These are my thrid games. Enjoy!

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Appearance: Lunaii or other picture if possible

Bloodbath Strategy:

This is my Third Hunger Games. ALL SIGN UPS MUST BE PUT IN THE COMMENTS TO BE OFFICIAL. YOU MAY ONLY SIGN UP ONE CAREER! So you may submit one Career and one regular tribute. All the regular tributes will be accepted and will if your tribute you enter is not in the correct district then that means either I made a mistake or that spot is already taken. I WILL NOT CHANGE ANYTHING WHEN THE REAPINGS ARE POSTED. Have Fun. Oh, and Happy Hunger Games and my the odds be ever in your favor.


District Name Weapon Age Score Kills Money User
1M Cadence Rivet Bow and arrow 15 9 Luke $600 HeavyRotation
1F Penelope Underwood Knives 18 9 none $500 Beetee19
2M Josh Eagleye Sword and Spears 17 11

Carter J. Mable

$700 Bluefire16
2F Faith Iennon Sword, Knives 18 9 Static $600 Katniss&PrimSisterhood
3M Static Electricity Axe, Wire 16 5 none $500 Calopy
3G Kiara Davidson Sword/ Bow 15 4 $500 Lily!
4M Carter Winslet Trident 17 10 Kelsey $600 Cloveismywife
4G Cecilia Seawater Teeth, Axes, Throwing Axes 18 9 Cosmo $600 ErosDistrict1
5M Cosmo Quirk


17 6 none $500 SuperTomato
5F Sienna Frost Knives 14 6 $500 HeavyRotation
6M Jerome James Knife 14 5 $500 Dedejacob
6F Silver Jersey Stealth 14 6 $500 ViniciusDeAssis1999

Brann Clatch

Sword 16 6 $500 Robin040197
7F Willow Gordon Axe 18 7 Kevin $500 Cloveygal
8M George Bernina Bow and arrow 16 7 none $500 Beetee19
8F Roxy Clover Slingshot 17 5 $500 RZN2
9M Kevin Quince Trident/ Net 12 3 none $500 Robin040197
9F Mable Frost Bow and Arrow, Knife 17 6 none $500 Angry_birds12
10M Luke James Bow/ Sword 17 8 none $500 Jack412
10F Hailey Ricktor Swords and Spears 16 7 $500 Bluefire16
11M Tut Lootic Spear 11 10 George $500 SuperTomato
11F Kelsey Parker

Axe/ Sword

16 6 none $500 Asfbn
12M Carter Jamison Mace 13 4 none $500 Dedejacob
12F Estella Derrick Throwing Knives 13 5 Penelope $500 Cloveismywife

Tributes Gallery


Anyone may sponsor a tribute and the tribute may only get one gift every other day. So like on day one someone got a gift and the on day three they could get another gift. For these games there will be a certain number avaible for a gift. So like there might be 2 bows in stock, 4 swords, 3 medicine, etc. Like last games they start out with $300 and every day they earn $25 and each for each kill they get $100. And if the user wants to delay an order that came from a different user the can. The items will be listed below

Food Cost Description Quantity Avaliable
Food Platter $250

Rolls and Bread with a cheeses and fruits comes with 2 water bottles. Serves 2-4 tributes

Dried Friut Snacks $75 Dried Capitol Fruit. 5
Water $75 Enough for 2 day. 5
Capitol Meal $150

Very well cooked and tasing Capitol Meal

BACON NUGGETS $125 Yummy Bacon Nuggets 5
Crackers, Cheese, and Dried Meat Strips $100 10 crackers, 5 pieces of cheese and 10 meat strips 3
Medicine Cost Description

Quantity Avaliable

Capitol Meicine $150 Rub on any gash or cut and it will heal instantly. 3
Burn Ointment $100 Relieves and heals burns. 3
Pain Killers $75 Relief pain for 10 hours 3
Mutt Control $150 Cures anything contracted from any Mutt 2
Sleeping Syrup $75 Sleep for 12 hours 3
Weapons Cost Description Quantity Avaliable
Bow 150 Comes with 12 arrows 2
Throwing Knives 125 Comes with a vest to hold 12 knives 1
Trident 200 More deadlier than a spear 1
Spear 150 2 spear bodies and 5 spear heads 2
Axe 125 Can also be thrown 2
Sword 100 Common weapon. Quite deadly 2
Blowgun 100 Comes with 12 darts and a small jar of nightlock poison 3
Mace 175 Brutal Damage. Can kill instantly. 1
Knife 50 Close range. Very useful 3
Misc. Cost Descrip. Quantity Avaliable
Net 50 May come in handy 2
Rope 50 May come in handy 2
Wire (Spool) 50 May com in handy 2
Sleeping Bag 75 Comfy. Keeps warmth in. 2
Empty Bag 50 To carry your stuff 5
Matches 50 Start a fire 2
Iodine 50

Why not drink clean water?

