, it was tight and then he felt something sharp go into his face. "The needle is a sedative, knocks the patient out, see you when you wake up." He fell to the floor and then he noticed strange dark figures walking into a room, but he couldn't make anything out and he was getting sleepy, so he gave in.

Severus Kerner

The room had masks all over it, all were happy and extatic, The T.V. came on and then Veronica came on the screen. "Welcome Severus, the challenge tonight is whether or not you can keep a serious face, everyone likes a mysterious boy, but will the pressure of the lies you will tell get you?"

He looked around and then a white Tux with blue saphires was laying on a wall next to a mask much different than all the other in the room. He saw the mask and it showed a face of seriousness, but the face also showed a wicked side in the mix, the wicked side as if it's mouth was stained red, which was encrusted in Rubies.

"We will see how long it takes, before the real you comes out, are you as levelheaded as you think you are? Or is it just another mask hiding what you really are?" The girl chuckled and then the glass case opened. He picked up tux and placed it on and put the bowtie on. "Is this safe?"

He placed the mask on and then it constricted his face, he was trying to rip it off and then the needle stabbed into his face and hid blood cascaded down the side of his mouth. "If you already have lost your cool, then its only a matter of time until we see what is to fully happen."

She was becoming blurry and then he passed out on the ground. "The mask of Seriousness, how long can you keep the face before you finally break and become the true you?"

Maroon Cutter

The room he was in was filled with silence. The T.V. started glowing and then Veronica came on. "Maroon, the room is quiet isn't it, how long can you remain quiet before you spill everything? Every secret you have ever kept, every lie you have every told. What happens if it all come out?"

His face was blood red and then he noticed a tux hanging from the wall, the tux was grey. "The color represents how you truly are, to others on the outside, you are a empty quite person, while on the inside, you are nothing more than a loud human, always driving yourself crazy with the things that you know."

He then picked up the mask, the mask was quite unique, it was a mask covering form his nose up, the pattern on it was unlike anything he had seen before. It was swirls of black and white diamonds that formed into a finger pressed against lips. veronica appeared on the screen. "That is the mask of quiet,  keep the mouth sealed and then nothing can be told, nothing like a little secret, the more you keep, the more they just want to slip out."

He placed the mask on his head and then it attatched to his face. "Keep quiet or the mask just might permanently shut you up." He fell to the ground and then his voice stopped. He tried reaching up, but then it went pitch black and he heard whispers.

Haylah Zimmerman

She was placed in a room where many faces were painted on the wall, each person had their eyes on her. The T.V. turned on and then Alex could be seen. "Hello Haylah, you have always been the center of attention haven't you? You are mrs. popularity."

She nodded and then flipped her hair. "Well yeah, I mean do you not see me?" He smirked. "Yeah I see you all right, but I see the real you, the one you keep hidden from everyone including yourself." She scoffed at his remark and then the T.V. screen turned off and behind it revealed a red ball gown, with a red bow.

She stood in front of the beauty and then placed the dress on and tied her hair using the bow. She then turned and noticed a mask on a mannequin's head. It was encrusted in pearls and shaped into a crown. "You said it yourself, you are the center of attention, but how will you feel when you lose all of it?"

She placed the beautiful mask on and then she felt a sharp pain in her lip. "What," She then fell to the ground and then hear vision started to blur. "Who is gonna be willing to pick you up not that you have fallen? The so called friend of yours are no where, you are no different than anybody else here, you have nobody."

Chardonnay Aude

The room she was in was filled with all sorts of creativive drawings and sculptures and paintings. "Chardonnay, hun the creativity stems from you, the more we see from you the more mysterious things get. Do you know the difference between reality and imagination?"

She picked up a paintbrush and then drew something on the wall, the drawing rose off the wall and then went onto the floor where it burst into paint. "How did you do that?" Alex smiled and then pointed at her. "I didn't do it you did, anything you draw can be real if you put your mind to it, but don't lose sight of whats reality."

She looked around the room and behind two huge paintbrushes was a black dress with white topaz on it. "Tonight you are the canvas, you are to create the real you tonight, before you lose sight of yourself from being worried about how everyone else is a masterpiece and you are a work in progress."

She then looked in the middle of the room was a mask, the mask was made of many colored diamonds which formed a paintbrush and on the tip black paint in the forms of coal. "The black means that you aren't seeing yourself in color, you aren't seeing the beauty of the one true beholder."

She placed the mask on and then her visio began to blur once the needle wen't into her skin and then flashes of bright colors swirled around in her head.

Marielle Jaffe

The room she was in was painted in the form of the sea. "The room around you sets off your true self, the calm and collected person that you are. You trully are the one who keeps herself together when things start to spiral out of control."

She touched the waves and then everything she hated seemed to go away. She then looked around the room and then she noticed a blue dress covered in white diamonds. "This is so beautiful." She then looked up and then noticed a mask hanging from the ceiling.

She picked it up and then noticed the swirling patten of the waves and the light colors of blue, green and purple mixed into the design out of diamonds. "The waves on the mask are calm, just like you, but they can't always accept pressure and they can get out of hand and cause huge massive changes. Just like you can."

She placed the dress on and then the mask and then she feel into a peaceful sleep, she could hear the ocean through the breeze in the room. Her body hit the carper softly as to guards came in and grabbed hold of her body and carried her out of the room.

"It's only a matter of time before a calm wave turns into a violent storm, lets see how long things can last." She chuckled.

Anthony Proxy

He was placed in a room which was mostly empty except for glass showcase of clothing. "Hello Anthony, other than the fact of how you acted with me before, you have tried to put on a front, your own mask. Well now its time you finally realized the true nature of yourself."

He tried to open the glass case but nothing would budge. "Thats not the real case." He ignored her and then smashed into the case, all the pieces of glass fell into the floor, revealing nothing to be inside. "You see arrogance, it got the best of you, I told you nothing was in there, but you didn't listen."

Then a tux was laid on the table, then he noticed a mask lying beside it, the mask was painted in green and brown, showing off the true colors of earth, but there was something unusual. In the middle of the mask was a depiction of a lion made out of dark black diamonds.

"The lion a perfect example of you, it is an arrogant animal, it believes that it is the highest being out there among everything else, but will soon realize that it's when it doesn't have anything to feed off of. Thats exacly how you are, you are nothing and you will be exposed for nothing, once everything stops following you and making you out to be it's leader."

He placed the mask on his head and then a needle was injected into his forehead. "The bigger they are, the harder they will fall, lets just hope you are still able to after everything that happens tonight.

Maximus Vanderschnootz

The room he was in was covered in red, the dark crimson red that almost looks like blood had stained everything in the room. "Maximus, how cruel can you get? I mean everything about you points off to how cruel you are and how sadistic your nature is."

He touched the wall and then his hands were stained in blood, He backed away and started blinking and the red was gone. "How would you feel when that touch guy act of yours is gone? How would you feel if you were against ever killing something?"

He backed up into something and then noticed it was a tux, it was red, like the blood covering the whole room, along beside it was a mask which had a skull burried in the dirt. "How many time have you wanted to kill? How many time have you killed, How many time are you going to kill? The blood all around this room is a symbol of what you are doing and how much has already been done, who knows your blood might shed by you too."

He placed the mask on and then his blood started pouring out from the needle and it filled up a scale on the wall beside him, the heart was overweighed by the sword right across from it. "Such a shame, leting battle rule you more than your heart does.

Edward Monoghan

The room he was in was covered in ice. "Chill to the bone right, you are very cool. You think you are so chill that nothing will ever bother you right?" You are mistaken cause even the cool kids are eventually melted to the point where they are no different."

He looked around and noticed a blue tux laying on an ice crystal in the middle of the room. Next to it a mask which was covered in ice bits but also formed the symbol of an ice cube, which was partially melted. "The mask shows how you may be cool now, but even now your disguise is melting.

He placed the tux and the mask on and then the room started to melt as he passed out. The people came and drug him out of the room and then something started happening all the ice formed into a heart, which slowly started melting, until it was nothing.

Dawn Santori

She was in a room full of manequin, the people crowded the whole room. "Hey Dawn, we understand you are shy, the more people around means the more beating eyes staring at you. People can be so judgmental, I'm sure you know that though I mean you have been judged a lot."

She held her arm and then tried not to listen and then came upon a pink dress behind the sea of people. "You have to retrieve that." She started walking and then the mannequin's started talking and saying rude phrases about her. She tried to keep going and finally reached the dress.

She came up on the pink dress and then laying beside it was a mask, the mask had a picture of a bunny on it. "The bunny is docile like you Dawn, you and the bunny are both easily manipulated into believing things that aren't true." She started feeling sad.

She placed the mask on and then the people started getting closer and closer, their faces were full of evil like they wanted to get her. She tried to struggle to get them away but nothing worked and then she fell asleep when they got her

Annastia Bios

The room she was in was covered in trees, it was like the eternal Earth all within her hands. She looked around and the plants were full of life and healthy. "This is what a great herbology lesson can provide for a growing garden. I am glad the knowledge was well put.

She danced around the room and then stopped when she came up on the vines that were wrapped around a green dress, with a flower head piece. She placed both things on and then stopped when she noticed her mask behind help up by three seperate vines.

She picked up the mask and then stared at it, the brown and green colors forming a tree in the middle. "This is a great example for you, all great information extends from somewhere, in this case it stems from the treeof life, which gives life to everything else."

She placed her mask on and then the vines started closing in on her and then she passed out when they wraped her up like a cocoon.

Jordana Rusty

She was in a room where all the sounds were causing her to go insane. They were annoying her so much that it was almost about to make her cry. "No one like distractions, they cause people to become very upset, I'm sure you out of everyone else here should know that."

She looked around the room and covered her ears trying not to listen to the annoying sounds until she fell and ended up in front of her dress. She placed the purple puffy dress on and then looked around the room before she fell again.

This time she landed beside her mak, The yellowish color really complimented her dress and she enjoyed the two colors. She looked at the mask and in the middle was two red horns. She picked the mask up and then she looked and noticed a pointed tail.

"The evilness inside you is what is actually causing you to become distracted from everything else." She placed the mask on and then she looked around and noticed an evil glowing red version of herself with piercing black eyes coming closer. She cried out as her tears slowly stopped and she was still.

Redlow Fexpo

He looked around the room and noticed all the chemicals on the wall, explosive powder, he remembers it well with his expierences. He then looked around the corner and then he noticed bombs placed all the way across the room and then a tv in the middle.

He approached the tv and then a small explosion went off like a firecracker and then tv turned on. "Hello Redlow, the display has been put on just for you, how obsessive are you over things that go tick? You in yourself are like a ticking bomb, one wick away from blowing up."

He turned his head to the side and then noticed a tux on a table. He picked up the black tux and then placed it on and then noticed a mask, which was hanging down from the ceiling. He picked it up and drew it closer to his face and then he noticed the design of of a bomb, but the wick was already gone and what looked like blood sprayed all across the mask.

" The mask represents your change in the games, you are peaceful now, but like everyone else, you will become caught up in the kill and will kill at all costs. Until you end up dead yourself." The tv shut off and then he decided to try on the mask and then a small needle pricked his cheek and then he collapsed after a vision of a bomb went off.

Lucas Sunsong

He looked around the room he was placed in and noticed the how empty it was, he also had to think about himself how he felt about himself, empty, even though he wants the best for himself, even if others don't express that about him.

He walked up next to a tv and then it turned on. "How hard is it? Being alone all the time, like you just get pushed around and no one is there because you are too shy to make friends? You are closed off from everyone, including yourself most of the time."

He shamefully looked away and saw a white tux in a case, the tux was laying beside a mask, he couldn't see it from where he was standing so he walked over to the mask. The mask showed and empty room filled with darkness. "Its how you feel about yourself on the inside."

He placed his tux on and then grabbed a hold of the mask and almost placed it on, but then he sat down and laid against the wall, He put in on finally, then he felt a small prick and then he drifted off as everything he saw was complete darkness.

Lyno Nactuna

He started walking along the room he was in, he knew there was something going on, but he couldn't place his finger on it. He looked around and noticed a tv and behind it all sorts of weapons, he felt intimidated. He walked up towards the tv and then it turned on.

"Hello Lyno, you are one of the smarter competitors that came with you from district 3, the most down to earth and normal tributes. It's weird having to be face with all the weapons of past champions who slayed their way to victory, blood still stained on their weapons."

He backed away and then ran into something soft and turned around and saw the bright red color and thought it was blood, but it was actually a red tux. "The red represents the blood of all those who have been slayed, knowing that there have been so many who have died just for one victor, and for someone to have more than one."

He gently grabbed the tux and put it on, even though the story made him feel uncomfortable. He looked around and then saw a mask. "A masquerade?" He asked. He grabbed the mask and held it closer to his face and it was a pile of weapons and then someone standing on top of them. "Will you rise to the top or be a tool on the bottom?" He placed the mask on and then he started to feel sick and then he collapsed into the floor.

Yasmin Veleno

She woke up laying on the cold ground, The ground was like ice. She stood up and looked around the room, pictures of couples all over the wall. She proceeded to rip them off the wall and then she looked over at a tv in the middle of the room.

"Yasmin, such a cold personality. You really are as selfish as everyone says you are." Yasmin scoffed at the idea and flicked the girl off on the tv. She walked around the room avoiding the tv and came upon a purple prom dress with a crown of flowers.

She put the dress and the crown on, but then stopped when she noticed some cards laying beside her mask. "Whats this?" She picked up one of the cards and noticed the name "The lovers." She remembered her boyfriend from a month ago, she actually had feelings for him and then that horrible night. She shook it off and then grabbed the second card.

She held it in her shaking hands when she noticed the name "Death." She dropped the card and remembered their last night, How when she opened her eyes from when she was about to kiss him and then she heard screams and then his body was engulfed in flames. She looked over and noticed her mask laying face down, she turned it around and looked at the design, there was a girl and boy holding hands and then a sword through their chests.

"Try it on, Those two cards describe you life perfectly don't they?" She grabbed the mask and then tried it on. She felt a small prick and then she opened her eyes and then these flames started approaching her.

Whitney Spears

She looked around the room she woke up in and then she heard music playing, first all sweet and then it turned to slow sadness. "Welcome Whitney, you like to preform music, but do you really know the whole message behind a song or is it all about the money?"

She looked around and noticed all these musical notes around the room and all these sheet music. She turned around and grabbed one off the stand and looked over it and then crumbled it up and threw it on the ground. "Older cousin problems? Always the shadow."

She nodded and then looked around and found a silver puffy dress and then placed it on. "This is so pretty." She twirled around and then stopped when she noticed a mask behind held up by two half quarter notes. She picked it up and brought it closer to her face.

She looked at the design and it was a musical note in the middle. She placed the mask on and then she started hearing some music play and then noticed it turned into a sad vibe and then she felt a prick and then the music sounded dramatic and then she passed out.

Chloe Black

She looked around the room and then noticed pictures of the students she had went to school with. She become angered and grabbed all their pictures and then ripped them to shreds and when then fell into the floor and then she could hear all their voices teasing her.

She turned to the tv all full of anger. "I see you met the welcoming guests. They are very fluent in words arent they." She clenched her fists and then punched a hole in the wall. "What is the deal with this?" The girl on the tv laughed and then pointed to the wall behind her.

She turned her body quickly and noticed a dress on the wall, it was a black and it was strapless dress that hung all the way down to her knees. She placed it on and then looked at herself in the mirror. "I'm so beautiful, more so than any of the girls in that school." She twirled around and then stopped when she came upon a mask.

She picked up the mask and saw a mirror on it, the reflection of a little girl. "The image shows, you as a little girl vs the image you see of yourself in the mirror. You were different when you were younger. You were nice and now the teasing has left you with a bitter taste for everyone who can't match your beauty. Well beauty is only skin deep, you have a lot of layers to go through before you reach your actual beauty."

She rolled her eyes and then placed the mask on and she felt a small prick, she looked into the mirror and then she noticed her dead body and then the glass shattering. She fell to the ground and then fell asleep.

