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District 1

Name: Jason Whitacre


Gender: Male

Weapon: Bow and Arrow

Skills: Archery, Strong and Swimming

Weaknesses: Independent

Apperance: Blonde hair, Clear Blue eyes, Slightly tanned skin

Interview Angle: Funny, and he will talk about Avery

Backstory: Jason is as you would say is a loner. He won't talk to anyone really. The one person he hangs out with at District 1 is the mayor's daughter Avery. Jason and Avery were a couple ever since a couple weeks before the Reapings, Jason would usually go to the mayor's house and swim since the mayor and Jason's father were very good friends. Jason and Avery promised to be a couple while he was in the Games, but they didn't have to discuss since they only had five minutes to speak to each. In the five minutes they decide as i just told you they will be a couple while Jason is in the Games, which he did not want, but Avery was confident he will win. One of his strategies is that he does not want to be with the regular Career Pack, but he might have to.

Name: Kelsea Lush

Age: 18

Weapons: Knives

Skills: Charsmatic, Diplomacy

Weakness: Selfish

Personality: Spoiled, Snobby, Mean

Interview Angle: Angelic, Saintly

Bloodbath: Will do anything to win

Backstory: Kelsea is one of the 100 beautiful girls in District 1. She is a daugther of the mayor's sister. People in the District 1 academy don't like her that much because they that she is selfish, rude, evil. Kelsea volunteered for the Hunger Games because she had always want to the Capiol before she died and says the only way to do that is to be in the Hunger Games.

District 2

Name: Troy Ventura

Age: 17

Weapon: Axe, Sword

Personality: Kind of a bully, mean to lots of people, really athletic as well. Quite determined and won't back down from a fight.

Appearance: He has a "normal" apperance, spiky brown hair and dark brown eyes, he is tall and quite muscular.

Height: 6'5

Backstory: Troy was an abandoned child, left on a doorstep on the day he was born, he was raised by the Ventura family, one of the richest families in the District, so he grew up to be athletic, mean and a bit of a snob

Strengths: Strength, Hand to Hand combat, Axes

Weaknesses: Talking about his past, his real parents

Name: Clarisse Steel

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Weapon: Throwing Knives

Skills: Charismatic, Speed, Strength, Knife Throwing

Weakness: Very short tempered

Appearance: Black hair, Tall, Brown Eyes

Interview Angle: Sweet, Down to Earth

Backstory: Clarisse is one of most popular person in the District 2's Academy. She takes care of her whole family pretty much since her mom is an Avox for the Capitol since she tried to run away from District 2, and her dad is always working in the factories working. Her family consist of her two little brothers whic are both 12 year-old, and her very ill grandma that she calls nana. She is very good at throwing ever since she was 10 years-old. One of the reason why she is popular is that she never misses a target.

District 3

Name: Andrew Wattz


Gender: Male

Weapons: Spears

Skills: Engineer, Strength

Personality: Hansome, Charming, Smart

Weakness: Snores while sleeping, gets hungry quick

Interview Angle: Charming, Cunning

Strategy: Grab anything and go

Backstory: Andrew is the hottest guy in District 3. He has a lot of friends in the school and never had to worry about getting feed since his mom won the 78th Hunger Games. He hsas been training ever since he was 10 years-old. His step-dad has forced him to volunteer this year. He has a step-sister that is also one of the prettiest girls in District 3. He is very close with his mom and when he told her that he will volunteer she asks him why and he tells her that he wants to try to become a victor like her, all though that is not it since his step-dad has told him that if he tells her, he will hurt him badly and get kicked out of the house.

District 4

Name: Tide Watercrest

Age: 17

District: 4

Weapon: He is good with a trident, being from District 4, he is also pretty good with an axe and a sword. His worst weapon would be a knife, because he prefers heavier weapons.

Personality: He is a career through and through, slightly dumb, athletic and extremly mean. He cares mostly about himself and his appearance, and dislikes most people who don't worhsip him. He is cocky and confident, he is very self involved.

Height: 5'9

Appearance: He has light blonde hair with dark patches near the middle. He has light blue eyes that are wide and crystal. He has a nice smile, which is basically never seen. He has a normal sized nose, he is also athletic and pretty tall.

Backstory: He was raised by the sea by his parents, he was an only child, which basically meant he got all the attention and gifts from his parents. One day his mother took him swimming at the local pool, but something happened and his mother drowned. Tide never got over it.

Strengths: He is strong and athletic, he is good with most heavy things and is in excellent shape for a hunger games. He is agile and fast, good with most weapons and hand to hand combat.

Weakness: He isn't that smart and is bad with most non-physical tasks, his life is mostly about sports and such. He is also quite bad with anything to do with plants or nature.

Name: Stella Bass

Age: 14

Weapons: Spears

Skills: Net making, Fishing, Swimming

Weakness: Horrible Climber and Runner

Personality: Sweet, Funny, Silly, Quircky

Interview Angle: Charming, Sweet

Bloodbath Strategy: Get to the Cornucopia and team up with the other Careers and grab weapons

Backstory: Stella doesn't have many friends, but she is not shy though. She is very silly and always gets in throuble with the District 4 academy. She volunteered for these hunger games because she believes that she is ready to win and wont have to go back to the academy.

District 7 & 11

Name: Isabelle Shellwood

Age: 18

Added by MR.Clove14

Gender: Female

Weapons: Tomahawks, Axe

Skills: Wood Cutting, Strength, Good Worker

Personality: Shy, Focused

Weakness: Hard to trust people

Interview Angle: Simple minded, Ditzy

Strategy: Grab a bag or weapon and kill any Careers so she has a chance to win

Backstory: She is shy and won't talk to anyone new. She has been practicing with axe ever sonce she was twelve since she seen the way Careers attack with an axe and seen how to throw them. She gets up at 5 in the morning every morning to check in to work to practice. She has no parents so she lives in the District's orphange.

Name: Harmony Pettigrew

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Weapon: Blow Gun w/ Darts (Poisonous)

Skills: Stealth, Speed, Jump from tree to tree (like a little monkey)

Weakness: Her size and Her age

Apperance: Petite body Size, Very Tanned Skin tone, and hair black as Night Added by MR.Clove14Interview Angle: Sweet, Aborable, Kind

Backstory: Since Harmont lives in District 11 she is quite use to being hungry. She works all day with her dad on the field since the oldest child died in a previous Hunger Games. She has two little Sisters both 8 years old her Grandmother takes care of them. her mother died from a Tracker Jacker attack when Harmony was at least 6 years-old. They did get money from the Justice Building but it was gone in a year. She doesn't have many friends and the ones she has are adults that work on the field. She thinks she might go a long ways in the Hunger Games since she says she matured than all of the other tributes, and she intends to use that as her advantage.

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