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I am starting a new games. So sorry for canceling the 101st games.

These games will be different because its another Quater Quell(I just love them! <3!) The twist for these games is that there will be two victors and one tribute from each distict is a dead tribute from another games. So at the reapings there will only be 1 tributes name will be called.

You may only enter 1 tribute. And sign up to be the user for a tribute that has been in a games already.

I will not change anything once I start the Reapings.










Interview Angle:




O= old tribute

N= new tribute

District Tributes's Name Weapon Age User Kills Money
1O Glimmer Bow and arrow 16 MIstyLovesAsh

Cecelia, Allie, Aria

1N Nick Fireheart Scythe/Sword 13 Jacob $500
2O Clove Throwing Knives 15 Clove 74th

Delia, Saylah, Lottie

2N Karo Mellis Bow/ Spear 16 ~ilovepeeta~ Titus $350
3O Aria Camelliston Bow and Arrow 16 Katelyn.danita Nick $500
3N Sophie Livingstone Bow and Arrow 17 Katelyn.danita none $500
4O Finnick Odair Trident 25 Nate777 none $500
4N Aurora Septune Knives 18 Nate777 none $500
5O Foxface Stealth, Knife 15 Annamiasa Finnick, Callam $700
5N Lottie Munford Slingshot 17 The Hunger Games Girl none $500
6O Titus Cannibalism 18 Thresh is Fresh none $500
6N Alyssa Burton Bow and Arrow 15 Asfbn none $600
7O Joanna Mason Throwing axes/ Axes 20's The hungery games none $600
7N Aletta Sifonios Spears 13 Katniss Jane Mellark none $500
8O Cecelia Knife 20's Zakel none $500
8N Saylah Loomingsworth Bow and arrows, Mace, sword, knives 18 Katelyn.danita none $500
9O Delia Tish Her Craziness 13 Heavyrotation nobe $500
9N Callam Livingstone Spears/ axes 18 CallamD97 none $275
10O Allianna "Allie" Whittle Throwing knives/ Bow 16 Mysims Aurora $600
10N Jack Hunt Spear 15 Katniss should have died none $500
11O Rue Slingshot 12 rue district11 none $500
11N Kelvin Minco Spears 17 VarinEgo none $500
12O Katniss Everdeen Bow and Arrow 17 Katniss Jane Mellark Aletta $500
12N Jacob Coal Bow and Arrow 16 Jake Olmos none $500


Anyone may sponsor a tribute and the tribute may only get one gift every other day. So like on day one someone got a gift and the on day three they could get another gift. For these games there will be a certain number avaible for a gift. So like there might be 2 bows in stock, 4 swords, 3 medicine, etc. Like last games they start out with $300 and every day they earn $25 and each for each kill they get $100. And if the user wants to delay an order that came from a different user the can. The items will be listed below

Food Cost Description Quantity Avaliable
Food Platter $250

Rolls and Bread with a cheeses and fruits comes with 2 water bottles. Serves 2-4 tributes

Dried Friut Snacks $75 Dried Capitol Fruit. 5
Water $75 Enough for 2 day. 5
Capitol Meal $150

Very well cooked and tasing Capitol Meal

BACON NUGGETS $125 Yummy Bacon Nuggets 4
Crackers, Cheese, and Dried Meat Strips $100 10 crackers, 5 pieces of cheese and 10 meat strips 3
Medicine Cost Description

Quantity Avaliable

Capitol Meicine $150 Rub on any gash or cut and it will heal instantly. 3
Burn Ointment $100 Relieves and heals burns. 3
Pain Killers $75 Relief pain for 10 hours 3
Mutt Control $150 Cures anything contracted from any Mutt 2
Sleeping Syrup $75 Sleep for 12 hours 3
Weapons Cost Description Quantity Avaliable
Bow 150 Comes with 12 arrows 2
Throwing Knives 125 Comes with a vest to hold 12 knives 1
Trident 200 More deadlier than a spear 1
Spear 150 2 spear bodies and 5 spear heads 2
Axe 125 Can also be thrown 2
Sword 100 Common weapon. Quite deadly 2
Blowgun 100 Comes with 12 darts and a small jar of nightlock poison 3
Mace 175 Brutal Damage. Can kill instantly. 1
Knife 50 Close range. Very useful 3
Misc. Cost Descrip. Quantity Avaliable
Net 50 May come in handy 2
Rope 50 May come in handy 2
Wire (Spool) 50 May com in handy 2
Sleeping Bag 75 Comfy. Keeps warmth in. 2
Empty Bag 50 To carry your stuff 5
Matches 50 Start a fire 2
Iodine 50

Why not drink clean water?

