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You may only enter 2 Demigods. You may NOT enter demigods for the same god/goddess. Please sign up using this format in the comments. Ill give each user TWO DAYS submit their demigod after they reserve a spot.

Demigod Chart

God/Goddess Name Age Ability Weapon User
Aphrodite F Tiffany Tiffany 17 Charm, Seduction Bow  EmpressOreo
Aprodite  M Kirestien Trassada 18 Charisma/Charm, Super Strength Club/Mace Kman528
Apollo F Themis Asterious 15 Great Aim, Heal Bow The_Boy_With_The_Pikachu_Tattoo
Apollo M Austin Solace 17 Can see the future, Heal Bow Junior_ii
Ares F Dove Fryed 17 Brute Strength, Strategic Mind Machete The_Boy_With_The_Pikachu_Tattoo
Ares M Mars Len 17 Anger, Fire  Spiked Mace Jabberjay78
Artemis F May Morningleaves 13 Speaks to animals, Great Aim Bow Annamisasa
Artemis M Russell Ferribe 16 Enhanced Senses Bow Beetee19
Athena F Saturn Hallaway  17 Battle Strategy, Amazing Figther Machete Kman528
Athena M Malcolm Bonaparte 16 Great swordsman, Strategic Mind Shield(Aegis), Knives Junior_ii
Demeter F Giselle Sunburst 13

Growth and Manipulation of Plants

Axe Jabberjay78
Demeter M Furry Anderson 17 Growth and Manipulation of Plants Axe, Knives, Sword Teen_Derp
Hades F Naisha Shadowrunner 15 Invisibilty, Speed Knives Annamisasa
Hades M Vladimir Ivan 18 Controls dead, Shadow Speed Battle Axe Hybrid_Shadow
Hephaestus F Adena Bero 18 Burst Fire from Fingertips, Can make anything out of anything Hammer, Awl, Brass Knuckles St.Berry4evers
Hephaestus M Alphonse "Spike" Chevalier 17 Pyrokinesis, Forgery  War Hammer Hybrid_Shadow
Hera  F Adora Lovelace 17

Encantment,  Leathal Charm

Swords AxedFox
Hera M Sterlyn Manice 17 Propechy, Changing Shape/Form Knives Brynn1999
Hermes F Jessica Mikaelson 16  Flight, Super Speed Bow  Cashmere_fan
Hermes M Johnathan Sheapard 18  Flight, Super Strength Battle Axe Gurule2012
Poseidon  F Marissa Clearwater 17 Senes water, Manipulation of Water Trident Beetee19
Posedion M Sebastain Sealock 17 Manipulate Water, Hold Breath in Water Foever Trident TehOnlyUmbreon
Zeus F Rosanne Sheffield 14 Eletrical Haste, Hoover/Fly Celestial Bronze Knife  EmpressOreo
Zeus M Jonathan Aulric 15 Flight, Controls Lightning Sword Brynn1999


Arena Mt Olympus
The Arena is a remake of Mt. Olympus. The Arena will have a greek mythological monster (like Medusa, the minotuar, etc.) They have a Cornucopia with suppiles. Since its camp, They have been given a backpack with some supplies, every one of them has the same stuff. The monster come out of the mist every other day.

Supplies in packs: 

A bag of dried meat strips and fruit strips, A bottle of water, Small first-aid kit, and a Dagger.

Blue- Water

Green- Grass

Light Grey- Pavement

Dark Grey- Building

Light Blue- Mist 


The user may sponsor their own Demigod, they may only get one gift every other day. So like on day one someone got a gift and the on day three they could get another gift. For these games there will be a certain number avaible for a gift. So like there might be 2 bows in stock, 4 swords, 3 medicine, etc. Like last games they start out with $300 and every day they earn $25 and each for each kill they get $100. And if the user wants to delay an order that came from a different user the can. The items will be listed below

