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I am doing a Quater Quell. You may ONLY sign up FIVE tributes, if you enter more NONE of them will get in. The Twist for these games is that there 48 tributes. Be creative. Oh and the first 40 applicants will get. If your tribute is not in the right spot please notifiy me. If the place in the district is taken i will do my best place your tribute. I WILL NOT CHANGE ANYTHING WHEN THE REAPINGS START. Have fun. Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor.


District Name Weapon Age User
1M Maroon Cutter Throwing Knives 15 Nommyzombies
1M Excalibur Rose Whip 17 Prezziesnow9704:)!
1G Philomena "Mena" Golgburg Spears 14 The Hunger Games Girl
1G Chole Bridgewater

Throwing knives

16 AshtonMoioLover
2M Stuart Hummes Axe 14 Prezziesnow9704
2M Matt Dan Throwing Knives 15 Italicos
2G Geneive Terrion Mace 15 Prezziesnow9704:)!
2G Marielle Benson Bow and Arrow 17 AshtonMoioLover
3M Hugo Bulrgfo Slingshot 12 RueButterCup
3M Aiden Camelliston Bow and arrow 18 Katelyn.danita
3G Joanna Daniels Her Brains 15 FinnickForever
3G Aria Camelliston Bow and Arrow 17 Katelyn.danita
4M Bently Emerson-Odair Sword/Spear 17 Katelyn.danita
4M Joseph James Knife Throwing 18 AshtonMoioLover
4G Mercedez Ebey Trident 14 The Hunger Games Girl
4G Bubbles Foam Trident 17 Prezziesnow9704:)!
5M Quincy Williams Spear/Sword/Axe 17 2legit2quit
5M Gabriel "Gabe" DiPablo Sword/Knife 13 2legit2quit
5G Lavender Cleaver Knives 16 RueButterCup
5G Hana Garret Knife 15 Asfbn
6M Blade Emmett Twirling Baton Sword 15 HeavyRotation

Raven Emerald


17 RavenRT
6G Cassandra Castle Blowgun 15 Nommyzombies
6G Starship Luni Twirling Baton, Knife 18 HeavyRotation
7M Whyyt Wellwood Axe 15 Symscons
7M Rory Slank Axe/Awls 15 Cbuscrew344
7G Drina Vox Axe 15 Nommyzombies
7G Orchid Elphinstone Spear/Axe 14 Symscons
8M Ivan Reid Throwing Knives/ Wire 16 FinnickForever
8M Finn Shaffor Trident/Net 17 Zakel
8G Marine Hier Knife 14 Thena.airice14
8G Katrina Iyn Bow and arrow 12 P0bs 99
9M Mickey Mcalister Trident 17 2legit2quits
9M Fios Metica Knives 15 HeavyRotations
9G Delia Tish Her Craziness 13 HeavyRotation
9G Luna Snare Blow gun 15 Justafox
10M Gunner Pann Sword/Knives 15 2legit2quits
10M Blythe Honours Throwing Knives 13 HeavyRotations
10G Leha Josie Knives/Spears swords/ traps 18 Katniss&PrimSisterhood
10G Allianna "Allie" Whittle Throwing Knives 16 Mysims
11M Kang Kao Any Close Range Weapon 17 Thresh is Fresh
11M Cap Hatfield Axe/Bow and arrow 18 Cbuscrew344
11G Ariana Dwyer Bow and Arrow 15 MaruBoxCat
11G Savannah Furhman Throwing Knives/ Mace 15 AshtonMoioLover
12M Jacob Pride Javelin/Axe/Throwing knives 14 Cbuscrew344
12M Gavin Adams Sword 18 Zackel
12G Briana Tryler Knife 12 Thena.airice14
12G Maybelle "Belle" Weisford Mines 16 The Hunger Games Girl


Alliance Tributes

Maroon Cutter, Excalibur Rose, Mena Goldburg, Chole Brigdewater, Staurt Hummes, Matt Dan, Geneive Terrion, Marielle Benson, Bently Emerson-Odair, Joseph James, Mercedez Ebey, Bubbles Foam, Ivan Reid, Raven Emerald, Lavendar Cleaver, Aria Camelliston, Aiden Camelliston

Anti-Careers Quincy Williams, Hana Garret, Cassandra Castle, Marine Hier, Mickey Mcalister, Fios Metica, Leha Josie, Alli Whittle, Gabe DiPablo, Starship Luni, Blade Emmett, Kang Kao
D11 and D12 Cap Hatfield, , Ariana Dwyer, Savannha Fuhrman, Jacob Pride, Gavin Adams. Briana Tryler, Belle Weisford, Luna Snare
D7 Whyyt Wellwood, Rory Slank, Drina Vox, Orchid Elphinstone

My Editorial Team

User Writings
Katelyn.danita District 3 and 4's reapings
Me District 1 and 2 reapings
The Hunger Games Girl District 5 and 6 reapings
Rue district11 District 11 and 12 reapings
Nommyzombies District 7 and 9 reapings

District 8 and 10 reapings


Gamemakers User
Co-Head Game Maker The Hunger Games Girl
Head Arena Nommyzombies
Head Mutts AshtonMoioLover
Head of Training Katelyn.danita


The user may only sponsor their tribute. Tributes will ONLY HAVE ONE GIFT SENT TO THEM PER DAY! Each tribute will start out with $300 and will earn $25 a day and $100 for each tribute killed by your tribute. I will keep a chart of the money your tribute has, so ask me if you can send a gift gift to your tribute. Each day the price of things will go up $25.

Food Cost Description
Food Platter $250

Rolls and Bread with a cheeses and fruits comes with 2 water bottles. Serves 2-4 tributes

Dried Friut Snacks $75 Dried Capitol Fruit.
Water $75 Enough for 2 day.
Capitol Meal $150

Very well cooked and tasing Capitol Meal

Crackers, Cheese, and Dried Meat Strips $100 10 crackers, 5 pieces of cheese and 10 meat strips
Medicine Cost Description
Capitol Meicine $150 Rub on any gash or cut and it will heal instantly.
Burn Ointment $100 Relieves and heals burns.
Pain Killers $75 Relief pain for 10 hours
Mutt Control $150 Cures anything contracted from any Mutt
Sleeping Syrup $75 Sleep for 12 hours
Weapons Cost Description
Bow 150 Comes with 12 arrows
Throwing Knives 125 Comes with a vst to hold 12 knives
Trident 200 More deadlier than a spear
Spear 150 2 spear bodies and 5 spear heads
Axe 125 Can also be thrown
Sword 100 Common weapon. Quite deadly
Blowgun 100 Comes with 12 darts and a small jar of nightlock poison
Mace 175 Brutal Damage. Can kill instantly.
Knife 50 Close range. Very useful
Misc. Cost Descrip.
Net 50 May come in handy
Rope 50 May come in handy
Wire (Spool) 50 May com in handy
Sleeping Bag 75 Comfy. Keeps warmth in.
Empty Bag 50 To carry your stuff
Matches 50 Start a fire
Iodine 50

Why not drink clean water?