Small Pack 125 Contains Iodine, matches, and dried beef strips 3
Medium Pack 175 Contains a small water bottle (filled), dried fruit and a meat strips, iodine, small first aid kit, small sleep bag, and matches 1
Large Pack 225 Contains an extra pair of clothes, dried meat strips and fruit, matches, large water bottle (filled), iodine, first aid kit, sleeping bag, rope, and a knife 1


175th arena

A collapsed city with a pathway and two lakes



Light brown:collasped city

Blue: Lake

Its an ancient collasped city that is surrounded by a forest. The main lake(near town) is fresh water and the other lake is salt water. The city provides a bit of shelter. The corucopia is packed with lots of weapons and lots of supplies. It never gets cold inside of the arena that much either.


District 1

Nick’s POV

Today was the reaping and now im on the train to go to the capitol where I might face my death. ALONE! Well not really alone the other tribute was from 100 years ago and she looks good for her age. Well anyways her name is Glimmer. It all started when I entered the reapings. The escort came out and showed us a little clip. Well two little clips. The first one is the one they show every which is about how the Hunger Games came to be and the second one is from President Cornelia Snow, the president of Panem. She told us that this year is a Quarter Quell, which I knew. The twist from these games are that the Capitol has taken 12 dead bodies each body is from a previous Hunger Games and they bring them back to life. So they brought back Glimmer. Anyways the jar with all names of the children of District 1 is in there. Before the escort calls the name he asks if there is any volunteer. There is no one. Our escort gets the name tag and opens it.

“Nick Fireheart.” That’s me.

District 2

Clove' POV

Im in the train waiting for the Disttict 2's tribute to come. But i know what exactly what is going because im watching the reaping in here. I just saw District 1's reapings im excited that someone I know will be in the games. So me and Glimmer might possibly be allies. Aad the nick guy he will be easy to slaughter.

President Cornelia Snow introduces the tribute for district 2 I see my face on the big Justice Hall screen.

"Dsitrict 2 your tribute will be Clove from the 74th Hunger Games. So now your escort will now take care of the rest of the buisness."

"Yes thank you Mrs.President. Now lets begin I will now call the tribute to compete in the Annual 175th Hunger Games!"

"Before I call out the tributes name are there an volunteers?" No one volunteers and I grin a little.

"District 2's tribute is.... Karo Mellis."

District 3

Sophie's POV

I check into the reapings all by my self since my cousin Callam isn't here with me. I feel fine, but its just awkward. I am standing next to my friend Annabelle and she is shaking and I think she is even crying. President Cornelia Snow comes onto the Justice Hall's screen.

"Welcome young citizens of Panem. I have a message I must deliver only to you, District 3." I thought she was going to say District 3 was not going to particapate in these hunger games since we won last year, although that wasn't the case.

"First I would like to congratulate your district for your hard work last year. Anyways I am here to tell the twist for these game. Each district will have 2 tributes like everyother year, BUT.... one tribute is a tribute from a previous Games. And your tribute is Aria Camelliston. And I believe some one i the crowd is related to her. Well anyways your escort could not make it because he..... caught something he shouldn't have. So i will pick your tribute. And District 3's tribute is.... awww well such a shame..... your tribute is Sophie Livingstone."

Well at least I wont be alone in this thing.

District 4

Aurora's POV

I got to the reapings and still regret not putting on sun screen cuz I'm as hot as lava right now and I now I my skin is burning. I check in first out of all of the other kids in district 4. I wait about an hour for all of the other kids to get checked in.

"welcome, Hello, Welcome. Hello I'm an so excited to announce your tribute for the 175th Hunger Games! Well it's too bad I can only announce one tribute because well I think the President of Panem can tell you."

"Hell district 4. I'm your President, President Cornelia Snow. I'm here to tell you the twist for these Hunger Games. Well as your escort just ruined it you will have one tribute be picked at these reapings. So the other tribute is a dead tribute from a previous games but, we brought that tribute back to life. And your tribute is... Mr. Finnick Odair. Now back to your escort while he still is with us."

"Hmmm well... ok let's begin with announcing the District 4's tribute for the 175th Hunger Games! And this courageous young lady is.... Aurora Septune! Well come on up dear!"