Jake Taesond  

He looked around the room and noticed how everything was all poor and run down, just like his home, all poor. He spat on the ground and then picked up a rag that had been torn to shreds and then tore it apart. "This isn't funny, you all sit there and have your fun."

He turned his direction towards the tv behind him. "Jake, how do you like the area? Its a replica of the trainwreck of district 4, the poorest district." He slammed his fist into the wall and then a picture frame fell on the ground and it caused him to step back for a minute.

He picked the picture frame up and noticed it was similar to the one he had broken when he was younger, it was of his family, but since he was too poor, he never could get enough money to ever replace the one he had broken and has lived with the sadness all his life.

"We have allowed you to live like a decent human being for these few nights. Enjoy it while it lasts." He looked around and noticed a Gold tux and he placed it on and then he looked in the mirror and noticed how clean he looks compared to how he always looked in district 4.

He then grabbed his mask which had the symbol of a coin. "The coin represents all the money you could make by winning or all the money your parents will have to pay to recieve your body after your death." He placed the mask on and then felt sleepy after a prick and fell to the ground.

Calix Storm

He looked around the room and noticed all the weapons laying around. He felt the joy of killing overcome him and then he rushed over to the weapons and grabbed an spear and then threw it into the target on the wall behind him and then he picked up a sword.

He stopped when he noticed the tv turn on behind him. "Hello Calix, the most handsomest tribute in the games, breaking hearts as much as you break bones." He smirked at the saying and then brought his sword down and then cut off the head of a dummy and then the arms.

He looked around and then he noticed a trident laying on the floor, he dropped the sword and raced over and grabbed the trident and then threw it straight into the dummys chest and then pulled it out and turned and saw a black tux.

He placed the black tux on and then noticed a mask laying beside of it and he picked it up and then he noticed the symbol and it was of a trident. "Your favorite weapon might even become the reason of your downfall." He ignored the saying and placed his mask over his face and then he felt dizzy and fell to the ground.

Frank Ocean

He looked around the room and saw nets plastered all around the room as if he was in a huge net himself and that he would be caught any minute. He started feeling the nets and noticed how some were knotted less than others and he tried to fix one.

He turned when he notcied the tv turn on. "Hey Frank, you are really cute for someone from such a filthy place, its really a shame, because you could find so many more prettier girls outside of your district, but you are stuck with the ugly ones."

He looked around the room and just tried to think for a moment, had all the girls he really liked been that ugly? He turned and noticed a white tux. He put it on and then turned and noticed a mask on the other side of it, he picked it up and then brought it closer to his face.

The mask had a net on it. "Try not to get caught up in lies." He placed the mask on and then he felt his eyes get heavy and then he closed them and fell onto the ground.

Daria Suter

She woke up on the floor and then looked around on the ground, noticing many poker chips along the floor and then she found many mask on the walls. She turned around when she noticed the tv turning on and then she became startled a little bit.

"Daria, one of the richest families in the poorest of places, you are really hated arent you? I mean everyone around you basically resents you." She raised her fist but then stopped noticing that slamming her fist into a tv wouldn't solve anything and would just make things worse.

She turned around and then started walking to the closet door and opened it revealing an orange sundress. She placed it on and it fit comfortably because she had always wore one because the others were too expensive so the sundresses were the richer clothing in dsitrict 4.

She grabbed her mask also and then noticed all on playing cards the queens.  "Four of a kind, almost like you, mysterious layers packed one on top of the other, its only a matter of time before they start peeling and we get to know the real you."

She placed the mask on and then fell asleep.

Zia Clow

She woke up in a chair and then she looked around the room. She saw all sorts of knives all over the room and she tried out each one and they all hit the center of the target, she has been training for so long and its so easy for her now and she knows all the vital organs

She looked around the room and then saw a tv. "Hello Zia, you have had practice I see with throwing knives, your aim is great and it proves how much of an intent you have on killing someone." She started shaking with happiness when she threw one into a dummy's head

She looked around the room again and saw a brown dress which she happily put on and then she looked at herself in the mirror and then notices some cuts running down her arm and then she started freaking out and then she knocked over a table revealing a mask.

She looked at the mask and then it has a knife on it. "The knife represents the quick and painless way of death, or the agonizing pain of having not taken you own life away yet." She looked at the cuts and then tears started coming out of her eyes.

She placed the mask on and then went into a deep sleep.

Drina Vox

She looked around the room and then got a book off the shelf and sat down on a little chair and then started reading until she noticed the tv had come on. "Hello Drina, you seem like a very bright girl, personality and intelligence."

She smiled and then put down the book and nestled herself up in the chair and looked at the tv. "Drina, for being in the situation you are at home, you don't seem very sad about it." She nodded and then grabbed her book. "Yeah it doesn't bother me, money isnt everything."

She got back up and then started walking towards the book shelf and then grabbed a white dress she had found. She placed it on and then spun around while reading her book. She then looked back and noticed she had missed her mask and ran back over to get it.

She bent down and grabbed the mask and noticed a book on it. "The book shows how much knowledge you have, but that alone may not be enough to help you win." She placed her book down and then placed the mask over her head.

She felt something weird and then fell down onto the ground.

Krijger Schurk

He woke up in a room, the space in the room was very limited and it was very encasing. He stood up and looked around the room and noticed a claw in the middle of the room and then he touched his face, the claw was of a bear, it reminds him of how he was mauled.

He started walking towards the claw and then picked up the claw and then the tv behind him turned on and he became startled. "Hello Krijger, nice scar on your face, I hope the claw really set the mood of the whole situation of what happened."

He put the claw back down and then started looking around the room and noticed a black tux laying next to a dead bear on a table. He picked it up and placed it on, and then started walking away and then noticed a mask lying on the table next to it.

He picked up the mask and noticed the design, it was of a bear claw. He picked it up and then felt it and then the images of his attack came flashing back and then he fell to the floor. "Strong memories, and being haunted by the past, good luck conquering the past, when the games control you."

He placed the mask on and then he saw something slash at him and then he fell down on the ground, incapacitated.

Griffon Skulleck

He looked around the room and then noticed all sorts of pictures around the walls from pictures of places along the world. He had always wished he could leave his district and visit other places and not be tied down to where he lived, well he sort of got it.

He walked around the room and then noticed a tv in the room and then he started to hear rushing water, he turned and then noticed a water fountain in the back of the room and then the tv turned on. "Hello Griffon, the world is a vast place, will you achieve more or die before you go anywhere?"

He looked out his window and then saw a large moutain in the background. He then looked around the room and then he noticed a blue tux and then he placed it on and then he started walking away and then something caught his attention.

He started walking to the waterfountain after he notcied something sparkling in it, he looked in the water and noticed a mask, he picked it up and noticed there wasnt water in the fountain. He looked down and noticed it was a symbol of a mountain. "Mountains are huge, just like how huge your dream is, dont lose sight."

He placed the mask on and then he fell.

Nikolai Ivanov

He looked around the room and then he started walking towards a picture of a pair of twins sitting together eating ice cream. He took a closer look and then noticed it was of him and his brother. "Hey this me and my brother, how did this get here?"

He put the picture down and then he turned to the tv in the middle of the room that had just turned on. "Hello Nikolai, I hear your brother is in the games with you, how will it feel if you end up killing him or he ends up killing you?" He grabbed the picture and started looking at it.

"He would never do that to me, we will both win this year." He felt confident, but there was a side deep inside of him that was worried if his brother would actually want to kill him. He dropped the picture on the ground and then it smashed and his picture was broken while his brothers was fine.

"That is a bad omen, you might want to watch your back." He looked around and found a tux and placed it on and then he went and grabbed the mask which had glass pieces etched into it. He placed it on and then he started to feel sick and then he fell still.

Calypso Davros

She got up and then looked around the room and then noticed little cannon like things that are outside of the walls. She started walking a wall and then wires started coming out of the room and then she ducked and then wrapped a wire around her hand.

She broke the wire off and then took chop stick out of her hair and then her black hair fell down and then she tied it around her chop stick and then threw it into the ceiling and then the the wire came lose and then the chopstick started falling down towards her.

She backed away and then a wire shot out and tied around the wire and then shot into the cannons, destroying them and then she walked onto the walls and grabbed her chops sticks and placed them in her hair and landed on one hand. She heard clapping and noticed a girl on the tv clapping.

"Good job Calypso, the talent of taking a sing wire and making it into a devious trap to not only destroy the cannons but to also provide safety from it not hitting you." She smiled and then looked around and noticed a crimson red dress, she placed it on and then grabbed the mask next to it.

She looked down at the mask and then noticed the symbol of wire formed into hands. She placed the mask on and then she started to feel weak and then she fell to the ground her chopsticks sticking into the floor.

Rosa Solarie

She looked around the room and then saw a small little plant in the middle of the room, she noticed it was wilting away and then she grabbed the water container right beside her. She poured the water on the plant and then the plant stood upright healthy.

"How is that possible?" She said dropping the cantainer and then she turned around when she noticed the tv hehind her turn on. "The mixture is mystical, used from the best chemicals in the world only found here in the capital. It was forged together during the dying days of the games and afterwards after the sudden change in the climate."

She touched the plant and then the plants wilted and then died. She fell back and then tears started falling. "What happened?" She got back up and then backed up into a dress which was brown and black. She placed it on and then stopped infront of a mask.

She picked it up and then it was a crumbling leaf. She almost placed it up to her face and then she stopped when the pot exploded. She backed away and then she noticed something lying down in the middle of the pot and then she started walking to get it.

She bent down and picked up a necklace which had a plant wrapped around it. She put the necklace on and then placed her mask on and then she collapsed onto the ground.

Jennika Acropolis

She stood up and then she started walking through this empty room with all the lights off and then they turned on real quickly and then she stopped moving at the sight of a bottle of alcohol. She backed up away from the bottle and then she backed into a bottle.

She twirled around and then it broke onto the floor and then she started having memories come back and covered her head. She thought her father and mother were gonna bust a bottle over her head. She looked down at her arm and noticed the scars. She saw a black dress and placed it on.

The scars were actually the result of them cutting her, she suffered a lot, all because of them. She looked back and noticed a tv turning on. "Jennika, the bottles only stack higher, you would know, I mean your parents cared more about them than you."

She threw a battle into the tv and then the bottle shattered into millions of pieces and then she dropped to the ground and then started crying. She looked down and noticed the reflection of a mask in the glass. She stood up and then walked over to the mask.

She picked the mask up and looked and saw the mark of a bottle on it. She picked up the mask and then placed it on and then she fell to the ground onto the glass.

Masquerade Ball: The game of secrets and deception

All the tributes woke up when the doors to the next room opened up. They all stood in the middle of the room and then they all sat down in a chair. The video monitor above them turned on and then They saw Veronica and Jason sitting in chairs. "Hello beautiful and not so beautiful tributes, welcome to the first Masquerade Ball. The charriots were boring, so we decided to get rid of them, best decision of the entire Capital."

Jason chuckled and then looked towards Veronica. " Well Veronica, tonight should get juicy with details, take a good look around, you have no idea who you are looking at, you have no idea who you will be talking to and you have no idea who is being real from who is fake." The tributes looked around at each other and then the video panned in on Veronica.

"Well as for tonight goes, just have fun and dance with who ever you want. Don't worry about anything but having a good time. The more serious stuff comes later on during the training days and interviews, which sadly won't be held by us this year." One of the tribute shouted yes and Veronica shot him a dangerous looking glare. "Well have fun and don't get too roudy." She smiled and then waved goodbye with Jason and then the screen turned off.

The tributes all stared at each other and then some stood up , the room started changing and then a huge disco ball came from the ceiling and then lights started flashing and then drinks and food appeared on platters placed across huge tables and ballons and stremers falling from the ceiling.

Maximus who was wearing a red tux and had dark brown hair asked Marielle, the dirty blonde haired girl in the blue dress with diamonds from district 1 to dance. "Hey My name is Maximus, but a beautiful lady as yourself can call me Max." Marielle began to blush and then wrapped her arms around his neck as he swayed her side to side. "Okay, My name is Marielle." He smirked and then kissed her hand. "Beautiful name, fits you perfectly."

Lyno got up and then started walking towards a girl in an crimson red dress. He reached his hand out and then she nervously placed her hand into his palm. "Hey my name is Lyno." He said kindly. She nervously smiled and then avoided his eyes. "My name is Calypso." He placed his hands around her waist and she nervously placed her hands on his neck. "I'm sorry, Im just really shy." He nodded and then whispered in her ear. "Me too." She smiled at that.

Nikolai got up and then started walking towards a girl in brown dress. He instantly grabbed her hand and spun her around in and then stopped her. "Hey I'm Nikolai." She backed away and then shot him a weird glare. "Please don't touch me, I have no clue who you are, but trust me you arent on my list of priorities." He let go of her and then he started to feel a little hurt. "Hey listen I'm sorry, just trying to have a good time. What's your name?" She rolled her eyes. "It's Zia, and don't bother I'm not interested."

Maroon stood up and then started approaching a girl in a white dress. He grabbed her hand and then starts moving towards the center of the room. She instantly grabs his hand and then twirls herself around using his hand. "Hey I'm Drina." She says cheerfully. He calmly answers her back. "Hey I'm Maroon, nice to meet you." She gets real close to his face. "Nice to meet you too." He nodded and then she twirled around and he caught her in his arms.

Anthony got up from his seat and started walking towards a girl in a black strapless dress which went all the way down to her knees. He bent down and grabbed her hand. " Hi I'm Anthony and you are going to dance with the coolest guy in this place." She smiled and looked into his eyes. "I'm Chloe and okay, but where is he? All I see is the ugliest man." He smirked and let her comment go. "Then you must be blind because im the sexiest thing around." She burst out laughing and then whispered in his ears. "Not by a long shot."

Calix starts approaching a girl in a red ball gown with a red bow on her head. "Hey I'm Calix, the sexiest beast alive." The girl smiled and then got real close to his face. "My name is Haylah, the cutest girl you will ever see. No one can match my beauty." He starts to smile and then leans in close to her and then she starts to fall in love with his eyes. "You are very beautiful." She started to blush and then nodded. "You are very sexy."

Xavier gets up out of his seat and notices a girl in a pink dress. She was looking around and was slowly trying to back away from the huge group. He ran up to her hand turned her around to face him. "Hey my name is Xavier, are you okay?" She started shaking and then looking around and then started to mumble. "My name is Dawn." He led her away from the group and sat down at a table with her. "It's nice to meet someone as pretty as you." She blushed. "Thanks."

Severus got up and then started walking over to a girl in a silver dress. He reached down and then grabbed her arm and took her to the middle of the floor. "My name is Severus, whats your name?, are you a murderer?, are you good at heart?" She backed away and then try to process the questions and she felt the pressure of his glare. "I dont trust you nor anyone here." She slapped him in the face. "My name is Whitney and there is no need to pressure me."

Edward got up from his seat and approached a girl in a black dress and white topaz's on it. He took her hand and then guided her towards the punch bowl. "Hey I'm Edward." She held on of her arms. "I'm Chardonnay." He smiled and then poured her a cup of punch and handed it to her. "Here you go, beautiful people always need to be served." She laughed and then took a drink. He poured himself a glass and then accidently missed his mouth and spilled it. They both broke into laughter.

Lucas got up out of his seat and then started moving to a girl who had placed her head on her purple puffy dress. "Hey are you okay?" She lifted her head up and then she felt a tear come out of her eyes. "I don't want this day to end, the killing it will happen too soon." He got her up and then pulled her into a hug. "It will be fine, dont worry." She opened her eyes and saw him smiling at her. "Besides, no one should ever hurt a beautiful girl as yourself." She looked up and then she felt some kind of attractment to him. "I'm Lucas by the way." She smiled. " I'm Jordana."

Redlow picked a flower off the tree behind him, the beautiful ocean blue color and gold lining on the creases of the petals. He brought the flower to a girl in the green dress. He pulled her off the chair and then placed the flower in her hands. "This is so beautiful." He smiled and then placed it in the flower crown on her head. " My name is Redlow." She smiled and then adjusted the flower. "Well Redlow, I'm Annastia and you made my night." He smiled and she layed her head on his shoulder.