Small Pack 125 Contains Iodine, matches, and dried beef strips
Medium Pack 175 Contains a small water bottle (filled), dried fruit and a meat strips, iodine, small first aid kit, small sleep bag, and matches
Large Pack 225 Contains an extra pair of clothes, dried meat strips and fruit, matches, large water bottle (filled), iodine, first aid kit, sleeping bag, rope, and a knife



The arena


Light green is grassland

Regular green is forest

Dark green is tropical forest

light blue is a river

regular blue is a lake

dark blue is the ocean

red a volcano

brown is desert

The island in the middle where the cornucopia is and then there is surrounding island for shelter. The tributes platforms are in the water so they get lifted up and they're surface of the platform is above water. And they will have to swim in a mutt infested water to a near by island or the cornucopia then swim to a island unless they would like to stay at the cornucopia.


District 1

Mena’s POV

I woke up with ease and get dressed. I put on the nicest clothes I have, then run down the stairs. I grab a glass of water and get on my way to the reapings. I spot some people that are walking to the reapings. I see that they are scared and I saw one even crying. I try not to get down, but it’s natural.

I get to the registration table and let the Peacekeepers take my blood and take my finger prints. Then they direct us too our seat. In District 1 the reapings are a lot different in this district they’re… a lot nicer. Instead of standing while we wait. We have a lunch prepared for us, and then we get to the reapings.

Our lunch they prepared for us was a Capitol dish they make a lot. It took about a half an hour to get the lunch done. Then our escort Falkstreak Lapworth made his entrance. He was wearing a light blue suit with a orange polka dots on the blazer. He was wearing heavy make-up and a orange wig

“Welcome, welcome, Happy Hunger Games and May the odds be ever in your favor. Now let’s begin with the gentlemen.” He walks over to the big glass bowl and grabs two names and walks back to the podium.

“Aaron Diamond and Maroon Cutter. Now before you walk up here are there any volunteers?” I looked as if millions of hands went up. “Oh, some many to choose from, but only enough for one . How about you.” He points to a 17 year-old with glasses. Maroon and the other tribute walk up to the stage standing on one side of Falkstreak.

“And now the ladies.” He walks over to the big glass bowl that has my name in there somewhere. “Chloe Bridgewater and Kennedy Gloss. Ladies wait for a volunteer if there is one. Are there any volunteers?” Mine was the only one that was up. I knew then that I’m going to do what I’m destined to do, which is to win the Games for my district. “What is your name young lady.”

“My name is Mena Goldburg.”

District 2

Ivory’s POV

“Welcome, hello District 2 I’m your new escort, Ivory Galloway. So before we begin we have a special video that came all the way from the Capitol, so please no talking.”

The video I showed them was a video on how the Capitol came to be and how the Hunger Games were create and also the uprising’s that came 25 years ago by the famous Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark. Now that they are gone we can have peace and the Hunger Games continue. I time my coming back just right when the video ended. “Oh I just love that don’t you? Well anyways let’s begin, I’ll start with the ladi-.”

“I volunteer.” “So do I!”

“Oh, ok well lets give a round of applause to your district’s tributes. What are your name’s?” I ask. “I’m Marielle Benson and she is Geneive Terrion.”

“Ok so let’s start with the men. Matt Dan and Stuart Hummes. Any volunteers, no ok well. Lets give a big round of applause to the 100th Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor.” And so were off to my home, the Capitol.

District 3

Aria Camelliston [POV]

I played music and danced a little as I got dressed into my dress. It was white, mid-thigh, with a white under covering with white lacy designs over it. The top cut off at the chest with no straps, but it wasn't strapless. It was one of those dresses that have sleeves that don't lay on the shoulders, but right below them. That part was lace with no white under-covering so that my arms could breath through the lace's seams, and they cupped tightly on my wrists. I wore white-and-golden wedges, that looked great since I am so tanned. I had my hair straightened, and I put in my Mockingjay earrings, hoping nobody would notice the sign of a rebel. I had a golden ring to match, as well as bangles. It matched my golden-brown eyes. Perfect. My nails were manicured, and I danced over to my bathroom, humming to the music.

Today I was in a good mood. I don't think I would be very bothered if I were reaped. I could definitely win. I began putting on my pink lip gloss and makeup. Then I looked closer into the full length mirror. My smile faded. I'm pretty... right? I mean, everyone is. In their own way. I turned sideways and rubbed my hand over my flat stomach. Is that healthy? Well, it doesn't really matter... I don't eat much anymore. Sometimes I throw up just so I can stay thin.. Skinny is beautiful.. Isn't it? I frown and concentrate on my stomach, rubbing it sadly. I frown. Maybe I should appreciate my meals. Some people- "Aria!" My father, the mayor, cried. "Coming daddy!" I squeal and run downstairs to him. I fake a smile and twirl. "What do you think?" I smile. "Gorgeous." He says and hugs me. I hope he means that. We got to the reapings, and the escort called out the female tribute names first. Yes, tributes. They began that sick crap last year.

"Joanna Daniels and Aria Camelliston!" The escort cries. The 15-year-old walks to stage. I am shocked. It's me. I smile fakely and walk to the stage as I realize there's no time to be pretty in the Hunger Games. I have to eat.. My brother stares in horror.

"Now for the male tributes- Hugo Bulgfro!" He walks to the stage. "Marcu-" "I VOLUNTEER!" Aiden cries and runs to the stage. I stare at him in horror, now. "NO AIDEN!" I scream. I won't be able to win now. I can't kill him. "Aria.. I won't let you get hurt." His jaw tightens. "Aiden why.." I whisper, and a tear streams down my face. He pulls me close and I hold onto him in shock. My mother is crying. My father even is for once.. We walk to the Justice Building together, hand in hand firmly. I don't care what I look like now. I care how the hell we're gonna break out of here.