And I did thinking that I might never come back.

District 5

Caleb's POV

I checked into the reapings today with my big sis. She takes me to the side and tells all the things I need to know about the reapings. I get fingers pricked because they need to take my blood. Then the people took my fingerprints. I got in the boys section and wiat for everyone else to get checked in. Im in the front of the boys section and then the President of Panem came on.

"No i wont eat that you pathetic littl-. Hello District 5! Sorry for the... bickering. Well anysways we dont have a lot of time, but lets get on schedule. Alright im here to tell the twist for this Quater Quell! Since you will be having only one tribute be called to be reaped there will be another tribute... and that tribute is a dead tribute from a previous Hunger GAmes from 100 years ago! And she is the one and only Foxface! Well have a wonderful time at your reaping and may the odds be ever in your favor!"

After the president left the big screen it fell and only hit a few people. I was the only kid near the stage and the escort told me to get up to the stage and i was only thinking anout Lottie, my sister. I get up to the stage and the escort says, "Congratulate your district's tribute." she asks me my name and before she could say it Lottie volunteere to be tribute.

District 6

Alyssa's POV

I Finally got to the square and quickly got checked in. I found one if my best friends, Ashlynn Moio. I scared her because I get there late cuz I left twenty minutes late.

"The marvelous Titus! Now let's get back to your escort for one of his last times." When she said that it gave me chills when she said that because I didn't know what she meant by that. Maybe she might kill him I'm just not sure.

"Great ok. So your district's tribute... Ashylynn Moio! Come up dear!" She looks at me and we embrace until the Peacekeepers tear her away from me. She Almost gets onto the stage and then I say, "I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!"

And I run up to the stage about to face my death for my friend.

District 7

President Cornelia Snow's POV

More than half of the tributes are submitted and taken into under my custody. Although they all are weak I think that Karo Mellis guy might have a good chance to win. And that girl Glimmer is beautiful as hell although look can be deciving. Although i cant ignore those to girls from 6 and 5. They are the only ones who volunteered so far but i expect that district 12 might volunteer also they do every single year. Im about to go on.

"Hello district 7! Thank you so much Delina. Lets give your escort Delina a hand of APPLAUSE! Ok well im here to tell you guys one of your tributes and she is from the 75th Hunger Games and she is JOHANNA MASON!!! Well ill let you all get back to your reapings. To Da Lu. TTYL Lumber Jacks."

The director ques me that im out and i look at the television screen. Delina says the tribute for this year for district 7. Before Delina opens the name tag. I hear a volunteer.


Delina total ignoires her and then she yells out.


"Ummm excuuusssse you.... do you even have any manners you little piece of dir-."

Then she sees the gun pointing at her head.

"Ok well come on up dear! WHats your name?"

"Ill slap you biatch. And its Aletta Sifonios. You hear Panem its ALETTA EFING SIF-TO-THE-EFING-ONIOS!!!"

THen i knew we had a winner.

District 8

Saylahs POV

Lets make this simple. I woke up, ate some tessera bread, bathed, got dressed, and left for good. It all stared when I walked into the main square. This year the Capitol tripled the Peacekeepers. Of coruse they would. So the escort came out and introduced the president (I hate her!).

She tells us that we have a tribute from the dead come back to life and that is Cecelia from 75th Hunger Games. It worried me because I could be in the games ALONE!

“Saylah Loomingsworth!”

Oh no. I’m going to have to

District 9

Callam’s POV

I just hope my sister is not in these Games since I already am.

(4 hours ago) I woke up, got dressed nicely and headed out the door. I have the thought that that is the last time I might leave there again, The orphanage. Its my second year in district 9. It still feels weird here though. I see some friends and walk with them to the square.

I get there and the escort is already out. 15 minutes later she introduces the President Cornelia Snow. She tells us the twist for these games. And our tribute is…. OMFG SHES UGLY! EWWW. I CLOSE MY EYES. Her name is Delia Tish, though. And I want to volunteer to see her die!

“I volunteer as tribute!”

“It looks like we have a volunteer. Whats your name dear?”

“Callam Livingstone. Originally from District 3!”

District 10

Jack’s POV

I told my mom it was no use going to the reapings and there isnt’t cuz only bad things happen when you don’t want to do something. Like to today, it was horrible because today I know my fate.