Griffon shyly walked up to a girl in purple short dress. He offered her his hand but she slapped it away. "Do I look like I want to go out there with you?" She pushed him out into the dance area. "My name is Yasmin and you are going to be my toy for the night." Griffon backed away from the cold lady. "Whats your name you loser?" Her voice got higher. "My name is Griffon." She rolled her eyes and then smacked his cheek. "What a pathetic name." He backed away and gave her distance. She then tried to act all nice and lovey with him.

Frank got up out of his seat and then started walking towards a girl in a black dress. He took her hand and then lead her off into the dance floor. He stared in her eyes and then he seduced her. "Hey beautiful my name is Frank." She sweetly hugged him. "Mine is Jennika, wow you are really cute." He smiled and then he tilted her chin up like he was gonna kiss her. She nervously slipped away. "I'm sorry." He smiled and then sweetly laughed. "Its fine."

Jake got up forcefully from his chair and then went over to a girl in a black and brown dress and then forcefully grabbed her. " My name is Jake, firsts things first, I don't like anyone in these games except myself." The girl broke away from his grip and cradled her wrist. "My name is Rosa, and there isn't a need to be a jerk." He rolled his eyes and then broke off a piece of a leaf and then crumbled it on the ground. She punched his shoulder. "How could you."

Krijger got up and then started walking towards the only girl left sitting who was in a orange sundress. "Hey my name is Krijger, I might as well talk to you everyone else is gone." She looked away from him. "Yeah I guess, my name is Daria. I'm not well in talking." They both sat in silence for a while and just kept to themselves. Krijger got up and got her a drink and gave it to her, but they both still avoided any conversation.

All the tributes noticed a girl sitting in the middle of the seats still, she had her hair french braided and she was wearing a gold dress, she was also wearing a mask with glitter on it. All the tributes avoided her and then started walking towards the disco ball. The girl stood up and then started looking at all of them. "Get out while you all still can." The tributes turned to her.

She pointed to a door and then thats when they heard a gun. They all looked forwards and then the girl started to fall off the chair with blood flying out of her back from where she had been shot. The girl screamed in pain and then everyone backed away as a man in a black tux came over to the girl. He reached down and then pulled off his mask. Marielle noticed the man. "Jason?"

He picked up his gun and then called in for back up. Two guards came in and then picked up the girl who was laying in the floor, she had blood covering her face, from where she was laying in the puddle of her blood. "Please don't do this Jason." He had one of the guards hold her hair back and then he ripped the mask off her face and then it fell to the ground and crack into millions of pieces.

Jason grabbed her chin and then turned her to face the tributes. He smiled and then he grabbed a knife out of his pocket and then placed it up to her neck. "Veronica, lets tell them what you did wrong." He forced her forward onto the ground in front of all of them and in the puddle of her blood. which was still pouring out and she still was screaming out in pain.

"Run!" She screamed out, blood pouring out of her mouth. Jason grabbed his knife and then sliced her throat, she was flailing and blood gushing out of the cut. He finally reached into his pocket and then grabbed his gun and placed it inside her mouth. "No!" Screamed one of the girls in the crowd as he pulled the trigger. The blood shot everywhere, piles pouring out of her mouth and then covering the entire dance floor.

The guards dropped Veronica onto the floor and then her cold, lifeless body hit the floor with a loud noise. The room was silent and he put his gun away and then turned to face all of them. "Commit a crime and then you will end up just like she did." Everyone turned to girls body and then the guards drug the body away, leaving a trail of blood behind. He turned to them all and then gave them a sadistic smile.

"She tried to escape, If you try to escape from the capital then you are dead." He pointed at all the blood that was shed to prove his point. "She was chosen to be one of our interviewers and she hit her last one of her career." He put his gun away and then turned towards the tributes. "The masquerade ball is over, Don't bring this up or you will be killed violently, harsher than her death." All the tributes nodded as he opened the door revealing the exit back to their rooms. Everyone ran out of the room, leaving behind Jason.

Jason grabbed his gun and then some girl walked in, she had long flowing blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. "Goodjob Jason, the President will be proud of you murdering the unwanted criminal. She was a nuisance to our plans, after all if she would have escaped, the games would be over. We can't have that could we." She smiled sadistically. He nodded his head and then picked up the prints to the arena. "No Jessica, we couldn't." He handed her the prints and then they both walked away from the room, leaving the piles of blood still there.

Day 2: Training

All of the tributes arrived at exacly 10 A.M. to start the training session. Each of the tributes went back to the group they arrived to the Capital with, the first time since the horrible death yesterday. Each of the tributes waited to see who was going to be the training instructor. The girl walked out of the room behind them, she was dressed in a black dress with her blond hair put into a bun. "Hello My name is Claire."

All of the tributes greeted her nicely and then she took her stance in the middle of the room infront of everyone. "Gather round." The tribues gathered around her. "The games will be filled with many dangers, its going to be hard to tell whats real from whats fake. The training courses are set out for everyone, don't disregard some of the lower quality sessions, they could be the ones that could save you butt. You can spare with anyone you want, thats the new rules added to the training facility."

All the tributes nodded and then started moving towards what training session they wanted to go to. District's 1 and 2 took over the harder courses, such as aiming practice and throwing. They seemed to be lead by Maximus from district 2. District 3,4, and 5 all tried their hands on the gauntlet.

District 1&2

Maximus guided them towards the obstacle course and then Anthony, Maroon and Jordana all rushed up one of the higher walls and started racing each other. Anthony grabbed a wooden staff and then swung it at Maroon, He ducked and then jumped onto the wall infront of them. Jordana rushed past Anthony and then started climbing the wall and then swept her feel into Maroon causing him to fall. Anthony jumped over him and then onto the wall. Jordana stared at Anthony and then he swung his wooden staff at her. She ducked and then jumped onto the staff and then bounced off and started heading towards the end of the course. Anthony proceeded to try and throw his staff but Maroon got up and kicked him in the stomach and he fell off. Maroon grabbed the staff and then launched it at Jordana. She turned around and then the staff hit her gut and she collapsed to the ground. Maroon jumped off and then started running but Jordana tripped him and then Anthony approached her, she kicked Maroon into Anthony causing him to lose his balance and then she swung the staff into his face and he collapsed to the ground. Jordana ran through the finish line, claiming victory over Maroon and Anthony.

Annastia approached the target range and she picked up an Axe and then threw it into one of the dummys heads. It came flying off and then she looked over and noticed Severus grabbing a spear and then launching it into a dummys neck and then the whole thing fell over. Annastia watched as he picked up another spear and then proceeded to launch it towards one of the dummies. Annastia grabbed a throwing knife and then threw it at the spear causing it to launch into another target and for her knife to go flying into the hearts of one of the dummies. Severus grabbed an axe and then launched it into one of the dummies and then it went through and other two and then pinned them against the wall. Annastia laughed and then pulled out four throwing knives and then spun around and launched them into the four targets head, which caused the dummies to fall over onto the ground. Severus grabbed an axe and then stabbed it into the dummy and then launched it towards Annastia, she moved to the side and then threw four knives. Severus blocked them with the spear and then sent them hurling into a wall beside the two of them. They both nodded at each others skills and then put the weapons down.

Dawn walked over to the targets after they left and then picked up a blowgun. She loaded a needle into the gun and then brought her mouth up to the tube and then blew causing the needle to go flying into the arm of one of the dummies. Chardonnay and Xavier came by her. Xavier grabbed a sword lying on the table beside him and then ran up to one of the dummies and then sliced off both of its arms while Chardonnay grabbed her baton, which had metal blades on the ends. She grabbed her baton and then twirled it in the air and then sent it flying into the heart of one of the dummies. Xavier went and threw an axe into the target and then he went to try and retrieve it, but Chardonnay swung her whip, catching the axe and then sending it flying into the wall. Xavier grabbed his sword and then started swinging it at Chardonnay's head. She kept backing up until she was against the wall. Dawn shot a needle at Xavier and it cut his cheek as he side stepped away. Chardonnay swung her whip at Dawn and then it wrapped around her leg and then she fell to the ground. Xavier cut the whip with his sword and then Chardonnay threw the whip to the side. Dawn got back up, they all pointed their weapons at each other. Then dropped them.

Haylah grabbed a bow from the rack beside her and grabbed a quiver full of arrows and then threw it over her back and then sent it flying through a dummy head. She then loaded another arrow and brought the bow closer to her face and then looked down the sight and shot the arrow through the air and into the a dummy on the other side of the room hitting it in the heart. She went to place another arrow in but stopped when she noticed Edward approaching the rack of weapons and grabbing an axe off and throwing it into the the dummy Haylah just shot an arrow into causing it to slice in half and the upper torso to fall to the ground. Haylah turned to him and then knocked an arrow and then started aiming at Edward. Edward duck and the arrow went into the wall behind him. He gabbed his axe and lunged it at her. She ducked down and then it sliced through four arrows. She loaded another arrow and then shot one at Edward and it shot into his shirt and stuck him to the ground. He broke the arrow and then threw his axe at Haylah. She was too late to react and the axe cut through the bow and then it broke along with the quiver dropping to the ground. Edward came to her and then reached his hand out to her, she grabbed it.

Marielle walked up towards a sparing stage and then grabbed a rapier she found on the rack. She started stabbing into the dummies. She spun around and then stabbed her rapier into the head of the dummy. She pulled it out and then she felt something hit her rapier and she turned and noticed a club against her rapier. Maximus struck his club against her rapier. She repelled backwards and then cartwheelled towards him and then struck his club. He stepped backwards and then jumped at her, bringing his club down right at her head. She rolled to the side and then started stabbing at Maximus. He blocked all the attacks and then swung his club at her. She blocked it with her rapier and then she was sent flying towards the wall. She rebounded off the wall and twirled gracefully through the air and then started stabbing at Maximus and one hit his arm and then he swung violently at her and accidentally hit her chest and then she hit the wall behind her. He started running towards her,  she stood up and then pointed her rapier at him. She ran at her and then she slammed her rapier into his club and then he dropped it onto the ground. She pointed the blade at his neck, but he kicked her onto the ground and then he cradled her.

District 3, 4, and 5

Lyno carefully approached the huge walls of pillars and then jumped onto one as it came down. Yasmin saw this as a testimony of strength and jumped onto the same plateform with him and then she kicked him onto one of the lower ones as she jumped to a higher platform. Calix jumped onto one and then looked into Yasmin's eyes and then he kicked her in the chest and sent her falling into Lyno. Calix kept going and then reached a pillar which started leaning to the side and then fell over because of his balance. He slid down and then rolled onto a smaller pillar, which was surrounded by huge pillars away from Lyno and Yasmin. Lyno got back up and pushed Yasmin to the side and jumped onto the pillar and it raised him up in the air. He saw the finish line and then he jumped for it, but a pillar rose in front of him and he came falling down to the ground. He looked up and then Yasmin was running and jumping from pillar to pillar and then one fell and she cut her lip on it and then she rolled to the side caught between a pillar in front of her and one behind. Calix pushed into one causing it to fall over and then box Yasmin in. Lyno came running towards the finish line parallel to Calix and they both jumped to reach it, but Yasmin slid in.

Redlow, Whitney, Lucas and Chloe entered the hand to hand combat station and then Jake, Frank, Daria and Zia entered in behind them. They all stood in the group and then seperated into their district. They heard a bell go off and then Zia jumped into the air and tried to drop kick Whitney. She dodged the attack and then proceeded to kick her in the face. She ran after Zia and they took one of the areas. Lucas started punching at Jake, Jake grabbed his fist and then twisted it an threw him to the side. Redlow attacked Frank and busted his nose. Frank grabbed Redlow and then they both spun off the area and onto a platform. Chloe gave Daria a frigid stare and then ran towards her and kicked her gut and then elbowed her jaw. Daria fell to the ground, she was barely able to get up, but she stepped on Chloes foot and then kicked her neck, causing her to fall to the ground knocked out. Daria limped for a second and then fell down beside her. Redlow turned to see Chloe knocked out and then Frank punched his gut and sent him into a wall. Frank started running at him and then clenched his fist and brought it up at Redlow, but he ducked causing his fist to hit the wall and then Redlow slammed his face against the wall and he fell down knocked out. Lucas was holding his hurt arm, when Jake jumped at him. He backed up and then he brought his foot down and then Lucas kicked his foot and then he fell to the ground. Jake kicked Lucas hand and then He stumbled in pain and then Jake dropped kicked Lucas in his stomach and knocked him out. Whitney looked at Zia and then jumped into the air and punched Zia's face and then Zia returned a swift kick to the gut and Whitney kicked her away. They both stumbled backwards and then ran at each other with their fists out and punched each others jaw and they both fell to the ground instantly. Zia got up and then kicked Whitneys face and then Whitney couldnt get up.

Claire walked onto the platforms and then helped the fallen tributes back onto their feet and then gathered all those who had finished to the middle of the room to wait and watch the final members finish their challenges. While everyone was waiting Claire started talking and turned her body towards the compeitors who hadn't gone yet. "Don't forget tomorrow is the interviews, only one day is allowed in training. Get all beautified, I will be there watching all of your interviews. Make me proud." They all nodded and then returned their gaze to the final 7 tributes.

Krijger and Griffon started walking towards the gantlet and then Rosa and Jennika came running towards it too. Drina noticed it was her against District 5. Calypso nervously stood behind everyone else. Drina heard the bell and then started jumping and running across the pillars with Krijger on her tail. She jumped over one of the pillars and then it rose up and Krijger ran into it and he fell to the ground. Drina looked back and then noticed Rose comming. She jumped to the side and then noticed wire caught around her leg and turned and looked at Calypso. She was brought down on the pillar lost her breath. Rosa slid into the pillar Drina was on and then kicked her off and started running for the finish. Griffon started charging at Rose, but Nikolai rammed his head into Griffon causing him to fall of the pillar. Jennika jumped into the air and then came down on Nikolai and tased his arm and then she roundhouse kicked him into one of the pillars and started running at Rose with Calypso on her tail. Rose grabbed a wooden club and then turned around and smacked it into Jennika's face and the tazer flew into the air while Jennika fell onto the ground. Rosa dropped the club and then jumped towards the finish line. Calypso grabbed her wire and then wrapped it around the tazer and then swung it at Rosa neck and it sent her flying into a pillar. Calypso passed the finish line, winning.

Claire brought the pillars down to the normal level and then the tributes walked out of gauntlet and then met up with the rest of them in a circle. "Well today was a very well executed training day. I am pleased with all the effort you all placed in the training today and the next time you will see me is during your interviews. Right now I'm handing you over to the Gamesmaker." She smiled and then walked out of the training facility leaving the tributes in a circle while another woman entered in with a blue dress and her blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. "Well good day tributes, I am the Gamesmaker. My name is Jessica. The capital has given me authority to pull a stimulus examination of how you would survive in the actual games themselves, this will help you see who you want to form alliances with and who you want to avoid. Its all based on the traps I will set up for you all, good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor."

The Interviews

A man entered onto the stage and sat down in a crimson red chair, with another one right beside him. The lights were flashing in on him, you could see his dirty blonde hair and deep green eyes, and then he stood back up and then waved to audience. "Hello my name is John Matthews. Its an honor to be here in the beautiful Capital. I will be handling the interviews here after Caesar Flickerman retired. Well we have a wonderful night planned for all of you, through the secrets of the tributes to their time here in the capital. First off we have Marielle Jaffe from district 1. Please welcome her to the stage."

Marielle's Interview

The beautiful  blonde entered the stage and then stood in front of the crowd. "Thanks for having me John." She said seductively. He kissed the side of her cheek and then grabbed her hands. "Hey you must be Marielle. You are very beautiful." She smiled and then sat down on the chair.

He faced the audience. "Well what do you think of Marielle?" The males in the audience all started whistling and then clapping at her beauty. "Well you seem like a fan favorite so far." She smiled and then waved for all the male competitors. "Thanks for all the love guys, it makes a girl feel loved."

He laughed and then his tone turned serious. "So Marielle, how has your time in the Capital been so far?" She seductively twirled her curly blonde hair in her finger. "Well is there any answer other than amazing? I have had such an amazing time, It gonna be sad to leave here and be throw into the arena to possibly die."