District 4

Escort's POV

I walk onto the stage, and a clip all the way from the Capitol is shown. "Marvelous, isn't it?" I say, then walk over to the ladies' glass ball. "As always, ladies first!" I stick my hand into the ball and sift around for a while, then pick a name out from the bottom. "Mercedes Ebey!" A frightened girl walks up, and I ask how old she is. I reach in for the second girl, and I pick a piece of paper out. "Bubbles Foam." A 17 or 18 year old girl then strides towards us, and stands next to Mercedes, and then I say "Alright, time for the gentlemen!" I go to the boys' ball and pick out two names at once. "Bentley Emerson-Odair and Joseph James!" Two older boys of the crowd come up and stand next to the two girls.

District 5

District Five Reaping

{C}{C Lavender Cleaver's POV

The 100th Hunger Games. Four tributes going in for each district. And one of them could be me. I watch as the woman pricks my finger taking blood. I walk to my section and I watch our escort introduce the movie. BORING! Now she walks over to the girls' reaping ball and pulls out a name."Lavender Cleaver!" She says. ME! I walk to the stage and she walks over to the girls reaping ball again."Hana Garret!" She says. The girl walks on the stage and then the escort walks over to the boys' reaping ball and pulls out another name."Quincy Williams!" She says and walks back over."Gabirel DiPablo!"

District 6

District Six Reaping

Blade Emmett's POV

The man at the table pricks my finger and I walk to the 15 year old boy section and stand while the dorky escort shows us the really stupid film from the Capitol. She walks over to the girls' reaping ball and pulls out two slips at a time. She reads them quickly."Cassandra Castle and Starship Luni!" She walks over to the boys reaping ball and pulls two out."Blade Emmett and Raven Emerald!" Me!====District 6====

District 7

District 8

Ralphs POV

I checked into the reapings all by myself today. I’m kinda of proud of myself although it’s my first reapings so I may have to do again in the future and hopefully I will until im 19 and I won’t be qualified to be a tribute which I’m certain it will happen. I wonder who will get picked to be the “wonderful” tributes from District 8 which I’m certain I won’t be me any time soon.

“Welcome, welcome, welcome my little darlings! Now before we begin I have brought an extraordinary film from the Capitol!” Our escort sound very… excited I would say. The video was nothing “extraordinary” like she said it would be. It was only a couple of minutes so nothing too special. I just want this to be over with, but I’m going to have to go through this.

“Now let’s start with the gentlemen…. Finn Shaffor and… Ralph Rei-“

“I volunteer as tribute!”

“Oh, a twist of events happening in district 8 how… how extraordinary.” She seems to be using that word a lot, but what the bigger picture is that my brother Ivan just volunteered for my spot as tribute. I’m… quite shocked that he did that because I didn’t know that he loved me that much.

“What is your name dear?”

“Ivan… Ivan Reid.”

“Well I bet my buttons that was your brother. Well now, back to the reapings, ladies are next. First we have Marine Hier and then Katrina Iyn! Lets congratulate your district’s tributes!”

But I couldn’t congratulate Ivan, I could only thank him.

District 9

District 9 reaping Luna's POV

I look at my parents, sprawled across the couch, drool leaking from their mouths. My parents are alcoholics, they went on the drinks when my brother was diagnosed with that disease. Cancer. My brother is only 11, so he doesn't have to worry about the reapings, but I am not leaving here with these two. I walk into his room and find him wakened and scared. He runs into my arms and squeals.

"Its the reaping, I don't want you to be reaped!" he squeaks. I hug him and smile. I'm not gonna get reaped. I quickly get dressed, pulling on a dark red jumper and jeans, and I brush my teeth. My brother is restless and scared, but that is natural, reapings are very stressful. We walk down the street and we reach the town square. He knows he can't come in, so I go down to his height and whisper to him. "I love you." I say, he smiles and I hug him one last time, before walking to the blood taking. I stick out my finger and the peacekeeper drives it into my forefinger. It stings as usual, but I'm used to it now. I walk into the crowd and our escort walks on.

"I know you all want this over with, so the female tributes are Luna Snare and Delia Tish." Delia Tish, she is a girl I know from school, she's nice. And Luna Snare Oh god. The world spins and I hear voices. I stagger onto the stage and the escort looks at me.

"Are you alright." No, I'm not. She grabs my shoulders and shakes me violently, I look at her, without seeing her. Everything flashes white and I fell my body hit the ground. What just happened. I'm in the games.

District 10

Allie’s POV

I walked into the square and got checked in. You know this is kind of a drag, doing all this for the Capitol’s “pleasure”. I wish I could be with Craig right now since I kind of like him, or with my notepad and write whatever I want to, but the Hunger Games have stopped that. I never watch the games they have always scared me, and just the thought of being in them is horrendous. But I’ll have to keep those thoughts put away for now since our escort has arrived. Hernia says, “Hello District 10 thank you for having me it’s such… an honor.”

“Now lets take a look at this very speci-.” “What do you mean it’s no working? Never mind don’t answer that.” He whispers to one of the Peacekeepers.

“Well since we are having technical difficulties let’s begin with the gentlemen. Lets congratulate… Gunner Pann and Blythe Honours.” I see their expression on their face and I just think that would be a good picture to paint or draw in my notepad. I feel like I’m going to cry when I see them.

“Now the Ladies. Lets congratulate… Leha Josie and Allianna Whittle.”

I say loudly, “It’s Allie.” Then I just got that he called my name to be a tribute, which is the one thing I dreaded my entire life. I get to the stage and only want to see Craig’s face.

District 11

{C}{C Savannah’s POV

I got here late so I got in time for the reapings not the video.

“Now wasn’t that wonderful? I know it was you don’t have to tell me. So let’s begin with the men. Kang Kao and Cap Hatfield.”

I walk up to the stage in a zombie like expression. I felt so sorry for them all though I know I won’t et picked because I never needed the tessera grain.

“Now the ladies. Samantha Fuhrman and Ariana Dwyer. Lets give applause to the District 11 tributes!”

I just now released that I’ll have to face what the only victor in our family had to face, which that someone was my mother.

District 12

Effie’s POV

This is my last games this year which is very exciting! I miss my old friends like Katniss and Peeta and even Haymitch, which is surprising. I enter very excitingly and district 12 likes me very well and I travel here frequently sometimes. I check up on Prim who is Katniss’ sister she was in a Hunger Games when she was 18 because she volunteered.

“Welcome District 12! Lets take a special look at this video all the way from the Capitol.” It was the same video we play all the time, but the Capitol added the rebellion 25 years ago.

“Let’s begin with the Ladies. We have…. Maybelle Weisford and Briana Tryler. Now the gentlemen. Congratulate… Jacob Pride and Gavin Adams.”