I should have justed stayed at the stayed home and helped my dad with the butcher shop. Gosh I had my life set. Once I turned 18 I would be out of school and most importantly… not be reaped. But the odds are never in my favor. Just like when my mother made go to the reapings today. Shes told me that the peacekeepers punish for not going to the reapings. And if you don’t die, you’re lucky.

But Im all alone in this train to the Capitol where I face my death, although there is another tribute but no one has met her before. Her name is Allie and all I know about her is that in her games she got a perfect 12! She must be good so I have my work cut out for me. Well were here at the Capitol, so here goes nothing.

District 11

Laurel POV

My brother Kelvin walked me to the reapings today since its my first games. Im really nervous. I start crying out of no where and Kelvin says to me, “ Hey, listen its your first reapings your name has been in there once. You wont get picked.”

“I know but what if you do?” I say to him in tears.

“Hey, hey, hey don’t worry about me ill be fine.” We walk to the registration tables and they sign me in. I get in the girls section and stand next to the other twelve year old girls. The escort comes out and her outfit intimidates me. She introduces the President and she appears on the big screen. She tells us that the twist is that we will have one tribute from a previous games. And our tribute is a girl named Rue shes 12 years old like me.

“Ok thank you Cornelia! So now lets name the tribute for the Annual 175th Hunger Games! And this Lucky gal is…. Laurel Minco.” I walk up to the stage and half way there Kelvin voice calls out, “I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!”

I cry my eyes out while the Peacekeepers take me to my nana.

District 12

Katniss’s POV

Oh my goodness. That poor family it reminds me of my first Reapings with prim. That poor boy he doesn’t deserve this… no one does. I see Rue, Johanna, and Finnick will be tributes so I have friends in the games. Who im not happy to see is Clove and Glimmer and Foxface. The President of Panem comes on.

“Hello and happy hunger games. Since your escort could not make it I shall call the tribute to be the tribute. But first lets show you the tribute that will be in the games from a previous games. You may know her as the girl on fire, its Katniss Everdeen. Well lets pick the tribute and they are…. Ohh, again? Apparently the odds aren’t in her favor. Its Olivia Everdeen.” That’s my granddaughter.

“I volunteer as tribute.”

“Oh my f- ok what is your name?”

“It’s Jacob Coal.”

And I was relieved that she wasn’t in the Games.

Tributes Parade

Happy Hunger Games and May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor. -President Cornelia Snow, President of Panem

All of the tributes wore what the Old tributes wore in there Tributes Parade

Training Scores

Tribute Score Odds of Winnig
Glimmer 9 4-1
Nick Fireheart 10 4-1
Clove 10


Karo Mellis 9 4-1
Aria Cameliston 8 7-1
Sophia Livingston 7 11-1
Finnick Odair 11 3-1
Aurora Septune 9 5-1
Foxface 7 12-1
Lottie Munford 6 19-1
Titus 7 13-1
Alyssa Burton 5 18-1
Johanna Mason 8 10-1
Aletta Sifonios 7 16-1


6 19-1
Saylah Loomingsworth 8 11-1
Delia Tish 2 99-1
Callam Livingstone 7 17-1
Allie Whittle 9 5-1
Jack Hunt 5 21-1
Rue 4 25-1
Katniss Everdeen 11 2-1
Jacob Coal 5 20-1


Career Pack

Alliance Leader: Clove(2)

Glimmer(1), Nick Fireheart(1), Karo Mellis(2), Aurora Septune(4)

Alliance #1

Alliance Leader: Katniss Everdeen(12)

Finnick Odair(4), Johanna Mason(7), Rue(11), Aletta Sifonios(7)

Alliance #2

Alliance Leader: Aria Cameliston(3)

Sophia Livingstone(3), Callam Livingstone(9), Allie Whittle(10)

Alliance #3

Alliance Leader: None

Alyssa Burton(6), Lottie Munford(5), Kelvin Minco(11), Jack Hunt(10)