The audience all sighed with sadness and many shouted. "We hope you win." Others shouted. "You are to beautiful to die." She smiled and then blew the audience a kiss. "Thanks for all the love." John smiled and then acted like he grabbed it. "Well one more question. Tell us about your love life."

She smiled and then started to blush. "Well actually I am single." Many of the males in the audience gasped at that and others screamed with happiness. John seemed takenaback by the answer. "A beautiful girl such as yourself doesnt have a boyfriend. Wow they are all missing out on your beauty." She smiled and then twirled her hair again. "Well there is someone I like here."

All the boys in the audiences sighed in sadness, while John leaned in closer and then she leaned closer. "Who is the boy?" She smiled and then laughed cutely. "Well I danced with him at the masquerade ball and then he also swept me off my feet and caught me while I was falling." The whole audience awwed at her. John then looked at her and grabbed her hands. "Well I hope everything works out and I cant wait to speak with him later. It was nice having you here and good luck with the games." She stood up and then he kissed her cheek and she left.

Haylah's Interview

She entered onto the stage out right, just stopping in the middle and waiting for everyone to praise her. She heard many people screaming and she sat there and took in all the love while John sat there waiting for her to come. "Are you waiting on me?" He nodded and then she finally walked over and sat down in the chair across from him.

He swallowed the lump in his throat and then began to speak. "Well that was some nice praise. Well now we have." She cut him off and then made a heart out of her hands. "My name is Haylah and if you want to be like me then I suggest you become popular. Its a natural gift given to me."

He rolled his eyes and then turned to the audience. "Charming isn't she?" The audience laughed and then she scoffed at his statement. "Well Haylah, How has your time in the Capital been so far." She laughed and then turned to the audience.

"Well it was great until I had to show up to be on this stupid interview. The only thing I am going for is the publicity of getting the sponsers who I just know will back me up with all the money that have." She seemed positive and then blew a kiss out into the audience.

He clenched his fist and then turned his attention to her. "So mrs. popularity, do you have any special qualities that give you a chance to be the winner of the games?" She laughed. "Why yes I do. As you can tell I am a natural born leader and that really plays to my stengths of being able to manipulate people into doing things that I want. So I am hoping that will take me far into the games. I am lucky I was graced with that quality."

He sighed at this interview as it has gone practically no where in the whole gist of how the interviews are normally drawn on, but at this moment he just wanted them to be over with. Good thing she doesnt realize how stupid she seems like on the interviews now. "Well one final question and then you will be off. Are you nervous at all?" She then changed her mood. Tears starting to swell up in her eyes. "I am very nervous, I dont want to die, I dont think anyone does." He nodded and then she got up and started leaving and she turned to the audience and smiled.

Chardonnay's Interview

She walked onto the stage and then tripped over one of the steps and then landed on her face. Some of the audience laughed while others gasped in wonder. She got back up and then rubbed the back of her head. "I'm fine, sorry for the clumziness." She got back up and then sat down on the red chair.

"Oh my god, are you okay?" He sounded scared. She smiled and then nodded. "It happens a lot and you shouldn't worry about it. I mean I have gotten over it. Its happened to much at this point to even be suprised anymore if you know how I am."

He laughed nervously and then took her hands an then cupped them as if he was worried about the poor girl, well he sorta was. "This here is Chardonnay. She is already a hoot from what we have witnessed from the other interview a moment ago." She laughed and then placed her hands on her legs.

She rocked back and forwards in the chair. "Well Chardonnay, how is the Capital?" She bursted out with excitement and fell into the floor and then just laid there. "Its amazing, I mean all the pretty colors and all the creativity is just flowing from this place. I get so happy when I noticed things that are very creative."

He laughed and then the audience started clapping. Chardonnay started clapping too to mimic their excitement, which only added to her excitement. "So Chardonnay do you have any special talents?" She jumped back up with excitement and then nodded. "I am very good at being creative." She grabbed a piece of paper and his pen and then started drawing and then showed the audience. It was a picture of a flower with needles on it.

"Thats very unique." She smiled and then laughed. "Thank you, its something I have dreamed about and its been on my mind lately since I came to the Capital. I'm sure it doesn't mean anything but I am very happy about it being in my brain." He laughed and then grabbed her hand and lifted her up. "Good luck tomorrow and I will be watching so do your best." She smiled and then hugged him tightly. "I always strive for my best so dont worry about me." She exited the stage but then fell again on her face.

Maroon's Interview

He entered onto the stage, quietly and calm. He slowly walked over to his chair and then softly sat in it. He gave the audience a quick smile and then turned back to notice John. "Well nice to meet you Maroon." He smiled. "Yeah thanks its always nice to meet a color." John laughed at his comment.

"So how has it been in the Capital so far." He took a deep breath and then calmly answered the question. "Its been different to say the least. Not much can sum up all thats happened these past days and too many details to explain, but its been a pleasant suprise."

John nodded and then turned to the audience. "The most poised compared to the last two interviews, its a nice change." He smiled and then Maroon laughed. "Thanks John, I try to remain in control, its a lot easier to deal with things that way." The audience clapped with his comment and then he flashed them a smile.

He shook Johns hand. "Thanks for having me on the show by the way. Its been great to talk to someone normal for a change. Things can get hectic, its nice to finally have a break from all that." John shook his hand and then smiled to the crowd. "He is such a catch. I mean he is so peaceful its a great change."

Maroon smiled and then John patted him on the back. "So how is it like at home? I mean living in the richest district?" He showed no emotion even if on the inside he was chocked up by the sudden question. He finally took a deep breath and then answered the question. "It's okay, I mean I have a lot of stuff most of the other tributes don't have. I have however wanted to leave for a while now, the games gave me that leadway."

John nodded and then turned to the audience and shushed their talking. "Well one final question and then you will be off on your way. How much mentally are you prepared for the games tomorrow?" Maroon tried to hold his emotions of how scared he was truthfully, but he played it off. "I am prepared further than I was a couple of days ago." He laughed and then so did the audience. "Well thanks for being with us today Maroon and we all look forward for seeing you in the games." He shook Maroon's hand and then he Maroon walked away.

Xavier's Interview

He walked onto the stage and tried to hide his anger from what had happened and how he had gotten here. He didnt take any notice to the audience and just sat down in the chair. "Well hello Xavier. Its good to have you on here to interview."

He nodded and then turned to John. "Its good for you, but its not at all what I had originally had planned for myself. I wanted to be one of the Peacekeepers and live a life without having to be put in these stupid games. I lost all of that when I was reaped into these games. Almost would have escaped them and become what I had dreamed of."

John was taken back by the anger in Xavier. "I'm sorry to hear about that. Well if you win the games, then you will most certainly be given a place on the peacekeepers, so there is something to strive for." Xavier nodded. "Then you obviously know I have the courage to win all of this. I need it, I can't settle for anything less."

"Very well, so how has your time been in the Capital?" Xavier cracked his knuckles. "Its certainlly been a testiment to my personality. I mean I had not ever once dreamt of ever entering this place because its basically an omen for death. You come here you are most likely going to die. I mean except the one person who wins, which will be me."

John nodded and then the audience was speechless, not even any noise was being made. "Listen I know how most of you think. I have what it takes, Im not going to bow down and let others kill me off. I need this and I won't give up until I win. This is the thing that killed my dreams and I am just waiting to conquere it. We all are given challenges, and I am not going to back down and let this one win."

The audience cheered at his testmony and then John patted him on the back. "Good job, I'm glad you arent going to give up because other wise It wouldn't have been worth going this far to even think about becoming what you had always dreamed of. Who knows maybe by doing this your odds of getting in will be even better and you might even become the lead peacekeeper after you testiment in the games." He nodded and then shook Xaviers hand as he got up and then started walking out towards the exit.

Severus' Interview

He walked onto the stage avoiding the audience, he didn't like being watched, just something that didn't click with him. He wasn't trusting enough. "Hello Severus, nice to meet you." He avoided John's glare. "Is it? I mean people lie all the time, its nothing new."

He breathed in trying to calm him self down. "Well Severus, how has your time been at the capital?" He calmly breathed. "Do you really want to know or just saying that? Well its been quite eventful to say the least, I mean the masquerade dance was quite an eye opening event."

John nodded. "So what happened during the Masquerade dance, shame we couldn't have seen it on the big screen ourselves, we were all dying to see it." The audience all nodded in agreement. "Its something I dont want to talk about and something I dont want to share with complete strangers."

John shuddered at his answer. "Well okay, do you believe you can win the games?" He said quickly. Xavier rolled his eyes. "Of course I believe I can win the games, I'm not some poor weak little sap, like eveyone else. I have the will to win and I don't think I will lose, infact I know I wont lose. I will win."

The audience was sort of lost in his whole speech. "Well atleast you have the goal to win in mind." Xavier nodded. "Why would you tell yourself that you are gonna lose, It makes no sense. I wan't to win and I am not going to talk myself out winning, there isnt another option at hand because I dont plan on dying that is just a stupid thing to think about even if it might happen."

"Well one final question and then you can return back to get ready for the big games tomorrow." Xavier nodded and then waited for John to finish. " What do you plan on doing if you win?" He rolled his eyes at the obvious question. "For one I will be able to return to my loving parents. They mean the world to me, even more than getting my dream job, but the obvious is claiming my job in the peacekeepers. Its been my dream and I will live to achieve it." John nodded and then shook Xavier's hand as he left the stage.

Dawn's Interview

She nervously walked onto the stage, she was avoiding all the staring eyes, they scared her a whole lot. She walked over to the chair and then avoided the crowd and never looked over at them. "Hello Dawn you look beautiful." She nodded, not actually answering.

he looked at her and then the audience and then whispered into her ear. "Are you nervous of the audience?" She nodded and then spoke one simple word. "Yes." He clapped at the audience. "She just told me that she thinks all of you are amazing people and thats she is glad to be here for all of you."

She looked into his eyes and then he winked at her. She got up for a minute as the audience was praising and clapping for her and then she did a curtsy. The audience loved it and many of them whistled and then she blushed and sat back down in her seat.

John grabbed her hand. "How has your time in the capital been so far?" She started to get nervous and then she turned her gaze to the huge crowd and then she turned back to John who was waiting on an answer. She cradled her arm. "Its been good."

He nodded at her answer. "Thats amazing, you know you are like me, its both our very first time being here in the capital. I know how you are feeling." Her face showed some happiness and the audience ate it up and clapped for her. "You do?" He smiled and then petted her head. "I do and don't worry, I'm not gonna make you feel like you have to give big long answers, trust me I never wanted to either."

She smiled and then laughed. "Good because I dont like them." He laughed and then nodded back to her. "I didn't either. Last question and then you are free to go." She nodded. "Okay, so are you ready to win?" She nervously looked at the audience. "I believe I am." She smiled and then the audience praised her. "Well good to hear, I can't wait to see how you do." She nodded and then he helped her off the chair and he kissed her palm and then she started walking away, but she blew a kiss to the audience before she left.

Jordana's Interview

She entered onto the stage as confident as can be, she didn't bother looking at the audience, she only cared about getting the interview over with.  She hated dealing with the distractions anyways, she should be formulating a plan not answering dumb questions.

"Well Hello Jordana, its a please to meet you." She nodded and then looked around and then came close to his face. "Lets just cut to the chase, I have things to be doing like preparing for the games." He backed away and then nodded. "Okay."

She smiled and then gave a fake smile to the audience while waving. "Okay Jordana, how has your time in the Capital been?" She acted like she was thinking about the question and then answered. "Boring, the only fun was the training where I got to do some fighting."

She looked at the clock and then noticed it was almost time to go. "Well Jordana, do you think you have a chance at winning the games?" She nodded. "I think I have a very good chance at winning but, if not I will place higher than most will." She smirked as she finished her answer.

He nodded and then proceeded to watch her as she got up and then waved at the audience trying to make them think that she was interested in their feedback. They all fell into the palms of her hand and they praised her with shouting and clapping. "Well very nicely played. Please take your seat as I ask you my final question." She sat down in the seat and eagerly waited for me to speak.

He rolled his eyes and then leaned in closer to her to ask his final question. "I want to know if you have any body that you might like in the compeititon?" Hey eyes widened at the question and then she felt the attraction she had felt from the masquerade ball from before. "Well umm.... I did meet this really cute boy at the dance and he was the sweetest thing to me. His name was Lucas." John nodded and then kissed her hand. "I look forward to meeting with him." She smiled and then waved at the audience one final time and then left the stage.

Annastia's Interview

She walked onto the stage and then she smiled and twirled around the for the audience and then gave them the peace sign. She heard the clapping form behind her back when she went to go sit down in the chair across from John. She laughed when she turned and noticed people standing and clapping.

"Well hello Annastia. Its a pleasure to meet you." He said. "Why thank you John, its such a pleasure to be interviewed by such an amazing host." He started to blush. "You think so? She laughed and then nodded as he started giving her a small clap and the audience returned a huge one.

She stood back up and then twirled around quickly causing the audience to see how well she was on her feet and they all clapped as she ended her twirling on one foot. "So Annastia, how is the Capital so far?" She turned to him and then blew a kiss.

"Its amazing, I mean the people are just amazing." She said looking at the people in the audience who rose out of their seats and started clapping at her. John smiled and then she took her seat next to him and she crossed her legs and then stared into his eyes.

"Well Annastia, how was the masquerade dance?" She smiled at him and then she pulled out the flower she had recieved the night before. "It was simply amazing, I recieved this flower from the sweetest guy in the world. It was so romantic." He placed the flowe in her hair. "He really knew what flower to give you to compliment you eyes." She started blushing as she pulled her hair back.

He got up and then showed her off to the crowd. "You see, beauty comes in many forms." The audience all clapped in agreement and then she spun around again. The flower shimmering with beauty in her hair. "Well I have to ask my final question and then it will be goodbye." She nodded. "Do you think you have what it takes to win?" She looked at the audience. "I most deffiently have what it takes to win it all." The audience all clapped and then he kissed her hand and she started walking off the stage.

Anthony's Interview

He entered onto the stage and then started smiling at some of the ladies and they all fell into their seats. He came and sat down beside John. "Its nice to have you hear today Anthony." He nodded and then smiled at a blonde in the audience. "Its great to be here."

The blonde fell into her seat and then she shouted I love you. Anthony grabbed a flower out of the vase and then handed it to her. "I love me too." He placed the flower in her hair and then gave her a gentle peck on the cheek as she screamed out in joy.

John started smiling when he came back to his seat. "Someone seems to have picked a favorite out of the crowd." Anthony laughed and then whispered in Johns ear. "No, I do that to every hot girl I meet, just look around the audience." He looked around the audience and notice numerous girls with flowers.

John laughed and then gently punched Anthony on the shoulder. "Nice, so how are you enjoying your time in the Capital so far?" He looked at the girls in the audience. "Well I'm certainly enjoying the view if you know what I mean." He laughed as he looked over all the hot girls in the room.

He looked back at John. "But to actually answer the real question, its been an amazing expierence. I have had a great time even if I did get my butt kicked by some girl. I let her win though, so no biggy, I'm just that awesome that I dont let girls feel awful about losing." Th girls in the audience all started awwing at what he said as he sat there and smiled.

He blew kiss to the blonde from earlier. The other girl abover her started trying to grab it, while she acted like they were trying to steal him form her. "Well here is my last question and then you can be on you way. Do you think you have what it takes to win?" Anthony laughed at the question. "Of course I do. I mean I am the best tribute in the games, there isnt even a way I could lose. I'm so awesome I bring tears of joy to everyone." John laughed and then the girls in the audience started clapping as he walked off the stage.

Edward's Interview

He walked onto the stage and then he started waving at the whole audience. He then went and sat down next to John as he shook his hand. "Nice to meet you Edward." Edward smiled and then looked all around him. "No trust me its nice to meet you."

John laughed and then stopped talking for a minute to let the cheering of the crowds die down. "So how has the Capital been?" Edward started smiling and then looked at the Audience. "Its been absolutely amazing, I have never been this happy in my life."