I take off with the last time I see all the faces that are crying not because of me, but because of the Capitol.

Tributes Parade

“Ladies and Gentlemen let the 100th Hunger Games Begin! And​may the odds be ever in your favor.”

District 1

The tributes in district one were covered in gems from head to toe, the chariot looked as if was made out of diamond it’s self. The crowd went crazy.

District 2

The tributes appeared to be in full gold armor. The chariot was made out of weapons from the older Hunger Games. The Capitol loved it.

District 3

The tributes were covered in wires. Their chariot was flying. The crowd was amazed.

District 4

The Tributes were dressed as fish and the chariot looked just like water. The crowd was laughing.

District 5

The tributes dressed as batteries and the chariot was all yellow. The crowd was not impressed.

District 6

The tributes were dressed as planes and didn’t need a Chariot because they were flying. The crowd tried to catch them by jumping up.

District 7

No one was paying attention to their outfits since the crowd’s eyes were fixed on the District 6 tributes.

District 8

They were dressed in bright colors and the chariot was polished very well so the crowd would look at them.

District 9

The tributes were dressed as crops and the chariot looked like dirt. The chariot smelled really gross so the crowd did not like them.

District 10

They were dressed as cowboys. The chariot was in the shape of a horse.

District 11

The tributes dressed as farmers. The chariot was painted in the picture of a field.

District 12

These costumes have been used for 11 years. They had flames everywhere one them, even the Chariot was on fire.


Day 1

Matt's(2) POV

Today is the first day of Training! All of the other tributes seem to be keeping a low profile from us but the truth no one has a low profile we will kill all of these pathetic weaklings the Capitol calls tributes. I see that both of the Camelliston sibilings now something about killing so i asked them to join us with the Careers. the gladly accepted my offer I knew that they would, they always do since where the best. Their both excellent at the bow but Marielle is better. Oh Marielle, beautiful Marielle it'll be so sad ill have to kill her, but don't get me wrong i have a small crush on her but all I can think about is just winning so I'll have to keep those thoughts kept away for a long time since i can't afford to think like that. Anyways I saw that Raven is good with a sword so ill go talk to him.

Aria's(3) POV

Today was great. Aiden and I got accepted into the Career's alliance so we have a chance to survive! Thats not the only good news they have a bow in the Training Center which is great since thats the only weapon I know how to use. The Careers weren't so accepting of us accept Matt since he asked us, but the rest of them seemed to keep a pretty close eye on Aiden and I. I just hope that they will trust us in the arena.

Ariana's(11) POV

I learned how to start a fire to day in Training which i think is useful, maybe. It could be a way to get killed also by buring myself to ashes or another tribute might find me. Just thinking of that makes me want to learn how to use a weapon, which i did i threw knives for the first time although I think I'll cause more harm to me and damage to others since i cut myself while throwing one. But one good thing that happened is that my district is in a alliance with District 12. I was kinda skeptical of them and I still am and trhe only one that is, but I guess I'm not in the position to give up help, any kind of help infact.

Day 2

Raven's(6) POV

So yesterday the Career's asked me to be in their alliance so im going to be hanging with them in the arena if I don't die in the bloodbath. I've gotten better with fighting with swords so I think that's why Matt asked me to be with them in the arena. I learned how to use a bow and make snares, but while the physical testing we had an obstacle course and i fell and hurt my leg, but I'm fine now i still a little sore for the physical testing so i might be slower at running then i usually am which will not be good. I feel like that the Careers might kick me out of their alliance since i hurt myself, but i don't that will happen though. I going to learn how to swim next which might be important.

Allianna's(10) POV

I have only three words to say about Careers. I HATE THEM. Thats why I joined the Anti-Careers. The Anti-Careers are an alliance that is a secert that only people who are in know about it. Plain and simple we want all the Careers and other tributes helping them to die. It's not fair that they come in and kill everyone and one of them wins, but not this year. The victor of the 100th Hunger Games is the girl's POV you are reading right now. now enough about my the Careers just the thought of them wants me to stab them right now while they gawk at us! But in training I have already learned how to shoot a bow, throw knives(which i am pretty good at doing), make a snare, swim(which i got choosen for and not everybody did), and how to make a fire. I think I have the odds on my side for once.

Chole's(1) POV

That dumb girl from 10 she thinks I don't know what she is planning. Well shes got another thing coming. I confronted her today and told that she is the first one in the sky on the first day. She didn't back down from me though we almost got in a fight(which she would have lost). We got a two hour "time out" as the Head Gamemaker of Training told us. But after that i got back to observing these pathetic people. All I think when i see them is I will crush you and i can't wait till i do.

Day 3

Bently's(4) POV

Tomorrow is the private sessions. Dont get me wrong I'm not worried, but there is always time to practice with a sword or spear. You see I'm not just another pretty face im quite brilliant actually you would just never guess. We recruoited two more people into our alliance which is . I have a great chance of winning since my mentor is Finnick Odair, my cousin. So will get parachutes left and right. I found out that the girl from 10 I think her name is Allianna has started an alliance that is mostly based with tributes that hate Careers like myself, so she is my first on my hit list. Anyways back to the private sessions I will be throwing spears and showing my technique with sword fighting. I expect to get a very good training scIore. Which i will make happen.

Head Gamemaker's POV

I got a special treat for some tributes in the arena. And one of them got a very special treat for a girl that will put a target on her head. I gave them this score for the fight during training. I hope they will like their scores

End of Training.

Training Scores

Name Score
Maroon Cutter 9
Excalibur Rose 8
Mena Goldburg 10
Chole Bridgewater 9
Stuart Hummes 9
Matt Dan 10
Geneive Terrion 10
Marielle Benson 10
Hugo Balrgfo 5
Aiden Camelliston 9
Joanna Daniels 5
Aria Camelliston 9
Bently Emerson-Odair 11
Joseph James 10
Mercedez Ebey 9
Bubbles Foam 9
Qunicy Williams 8
Gabe DiPablo 6
Lavender Cleaver 9
Hana Garret 7
Blade Emmett 5
Raven Emerald 9
Cassandra Castle 7
Starship Luni 6
Whyyt Wellwood 7
Rory Slank 6
Drina Vox 8
Orchid Elphinstone 7
Ivan Reid 8
Finn Shaffor 7
Marine Heir 7
Katrina Iyn 4
Mickey Mcalister 7
Fios Metica 6
Delia Tish 2
Luna Snare 8
Gunner Pann 6
Blythe Honours 6
Leha Josie 8
Allie Whittle 12
Kang Kao 7
Cap Hatfield 7
Ariana Dwyer 6
Savannah Fuhrman 8
Jacob Pride 5
Gavin Adams 7
Briana Tryler 5
Belle Weisford 5