Death Chart

Placing Tribute Cause Of Death Killed By
24th Saylah Loomingsworth Knife throwen at Clove
23rd Kelvin Minco Slashed by an axe Johanna
22nd Titus Spear throwen at Karo
21st Cecelia Shot at by an arrow Glimmer
20th Aurora Septune Knife throwen at Allie
19th Delia Tish Knife Throwen at Clove
18th Jacob Coal Throat Slit Nick
17th Lottie Munford Loss of Blood Clove
16th Allie Whittle Commited suicide Her self
15th Nick Fireheart Hit by an arrow Aria
14th Aria Camelliston Hit by an arrow Glimmer
13rd Sophie Livingstone Unknown Unknown
12nd Johanna Mason Unknown Unknown
11st Aletta Sifonios Hit by an arrow Katniss
10th Glimmer Spear to the chest Alyssa
9th Jack Hunt Unknown Unknown
8th Finnick Odair Slashed in the Face Foxface
7th Callam Livingstone Poisoned Foxface
6th Foxface Spear to the chest Alyssa Burton
5th Alyssa Burton Hit in the neck with a spear Karo Mellis
4th Clove Stabbed in the back Rue
3rd Katniss Everdeen Spear throwen at Karo Mellis

Let The Games Begin



60... 59... 58...57 The tributes are on there plates ready for the Games to begin. 41... 40... 39... 38 They all look anixous ready to kill or die 25... 24... 23... 22 Almost all of the tributes are truned to the Cornucopia 11... 10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4...3... 2... 1... GONG!

The tributes are off. Chaos is happening. Finnick gets to the Cornucopia first and grabs a trident and a pack then so does Katniss and grabs her bow and two packs for her and Rue. Clove finally gets to Cornucopia and she just missed Katniss but grabs knives anyways and throws them at Saylah. BOOM! Johanna get to the Cornucopia and gets an axe and a pack and slashes Kelvin Minco while running. BOOM! Titus tackles Clove and is about to slit her throat then Karo throws a spear into Titus' back. BOOM! Glimmer shoots Cecelia while she runs away. BOOM! Allie gets a knife and chucks it at Aurora. BOOM! Clove finds Delia running around the ruins and throws a knive at her. BOOM!

End of Bloodbath

Day 1

Clove's POV(2)

Well only 6 deaths today, but it could be better. Well that means we will have more tributes to hunt.Glimmer an I are planning when to go hunting. So far all we got is at night. We all have weapons and packs to carry stuff. I got my knife vest and in my pack I have a small bag of extra throwing knives, water, food, medicine, matches, and iodine.

Karo has been talking to me a little. To be honest i kinda like him. I mean since he saved my life and now that I dont have Cato. Karo will do. Speaking of Cato, I am still planning Glimmers death cuz Cato was mine. But i wont have to worry about Karo, since Glimmer and Nick are talking. I polish my knives and I see my self and I know there its time to hunt.

Sophie's POV(3)

Well that was a bust. I only got a little pack and Aria got a bow and a pack, shes so lucky. Callam didn't get anything. But i spoke to early. He got a parachute and its huge! He got a huge backpack. And it has everything you would ever need. So now we have some food. and some water. Allie got a pack though bigger than Aria'a and she has 10 throwing knives. We have two people with weapons which is great but we need some weaepons as well.

(1 hour later) "So its really dark out so im going to bed night" which is what i whispered to them. And as soon as i said that an arrow came flying by. And then we see the Careers. Aria got her bow and shot Glimmer. It only hit her shoulder though, but now she cant shoot. We escaped and ran until we found water.

"I think we lost them." Aria said

"I hope so." I said

Jacob's POV(12)

I finally got to high ground. I heard some yelling from done below so i get a sharp rock i found on the way up here. I decide to set up camp here. So i get my sleeping bad from my pack I snagged from the Cornucopia. I drink some water i got also. So now lets take inventory of my stuff. I say,

"Umm lets see *emptys backpack*. I got matches, flash light, meat strips, iodine, flash, and then my sleeping bag. That seems pretty good. i just need water."

"Too bad you wont get any." Clove said. I look at her and see her wicked grin. Then i see the D1 girl injured. And then the National Anthem came on. Which was the last thing i heard beside my scream. BOOM!

End of Day 1

Faces of the Fallen

District 4: Aurora Septune

District 6: Titus

District 8: Cecelia & Saylah Loomingsworth

District 11: Kelvin Minco

District 12: Jacob Coal

Day 2

Katniss' POV(12)

"We have been hiking all night Finninck can we stop for a bit." say Rue

"Fine we can. So... Johanna go get wood for a fire and ill go fishing cuz i know where near water and Katniss and rue stay here and take inventory of our stuff. Ill be back by sun down probably earlier." Finnick says

I counted all of the packs while Rue was resting. I counted 3 containers of Iodine, 4 canteens, 2 things of matches, 5 packs of meat strips, 4 packs of fruit snacks, 2 sleeping bags, 2 knives, 1 extra shirt, 3 pairs of extra socks, and for my weapons 12 arrows left.