The audience's clapping had reached an all time high. "Well you seem to be getting all the love from them." He smiled and then waved at them. "Thanks for all the love, its amazing." The crowd started cheering again and then he started laughing at the sudden outburst.

"So Edward, how good is the food?" He felt his tounge start to water up. "It has been simply amazing and I can't wait to eat even more of it after I leave from the interview. The cooks and all the staff have outdone themselves. Lets all give them a hand." The audience all started clapping loudly at his request.

He smiled at all their clapping and then he looked at John and then noticed he was clapping too. "So Edward do you think you have a chance to win the games?" He smiled and then nodded his head. "I do believe I have a great chance of winning the games, my kindness has taken me a lot of the way there. I love making friends and also being able to talk with people." The audience all screamed with joy at his saying and started clapping again.

John was caught clapping again. "I cant help it, you are such an amazing kid. Am I right?" The audience all started clapping an nodding their heads. "Well thank you, I couldnt have asked for better people to share this interview with." He waved at the audience and they all clapped. "One more question and then you are free to go." He nodded. "Are you afraid of killing people?" He nodded. "Yeah I dont like hurting people. I will only kill for my safety." The audience clapped and then John shook his hand and he left the stage.

Maximus' Interview

He walked onto the stage showing off his muscles. He walked over to the audience and then the girls started cheering as he passed them. "Sorry I already have someone in mind ladies." The girls all started sighing in sadness.

"Well Hello Maximus. Its nice to meet you." Maximus laughed. "Its better being here than being in Distict 2." John started laughing and then the audience started laughing also. "So how has the Capital been?" He turned to John. "Its been amazing, I have met so many cool people and even a beautiful girl."

"Lets hear the details on this beautiful girl then." Maximus started laughing and then laid back in his chair. "Well I dance with her at the masquerade and thats when I noticed that she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen." The girls in the audiene all started to aww. "I would do anything to save her."

John nodded. "You seem like a fine young gentlemen, she is lucky to have you as such an amazing boyfriend." He laughed and then Maximus shot a glance. "Yeah she is an amazing girl." He looked towards the audience as they all cheered and clapped at what he said.

"So do you feel like you have a great chance at winning the games?" He nodded and then started looking towards the audiene. "I feel like I have a very good chance of winning and I believe me and Marielle will win the games together, no doubt in my mind. Then we can live and raise kids together and be safe away from the confines of the games again.

"Well  hope you both win, you both are very good looking and I will be looking at the games and how your realationship advances tomorrow. My final question is are you willing to sacrafice your life to save Marielle's?" He nodded his head and then looked over into the crowd. "My love love for her will bring me to victory where we will both be able to have a life outside of the games. That is my testiment and I'm going to achieve it." John smiled and then shook his hand. "Good luck and keep the beautiful girl safe." He nodded and then exited the stage.

Yasmin's Interview

She walked onto the stage and then avoided the audience and sat down in the chair. "Nice to meet you Yasmin." She rolled her eyes and then shot him a deathly glare. "Dont play it off like you actually care if I am here or not, you are not worth my time, I'm only here because I have too."

John seemed taken a back but he kept going. "So how has your time in the Capital been so far?" She laughed hysterically at the question. "This is the stupidest question because I already know you all are expecting for me to say its awesome, am I right?"

She stood up and then turned to the crowd. "Get off your lazy butts and go and get a life. I know you dont really even care about any of them. You are just here to see the show and to watch everyone die, trust me you all are pathetic and you can't help that its just who you are."

Then she turned to John. "You, why even come to the job? I mean you are horrible at the job and its annoying sitting here to be interviewed by your boring angle on questions. Please do me a favor and spice up the questions or I am leaving and the Capital wont get its precious interview."

She sat down in her seats while the audience and John sat there in anger. "Well Yasmin, do you believe you have what it takes to win?" She rolled her eyes. "Of course I do I mean what do I look like I am made of Rainbows and cupcakes?" She said giving him an awful stare. "Yes I believe I am gonna win because there isnt a reason for me to believe I wont win. Simple as that."

He wwas becoming aggrivated at her. "Well since I know you don't want to be here any more than the rest of us. One final question and then you can go off to doing what ever you think is better than being here." She laughed. "Good thats what I have been waiting to hear this whole time." He rolled his eyes. "Well, do you have any cute guys in mind?" She looked at him and then smirked. "No I don't and if you are asking for youself, then dont bother. I don't date the help." She smirked and then waved at the crowd as she stood up from her chair and then left the stage.

Whitney's Interview

She walked onto the stage and then turned to the audience. "Are you all ready for some live intertainment?" They all screamed with delight and clapped. "Well here its goes." She placed the mic up to her mouth and then proceeded to sing scream and shout.

"When you hear this in the club, your gonna turn this shit up." She danced around and then grabbed John and danced with him. "When we up in the club, all eyes on us. See them boys in the club they watching us." The crowd was cheering her on and then she took her seat.

John was still dancing to the music but the stopped and sat down in his seat. "Well that was quite an expierence Whitney. Beautiful singing. Maybe We can hear one more song before we go and start the questions?" She nodded and then placed the mic up to her mouth. "Who here knows If U seek Amy?" The crowd all raised their hands.

"Good. Here we go." The background music started up and then the crowd started clapping along with John who was clapping off to the side. "Love me, hate me, say what you want about me." She started clapping and then turned to John and finished the song and sat down.

"Thanks for letting me sing." She smiled and waved. "It was no problem at all, things got pretty dull in the last interview. So you made up for it and we are all glad you did. So How has the capital been?" She looked around and then placed the mic up to her mouth. "Its been awesome. Where else can I go and have free expression to sing? This has been nothing short of amazing."

John clapped. "Well I'm glad we were able to provide you with such access. My final question goes out to you. Do you feel like you have a good chance to win the games?" She placed the mic down in her lap and turned to the audience. "I'm not really sure to be honest. Till this point I just wanted to forget about it, but I can't. Tomorrow I will be placed in the Arena to survive and it just sends shivers down my back." He hugged her. "Thanks for that answer, we will be cheering you on. Go get some rest and see you tomorrow." She exited the stage.

Chloe's Interview

She walked onto the stage and then turned to the audience. "You all are such amazing people. Its been an honor being a guest in this place. I can't help but feel happy when I see all the beautiful faces out in the audience. You all are simply amazing."

She walked over to her seat and then sat down, crossing her legs. "Well Hello Chloe, good to meet you." She smiled and then flashed him a smile. "Thanks its such an amazing expierence to be interviewed by you. I mean atleast I have class unlike the other tributes who are nothing."

She laughed at her statement and then turned to the audience. "I hope you all love me as much as I love all of you." She smiled and then blew kisses to everyone. "I plan on winning the games even if that means tearing through the flesh of the other tributes. It doesnt phase me the least bit."

John clapped for her and then the audience all clapped ten times harder. "So how has the Capital been?" She smiled at the audience and then ran up to the front of the stage and then turned and faced John. "Can't you tell its amazing. Just look at all the people here. It coudldn't get any better."

She twirled around and then blew a kiss to the audience. "I can't wait to kill all those louzy tributes and return to see your beautiful faces again. So just wait until I come back and I will greet you all with the respect that you amazing people have paid to me." She started clapping for the excellence. John kissed her hand. "That was so beautiful, the Capital has been blessed by being presented with a tribute as good as you."

She nodded and then hugged John and then tears started swelling in her eyes. "Thanks for all the praise and the compliments. Its the best moment in my life, I dont want to leave all you amazing people. The other tributes will all die, they are all ready considered dead." John clapped at her statement. "There you go, dont let anyone intimidate you. You will go far in the games." She smiled and then waved to the audience. "I know I will." He kissed her cheek and then she started leaving the stage but gave one final kiss to the audience and then left.

Lucas' Interview

He walked onto the stage, he was quiet but was taking in the audience's clapping. He came and sat down i nthe chair beside John. "Hello Lucas, its a pleasure to meet you." Lucas nodded and then turned to the audience. "Thanks, its been good meeting all the people here."

John nodded. "Well I'm gonna ask you a few questions. Answer them honestly." He nodded and then situated himself in the chair. "Okay, how has your time in the Capital been?" Lucas rubbed the back of his head and then let out a sigh. "Its been good I guess, Haven't got to see as much as all of you."

The audience all seemed saddened at his aswer. "I just hope maybe I will win and come back and explore the whole beauty of the place." John smiled and then patted him on the back. "Dont worry I am sure if you try your hardest then you will come back and explore all the places you wanted to. We will be awaiting your arrival."

Lucas nodded. "Yeah I believe I might win, but I am not the strongest compeititor in the games, I also hope that I am not the weakest either. I pray that I might be given the chance to win." John nodded and then rubbed his hair. "Dont put yourself down kid." Lucas nodded happily.

Lucas smiled at the audience and they all clapped. "Well I have two more questions. How do you think you will do against the tributes?" He seemed chocked up by the answer. "Well I have met some of the tributes and many of them are intimidating compared to my size and strenght. Even the females are tougher than me. I dont have very good odds, but I will try."

"Okay my final question and then you can leave.  So do you have anybody that you might like in the games?" He started sighing. "No sadly I dont, I mean I am scrawny and I dont think anybody likes me that way. If they do its just to trick me and make me think that I mean something and then most likely stab me in the back. Its good being alone then you dont have to worry about traitors." John nodded and then shook Lucas' hand as he got up out of his seat and then started exiting the stage.

Redlow's Interview

He entered onto the stage and then went up to one of the girls in the audience and then kissed her cheek. He then got back on the stage and then sat down on the chair across from John. "Well that was quite and entrance Redlow." John leaned in his chair.

Redlow smiled and then started moving around in his chair. "Of course, I dont want to upset the ladies." He then proceeded to take off his shirt, as all the girls in the audience started screaming with the audience, even some of the males screamed.

John looked over and then he became startled. "Wow, thats a good way to win over the audience." Redlow smiled and then leaned back in the chair flexing his arms. "Thanks, its a good feeling knowing that the audience likes me. Its something that I dont feel a lot."

The audience all got saddened and then many people shouted. "I love you." He smiled and then waved at the audience. "I love all of you too. Its been an amazing time here in the Capital and you all have made it that much better. Thanks for all the love."

John then petted Redlow's orange hair. "So do you think you have what it takes to win?" Redlow smiled and then kissed his biceps. "Yeah I believe I have what it takes to win. Its going to be hard, knowing that the rest of the tributes have just as much strength to come and win it, So I'm not gonna come off as some prideful person because in all honesty I could lose in the bloodbath, just as any one of them could."

John nodded. "Well its been good talking to you. One final question and then you are off." Redlow nodded. "Do you have any worries about the games?" He shrugged his shoulders. "Not any more than most of the worries that everyone has when going into battle to get killed." He busted out laughing and then John started laughing also. "Thats a good one. Well it was good having you here. Good luck and dont give up." Redlow nodded and then got up and pulled John into a hug. "Thanks." He started walking off stage.

Lyno's Interview

He walked onto the stage and he was met with millions of faces staring at him. While he didnt really mind all the staring he didn't like being in a room with complete strangers. He looked around the audience hoping to find someone to make his time on the interview more comfortable.

He looked through the crowd and then he noticed Claire in the audience. He was brought back into reality when John snapped his fingers. "Hey Lyno, thought I lost you there for a minute. Anyways its great having you here to be interviewed."

Lyno smiled and then nodded. "Its been great being here, through everything these past days. It beats being in boring District 3. I mean everything is so normal there, there isn't anything special about being in a place that is so bland, dont you think?" John nodded.

Lyno smiled and then looked down at his lap. "Yeah its been a great time, sadly it will have to end in the next few hours. I will be whisked away into the games and then my fate is uncertain there. It scares me quite honestly. I don't want to die and I have always had a fear of dying."

John nodded and then pulled Lyno in for a hug. "I know death scares many, but if you win just think of how far you came along and then nothing in your past will matter to you." Lyno nodded but still felt saddened. "Yeah, but all the people that will be killed they could have had a life as much of my own if I am to survive." John nodded and then pushed his shoulder. "Maybe more than one person will survive?"

Lyno became lightened up by this. "Yeah hopefully that would be the best. I mean i dont want to live a miserable life by myself. I would be happy if others were to win also." John nodded and then the audience all awwwed and then clapped. "That was an amazing statement. You are going to be great as long as you dont give up. Motivate yourself. You have great things planned ahead of you." Lyno smiled and then shook Johns hand and then turned to the audience and then waved goodbye as exited the stage.

Drina's Interview

She entered onto the stage dancing around and then blowing kisses at the audience. She went and sat down casually in her chair. "Well Hello Drina, its a please to meet you." She smiled sweetly and then held her hands together. "Why thank you soo much."

John nodded. "Well how has the capital been so far?" She nearly jumped out of her seat and then jumped up in down. "Its been amazing. I have had such a great time." She danced around in the seat and then John grabbed her hand and then lead her back to her seat.

"So Drina, how was living in district 4?" She suddenly turned from her free spirited nature to this quiet individual. "Well for one, I lost my father at a very young age, I have been in foster car until I was placed in these games. I miss my father, he went fishing one day and then just vanished. The last thing I own of his is my dolphin necklace."

She showed off the necklace and then placed it back in her shirt. "Its been a sad few years. I have felt like I have been alone, the foster care was horrible and at one point I just wished I would have died. Its been an emotional few years and sometimes I just wish it would end."

She looked into the audience and then noticed many of them swelling up their eyes with tears and then she looked over and John was crying also. "That was a beautiful story, I'm so sorry over your fathers death. I know it had to be a period of mental and emotional stress." She nodded and then started whiping some tears that she was starting to feel coming out. "Thanks for understanding, most dont."

Started whiping away the tears in her eyes as John started hugging her. "One final question and then you are free to go." She nodded. "Okay." He started smiling and then looked deep into her eyes. "How would you like to see your father?" She almost felt choked up. "I want to soo bad." She noticed a man walking out of the audience and then he lifted her  in the air. "Drina." She started crying tears falling out of her eyes. "Dad, I never gave up. I missed you soo much." The audience all started clapping and crying. Her dad kissed her cheek as they left.

Daria's Interview

She walked onto the stage, bu didnt pay attention to anything, just sat down all gloom and doom. john looked at her expression and noticed she wasnt even really paying attention to anything that was going on. "Nice to meet you Daria."

She looked up at me and then sighed. "Yeah, fine, whatever." She smiled and then waved at the audience. "Well how has the capital been?" She rolled her eyes and then looked over at john. "I dont really care, just want to get the games over with."

John nodded. "Well that was a very nice answer." She rolled her eyes and then started to act like she was going to doze off in the chair. "Hey wake up Daria." She gave him an evil look and then started yawning. "Are we done yet, this is so boring I have better things to do like sleeping."

She placed her elbow up on the table, trying to rest her head up from her falling asleep. "So Daria, do u believe you have what it takes to win?" She shrugged her shoulders. "Yeah." He seemed baffled. "Is that all you have to say?" She looked at him and then took a deep breath. "Yeah."

She got up and then started stretching and then danced around for a bit and showed off her twirling. "There thats all you get. I'm tired again." She sat back down in the chair and then looked over at John, whos face showed that he was speechless. "So umm... do you like anyone here?" She rolled her eyes and then looked into his face. "Yeah." He rolled his eyes at the one word answer.

"Well aren't we full of enthusiasm." She laughed. "No." He then slapped his forhead and then sighed. "Final question and then you are free to go." She looked into his eyes. "Yay, almost finished." She nonchalantely stated. John was practically pulling his hair out of his head at this point, until he just gave up. "What are you gonna do after you win." She inhaled a deep breath like she was going to say something important. "Sleep." John slapped his hand against his forehead as she got up to leave. He kissed her hand and then she slowly left the stage.

Zia's Interview

She entered onto the stage showing off her rugged look. She went and sat down in the chair beside John and then smashed her fist onto the table. "So Zia, its good to meet you." She smirked. "Its a pleasure to be here. Its better than my cave life, that I left behind."

He gave her a weird look. "Cave life, what do you mean?" She ran her hands through her messy black hair and then stared into the audience. "My parents abondoned me at the age of 6, they chose my brother over me. I dont need any simpathy from any of you either. I survive just myself."