Death Chart

Placing Tribute's name Death
48 Gabe Dipablo Fallen in to mutt infested water was eating by a mutt.
47 Cassandra Castle Spear to the chest by Bently
46 Excalibur Rose Hit by Allie's Knife
45 Mena Goldburg same as Excaliburs
44 Katrina Iyn Slit throat
43 Stuart Hummes Thoart ripped out.
42 Rory Slank Stabbed to death
41 Jacob Pride Killed by Bubbles
40 Bubbles Foam Knife Thrown at
39 Gunner Pann stabbed in the Heart
38 Maroon Cutter Hit with a mace
37 Quincy Williams Killed by an arrow
36 Finn Shaffor Knife thrown at
35 Joseph James Took an arrow to the eye
34 Lavendar Cleaver Beheaded by Starship
33 Starship Luni Hit with a Trident
32 Blythe Honours Eaten by a mutt
31 Cap Hatfield Knife thrown at
30 Orchid Elphinstone Knife thrown at
29 Whyyt Wellwood Unkown
28 Ivan Reid Stabbed in the side of the neck with a sharp rock
27 Drina Vox Took a spear to the heart and a knife to the back.
26 Maybelle "Belle" Weisford Got infection from a gash.
25 Ariana Dwyer Took an arrow to the back of her neck
24 Mickey Mcalister An Arrow hit his heart
23 Delia Tish Killed by Aria's arrow
22 Gavin Adams Killed by an arrow
21 Mercedez Ebey Shot with an arrow
20 Marielle Benson Killed by an arrow
19 Marine Hier Knife throwen to her skull
18 Hugo Bulrgfo Drowned
17 Fios Metica One of the Matt's knife killed him.
16 Matt Dan Stabbed by mutt
15 Kang Kao Stabbed by mutt
14 Leha Josie Killed with a spear
13 Aiden Camelliston Hit with a throwing knife
12 Chloe Bridgewater Had three arrows shot at.
11 Joanna Daniels Got a huge gash in the back
10 Raven Emerald Got hit by a knife
9 Geneive Terrion Hit by an arrow
8 Brianna Tryler Drowned
7 Savannah Fuhrman Poisoned
6 Blade Emmett Knife throwen at
5 Luna Snare Stabbed by Bently's spear
4 Aria Camelliston Bently throw his spear into her
3 Allie Whittle Killed with Bently's spear
2 Bently Emerson-Odair Shot with an arrow
Victor! Hana Garret THEY WON!




60...59...58..57..56.. The tributes are just getting up to the top now and are freaked out by the water. 45..44..43..42..41 Everyone look around deciding what to do and some of the tributes are rethink or even ditching their old plan. 35..34..33..32..31 It seems that a tribute has fallen into the water and was eaten by a mutt and that tribute was Gabe DiPablo.BOOM! 17..16..15..14..13.. More than half of the tributes are turned to the Cornucopia with all the supplies you could ever need. 5..4..3..2..1. GONG!

They're off. Bently get to the Cornucopia and throws a spear at Cassnadra Castle.BOOM! Allie get there with the rest of district 1 and some of her alliance. Allie sprints over to the Cornucopia and grabs a small thing of knives and throws at Excalibur and Mena.BOOM x2. Aria finally gets over to the cornucopia and fights over a bow with Katrina. Aria grabs a knife and slits Katrina's throat.BOOM! Delia Tish just got to the shore in time for Stuart to charge at her with a sword. Delia dodges his swing and she bit his throat and ripped it out and she grabed a backpack and sword and went the biggest island.BOOM! Chole throws a knife at Allie while allie stabbed Rory, Allie dodged her knife also and Chole's knife hit Bubbles while bubbles killed Jacob Pride. BOOM x3!

Luna found a knife and stabbed it into Gunners heart and she took his blowgun and backpack and swam to the smallest island.BOOM! Mickey swung a mace that hit Maroon cut and basically took his head off.BOOM! Aiden shot Quincy William as Quincy was about to dive into the water to got to a different island.BOOM!. Joseph threw a knife at Finn and turned around was shot by Hana Garret with a bow, the arrow exactly hit his eye.BOOM! Starship beheaded Lavender and then went to go kill Aiden, but Mercedez threw a trident at Starship's head.BOOMx2 Blythe was eaten by a mutt after he got his backpack and a knife.BOOM! Allie killed Cap with a throwing knife and killed him.BOOM! The Careers grabbed the stuff they could grab and swam to the biggest island. The Anti-Careers are staying at the cornucopia to scavenge.

End of the Bloodbath.

Day One

Chole's(1) POV

I almost got Allie but that freak dodged my knife! No matter I will get her soon. So just to update the Careers we lost almost half of our alliance. We have one person weaponless which of course is Aria. She let go of her bow while swimming and she won't go back to the Cornucopia to get another one even though i volunteered to go with her, but said no because she is such a little priss.

"What was that you guys?" Matt said. Then i heard what he heard. Ivan and Bently volunteered to go see what is was(well actually Bently dragged Ivan with him). All of the sudden we see a tribute and heard the cannon. The tribute was still alive and running not know it was us. I went chasing after her and found a small group of tributes, it wasn't Allies group because hers is bigger. I was District 7 Right off the bat I killed Orchid and my knife hit Whyyt's thigh. Drina escaped and I then I Orchid's pack and ran after Drina.

Hanna Garret's (5) POV

Our alliance has set up camp at the Cornucopia. We scavegned every pack and have all the things we need. It sucks and is good that the only tribute for District 5 is me the good part is that i won't have to kill the people from our home. We planned to go hunt for Careers, but we dont know what island they're on so im going with Allie and Mickey to the island with the big moutain. There is really nothing going on during the fisrt day since the blood bath which i one tribute. I think it was Joseph. Oh well who cares who it was all i care about is getting home.

Joanna's(3) POV

I analyzed the island I am on and it's the smallest one. I found a small lake and purified it with the iodine I found in my pack which came with food, empty water bottle, wire, and a sleeping bag. I figured out that I will be sleeping next to the lake for tonight and then keep hiking to higher ground, since I plan to outlast everyone and i encouner an enemy i will out smart then and get away and if that doesn't I got a knife I took from the Cornucopia so I have a good defensive strategy.