Rue and I sorted the packs equally. And when we finished Johanna came back with her district partner. Aletta. I remember seeing her from her reapings. She has quite a temper.

I quickly ready my bow about to shoot her then Rue gets in the way. I put down my bow and Aletta has her knife ready. Quickly then Johanna took it from her. Sadly my district partner died. But rues did also so we have each other, Finnick district partner died also. Well they're luck they didnt have to face pain we do. Finnick comes back and is shocked to see at what Johanna brought back.

Alyssa Burton's POV(6)

Its almost lunch time and I'm still waiting for Jack to skin the Groosling we caught. Thanks to my trap skills i learned. Anyways, Me and Lottie have been getting along pretty well. We both volunteered for someone we dearly love and cherish. I hope Ashlynn is doing okay. Cuz im not.

We finally get the groosling cooked and it tastes soo good! I LOVE IT SOO MUCH! this is the first thing i ate in the games since all i had in my small pack was a small knife, first aid kit, small canteen, and iodine.

After lunch I went to go the lake were near by with Lottie and Jack. We get to the lake and I get in the water and it feels so good. I yell out, "DOO DOO DOO!" I dont know why I did that, I just did. Jack and Lottie start laughing and we head back to shore. We dry off and then i see a tribute. She has red hair and Lottie yelled out Foxface. And then we saw the Careers.

Lottie's POV(5)

I start running like hell. I got broke up with Alyssa and Jack, so im on my own scared to death. I start thinking about my brother and how he is doing and hopefully that the Careers will make it quick. I see a knife whiz pass me while I'm running. I turn knowing that Clove is behind me. Then finally one her knives hits my legs.

"Hey, Five. Did you think you could get away? Awww thats soo cute. You actually did." Clove says sadasticly. I feel a sharp pain in my calf. I see the knife and it's all bloody, so she wipes the blood all over my face. Then she rolls me on my stomach and takes my pack. "Lets see whats mine now." I try to get up but she tackles me. She then cut the middle of my hands, so now im bleeding out. "Now i dont think you will be leaving anytime soon. But you have nothing important. So I guess its time to say good bye. Ill tell your friends bye if they arent dead. Hahahahah..." Clove says while walking away. My hands feel so horrible. I feel so weak that I can barely get up without hurting. I finally know feel weak I feel the life leaving me while hopingthat my brother is not watching.

Allie's POV(10)

So at least one death today. I think it was near us since I heard someone scream. I ate one of meat strips and drinks the rest of my water. I fill up my water bottle until I see a tribute with fire red hair. I chase after not thinking about the rest of my alliance.

I finally get near her. Until she turns her head. I tackle her and we wrestle. I try to stab her with my knife and she turns her head and i stab the ground. She pushes me and runs. She fast and im faster from what I think. I feel an impact and then I hit the ground. I see the D1 girls face. She picks me and throws into a tree. I grab a knife and try to stab her. But she dodges it. She pushes me into another tree and then she says, "Hey Nick bring me my bow." I look up at her and I see her load her bow. She about to shoot then the District 2 girl shows up and she tells the District 1 girl to put her bow down.

"So you again. I remember you from the Cornucopia. You killed my alliance member. So since you killed her its only fair I kill you. But I prefer not to until your alliance sees you. But they wont care since you ditched them right? So i have already had so many kills so ill have my friend kill you. Glimmer kill her." Clove says.

"Your worse than Chole. And I will not be killed by another Career." I say and then i grin. I take my knife and I slit my own throat.

Aria's POV(3)

I went to go check on Allie cuz she was suppose to keep guard for us but I cant find her and now im worried. I head back to camp to get Callam and Sophie cuz we have a plan to raid the Cornucopia becuz we have been scouting over there and it appears that one is there so we were going to go there. But that can wait but finding Allie is more important.

We start to see some foot prints going stairght through the stream and into the forest. We follow it and we come across the Careers.

We stay low cuz they dont see us.

"Hmmmm... Ohhh. She had knives and about how much i have now, and nothing else that is important."

I turn my head and I see Allie's dead body. I almost scream but i make some sort of noise.

"What was that?" Glimmer says

"Idk Glimmer check the North side and Nick got the west side. Ill go South ang try to find Karo and hopefully see what that noise was. Meet up here soon."