The audience clapped at her braveness and then John patted her shoulder. "That must have been hard." She pulled out a lock of her hair and then threw it at the audience. "Not much harder than the life you guys live, stuck up each others butts all day. I was put through each day without knowing if I was going to live."

She clenched her fists and then turned to the audience. "But I made it, It wasn't easy. I had to live off of animals I killed around the caves, I had to steal from the rich and most of the time got caught and was beaten. I was even brave enough to steal from my own parents. I took their food and everything."

The audience gasped at her her struggle. "So do you think you can win?" She nodded. "Yes, I trained every year till I was reaped, I needed a life to live and it was in my best interest to get out of that cave and try to win the games. Not just for a good home, but for a good life to return back to, maybe even my parents taking me back after they have seen how much I have endured without them."

John nodded and then grabbed her hands. "You are a very brave woman and I wish you good luck on however far you make it into the games. You have the will to win and its about time you start challenging yourself harder than you have before." She nodded and then stood up and hugged him. "My life has been hard, but you have to go through tough trials if you ever think about trying to make it far. These games are my chance and I wont blow it. Now after spending so much of my life in a cave." She smiled and then she walked off the stage waving.

Frank's Interview

He started walking onto the stage and then he flashed a smile at the crowd and then shook hands with John. He went and took his seat and then waved at the audience. "Well Frank, its good to have you here today." Frank smiled and then nodded. "Its great being here."

John looked at the audience and then back to him. "I'm sure we would all like to know how you like it in the Capital so far." He raised an eyebrow and then the audience all leaned in closer out of their seats to hear what he had to say to them. "Well its been amazing, so much has gone on that wont ever be forgotten, its been magical."

He hated how it sounded corny but it was true. John grabbed his shoulder and then leaned him in closer to his face and they both stared out into the crowd. "So how do you think you will fare in the games?" He smirked and then looked at John. "I think I have amazing odds."

John smiled and then patted his back. "Thats exacly what I like to hear coming out of the mouths of all the tributes. It wouldn't be any fun if you werent going to put up a fight and let everyone trample over and kill you. Thats not what the games are supposed to be like."

Frank nodded in agreement. "Thats right, they are supposed to be about how we are sacraficed for the please of the audience watching at the Capital and thinking about how glad they are that they don't have to be placed into the games or any of their families. I think I hit it right on the nose, woudldnt you agree John?" John smiled and then nodded but then stopped when he played it back through his head again.

Frank rolled his eyes and then stood up ready to leave. "It was fun chatting with you all. The games will be over soon and I just want to return home. So I guess you will have to tune in tomorrow and see how the games will end. Hopefully you will all have some sense and try to stop all this from happening, but no its too much of a thrill getting to see young teenagers fight to the death." John scoffed at the idea, but shook Frank's hand as he started walking away and then exited off the stage.

Calix's Interview

He walked onto the stage and then flashed a smile at one one of the pretty girls in the front row. He then ran his hands through his hair and then you could hear some girls in the audience screaming. "Well Hello Calix, its a pleasure to have you here at this interview."

He smiled and then he showed off his white sprakling teeth to the crowd. "Its an honor to be here in the presence of the mighty Capital, the people who provide us with the food we eat. You all are amazing and so are the lovely ladies in the audience."

He smiled and then John clapped. "Well how has the Capital been so far?" Calix laughed and then whispered into his ears. "I can tell you its been very appealing, he said pointing at one of the girls in the front of the audience." John started laughing and then Calix did too.

"Well its been a fabulous suprise, where I am from is nothing like this, Its the exact opposite truth be told. Im glad I was able to come and actually be treated like royalty for once in my life. Its an amazing feeling and you all are lucky to be able to live with this privledge each and every day."

He stood up and then grabbed some flowers laying on the table. "Here, I'm gonna make my impression with one lovely lady one way or another. Who ever catches this flower gets one kiss from me." He threw the flowers in the air and then a brown haired, green eyes girl caught it and then Calix leaned into her and then kissed her on the lips. She fell to the ground as he walked away all charmingly and sat back down in his chair.

"That was good, its been a while since I have kissed a girl as beautiful as her. The Capital really has some beautiful girls living here." John nodded and then looked at the audience. "Clap if you love him." The audience all clapped and the loudness almost busted John's eardrum. Calix stood up and then got ready to go before, John grabbed him to ask him one final question. "Are you ready for the games?" He smiled and then nodded. "Yes I am very ready." Calix started walking away as the girl from earlier screamed his name. He exited off the stage.

Jake's Interview

He walked onto the stage and then started waving at the audience. "You all are such great people and I am glad you have come here to watch my interview. Its amazing to see that many people love me." He laughed and then went and sat down next to John.

"Well its good to meet you Jake." Jake swallowed the lump in his throat knowing he was lying to him. "Its amazing to meet you. I'm very glad I have the chance to be interview by you." John seemed flattered Jake kne he had just successfully lied to his face.

"Well how has your time in the Capital been?" I tried to hide my rolling of the eyes. "Its been an amazing time. I mean the people are wonderful. They are the nicest and kindest people I have ever met in my life. I feel so at home with everyone that I am sad I have to leave."Jake about vomited in his mouth. He just has to keep it up a little more.

Jake stood up and then started clapping for the audience. "You all really are amazing people. So much for wanting to go back to District 4. I want to live with all the amazing people sitting in the audience and this amazing interviewer sitting right next to me."

"So jake do you think you have what it takes to win the games?" He nodded. "I do have what it takes, even if that means having to kill tributes from the other districts. They dont deserve the punishment of losing other kids my age, but it will be all fine when I win." John nodded and then clapped for his answer. "I am sure you will go far in the games and everything will be fine."

John stood up and then Jake stood up too. He reached forward and grabbed Jakes hand and then shook it. "Please make all of us watching the games proud. We will be watching your progress." Jake smiled and then started waving at the audience and they all started shouting and praising him. He started to laugh and then he started walking away and then his face changed from happy go lucky to the sickening of having to go through all that pain of lying and trying to act like he was happy. He exited off the stage.

Calypso's Interview

She started walking onto the stage and then went and sat down next to John who was sitting in the same chair across from her. "Its great to have you here Calypso." She nodded her head in approval and then just sat there in silence as she messed with her hair.

"So do you believe you can win the games?" Calypso nodded her head again and then smiled and waved at the audience. "Not even a yes or a no?" She nodded and then went back to her hair again and braided the strings of hair.

She sat there with her hands in her lap and then sighed at how bored she was. "So how do you think you will do in the games?" She looked at him and then she smiled. "Good." He was astounded by her one word reply. "So you can actually talk?"

She laughed and the nodded. "Oh I see back to the nodding again. Every time you make progress you always go back two spaces." He sighed as she laughed and then pet him on the shoulder. She smiled again and then poked his shoulder. He looked at her and then gave her a look of annoyance.

She laughed and then poked him again and again and then what turned to her and then stared at her. "What do you want?" She started gigglng and then stuck her tounge out at him. "Hi." He rolled his eyes and then she started laughing and then poking him again. He started getting angry again and then he started laughing. "You think thats funny?" She answered with a nod.

He got up to give her a hug, but she remained in her seat and didn't even budge. He grabbed her hand and tried to lift her up, but she stayed glued to the seat. He finally gave up and then sat back down and then she rose out of her seat. He rolled his eyes and then stood back up. "So are you ready to battle to the death?" She paused for a moment and then took a deep breath. He was waiting to hear her answer and then she just nodded her head. He rolled his eyes and then hugged her as she skipped and exited the stage.

Jennika's Interview

She entered onto the stage and then she twirls around and then blows kisses to the audience. She sweetly sits down and then looks at John with her eyes all sparkly. "Hello Jennika, its nice to meet you." She smiled and then placed her hands on her heart. "It warms my heart that you said that, its nice to meet you too."

He laughed and then she laughed with him. "So how is the capital?" Jennika smiled and then grabbed his hands and then looked out into the audience. "Its been amazing, the best feelings I have ever had in forever. I don't want to leave at all. I am staying."

She stood up and then twirled around and blew kisses to all the audience. She jumped up and down and then hugged John. "So are you afraid to be in the games?" She nodded. "I am a little, I mean I dont like that I might die. Its sad I dont want my life to end so quickly."

She jumped up and down and then started looking at the pretty lights on the stage. "They are so beautiful, I mean the colors are just so pretty." John nodded and then grabbed the mini light on the side of the table and shined its pink color on her.

She started poking her chest and then smiling. "Hey look I am pink." She was smiling and then laughing as she kept poking herself and then she grabbed John's hand and then had him poke her. She giggled and then he laughed. "So what do you think about the games?" She jumped up in her seat and then looked at him. "I love games dont you love games?"

He laughed and then patted her head. "yes I like games." She looked around the room and then stood up and started sticking her tounge out and waving at the audience. "Yeah I think the games are there to test to see who can survive all the dangers. I hope I win. I may be ditsy but I am a good fighter." She laughed and then stood up and then he gave her a simple hug and then she started walking away from the stage and within a few minutes she had exited the stage.

Rosa's Interview

She entered onto the stage and then stopped to wave at the audience and then took a seat next to John. She was looking over and then she noticed one of the flowers wilting. She added some water to the flower and then smiled as she felt like she had succeeded.

"Well its nice to meet you Rosa." She smiled and then tossed her red hair back. "Thanks, its great to be here." She placed the flower in her lap. "I see you are very enviromental friendly." She smiled and then looked down at the plant. "yeah me and my parents were the reasons Panem switched to the enviromental friend power."

She took pride in the efforts her and her parents accomplished over the past few years to make Panem a healhier place than it has ever been. "Its a really great accomplishment as I see it and I think through looking at all the environment I have picked up a few things to help me win the games."

She smiled and then he looked around the room. "Thats very cool, I mean you supplied the Capital with all the green materials that it has to this day." She smiled and then cupped the flower. "Yes I did and its all thanks to my parents and how much they supported my goals."

She twirled around the room and then started watering the plants in the room and then started waving at the audience. "This is such a healthy place to grow plants, Im glad they have thrived on using the methods me and my parents have given them over the past few years." John smiled and then grabbed a flower and placed it in her hair. "I am too, I love the environment too."

She danced around and then she stopped when she camp upon the audience. "So Rosa, how do you plan on winning the games?" She twirled around and then stopped in front of John. "Well if all goes according to my plan, then I will hopefully survive by knowing which berries are good to eat and staying away from the poisonus plants that inhabit the arena."  He smiled and then shook his head and then pulled her into a hug. She smiled and then threw some flowers to John and then she started walking away.

Krijger's Interview

He entered on the stage and then looked past John and then sat in the chair and didn't bother to do anything for the crowd. He sat and then laid his head on his hands and then started drifting off into space, while John was snapping his fingers trying to wake him up.

He finally looked over to John and then rolled his eyes. "What could you possibly want?" John looked at the crowd and then back to Krijger. "Maybe an interview? Just a guess though." Krijger made no effort to answer the question and then just laid up against the chair.

"So how are you finding the Capital since you have been here?" He rolled back over and then looked into the crowd. "Obviously boring, I mean not even this interview can keep me awale, Im wasting my time." John rolled his eyes and then sorta kicked his chair.

Krijger rose up and then gave John the evil eyes. "Hey look he is finally awake. Maybe he has time to actually answer our questions this time." Krijger gave him a fake smile. "Sure why not." John clapped and then leaned closer to Krijger. "Finally."

"So do you think you will win the games this year?" Krijger rolled his eyes and then turned to face John. "Yes I do, oh look I finally ansewered one of your dumb questions, now can I leave?" John nodded his head in diapproval. "Nope I have two more and then I will be more than happy to get you to leave the stage. So are you scared of death?" Krijger started to laugh.

"No I am not, we are all going to die eventually. I would rather die in these games. I mean atleast I get to sleep." John rolled his eyes and then started tugging at his hair. "Last question, who are you going to team up with during the games?" Krijger looked up towards the audience for a moment and then looked back. "No one, I dont like anyone here." John nodded his head and then shook hands with him and then watched as he pulled his tired butt off the seat and then started exiting the stage.

Nikolai's Interview

He walked onto the stage and then turned to the audience and waved and then he came over to John and then hugged him and then sat down in his seat next to him. "Well its nice to meet you Nikolai." Nikolai nodded and then moved around in his chair some and then turned to John.

"Thanks, Its great to be here. You seem like a great interviewer, I can't wait to get to the actual questions, trust me I wont back down from answering all the harder questions." John nodded and then started sorting through some papers next to Nikolai. "Well lets start out easy." Nikolai nodded.

"How has your time in the Capital been so far?" Nikolai smiled and then turned to the audience, showing off his smile. "Its been great. Babysitting my brother isn't doing being here any justice. He is a pest and gets quite annoyed. Well I mean you would know you interviewed him."

John started laughing and then nodded his head because he knew he couldnt argue with what he said because it was all the truth. "So do you think you have what it takes to win the games?" Nikolai nodded and then laughed. "Probably more so than my brother has."

John burst out laughing and then tried to stop himself, but he couldnt. "So here comes a really tough question and I need you to truthfully and honestly answer the question, got that?" Nikolai nodded and then turned to the audience with a scared look on his face. "Would you have the guts to kill your brother in the games if it meant winning?" His eyes grew wide and then he slumped back into his chair.

"I dont really want to kill him. Im hoping if he were to die, it would be a the hands of someone else, but if there is a chance he could win then that would be great and then we could be the first brothers to compete in the same games and then win it." John nodded and then looked towards the audience and then frowned back at Nikolai. "Do you enjoy killing for fun?" He nodded his head in disapproval. "No its not fair and shouldnt be done." John nodded and then he started to exit the stage.

Griffon's Interview

He walked onto the stage trying to keep the crowd from paying too much attention to him. He liked being alone and he planned to keep it that way. He went and sat down in the seat next to John and avoided his gaze and the audience's as well.

John went to reach forward to shake his hand, but Griffon just acted like it wasn't there. "So its nice to meet you Griffon." Griffon didn't lift his head up to even aknowledge that he was there. He then started whispering under his breath. "Nice to meet you as well."

John tried to look at Griffon but he kept his chin down and didn't even look up once, it was like talking to a brick wall, but even he would get more out of it then he would Griffon. "So how was your time down in the Capital?" He shrugged his shoulders and still kept his head down.

"it was okay I guess." John thought he had finally broke through, but Griffon went back to trying to avoid any contact with John. "So do you think you have what it takes to win the games?" John nodded and then started mumbling something into his shirt.

"What I couldn't hear you." Griffon rolled his eyes and then raised his voice like one notch higher, just enough for John to barely make out what he was saying to him at the time. "Yeah I do, but I am very nervous." John nodded and then patted him on the back. Griffon sunk into his seat trying to avoid all contact with anyone as much as humanly possible.

John had given up hope and was ready to get the final question over with. "Are you afraid of death?" Griffon hid his face in his shirt and didn't say anything for the longest time. He finally looked up and then did a sad slow nod of his head and then went back to burying his face in his shirt. "It will be fine, if you try your hardest, you might just win this all and go back home." Griffon lifted his head up and then cracked the faintest bit of a smile he has done before. He finally got done and then got up from his seat and walked away.