Small Pack 125 Contains Iodine, matches, and dried beef strips 3
Medium Pack 175 Contains a small water bottle (filled), dried fruit and a meat strips, iodine, small first aid kit, small sleep bag, and matches 1
Large Pack 225 Contains an extra pair of clothes, dried meat strips and fruit, matches, large water bottle (filled), iodine, first aid kit, sleeping bag, rope, and a knife 1

The Arena


14nd Hunger Games Arena

The Map explains it all

The map came from Shimmering Fire's 62nd Hunger Game

Training Scores/ Odds of Winning

Tribute Tributes Score Odd of Winning
Cadence Rivet 9 5-1
Penelope Underwood 9 6-1
Josh Eagleye 11 2-1
Faith Iennon 9 5-1
Static Eletricity 5 19-1
Kiara Davidson 4 21-1
Carter Winslet 10 3-1
Cecilia Seawater 9 7-1
Cosmo Quirk 6 18-1
Sienna Frost 6 17-1
Jerome James 5 22-1
Silver Jersey 6 20-1
Brann Clatch 6 15-1
Willow Gordon 7 12-1
George Bernina 7 11-1
Roxy Clover 5 23-1
Kevin Quince 3 46-1
Mable Frost 6 17-1
Luke James 8 9-1
Hailey Ricktor 7 10-1
Tut Lootic 10 4-1
Kelsey Parker 6 21-1
Carter Jamison 4 39-1
Estella Derrick 5 21-1



Career Leader: Josh Eagleye(2)

Cadence Rivet(1), Penelope Underwood(1), Faith Iennon(2), Carter Winslet(4), Cecilia Seawater(4), Tut Lootic(11), Willow Gordon(7), Silver Jersey(6)

Alliance #1

Alliance Leader: Brann Clatch(7)

Cosmo Quirk(5), Sienna Frost(5), Estella Derrick(12), Jerome James(6)

Death Chart

Place Tribute Cause of Death Killed by
24 Static Electricity Slashes by a sword Faith Iennon
23 Penelope Underwood Stabbed in the back Estella Derrick
22 Kevin Quince Axe throwen at Willow Gordon
21 Kelsey Parker Trident pierced her chest Carter Winslet
20 Mable Frost Slashed by an Axe Josh Eagleye
19 Carter Jamison Slashed by an Axe Josh Eagleye
18 Luke James Shot by an arrow Cadence Rivet
17 Cosmo Quirk Had an axe throwen at Cecilia Seawater
16 George Bernina Got speared Tut Lootic
Victor! They Won!!

The Games



60... 59... 58... 57... The tributes rise from under the Arena, to the top of the Arena. Seeing the beautiful Arena that the Gamemakers have made... too bad some tributes blood with get on it soon. 40...39...38... 37... The tributes have decided what to do some avoiding going to the Cornucopia, Which is very few tributes, And some going staright in, and from some to face their death. 25... 24... 23... 22... The tributes are getting anxious... 9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1... GONG!

They're off. Suprisingly Roxy gets there first and grabs a pack and sickle sword. She is attacked by Static But she fights him off and gets away, leaving him with Faith. Faith slashes him with her sword. BOOM! Sienna gets to the Cornucopia while chaos is happening. She quickly grabs a canteen and a slingshot on the ground and goes behind the Cornucopia only to find a Career keeping guard, and thats Penelope. Penelope tackles her and about to stab Sienna but just in time Sienna moves her head and dodges the stab. Soon after that Penelope falls onto Sienna body and then she sees Estella with a bloody knife. BOOM! Willow after trying to catch Kiara, She sees Kevin and throws her axe at him. See went back to get it and it slashed his whole upper torso. BOOM! Carter Winslet got a trident and threw it into the chest of Kelsey Parker. BOOM! Josh got an axe and slashed two tributes with it. Mable Frost and Carter Jamison. BOOMx2! Cadence got a bow and shot a trobute running away from the Cornucopia. Luke James. BOOM! Cecilia got an axe and threw it at Cosmo Quirk while he was running away. BOOM! Tut get a spear and jams it into George Bernina. BOOM!

End of the Bloodbath.

Day 1: After the Bloodbath

Roxy's POV(8)

I walk into the forest with my sword ready. I hear some movement in the Arena, so im not sure if its a tribute or an animal. Either way ill investigate. Im used to walking silently since I sometimes sneak out of the house at night. I get near water and sit down. I clean my sword with the river water, and I go through my bag. Its slightly on the large side so I suspected there was a surplus amount of items in here. But of course the odds aren't in my favor. All I is a empty canteen, iodine, a small pot, a knit cap, fish hooks, rope, and small thing of dried meat strips.

I climb a tree and tie myself unto it. I nibble on my meat strips because I only have limited. I think about the movement still. Wondering if I could have got a kill or a meal. I dont care for a kill but I do need food, enough until I get out of this hell hole.

Faith Iennon's POV(2)

I notice that we are missing someone.

"Josh, wheres Penelope? Did she die?" I ask.

"I dont care we have enough people with us. We can handle oursleves, I mean since we're Careers." Josh tells me. And we both exchange a grin and gawk. I get one of the shiniest sword and its holster. I then grab 4 knives and stuff them in my jacket.

Brann's POV(7)

We have found a place to stop and rest.

"Ok so everyone were gonna camp here for tonight. So get comfortable." I say.

I get my Axe and keep it close to me. Its my life now. I cant let it go, not even for one second. Sonn after the Faces of the Fallen show up.

End of Day 1

Faces of the Fallen

District 1- Penelope Underwood

District 3- Static Electricity

District 5- Cosmo Quirk

Distrit 8- Geogre Bernina

District 9- Kevin Quince, Mable Frost

District 10- Luke James

District 11- Kelsey Parker

District 12- Carter Jamison

Day 2: Is love in the air? Or is it me?

Estella's POV(12)

So far the games aren't that bad. I know I sound crazy, right? But, so far nothing bad has happen execpt that Bloodbath and my district partner being dead. I never really knew him which, I guess is a good thing right? Not having to kill someone you know and like. You know, now that I think about it that sounds like a good plan to have, but one problem... I like Jerome.

I know it seems bad that i have feelings for someone, even though I might have to kill, but I shoud live a little brcause what I know from what happens in the Games is that not every goes your way. So far, it kinda has, i mean last I slept next to Jerome and I woke with us cuddling. I got up before him so he probbly didnt with I stop because he rolled. But i watched for what seemed like hours and hours, but that sounds creepy right?

Hailey's POV(10)

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