Food Cost Description Quantity Avaliable
Ambrosia and Nectar $200 Food for the Gods 3
Dried Friut Snacks $75 Dried Capitol Fruit. 5
Water $75 Enough for 2 day. 5
Crackers, Cheese, and Dried Meat Strips $100 10 crackers, 5 pieces of cheese and 10 meat strips 3
Medicine Cost Description

Quantity Avaliable

 Meicine $150 Rub on any gash or cut and it will heal instantly. 3
Burn Ointment $100 Relieves and heals burns. 3
Pain Killers $75 Relief pain for 10 hours 3
Sleeping Syrup $75 Sleep for 12 hours 3
Weapons Cost Description Quantity Avaliable
Bow 150 Comes with 12 arrows 2
Throwing Knives 125 Comes with a vest to hold 12 knives 1
Trident 200 More deadlier than a spear 1
Spear 150 2 spear bodies and 5 spear heads 2
Axe 125 Can also be thrown 2
Sword 100 Common weapon. Quite deadly 2
Mace 175 Brutal Damage. Can kill instantly. 1
Knife 50 Close range. Very useful 3
Misc. Cost Descrip. Quantity Avaliable
Net 50 May come in handy 2
Rope 50 May come in handy 2
Wire (Spool) 50 May com in handy 2
Sleeping Bag 75 Comfy. Keeps warmth in. 2
Empty Bag 50 To carry your stuff 5
Matches 50 Start a fire 2
Small Pack 125 Contains Iodine, matches, and dried beef strips 3
Medium Pack 175 Contains a small water bottle (filled), dried fruit and a meat strips, iodine, small first aid kit, small sleep bag, and matches 1
Large Pack 225 Contains an extra pair of clothes, dried meat strips and fruit, matches, large water bottle (filled), iodine, first aid kit, sleeping bag, rope, and a knife 1

Tributes Gallery

Training scores

Demigods Name Score
Tiffany Tiffany 7
Kirestien Trassada 8
Themis Asterious 7
Austin Solace 7
Dove Fryed 8
Mars Len 9
May Morningleaves 6
Russell Ferible 7
Saturn Hallaway 10
Malcolm Bonaparte 9
Giselle Suburst 8
Furry Anderson 7
Naisha Shadowrunner 9
Vladimir Ivan 10
Adena Bero 8
Alphonse "Spike" Chevalier 10
Adora Lovelace 7
Sterlyn Manice


Jessica Mikaelson 5
Johnathan Sheapard 6
Marissa Clearwater 8
Sebastain Sealock 9
Rosanne Sheffield 7.5
Jonathan Aulric 8

Death Chart



Austin Solace Hit by a throwing knife
Malcolm Bonaparte Shot by an arrow
Vladimir Ivan Crushed by a mace
Johnathan Sheapard Spear threwn at
Sterlyn Manice Tripped and stabbed by a trident
Kirestien Trassada Choked by a vine
Adora Lovelace Hit by the ground
Tiffany Tiffany Unknown 
Mars Len Stabbed in the heart.


Alliance 1

Saturn Hallaway, Naisha Shadowrunner, Marissa Clearwater, Rossane Sheffield

Alliance 2

Mars Len, Russell Ferribe, Spike Chevalier, Tiffany Tiffany, Dove Fryed

Alliance 3 

May Morningleaves, Giselle Sunburst, Themis Asterious

Alliance 4

Adena Bero, Sebastain Sealock, Jonathan Aulric, Adora Lovelace, Malcolm Bonaparte, Kirestien Trassada

The Games

The Cornucopia


60...59...58...57... The Demigods have are preparing themselves.                                                  49...48...47...46... You can see their worriedness on their face.                                                           19...18...17...16 Their waiting, with most of them knowing what they are going to do, either run away or grab a wespon and more supplies. 5...4...3...2...1... GONG!