Drina's(7) POV

I think I finally lost Chloe. I hope. I sit down on a log and get some water and drink a bit since I'm limited at this point because i left my iodine at the site where Orchid died. BOOM! Oh no I think that was Whyyt. I hope it wasn't because I would be alone with nothing. Is this what the Capitol wants? Us killed? We never did anything wrong it was the stupid District 13 and the "star crossed lovers" Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark. They're the reason I'm in this stituation. now I wish that Chloe finds me and kills me so I won't have to face the next week in this wretched arena! And Chloe does just that.

"You thought you could hide from me seven. Well can't out run us now" Chloe points behind me and I see Bently and Ivan. I didn't know what to do so I grabbed a sharp rock and stab Ivan in the side of his neck and then I heard a BOOM! I feel a pain in my back and fell my back and pull out a knife and then Bently throws a spear into my heart and I hear my own cannon go off.

Aria's(3) POV

The anthem starts. Which means the faces of the fallen will be put up, so we can see who is still alive. 3 from 1, 1 from 2, 2 from 4, 3 from 5, 2 from 6, all from 7, 3 from 8, 1 from 10, 1 from both 11 and 12. The anthem fades into silence.

I see two parachutes come down which one is big and the other one is medium sized parachute. The big one landed in front of my feet and the other one landed on Raven which hit his head and woke him up. I open mine and see a bow! It's a longer than Aiden's and Marielles bow. It came with 12 arrows! I was super duper excited. I see a note next to the quiver. It said:

"Go get em' Aria! Good job so proud of you."


I wonder how K.D is? Raven opens his gift and finds an axe. Now everyone has a weapon. Which is good. But im getting tired and i need rest for the hunt tomorrow.

End of Day One

Day Two

Kang's(11) POV

It's really in the morning and we just got raided by a pack of mutt dogs. We killed them all, but Belle got severe injuries from them. She has a deep gash and we used the minor cut medicine in my pack, but I didn't really do anything to help her wound. If only we could get a sponsor with medicine. I just hope that one person in the Capitol will be so generous.

Its been a half hour and see that Belle is pale and every once and a while is skipping a heart beat. the next ten minutes later she passes away. Briana starts crying and so do I which isn't good because the girls from District 5 and 10 and the boy from 9 finds us.

Allie's(10) POV

We found a small alliance. Were not sure to kill them or have come with us. They were crying over a girls dead body which was the girl from 12. I look up and see a parachute come falling down and lands in front of Gavin's boots. He opened it and it was a huge backpack. He stares in aw. I almost grabbed it, but an arrow went flying by.

"Go go go!" i yelled.

We started running endlessly and then another arrow zipped pass but it hit Ariana in the back of the neck and she falls. I quickly grab her bag and start running. BOOM!

There hasn't been any arrows shot at us in about 10 minutes so we stopped. Gavin opened his a pack and found an extra pair of clothes, food, water, iodine, matches, and the most surpising thing was a knife. So i analyzed Ariana's bag and found food, a bit of water, a couple of throwing knives, and a small first aid kit.

I see another parachute, but it's bigger. It lands in front of me and I get very excited. I open it and see... a BOW! It's a gold bow not a silver ones at the Cornucopia. It's big than the one I've seen and the arrow have the most coolest arrowhead. Kang looked at me and tells us to go now. Then another arrow came by and hit Mickey. I turn around with my new bow ready and see Marielle and Mercedez.

Delia's(9) POV

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Three cannons have gone off! Whih means I'm close to MY PRECIOUS! MY PRECIOUS MUST BE VERY PROUD OF ME!!!! Delia knows what your thinking! AREN"T I CRAZY!! Delia knows Delia is, but thats my best QUALITY!

Delia MUST KILL ALL THE TRIBUTES! Delia suspects that they are on the small Island so Delia swam there!!! Delia was attacked by a weird WATER CREATURE!!!! But DEelia KILLED IT!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Delia sees a tribute!!!! It's time for Delia to do her best Delia knows who to do and do the best ever!!!!

Joanna's(3) POV

That crazy girl from nine thinks I dont see her but I do. I can even hear her talking to herself. She is very loud also. I see in the distance a group of two people which are seem to be Careers. I see Bently and.... ARIA!?! what is Aria doing with Bently and where is Aiden? So many questions to be asked. But so little time.

I feel Delia come up behind me. So I turn around and cut her cheek. She tackles me and we wrestle. Im on the groundand because she hurt my toe. I cant get up now. She takes my knife and cuts my arms. Im bleeding out quickly I hope Aria will come to save me.

I look up to Deliaget shot with an arrow. BOOM! I quickly see Bently and got his spear ready to kill me. I close my eyes and wait for him to kill me.

"Wait, no dont kill her!"

"Why, she is usless because she lost so much blood. We don't need her Aria."

I feel a relief in my arms where the cuts are. I open my eyes to see the cut is healing very fast. In about the next five minutes Im good as new.

"Hi Jojo. How are you feeling. Here take some water." I haven't heard that name in such a long time.

"Good. Thanks." I give her a smile and look at Bently and see him observing me like im in a test right now.

"Aria I need to talk to you right. In private." I see them conversing and Aria starts smiling like a little child and they see the site of candy.

"Ok Jojo, were to give you this sword and here is your pack. So come with us you are going to be with us. So lets go see Adien."

Savannah's(11) POV

This just great the Careers are here is it that they found us. Um I no its Allie's fault I should of killed her when got the chance and now I do. But only one problem I have no weapon. So Briana and I decide to grab what we can and hide. I steal Gavins backpack and Briana takes her and Ariana's pack and we run away. And we never looked back.

Marielle's(2) POV

We found that little freak Allie and her friends. Too bad Chloe isn't here to see Allie die, but we'll tell her all about it. I grab another arrow and readied it and Mercedez grabbed her trident ready to kill. I see that the 12 boy is weaponless which is the only one. The freak has the same bow as... ARIA! That freak stole Aria's bow. Now im going to kill her.

"Why don't you just walk away while your still standing." said Allie. I laughed in her face

"I'm here to kill you. It's not like you were gonna win." I aimed for Allie but I hit Gavin. BOOM!

She shoots an arrow at Mercedez and kills her! BOOM! Then 5 threw her knife at me, but it just hit my shoulder. As soon as that happened I knew I was dead.

"Huh, your not so strong now aren't you? No your not and I have no use for weak people."

Before she killed me I spit on her and then I felt the life going out of my body.