~~Interviews over with~~

Training Scores & Odds

Training Odds
Marielle- 10 8-1
Xavier- 10 8-1
Severus- 8 10-1
Maroon- 9 9-1
Haylah- 8 10-1
Chardonnay- 10 8-1
Anthony- 8 10-1
Maximus 8-1
Edward- 7 12-1
Dawn- 8 10-1
Annastia- 9 9-1
Jordana- 10 8-1
Redlow- 9 9-1
Lucas- 7 12-1
Lyno- 8 10-1
Yasmin- 9 9-1
Whitney- 4 18-1
Chloe- 10 8-1
Jake- 10 8-1
Calix- 10 8-1
Frank- 9 9-1
Daria- 10 8-1
Zia- 8 10-1
Drina- 8 10-1
Krijger- 5 16-1
Griffon- 8 10-1
Nikolai- 6 14-1
Calypso- 9 9-1
Rosa- 7 12-1

Jennika- 8


Tributes Deaths

Name Place Who they were killed by how they died
Whitney 30th Marielle Jaffe Arrow to the neck
Krijger 29th Maximus Vanderschnootz Maximus bashed his face in
Severus 28th Chloe Black knives to his back
Nikolai 27th Edward Monoghan axe to the head
Rosa 26th Calix Storm trident through the chest
Griffon 25th Jordana Rusty

Sai's through the stomach

Redlow 24th Annastia Bios chest cut through the otherside with axe
Haylah 23rd Lyno Nactuna Sword pierced through her chest
Lucas 22nd Edward Monoghan axe to the head
Edward 21st Lucas Sunsong vomited up blood and then throat constricted from poisoned needle
Zia 20th Jennika Acropolis Stabbed one eye out, knife drove through forehead
Maroon 19th Jake Taesond decapitated by sword
Xavier 18th Bird Muttation beaks shredded into his skin
Chardonnay 17th Chloe Black slit her throat
Calix 16th Marielle Jaffe Arrow to the neck
Jennika 15th Dawn Satori Axe to the head
Frank 14th Calypso Davros Knife through his heart
Jake 13th Yasmin Veleno Awl to the neck, blood loss
Yasmin 12th Daria Suter Stabbed 8 times through the neck
Calypso 11th Yasmin Veleno She died from the wound in her neck from a knife
Jordana 10th Drina Vox Stabbed through the head with a trident.
Drina 9th Anthony Proxy Stabbed through the mouth
Maximus 8th Jessica gunshot to the head
Lyno 7th Jessica gunshot to the head.
Marielle 1st none alive
Dawn 1st none alive
Anthony 1st none alive
Chloe 1st none alive
Annastia 1st none alive
Daria 1st nonw alive


The tributes all stepped into their pods to be taken up into the arena. The pods rose lifting the 30 tributes onto their platforms and then locking them in place. They all looked around the area. The woods in the front of them and then a few moutains in the back. All the tributes were staring at one another and then their eyes spotted the cornucopia in the middle and all the weapons and supplies stacked inside of it.

"Welcome, tributes. My name is Jessica and I am your gamemaker. Be prepared for the challenges that await all of you. It's only a matter of time before you are all faced with death. Good luck and May the odds be ever in your favor."

The intercom system shut off and then they heard the count down, from 60. The nerves set into all the tributes as the numbers kept decreasing alarmingly. The tributes all chocked up when they heard the time get to 10. 10 seconds left before they might die, the last few seconds for the people who are all going to be killed int the blood bath.

Tears welling up in some of the tributes eyes, while others tried to remain calm, even though it was too hard to do at this time. The clock struck 5 and thats when they knew it was time.






Marielle and Maximus ran off their platforms and ran up to the cornucopia and then Marielle took a bow and a quiver full of arrows and then Maximus grabbed a club. Marielle raised her bow up to her cheek and then quickly grabbed and arrow and then shot it into Whitney's neck. The blood gushing every where, as many of the tributes ran in terror. Marielle ran up to Whitney's dead body and then ripped the arrow out of her neck and cleaned it off in the grass and then placed it back into her quiver.

She looked forwards and then Krijger jumped up and then a grabbed his short sword and then proceeded to turn it down towards her throat but Maximus grabbed his club and then swung it into his face, causing him to slam against the cornucopia and for him to become paralyzed. Maximus helped Marielle up and then grabbed his club and bashed Krijger's face in.

Anthony ran up to the Cornucopia with Severus, Dawn, Severus and Xavier. Anthony grabbed a sword lying in the middle and then turned around towards the rest of the tributes. Severus went to reach for a spear, but was killed when knives flew threw the air and stabbed into his back. Xavier grabbed his sword and then covered Severus' body. Chloe grabbed her knives and swiftly avoided Anthony's sword and then ran off into the forest. Dawn looked around in the cornucopia searching for a weapon and then she saw something fly right by her face.

She turned around and noticed a Zia holding a long curved knife. Dawn reached over and grabbed a blowgun and then sent the needle into Zia's arm, as she fell to the ground convulsing and twitching. Edward grabbed and axe and then turned around and burried the axe into Nikolai's head. He then viciously grabbed it back out.

Calix and Drina both ran up to the cornucopia and grabbed a trident each and then Calix launched his towards Rosa and then it burried deep into her chest. She screamed out in pain as the red blood stained the ground around her, mixing with the color of her hair. Griffon looked at Rosa's body and then started running off, trying to escape from them. Drina laughed and then launched hers, it cut his arm and then he tripped onto the ground and then out of no where a girl jumped out of the tree above him and then burried her sai's into his body. She then pulled them out and his blood stained her cheek.

Calix and Drina both ran up and grabbed their weapons and they took off into the forest. Annastia ran out from behind the tree and then noticed some guy messing with some wires and then she grabbed her axe and then burried it into Redlow's chest, she then proceeded to stab further and further, until she had cut all the way through to the other side. She pulled it out and then turned towards the rest of the careers and went to them.

Chardonnay and Haylah both ran up to the cornucopia and then Haylah was searching for the bow when a sword pierced through her chest. She screamed in a lous shreik and then her eyes started to rapidly open and close and then Lyno took off with his sword into the woods. Chardonnay closed Haylah's eyes and then grabbed a spear from the edge of the cornucopia.

Edward ran past Chardonnay and then he felt something stick into his neck. He looked up and then noticed Lucas holding a blowgun. Edward started vomiting onto the ground, but raised his hand into the air and threw his axe and it burried into Lucas' head, the blood splattered every where and created a red swimming pool. Edward started vomiting up blood and then his throat started to tighten and then he fell down dead.

Jennika ran and then grabbed a knife and then turned around tripped over a body. She recognized the body and then Zia woke up and tried cutting her with the curved knife. Jennika backed up and then she lunged down at Zia. Zia raised her blade and then it stabbed into Jennika's arm, but Jennika drove her knife through Zia's eyes, she screamed out in pain and then blood poored out and she started choking on her blood. Jennika grabbed the knife again and then clenched it in her hands and stabbed it into her forehead killing Zia.

Jennika pulled Zia's blade out and then tossed it to the side and covered her bleeding arm. Daria, Frank and Jake all ran up to the cornucopia. Daria grabbed some daggers and then ran off with Frank who had taken a trident, they turned back and looked at Jake who had grabbed a sword.

Jake clenched it and then sent it into Maroon's neck. Maroon was bleeding and then he tried talking, but Jake cut his head off and then his body and severed head dropped to the ground. Calypso grabbed just a knife and then fled off into the woods. Yasmin grabbed an awl and some knives and then took off opposite of Calypso into the woods.

Career's Pov

Marielle, Dawn, Chardonnay, Maximus, Anthony, Xavier, Annastia and Jordana all took shelter by the corucopia. Marielle started checking the string on her bow and turned to everyone else and noticed the small crowd. "So this is it? There is 8 of us, we lost 4 in the struggle." Annastia nodded and then cleaned off the blood on her blade. Maximus gathered some supplies and then stood up. "I'm the leader now, we need to go. Gather your supplies and then we need to head into the forest tonight and find some water, before it gets too late." The rest of the Career pack nodded and then started walking away into the woods.

Chloe's Pov

She looked back and then noticed nothing was in her view, she was in the forest alone and the sun was going down, it would be dark soon. She started walking up towards a tree, when she heard flowing water. She ran to it as quick as she could, but stopped when she noticed the Careers already there. She raised her knife up, ready to attack any one of them, but stopped knowing if she hit one the other would kill her dead. She looked over and then started climbing a tree with the branches and leaves giving her safety from their vision. She placed her things on the limb and then proceeded to fall asleep to gain energy.

Daria, Frank and Jake's Pov

They all stopped running and then Daria punched Jake's shoulder. "What was that for? You knew we werent supposed to kill any of the tributes, we needed a safe escape, not to have the Careers looking to kill us for personal reasons." Jake pushed Daria away from him. "I cant just sit there and let District 1 believe its better than us, It just pisses me off how they get the riches and luxuries and we get nothing." Daria avoided his gaze and then sat down on the roots of a tree. Frank took Jake away from Daria and then placed him on a seperate tree. "If we even want a chance at winning, we need to work together." They both nodded and then set up their sleeping supplies.

Calypso's Pov

She kept running and then tripped over a branch. She quickly pulled herself up and then looked around noticing that Yasmin wasn't following her. She collapsed next to a tree out of breath. She looked at her supplies and then noticed a piece of wire, 2 full water bottles, matches and a small course meal, it was the normal for all tributes now. She took the roll out of the bag and then took a small bite out of it and then drank some water to wash it down. She leaned her back againt the tree wondering what happened to the rest of the tributes that came with her from her district. Maybe she is the only one left? She stopped thinking about it and then fell asleep against the tree.

Yasmin's Pov

She took off with what little supplies she could at the cornucopia, it was hard knowing that the careers owned everything up there. She started to hide behind a tree. She got down and then crawled into some bushes. She opened up her bag and then ate some chicken that was in there and then some berries from a small little cup on the inside of it. She stopped dead in her tracks when she heard talking behind her and then she covered her mouth with a cloth she had found in her bag. It seemed like there were two people walking her way and she some how knew their voices.

Calix & Drina's Pov

They both started down the forest path, they had already washed off their tridents in a small creek and they also filled their water bottles. "So Calix, how far do you think we are going to make it?" Calix shrugged his shoulder. "I dont know about you, but I'm going to win it all." She laughed and then she heard something breaking a couple of branches. She pulled her trident up and then walked over to the bush. She stabbed into the bush and then felt her trident stab into something. She pulled it back up and noticed it was a rabbit. "Lets keep this if we run out of food." Calix nodded and then threw the rabbit into his bag.


She covered her arm, the blood trail behind was a good indicator that someone would be on her tail soon, but she didn't care. She needed to get out of there and she did. She finally sat down in a patch of dirt and then opened her bag and took the cloth out and wrapped it around her would and then got up and started running far away to get away from the spot she had just been it. She finally reached what looked like a small cave entrance and then she slid into it and started covering the opening entrance with a rock, she slid it in front of the door and then crawled back into her little cave and then proceeded to sleep.

Lyno's pov

He took off running into the woods, it was dangerous being out here on his own. He knew that but he had no choice, he just killed a career and he wasn't going to wait around and let them kill him. He took towards the tree and then climbed up it and then stared out. He could see everything, but no one could see him and that is just the way he likes it. He started looking through his bag and then he grabbed his water bottle and took a huge gulp out of it and then placed it back into the bag. He grabbed his piece of chicken and then tore into it, he relaxed against the tree, knowing any minute that we would see the pictures of the fallen tributes.

The sky grew dark and then music started playing as the tribute pictures showed up in the night sky. Starting with District 1 they lost 3 tributes. Haylah, Severus and Maroon. District 2 was next and they lost Edward. District 3 was next and they lost Redlow, Lucas and Whitney. District 4 is next and they only lost Zia. District 5 is last and they lost the most tributes, losing 4 tributes. Krijger, Griffon, Nikolai and Rosa were all show in the sky.


Jessica 'Gamemaker' Pov

She entered into the room and then noticed on the screens the picture of every tribute. She moved her hand over a switch and then the inside of the arena reached dawn. She went to touch a button to release some mutts, but Jason came up behind her and then grabbed her arm. "Save that for later. Lets just use the foggy arena to our advantage." Jessica nodded and then added fog all over the arena and then she released some chemicals into the air, ones of such that can cause hallucinations and others that cause ghosts of past tributes to appear.

She went to walk away, but Jason caught her arm again. "You know we have our trumph card at the end of this." She sighed and then nodded. "Yeah, but is it really worth the price to use it?" He nodded and then sat down in front of one of the computers and typed in a code. "The tributes are waking up. I decided to go ahead and release some mutts." Jessica nodded and then started to leave the room and then left Jason to work with the games, while she went and got some sleep.

The Careers Pov

Maximus woke up and then started trying to wake everyone else up. "Its the second day, we need to kill if we want to get closer to the end of these games." Marielle woke up from laying on his chest and then stood up. Chardonnay started yawning. Anthony got up and then started cutting into a tree to warm himself up.

Dawn, Annastia and Jordana just sat there on the ground trying to wake themselves up, with Xavier still passed out on the ground. Maximus grabbed Marielle's hand and then brought her away from the rest of the group. "I'm taking you to go hunting, we need to break up the groups. Who do you trust to stay here and watch the supplies?"

Marielle looked back at the group and then grabbed her bow and quiver. "I trust Anthony and Chardonnay to stay and take care of our supplies, they will have to keep Xavier too, since he is still asleep from taking last watch last night." Dawn started walking over to Marielle and Maximus, but Maximus quickly went away. "Marielle, whats going on?" Marielle brushed past Dawn.

"We are going hunting." Dawn grabbed Annastia and Jordana and they all took off somewhere. Marielle looked back and then turned to Maximus. "They are gone." He nodded and then he grabbed Marielle's hand and they took off to go hunting.

Anthony looked over at Chardonnay and then rolled his eyes. Chardonnay saw something out of the corner of her eye. She went and picked up her spear and then started running down the path, leaving Anthony and Xavier behind. She stopped in the middle of the forest and then some sort of fog came over the area. She couldn't see through any of it.

She looked over and then noticed Maximus pinning Marielle to the tree. She ran over to him and then thrusted her spear into his body. She looked up and noticed it was only fog and nothing else. She felt her head and then she felt something behind her and then she turned around and then something came shooting out of the fog.

She felt something stick into her chest and then she looked down and noticed a spear. She looked up and then coming out of the fog was herself. She came closer to her and then she thrusted the spear deeper into herself. She looked down and then she felt something something severing her lower part of her body off.

She screamed in terror and then that alerted Anthony. Anthony came rushing through the path and then followed her screams to come up on Chardonnay clenching her head and then some kind of butterflies flying around her head.

He swatted them away and then Chardonnay fell to the floor and then Anthony caught her. "Are you okay?" She was screaming and then grasping on his shirt. "Get it out of me, get the spear out of me." Anthony looked down on her body and then he didn't notice anything. "What are you talking about, there isnt anything in you." She stopped screaming and then she looked down. "It was there, I mean I felt it tearing into my body." He placed her head into his chest. "Its okay."

Xavier hopped up and then noticed some kind of bird hovering in the air. The bird started circling down and then its sharp beak started hurling down at him. He grabbed his sword and then cut the bird in half. The bird then multiplied and 6 birds came flying at him and then he cut through all of them and then all 6 of them multiplied and then they all stabbed into him and their beaks shredding through his skin. He screamed in pain as Anthony carried Chardonnay back to camp.

They finally reached the camp and came upon Xavier's dead body. One bird ate a piece of his skin and then left. Dawn, Annastia and Jordana came running back through the woods and then they saw his head body. "It must have been a type of muttation."  Anthony slammed his fist againt the tree and then turned back to Chardonnay. "It must have gotten to her too, she was hallucinating, I got to her and there were butterflies flying around her head and when they left, she returned back to normal."

While they were talking, Chloe grabbed one of her knives and then threw it into Chardonnay's stomach, Chardonnay screamed out in pain and then Anthony turned around and noticed her with a knife in her stomach. She was choking on her blood and couldn't get out what she was trying to say and then Anthony turned back to the ground and Chloe secretly snuck down the tree and grabbed her knife and then slit Chardonnay's throat and ran off away from the careers. Anthony turned around and then noticed how her neck had been sliced open. "Our numbers are dwindling away." We have already lost two tributes."

Marielle raised her bow up into the air and then shot a bird down and it came crashing down. Maximus grabbed the bird and then placed it away in his bag. "Nice shot." Marielle smiled and then hugged him. "Thanks." He kissed her cheek and then she started to blush. "Maybe we should return back to the camp spot?" He nodded and then he grabbed his bag and then took off.

She grabbed her bow and then picked up her quiver and started walking to the campsite. They finally came back up on the crowd of the tributes standing over a body on the ground. "Where is Xavier?" Marielle looked around them and then tears started to swell up in her eyes.