They're off! Most of them try to use their abilities, but the Gamemakers shut them down until the Bloodbath is over! SomeDemigods have fled to the bridge. Jessica gets there first and the first see can get to and flees leaving the rest of her alliance is back there. Naisha grabs a knife and throws it at Austin Solace. BOOM! May gets a bow and shoots at Malcolm while he is wrestling Rusell. BOOM! Furry hits and cracks open Vladimir's head with a mace. BOOM! Rosanne threw a spear at Johnathan. BOOM! Tiffany tripped Sterlyn, and Sebastain screwed with his trident.BOOM! Almost all the tributes have left the Cornucopia so now they have their abilities. Kirestien went back to look and found Furry. Furry used his abilities and a great vine appeared and choked kirestien to death. BOOM!

End of bloodbath

Day 1: After the Bloodbath

Giselle POV

So May, Themis, and I got to the temple of the gods. I would say were the first one here, I see a sign that says "Shrine of Demeter" I start running down the hall, they follow with me. I walk in and see a meadow, rainforest, and jungle. Its amazing! May finds some animals and hunts them, although Im not for killing animals Im going to have to get used to it since its my only food source now.

I see some premature fruit and use my abilities to make it grow. I make some sort of juice with it so we have stuff to drink with our meat for dinner. I wonder how the other demigods are doing in these games. 

Rosanne POV

Well its night time and were all pretty tired so yeah. We had some of our meat strips and fruit snacks, so yeah were fed but not enough. I got one kill, Im trying not be like on of those demigods who only thinks about kills, I think bout staying alive long enough for me to get out of here. 

Though its cool and all to be in a replica where our parents live, it still doesn't feel safe like a home does. You know its funny, although our parents hate each other Marissa, Naisha, and I can still be in an alliance without thinking about the family's drama. Thats one thing you'd never expect to have drama, is family. 

"Hey you guys why do think our parents keeps grudges so long against one another?" I ask.

"I dont.. know. Thats a good question. Why do they?" Marissa says.'

"Well isnt it obvious? My dad is jealous of your guys and is trying break all the gods apart. I swear IM the only one who sees it. Am I?" Naisha says.

You now that makes sense all that built up tension for those eons have all this hatred! And now we have to suffer the wrath our parents had never let go.

Were about to go to sleep, then Saturn whispered, "do you hear that?"

"No? what is it?" I whispered

Then a creature jumps out, Saturn yells out, "Manticore! Get Back!"

Saturn's POV

Manticore, head and body of a lion with wings of a bat and a tail of a scorpion. I get my shield and sword ready. Naisha gets her knives ready and turns invisible. Marissa found a little pond by us and is going to use it. Rosanne got her spear and shield read, with lightning surrounding her spear.

I make the first move, cautiously. I swing my sword to were it would slice the monster in the neck. I hit target. Marissa spashs water in its eyes and Naisha turn visibsle she on his back now. She stabs its eyes and uses her shadow speed wuickly enough for her to dodge the scorpion tail. Instead the tail hit the Manticore itself! With a lightning shock from the sky from Rosanne, it dies, turning into ash we got to bed hoping for no more monsters to come.

End of Day 1

Faces of the Fallen

24-Austin Solace

23-Malcolm Bonaparte

22-Vladimir Ivan

21-'Johnathan Sheapard

20-'Sterlyn Manice

19-'Kirestien Trassada

Day 2: A Rude Awakening

Furry's POV

So 6 deaths and I got one of them. Could be better, but whatever I'm going to go hunt for demigods. Unlike most Demigods, I hate my mom. I mean why was i stuck with her, infact I hate all gods! If... When I win and i get invited to Olympus, Im going to over throw Zeus and the rest of the gods, I mean Im strong enough. You might think since im a teenager Im immature, that may be the case but you ever under estimate me, then Ill show you real strength.

Im walking down the bridge and put my hands through the mist. I come to the entrance and think if it does look like this, Olympus, then after these games Im going to destroy it. 

I see some demigods on the far right playing near the water. I get closer and they see me they wave at me and ask to join. I join alright, join killing them. I crack the ground and throw it at the with my manipulation power. It hits the daughter of Hera. The son of Posiedon fires a burst of water at me. I block it with raising the ground. The son of Zeus goes into flight and raise the ground till im same height with him. I crack open some ground again and fire it at him. He counters it with a lighting bolt and hits me with a lightning bolt. I fall down but i use my growth ability to block my fall. I see the daugther of Hermes, Hephaestus and Hera, The daugther of Hera is beat up badly. She punches me. Adena is about to fire her flames at me, but I make an earth quake. They all fall down and I fire a piece of the ground at the dauther of Hera and it kills her. BOOM!