Aiden's(3) POV

Six Cannons gone off today. I thought Aria died, but she came right before the anthem starts and came with Joanna! The sound of brass instruments come on and I the faces of the fallen are in the sky:

Marielle, then Merecedez, then the girl from 11 and the boy and girl from 12.

I see Matt get very angry and so I go to sleep after that, since we will be going to the cornucopia tomorrow.


Day Three

Marine's(8) POV

We all met on the Island with the volcano. We got a new alliance member which is Kang from 11. Allie got the prettiest bow I have ever seen. It's tall and gold! I just love everything that is gold and if it is fake gold! All of the Islands seem to be to be sinking. Which is not good! Hana got sent a backpack and Allie said it was the same thing as Gavin's pack. Who's Gavin? I think he is from District 12 maybe.

Hana got another gift! OMG that's so unfair. Well were in the Hunger Games stuff isn't suppose to be fair. Am I right? But Hana got a food platter! OMG I WANT THAT FOOD!! We all get a little something from the platter. I have been hungry for days although we have been here for 2 days. Since we near the shore we have a good view of the cornucopia. One of the last things we want to see at the Cornucopia is the Careers. But of coruse the odds are usually not in our favor.

Luna's(9) POV

There hasn't been anything going on today in the arena. Which is good i guess but all i want is to go home and see my family. I miss them so much. Its my brother that is keeping me alive, because he is my inspiration to keep on fighting. Which I might have to right now since I see the girls from 11 and 12. I get my blowgun ready.

"Hello, im not here to fight you. I just wanna ally? So what do you say? Allies?" I ask. The look at me in amazement.

"Ok. Allies. Im Savannah and this is Brie."

We sit and talk about about ourselves and talk a little bit about our districts. We have lunch and talk a little bit more. I'm glad I found some nice people in the games too bad only one person can win, but I try not think about though.

Hugo's(3) POV

There haven't been any cannons fired today. So I see no point of the faces of the fallen in sky tonight. But of coruse they do come on. The sound of trumpets come on and that means the fallen come on. There are no faces today so that means every one in District 3 are still alive.


Day Four

Fios's(9) POV

We got up today and I saw the water right next us. I guess they will be flooding the island soon. When every one gets we move to a different place to camp. We estimated our camp so that we would next to the water when we wake up tomorrow, well if we do. You can never be sure for anything in the Games. We got a little bit of food, enough to last us this morningwhich isn't much, but I cant complain.

"Allie, how much water do we have left?"

"Umm... about enough for today if we take small drinks."

Thats great enough for only today we need to get water. So we assemble a team of four to go the lake since its about a couple miles away from us, the team consists of me, Marine, Kang, and Leha. Just before we go Kang got a parachute. He opens it finds a mace. He gives it a few swings and decides he likes it. We head off and Kang gives me his knife. I would never have given a weapoin too anyone in the Games. Especially Kang. The dud scares me a lot. But its nice to know i have a friend in the arena. Its about lunch time so i get out the meat strips and we all have one for lunch and start walking to the water again.

We finally got to the water but I see Leha and Marine start talking to each other which i think is weird cuz they never talked to each other before, so i goit my knife ready if they did anything. When Kang got all the water he could we started looking for the iodine.

"Hey Marine can i see you-." They left! Oh my gosh she had our iodine!. This isn't good not good at all!

Geneive's(2) POV

So we have been at the Cornucopia for two days now were just wait for the feast or something like that to happen. We might put up a team to go hunting tomorrow though. The sound of music means that is the anthem. There ar no faces in the sky which means the Capitol is getting bored, which what we want. But all i can tell from Chloe and Matt is that they want Allie from 10 dead. Thats all they talk about I think they have gone crazy all ready. But I'm perfectly sane. And always be perfectly sane no matter what. I got guard duty which sucks but I can get kept to my thoughts which I might. So wish me luck out there. And remeber I need sponsors!


Day Five

Leha's(10) POV

Ok i think we lost them. Me and Marine just abandoned the Anti-Careers. We left because Allie was very mean. Well to me anyways since were the same district. She says to me its only a matter of time till i get what i desrve. I have no idea what she means.

Me and Marine decide to find the Careers and tell them where Allie and them are since we know Chloe wants her dead. But we didn't have to find them. They found us.

Matt's(2) POV

We found are selves some little tributes. I get my throwing knife ready to hit their skulls.

"Wait, wait! I can tell you where Allie is."

"Who is Al-?"I ask

"Its the freak. Where is she?"

"She near the shore with her other Anti-Careers. She was planning to kill you all when the feast comes."

"Who are you 10?"I ask

"Im Leha and she is Marine from 8."

I threw my kinife at Marine and took Leha with us.

Aria's(3) POV

The whole small Island went under water a couple of seconds ago. BOOM! I think someone was on that island. What if it was Hugo! I hope it wasn't he was super nice to me and Aiden even though Aiden did tease him a lot.

"Hello tributes. You all need something. We decided to be.... generous. Well have a feast tomorrow and you better not be late to miss the fun. Oh and dont start killing until you hear a big boom... bigger than the cannons. Well we'll see you tomorrow tributes. and that was Hugo that got killed by the water, Aria."

I was right. Hugo. Died. I cant believe it he was the first tribute from district 3. I wonder what his family is feeling. He was a sweet kid. He didn't deserve this. If anything... I did for not standing up for him.

Blade's(6) POV

Well we have no water now but we can survive untill tomorrow. I can't believe that Leha and Marine just ditched us. I hate them now. They are dead to me, so when i see them they will die! Oh great now I sound like a career. A parachute came in today for me and Fios. I got a vest with twelve knives. I gave Allie the knives and I took her regular knife. Fios got some kind of medicine for a mutt.

Allie spotted some of the Careers and we went to go fight.

Matt threw a knife at Fios and it hit Fios' chest. BOOM! I quickly grab the medicine and his sword. I ran up to one of the Careers and it was Leha. I swung it but she stabbeb my in my leg and then ran to the water. Matt was about to throw another kinfe, when a flock of candy pink birds come and start stabbing him. BOOM! Allie killed about 5 of them and there was about 4 more i think. The birds cam after Kang and stabed him and Allie killed 1 more.BOOM! Then the candy pink birds saw me. I closed my eyes and thought i was dead. But Allie and Hana killed them all. And I saw Chloe, Leha, and the district 3 girl swim back to the Cornucopia, while I was hoping that one of them would get eaten by a mutt.