"What happened?" Maximus grabbed his club and then pointed it at the group. "Its the gamemakers, they have released Muttations." Dawn said backing away from the club. "What kind of Muttations?" Anthony stood up in front of Maximus and the rest of the group backed up.

"There were butterflies, that emit some kind of poison that makes people hallucinate and there are some kind of birds that when they are attacked multiply, before they all attack you at once and over power you." Maximus clenched his fist and then punched Anthony in the face. "I told you to stay together in a group, not to split up and then let one of your comrades die and then you let Chardonnay die too."

Anthony pushed Maximus back. "You have no clue, I was trying to save Chardonnay and right now that really seems like a lost cause considering she is dead." Marielle ran up and got between the two. "This isn't the place for this right now." Anthony pushed her back.

"Oh shut up, you were probably having a makeout session with our so called leader." Maximus stood in front of Marielle and then grabbed his club. "I'm going to give you 5 seconds to appologize to her before I kill you myself." He looked at Marielle and then back to Maximus. "I'm sorry that you are a slut." Maximus raised his club up ready to strike at Anthony, but stopped when he noticed a parachute falling from the sky.

Jordana grabbed the parachute and then read the note. "Ointment, for those who need it. It might just come in handy for all your muttation needs." Maximus grabbed the Ointment and then rubbed it on him, and then he passed it on to everyone else, until the container was empty.

"So what are we going to do now?" Maximus looked out into the forest and then turned to Annastia. "We are going to kill the other tributes." Marielle showed some resentment in her face, but she wasn't going to go against his ruling considering it might be the only thing that will get her to the final six, if she is lucky.

Drina & Calix

They woke up beside a tree and noticed their supplies had been taken away. Drina raised her trident and then stabbed it into the ground. "Those little theifs." Calix looked around and then noticed a trail of their belongings on the ground. "Come on lets follow the path."

They started walking for a while and they saw a girl holding onto their bags and she was swimming in the water. She looked back and started trying to swin further away from them and then Calix and Daria got in the water after her. Jennika started swimming away and tried to get away. Calix lunged at her and then started trying to stab her.

She swam out of the way and then she noticed something big in the water. She started swimming away and then Calix tried coming at her. He looked back and then something jumped out of the water and attacked Drina. He lost sight of her and then blood started filling up the water.

"Drina?" He looked around and couldnt see anything. He looked at the girl trying to get away and then threw his trident at her, the trident stabbed into her back and she dropped the bag. Calix looked down and then noticed a shark under the water. He started swimming back to shore and then fell onto the sand.

"How could I lose her." He started crying, but then he noticed someone coming out of the water and noticed Drina dragging herself through the sand, with a bite mark in her side. Calix jumped up and then started trying to pull her away to safety. "Calix, there is something else out there." Calix turned around and placed Drina up against a tree and applied water to her wound and then dressed it up with his shirt.

He stepped out into the water and then started swimming under the water and then found their bag. He brought it back up to the surface and then started swimming back to the shore, when he felt something bite into his leg. He opened his eyes under the water and saw a crocodile under the water. He punched its mouth and then started swimming to shore.

He started limping and then grabbed Drina and craddled her and then he limped away, he looked back and then noticed it was coming after him. He placed Drina in the tree and then he ran back to go get her trident and then the crocodile attacked him.

He dropped the trident as it bit into his arm. He yanked a tooth out of his arm and then grabbed the trident and stabbed it into its head.  He drug himself back up to Drina and then he looked over and noticed Daria coming at him with her blade. He tried to stop her, but she stabbed into his back.

He looked up at her and then he started to look closer and then he noticed it was dirty blonde girl. She drew her bow up to her face and then shot her arrow into his neck. He looked up one final time at Drina and then tears started flooding from his eyes. She picked up her arrow and then Maximus started following behind her.

"Nice shot Marielle." She nodded and then picked up her arrow and cleaned it off. Drina looked down at them and the noticed them leaving Calix's body. They turned around when they heard some girl screaming. They looked back and some girl was running after them with a trident in her back. She had her knife in her hand and was limping and trying to get to them.

Dawn came out from behind the tree that Drina was laying in and then threw her axe and it stabbed into the girls head and then she dropped dead. Maximus turned back to Dawn. "Thank you." She nodded and then Annastia and Jordana came out the bushes and then Anthony followed behind them as they disappeared further into the woods. Drina pulled herself down the tree and then went over to the dead girls body and then grabbed the trident in her back, she was ready for revenge.

Daria, Jake and Frank Pov

Daria woke up and and then shook both Frank and Jake awake. "Hey get up you two. I dont wan't to sit around for bait. I heard some screams earlier this morning, so I would say people have already died today." Jake waved her off and then started falling asleep again. Frank stood up and then took a drink of water. "Maybe we should go hunting for a while." Daria grabbed her daggers and then they both started walking off. Jake woke up and then started eating on some jerky.

Daria took Frank off into thr forest, but they stopped when they came up on a girl sitting on a broken log. Daria grabbed her daggers and then called for Frank to go back to Jake. Frank nodded and then he took off. Daria started walking to the girl and then the girl turned around and she grabbed her wire and then wrapped it around one of her knives. Daria cut her wire and then ran at the girl. Calypso wrapped her wire around Daria's legs and then brought her down on the ground.

Calypso grabbed her knife and then brought it down to Daria's neck. Daria stretched her feet above her head and then caught Calypso's head and then brought her down on the ground. Daria stabbed her knife into Calypso's shoulder.

Calypso kicked Daria's face and then pushed her off. Calypso grabbed her wire and then wrapped it around Daria's neck. Frank and Jake came running from the camp site. Frank threw his his net at Calypso.

The net almost captured Calypso, but Calypso pushed Daria into the net while she ran up at Frank and then killed him with her knife. Jake swung his blade at Calypso and then cut her arm.

Calypso jumped back and then tried running off before Daria wrapped the net around Calypso's feet. "Please don't hurt me." Daria signaled for Jake to go while she took care of the situation. Jake took off back to the campsite. Daria walked over to Calypso and then cut the net.

"Go before he kills you." Calypso craddled her arm and then whiped some blood on Daria's blade and then took off running. Calypso started running and then met one of the other tributes. The girl had a mean scowl on her face. She pulled an awl out of her pocket and then jumped at Calypso.

Calypso rolled out of the way and then Yasmin stabbed her awl into the ground. Jake came running with Daria and then Jake pushed Yasmin on the ground. Yasmin stabbed Her awl into Jake's neck. Jake pulled the owl out of his neck and then he started shaking.

Yasmin kicked him off her and then she started running away.  Calypso took cloth off of her shirt and then applied it to Jake's neck. "Hey girl, I don't think he is going to make it." Daria nodded and then closed his eyes. Calypso helped Daria up and then Daria started running. Calypso ran after Daria. Daria jumped onto Yasmin as she was trying to escape.

She punched Yasmin's face and then Yasmin kicked Daria's gut and then pounced on her and then forced her awl at Daria's neck. "I'm going to saver killing the last of District 4. This is what they mean by thrill." Daria was screaming and then tears falling out of her eyes. Calypso ran up behind Yasmin and then wrapped her string around her neck.

Yasmin was started to choke on the wire, when She stabbed her knife into Calypso's neck. Calypso started chocking and then fell to the ground. Daria started screaming and then stabbed her knife visciously into Yasmin's neck, until there was about 8 deep gashes in her throat. She threw Yasmin's body to the side and then grabbed Calypso's body. "Don't die on me." Calypso started choking on her blood and then gave Daria a sweet smile and then rubbed her hand against Daria's cheek.

Tears were swelling in Daria's eyes and then she felt Calypso's body grow cold. "No this can't be happening, please she saved me. Don't let her die." Calypso grabbed Daria's head with her cold hand and whispered into her ear. "Please win for me." She knew she had only met the girl, but she tried saving her life and that meant a lot to her.

Finally, Daria burst into tears as Calypso used the last bit of energy to wipe the tears away from her eyes. "Don't cry for me, those beautiful tears don't need to be wasted." Daria's heart dropped when Calypso stopped breathing and then she froze, not moving and not breathing.

She threw herself over Calypso's body and then looked around at all the blood that was she. Yasmin, Calypso, Jake and Frank all dead. She vowed revenge that she would win and that she could carry on Calypso's name. She got up and ran away from the area, trying to forget everything.

Lyno's Pov

He woke up laying next to a tree and then gathered up his supplies. He realized it was late in the day now by how hot is was. He looked around and he noticed no one was around so that meant, he was safe now. He could only worry about how many tributes are left in the games now. He started to get a drink when he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. "Chloe is that you?" She was breathing heavily and then he handed her some water. "Is everything okay?"

She nodded and then gulped down his water bottle. "Yeah, but I have been on the run since this morning, I killed one of the Careers. I haven't had a moments rest till now, I think they are trying to find me for killing Chardonnay." He nodded and then placed her against the tree and then gave her something to eat. "I left my supplies at the tree. Thanks for everything."

He nodded and then placed a blanket over her and then let her rest for a while. We must be getting closer to the end of these games, I mean if she killed someone then there are bound to be more out there that have died today. We lost 12 tributes yesterday. He leaned up against the tree and kept his sword that he had taken from the cornucopia close bye, along with a trap he set up to keep himself safe.

Chloe started shaking in her sleep and then she woke up quickly. "What happened, Nightmare?" She nodded and then pulled her knees up to her chest and then rested her chin on her legs. "I dreamt I was dying and that it was the District 2 boy Anthony that did it." Lyno grabbed Chloe and then pulled her closer. "Come on we have this." She nodded and then leaned in to keep warm.

Career's Pov

Maximus lead the group through the trail and then came up on a arrangement of dead bodies. Marielle covered her eyes and then turned away. "This can't be happening." Annastia and Anthony both looked over the dead bodies and then they heard something move from behind them. They turned around and then noticed bloody Drina holding Her trident up to Jordana's neck

"Please help me." Drina pulled it closer and then started laughing menaically. "I just cant wait to stab through her neck. I wonder If I can even rip out her windpipe, All the things I could do to this girls." Anthony went to run after her, but Drina pulled the trident up to her neck and then cut some of Jordana's neck. She screamed out in pain.

Dawn tried to sneak up from behind her to kill her, but She knew what was going on and then stabbed the trident all the way through Jordana's head and then pulled it out just in time to smack Dawn's stomach with it and send her flying into the tree.

Anthony got super mad and then ran into Drina and smashed her head into the tree. Drina was dioriented and then he placed her on the ground and then pinned her arm to the ground and then grabbed his sword and thrusted it through her mouth. She died instantly and then he pulled his sword out and spat on her body.

"Come on we need to go." Anthony said leading the pack now. Maximus nodded and then grabbed Marielle and placed his arms around her while they started to walk away. Annastia helped dawn up as they started to move away from the area. Dawn held onto Annastia's arm and then started to feel sick and fell down. Annastia stopped moving and then felt Dawn's head.

Anthony quit moving and then then he ran back to Dawn with Maximus and Marielle. They decided to camp out for the night and then Annastia tended to the her wounds. Marielle laid on Maximus' chest while he stroked her hair and then Anthony took to himself for a while and just tried to calm down his anger.

Jessica's Pov

She returned back to the room and then noticed how many had been killed today. "That many. This calls for turning the times and making it night time. All ready in the 2nd day and we only have 8 tributes left." Jason nodded and then he turned to her. "We still on for letting there be 6 victors?" Jessica nodded and then she watched as the areana grew dark.

"Yes tomorrow we will do the feast and hopefully we will have our last two killed." Jason nodded and then he pressed a button on the control panel and then gas was released into the arena and then all the tributes passed out. "We will announce it tomorrow morning to all of them." Jessica nodded and then sat down in the seat.

"Its kind of sad seeing the tributes all die, I mean the games get old after a while, I'm hoping this year ends the games, if not that means the tributes might have to be placed in the games again. Poor families out there watching all their children die. Its really sad." Jason nodded and then virtually set up the feast from on the computer. "I'm ready, the last two tributes will pearish tomorrow morning."

Jessica nodded and then turned the lights off in the room. Jason programmed the faces of the fallen tributes for the second day and then he shut down the control room and him and Jessica both left.

Day 3

The tributes all woke up and they were all in the hall of the feast. Jessica and Jason appeared as a hologram on the table. "This is a meal we prepared for you, the meal is a chance to get together for one last meal before you all kill the last two tributes." Jessica's hologram turned off and then Jason's got larger. "Only 6 can live, choose wisely on who you hang around with." His hologram disappared.

The tributes all started staring at each other and then Anthony smashed his fist down on the table. "Damn, we can't let them win, We need to band together and get the hell out of here." He heard some chatter and then realized the tributes were all talking and then he noticed they all put their hands in the middle.

Maximus shook hands with Anthony and then they all placed their hands in the middle. They all busted out of their seats and then stood outside in the middle of the areana. "We aren't killing each other, no one else has to die." Anthony said shaking his fist up at the sky. Maximus was holding Marille in his hand.

An opening appeared in the sky and then Jessica and Jason stepped onto a platform and it brought them all down to the middle of the group. "You will kill each other, or we will kill the other two tributes ourselves." Anthony backed the group away and then stood his ground and brought his sword up. "I'm willing to die to save them and let them get out of here."

Jason nodded and thn pulled out a gun he had been carrying. He pointed it at Anthony's head. Dawn screamed and then they heard the gun go off. They all looked and stared at the red blood splattering everywhere. Anthony backed away and then Jason's dead body fell to the ground with Jessica holding a gun in her hand.

She dropped the gun to the ground and then looked out into the group. "Congrats, you are all victors." Maximus leaned over to Marielle and then kissed her on the lips. Then Jessica picked up her phone and then she started talking to someone, the cheering stopped and then she turned to them.

"The only way of getting out of her alive is to kill 2 more tributes, I'm sorry." Maximus broke away from Marielle and then she tried running for him, but Anthony held her back. "No, please don't, please I'm begging of you. Don't kill him!" She fell to the ground on her knees and then she started crying her tears falling down her face quickly. Maximus gave her one last kiss and then accepted his fate, he let her place the barrel of the gun up to his head.

Marielle screamed as she heard the bullet being fired. Her tears falling down faster now as his body dropped to the ground. She ran over to his dead body and then she noticed the hole in his head. "NO!" She screamed and then Jessica started crying herself. Daria and Annastia were both crying and then Dawn placed some flowers from the trees beside them on his body.

Chloe looked over to Lyno and then noticed him going up to Jessica. "I'm ready to die, I can't stand her and be like nothing happened when I leave here. Atleast I can die peacefully here knowing I saved 6 lives." Jessica closed her eyes and then fired her last bullet and it went straight into Lyno's head. Chloe screamed in fear. Jessica collapsed to the ground and then threw the gun. She called the president back. "Are you happy now?"

She got back up and then hit a switch on the remote she had and then some kind of crane came out of the sky and then hooked around Maximus and Lyno. Marielle grabbed ahold of Maximus and then started screaming and crying. "Don't take him away from me, please don't take him away." Anthony grabbed her and then he hugged her as she started beating her fists into his chest.

Jessica gathered the victors onto the platform and then raised them back up into the airplane. Marielle stepped off of the platform and then noticed Maximus' body laying in a glass box. "Why, why did he have to go?" She turned tearfully eyed back at everyone else and then Anthony went over and grabbed her and they all sat down in the seats, while Jessica returned back up to the pilots station.

Chloe looked around at everyone. "So this is it, we won." Daria looked over at Chloe. "But at what price? I mean we watched everyone else die, is there even a way to live with all of that?" Annastia felt herself get cold. "Death, so much Death, I can't even close my eyes now without seeing someone die." Anthony stood up infront of the group. "Its not over, we have to pass down our legacy to the kids we mentor."

Marielle wiped her tears away and then turned to everyone else. "Its only the beginning, we are going to have to deal with this reminder that even though we survived these games, there is still going to be a chance we get put back into the games." Dawn placed her hands in the middle of the group. "We need to be with each other. We won these games, no one should ever feel like they are alone now. Us six we made it." They all nodded and then put their hands in. They all waited for their return to the capital, and then shortly their return home.

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