Dove's POV

Oh my gosh... I just that whole fight. Demeter's boy is powerful, more powerful than I thought. He fled into the Temple of the Gods. I tell our group to pack up were leaving our spot. Although of course Mars wnats to go after him. I tried to stop him but it didnt work. I went after him telling the rest of the group to leave and well meet up with them. 

"Mars where are y-" I say but then get cut off. Someone is choking me. They trun me around and I him, Furry, son of Demeter. 

Mars comes in and cut the vine. I fall to the ground, catching my breath. Mars start fighting with Furry. He tries to start slashing at him but the vines get in the way so Mars keeps cutting the vines. One vine jabs Mars and them wraps him tightly, and he fleds to another room.I finally ctach my breath and free Mars. He tries to go after him, but I tackle him. 

"No your going to get killed. He can wait, lets go find our group." I say and obeys not wanting to. He'll thank me for this.

Johnathan's POV

"Why! Why you Adora." I cry out. 

I liked Adora, she liked me, so we kinda went out...

I want to find Furry and kill him. I want my lightning to shock him to death for what he did to Adora. I feel myself get mad and I feel lightning in a veins. So does my group.

"Woah, John calm down well find him and give him what he deserves." says Jessica. I look at her rage in my eyes, Im not thinking clearly. I push to the ground and grab my sword I have it pointed at her ready to strike. Adena snatchs it from my hands and she pins me down. Sebastain pours water in my eyes, it stings a bit then I feel relieved. 

"Sorry Jess." I put my hand out for her to grab, but instead she grabs her stuff and leaves. Sebastain tries to go after her but she is too fast. 

"Great now we have another enemy." Adena says.

"Im sorry I-I couldn't contr-tol it." I stutter.

Great, Jess is mad at me, and now I dont know what to do...

Spike POV 

So, its night time, Dove and Mars jut got back. 

"Mars! Oh thank goodness your here! Whats this your beat up. what happe- YOU (points at dove)"Tiffany says.

"What?!?"Dove asked confusingly, while siting down/

"Thats the reason you guys have been so long! Shes been kicking your ass! Hasn't she!" Tiffany shouts.

"Shush! Others can hear, and when they hear, they kill, got it? So shut your mouth." Dove whispers. 



She grabs her sword and it about to slash Tiffany, then Mars sword blocks it. Dove says, "WTF! YOUR GOING TO DEFEND HER INSTEAD OF ME! IM YOUR DAMN SISTER!"

Mars says intimindatingly yet calm, " Your not going to hurt her. You hear me sis. Leave or I'll kill you my self."

"Well I can never turn down a good fight." Dove says with a sadistic smirk.

The fight is like a dance with blades. I love the sound of the clinking and clunks of the swords hitting together. The techinque that Mars has with the sword is incredible. Although how fast Dove is the sword and combat is exquisite! Mar's sword finds the side of Dove's arm. She crumbles to the ground. Russell shoots his but misses Mars. I dont think he meant to hit him, just scare him, it worked he backs of and cools down. He puts his arm out for Dove, but she CUTS OF HIS ARM! HOLY CRAP! She pushes him to side and finds Tiffany. She is frantically runs away. Dove gets to her and pushes her to the ground. From a distance, I cant see what happened but I hear screams and then Dove comes back with her sword all bloody. BOOM! She comes back to finish off Mars and her sword finds his heart. She sits back down, breathing hard. She says, " Got any meds?"

I stare at her in astonishment, I say, "Le-let me che-check. We got some, but not alot."

"Whatever we have is fine." She says.

End of Day 2

Faces of the Fallen

18-Adora Lovelace

17-Tiffany Tiffany

16-Mars Len

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