Brianna's(12) POV

There was four deaths today. Which means i only need 13 more deaths until I can go home, if only i win. I'm the only 12-year-old in the arena which means either I have a good chance to win since im small. The anthem starts and the dead are:

District 2 boy

District 8 girl

District 10 girl


Kang Kao

When I saw him me and Savannah started to burst out tears. We even cried ourselves to sleep.


Day Six

Allie's(10) POV

Yesterday we lost two important people. Fios and Kang. They served their purpose which was to make me win. We got water from Matt's bag and ate the birds for dinner so we were well feed last night. Blade got medicine for cuts. He put it on his cut on his leg and after two minutes he was all good. He had some more and put it in his pack. I look around and see that this is the only island still standing. I guess the other two drowned. Hehe. The islands drowned! We see some other tributes come up to the shore and I get my bow loaded and I aim at one of them.

"No, no. Allie you shoot them and we activate the poison we put under your tracker. Since we havent made the sound yet.Now we dont want that now do we." said Claude. Claude is the announcer for the Games. He can be pretty annonying but he have to put up with him.

They come closer to us and we stay back at our site. Finally they get over here and sit down in front of us. There was an awkward silence for a while but Hana finally said something.

"Hey you guys are from the forest ealier right." The district 11 girl just glares at me and the 12 and 8 girl start talking to Hana. Blade is just sleeping again. Gosh he is so lazy! We feel a rumble and all of the sudden there is a bridge that connects to the Corncopia. We start walking throught the bridge and finally get to the Cornucopia and see there is bags with our districts number and food lotz of food.

"Come on tributes relax a little. Start talking to one another and start partying. If you dont then you might not leave the party. Forever! Hahahaha. Anyways have fun and remember dont kill unless you hear the noise.

Aria's(3) POV

Me and Aiden have been talking and we are going to leave the Careers after the feast. Were going to leave and never look back. If we kill we have a good chance of winning.

We all to the partying even though Chloe is the one who is the party pooper. I know what she is thinking andd so does Allie that is why Allie isn't letting go of her bow. We put our bows underneath the snack table. We all got lots of food so we aren't hungry. I would say it's about 5pm. I imagined that the Capitol isn't going to be watching us partying there are probably watching some else that has to do with these games, but who knows. GONG!

We all didnt know what to do. Execpt for me and Aiden. I see Bently throw a spear at Leha. BOOM! OH MY GOSH! Aiden just got hit with one of Chloe's knives. BOOM! I grab my bow and shoot Chloe I think three times. I dont know though. BOOM! Raven slashed Joannna's back. BOOM! Allie threw a knife at Raven. BOOM! I shot Geneive in the throat. BOOM!

I grabbed my bag and some food and ran. I finally got to the island. Just after I got there Hana and Allie were got there. I shot an arrow at Hana but se dodge it. Allie threw a knife at that cut my arm. But I said before she threw another one.

"Wait I want to be allies."

"What do you have to offer your as good as dead to me since your techinally a Career."

"I killed Chloe."

After I said that her sttitude changed toward me. I counted my arrows and counted 7 more. I think that will last a day. I saw that Allie had a bow. She said she never used it so she gave me her arrows. So now I have 14 arrows to be exact. The anthem comes on and the faces of the fallen are in the sky, and they are:


2. Genive

3. Aiden and Joanna

6. Raven

10. Leha

I cried when the face of Aiden was shown. So I cried myself to sleep.


Day Seven

Bently's(4) POV

Im the only Career left and I shall be the one who wins these games. I packed up on weapons and I have all the food I need, so this wont be a problem. But I plan to get these games over with today and I see some tributes right now. Im going to go and win for me and my district.

Luna's(9) POV

We just woke up and the island is SINKING! We are running all over the place trying to stay alive and then I hear Brianna's voice scream and cry at the same time.

"Help me Savannah.Help me!"

I was closest to her but i didn't stop I kept running. And then i hear a BOOM!

"ARGH!! Luna Im gonna kill you!" Savannah yelled at me.

I got my blow gun ready and stab a dart into a nightlock berry I found. I shot my blowgun and hit Savannah in the neck. BOOM!

I finally get over to the camp where Allie and Hana are. Allie got a parachute and it had 12 knives inside a vest and she put it on. She grabed a knive and threw it at me. I heard a BOOM! But I was verymuch alive. I turn around and see Blade. Then a small parachute falls down. And I open it and find water. I drink it thinking that it might be my last one.

"Look there is Bently!"

Aria's(3) POV

I got my bow loaded and I fired a shot a Bently but he dodged it. I swung his sword at Luna but Luna dodge it as well.

"You guys think you can win dont you? Hahahahaha you cant kill me I always win!"

"Let see there are four of us and one of you. I dont think the odds are in your favor." I say with a grin.

"Hmm lets see if this will change my odds." He stabs Luna and throws a spear at me. I hear two cannons. Then I die.

Hanna's(5) POV

Bently just killed two people off the bat. He charges at me and i fall down and hit a rock. He didn't kill me cuz i think he tought i was about to die. I heard him talking Allie.

"So ten thought you would win did you? Well bad news for you.... you wont."

"I will kill you you stupid career!"

"Just face I baciscally won. You friend is going to die any second and I will slit your throat right now and I will go home."

I hear Allie scream and then I hear a BOOM! I get up and grab my bow quickly and shot Bently. Even before I heard the BOOM! I knew I won.



After the Games

Hana's POV

I walked through the garden in my back yard. I moved to Victor Village and I my whole family is with me. I really missed them so much in the games. I still have night mares about the games at night. I even use this special sleep syrup I use in my tea, but it never works because I still wake up at night start screaming. The weirdest one was that Allie and Bently would keep chasing me into the volcano. Then I would find all of the other tributes there and they would surround me until I find suffocated. Thats when i wake up. That dream is the most frequent dream. I just had it last night. I always vent to my mom and she makes me fell alot better.

While im in the garden I find the most beautiful flower I have ever seen. Its has like 50 shades of pink on it. I cut it off and I attach it to my hair clip. I hear my name from my mother which means lunch is ready or something happened. I go into the kitchen and see that its time for me to go on my Victor's Tour. She wishes me luck and we exchange a long hug. She tells me she loves me and then I embrace my dad then my brother. I give all of them a kiss on the cheek and say to tem that they wont even know im gone. I didn't know what I meant by that, but it calmed my mothers nerves a little.

I get to the train and see the President of Panem. He congratulated me and then told that he will be making apperances to the districts with me. I sounded like I was excited but in truth I wasn't. I just wanted to jump off the train because I hated the President since he was the reason why my friends are dead.

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