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Appearance: Lunaii or other picture if possible

Bloodbath Strategy:

This is my second Hunger Games. ALL SIGN UPS MUST BE PUT IN THE COMMENTS TO BE OFFICIAL. You may only submit one Career. So you may submit one Career and one regular tribute.(SUBMIT TWO REGULAR TRIBUTES!) All the regular tributes will be accepted and will if your tribute you enter is not in the correct district then that means either I made a mistake or that spot is already taken. I WILL NOT CHANGE ANYTHING WHEN THE REAPINGS ARE POSTED. Have Fun. Oh, and Happy Hunger Games and my the odds be ever in your favor.


District Tribute's Name Weapon Scores Age User
1M Aurum Livingstone Axe/Bow and Arrow 10 17 CallamD97
1F Shimmer Cashmere Bow and Arrow/Anything 10 17 Katelyn.danita
2M Steve Rogers Sword,Trident,Hand-To-Hand Combat 9 18 Sandj3335678
2F Glisten Cashmere Bow and arrow,Longsword 9 16 MistyLovesAsh
3M Dexter Volts Wire 4 14 Zakel
3F Laurel Dunbryll Bow and Arrow, Knives, Sword 6 16 Readwritelivenikki
4M Ambros Joeng Spear, Sword, Axe, Knives, Fist Figthing 8 18 Milly N. Hodgins
4F Jania Sheile Trident, Axe, Sword, Mace 9 17 RueButtercup
5M Eli Czar Smog Sword 5 17 Pendilumna
5F Brianna Hunt Martial Arts 5 13 HeavyRotation
6M Blake Everpose None 3 15 HeavyRotation
6F Zarahela Kourtain Axe, Sword 7 18 Thena.airice
7M Navy Wonders Any Close Range Weapon 6 16 2legit2quit
7F Misty Caliden Anything 8 17 Readwritelivenikki
8M Tony Jaa Any Close Range Weapon 8 17 Thresh is Fresh
8F Feline Ster Knife 4 13 Justafox
9M Troy Ventura Axe/ Sword 8 17 Mysims
9F Elias Caldeu Sickle/Knives 5 14 Thena.airice14
10M Olympus Richmond Cub 3 12 Ms.District1
10F Armandina Serasio Slingshot 5 16 The Hunger Games Girl
11M Jett Mantis Sword 4 13 Pendillumna
11F Bethany Wakeling Mace/Blowgun 7 14 rue district11
12M Matthew Clearlake Throwing Knives 7 15 Clove 74th
12F Demi Campbell Blowgun 4 14 2legit2quit


Alliance Tributes
Career Pack Aurum Livingstone, Shimmer Cashmere, Steve Rogers, Glisten Cashmere, Ambros Joeng, Jania Sheile, Zarahela Kourtain, Navy Wonders
Tracker Jacks

Demi Campbell, Jett Mantis, Tony Jaa, Troy Ventura, Laurel Dunbryll, Dexter Volts, Matthew Clearlake


Anyone may sponsor a tribute and the tribute may only get one gift every other day. So like on day one someone got a gift and the on day three they could get another gift. For these games there will be a certain number avaible for a gift. So like there might be 2 bows in stock, 4 swords, 3 medicine, etc. Like last games they start out with $300 and every day they earn $25 and each for each kill they get $100. And if the user wants to delay an order that came from a different user the can. The items will be listed below

Food Cost Description Quantity Avaliable
Food Platter $250

Rolls and Bread with a cheeses and fruits comes with 2 water bottles. Serves 2-4 tributes

Dried Friut Snacks $75 Dried Capitol Fruit. 5
Water $75 Enough for 2 day. 5
Capitol Meal $150

Very well cooked and tasing Capitol Meal

Crackers, Cheese, and Dried Meat Strips $100 10 crackers, 5 pieces of cheese and 10 meat strips 3
Medicine Cost Description

Quantity Avaliable

Capitol Meicine $150 Rub on any gash or cut and it will heal instantly. 3
Burn Ointment $100 Relieves and heals burns. 3
Pain Killers $75 Relief pain for 10 hours 3
Mutt Control $150 Cures anything contracted from any Mutt 2
Sleeping Syrup $75 Sleep for 12 hours 3
Weapons Cost Description Quantity Avaliable
Bow 150 Comes with 12 arrows 2
Throwing Knives 125 Comes with a vest to hold 12 knives 2
Trident 200 More deadlier than a spear 1
Spear 150 2 spear bodies and 5 spear heads 2
Axe 125 Can also be thrown 2
Sword 100 Common weapon. Quite deadly 2
Blowgun 100 Comes with 12 darts and a small jar of nightlock poison 3
Mace 175 Brutal Damage. Can kill instantly. 1
Knife 50 Close range. Very useful 5
Misc. Cost Descrip. Quantity Avaliable
Net 50 May come in handy 2
Rope 50 May come in handy 2
Wire (Spool) 50 May com in handy 2
Sleeping Bag 75 Comfy. Keeps warmth in. 2
Empty Bag 50 To carry your stuff 5
Matches 50 Start a fire 2
Iodine 50

Why not drink clean water?

Small Pack 125 Contains Iodine, matches, and dried beef strips 4
Medium Pack 175 Contains a small water bottle (filled), dried fruit and a meat strips, iodine, small first aid kit, small sleep bag, and matches 2
Large Pack 225 Contains an extra pair of clothes, dried meat strips and fruit, matches, large water bottle (filled), iodine, first aid kit, sleeping bag, rope, and a knife 1


101 arena
This arena is a meadow. Its not just a meadow its a poisonous meadow. The tributs start out in front of the cornucopia. The cornucopia has all the same things it had last year. Most of the food in the meadow is poisonous. The mutts through out the arena(mostly the candy pink birds from the last games.) The cornucopia restores supplies every noon every 3 days. The forest is probably the most safest place though it has edible food and not many mutts in there.

Yellow: Cornucopia

Pink and Purple: The Flowers! :3

Light Green: Grassland

Dark Green: Forest

Blue: Fresh Water

Death Chart

Placing Tribute Cause of Death
24 Demi Campbell Knife chucked at
23 Dexter Volts Tomahawk throwen at
22 Brianna Hunt Hit with a mace
21 Jania Sheile Knife throwen at
20 Olympus Richmond Got Slingshoted
19 Misty Caliden Got shot in the head by an arrow.
18 Navy Wonders Got stabbed
17 Jett Mantis Got Stabbed
16 Blake Everpose Got shot with an arrow
15 Eli Czar Smog Got shot with an arrow
14 Glisten Cashmere Shot with an arrow
13 Steve Rogers Another tribute died with an arrow!
Victor THEY WON!

Let The Games Begin


60...59...58...57... The tributes rise up to there plates and look around. Most of them look pleased with the arena. 47...46...45...44... They all get ready for the games to begin and the Careers are all together next to each other. 33...32...31...30... Most of them look ready for the bloodbath. All of the tributes are faced toward the Cornucopia. 19...18...17...16... There ready to go to kill. 6...5...4...3...2...1... GONG!

They're off. Glisten gets to the Cornucopia first but while getting there she found a knife and chucked it at Demi. BOOM! Troy found a tomahawk and threw it at Aurum but he dodged it and it hit Troy's team mate Dexter. BOOM! Jania hit Brianna Hunt with her mace. Then Matthew Clearlake threw a knife at Jania. Matthew got his knives and backpack and ran. BOOM x2!! Bethany Wakling got her slingshot and shot Olympus. BOOM! Shimmer shot Misty Caliden in the head. BOOM! Navy and Jett are Sword fighting. Troy and Tony stab both of them with swords. BOOM x2!! Aurum shot Blake with his bow. BOOM! Eli Czar Smog and Armandina Serasio are fighting over a sword. Then Shimmer tried to shot Armandina but hit Eli instead.

End Of Bloodbath

Day 1

Shimmer's(1) POV

Well the bloodbath is done with. We got all the things we need. So i got my bow and so did Aurum. But the girl from 2 I know her. She was from my district I know it. I found out the Glisten(2) is my cousin and was sent to 2 for bad behavior. Aurum told me that.

YAY! I found a backpack with lots of water in it. This is mine. Right when i saw the water I remembered why Glisten was deported to 2. She killed my best friend. I thought of that and I quickly got my bow and shot her. BOOM! Steve was in shock and then charged at me with with his sword. He was about to slice me open then he fell and I saw Aurum with is bow after he shot Steve.

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