What wasnt ggod is that we were on the West side of them. Nick passes us and I sneak over to Allies bodies and find she has some knives attached to her belt. I take that and give it to Sophie. I see Nick come back around and he sees us. He throws one of his axes at me but i duck and he straches my cheek. We run and he follows us. Sophie turns while im still running. She throws one of her knives at Nick and he tackles her. I dont get a clear shot so i shoot anyways. BOOM!

Callam's POV(9)

I cant believe it. Aria killed a Career and saved Sophie's life. Im so thankful my sister is alive. We hear some people talking. And we fin them it's the girl from 6 and the boy from 10, Allie's partner.

"Jack... run."

And they dash off leaving us with Karo and Clove.

"Well, well, well look at what we have here. Some pigs have came to get slaughtered. Well im not really looking to kill people I'm looking for some Allies now and I see you have a bow? And whats that you have some knives and a you have such a big backpack. And you dont look threatening so youll do. I not looking for 3 allies so one of you will have to go."

"Clove. Nick is dead. And he was killed by an arrow." I take a big gulp knowing Aria is dead. "Hmmm... by an arrow Glimmer? So the only one with a Bow and Arrow is you, Glimmer and her the girl from district 3." Glimmer catches on to what Clove is talking about and they condescendingly. "And he was hit by a knife and the other district 3 girl only has throwing knives. So both of the girls killed him. And the boy didnt." Glimmer says.

"Now i cant trust killers can I?" Clove asks while she grins

"YOUR A KILLER! YOU KILL FOR FUN ANd YOUR SICK YOU SHOULD DIE!" Aria yells and she loads her bow and is about to shoot Clove. Then Glimmer shoots her. BOOM! Sophie tackles Glimmer and I grab Aria bow and her sheath of arrows and run. As I run through the stream I hear a scream and a BOOM!

Johanna's POV(7)

My district partner is helpful. She gets along with Rue and Finnick. Katniss on the other hand not so much. The face of the Fallen come on. No I really know is dead. But one career is dead so its one less I have to face. Well its been a long day and we are hiking to higher ground tomorrow.

Faces of the Fallen

District 1- Nick Fireheart

District 3- Aria Camelliston, Sophie Livingstone

District 5- Lottie Munford

District 10- Allie Whittle

Day 3

Glimmer's POV(1)

So we woke up in front of the Cornucopia. I refill my quiver with arrows and I we eat. Clove and Karo are district partner and im all alone. I guess this is how Marvel felt. Awwww Marvel. Such the ladys man. Lol nope! He was funny though. Cato though... OMG I LOVED HIM SOO MUCH. I know Clove felt the same way, but i got him so I dont care. She does look at me funny though.

"So clove, whats the plan for today?" I say. She finishs talking to Cat-... Karo. "Hmmm... i dont know lets just rest today. I deserve it." She says while grinning at the end of saying it. I see two things come down. They both land on the ground. She opens tone and its some weird looking nugget. She gives me one and it was nothing I ever tasted before. She opens the second one and its a vest filled with throwing knives. "Hmmm... just like my other one. Ohhh... but a lot from comfy! Glimmer, hun it's time to hunt, dear." then shee looks at me.

Rue's POV(11)

We have been hiking all night and now its near noon. We all walked all the way over to the ruined city again. I have a good sight of the Cornucopia. So we see the Careers. It's a good thing they are leaving to go hunt for other tributes.

"Finnick, We have to go see whats in there. We need food all we have is one pack of meat strips." Katniss says.

"Fine. I dont see why not they jkust left to go hunt for tributes they will probably be gone till night." Finnick replies.

We all head over to the Cornucopia. We find soo much stuff. Katniss refills her arrows. I search backpacks and find food, water, 2 first aid kits, and other stuff. i gragb everyones pack and fill it with everything I find. Johanna gets an axe and she finds a jacket with small axes and she grabs that. Finnick finds some fish hooks and a trident. I get a small knife with a holster on it. Katniss adjust the holster to my size and tucks in the knife.

"Where did you get it Glimmer?" Clove says

"Oh no, Katniss, the Careers are coming. Run!" I whisper to her.

"RUN EVERYONE!" Katniss yells out.

Me and her start running into the forest and i hear one Boom. Finnick runs into us. And the me and katniss take a short look at each other. Katniss sneaks out of the forest into the ruins. I got out with her and I see Aletta talking to the Careers. Katniss loads her bow and she whispers to her self. "I should have done this when i saw you. And Johanna this is for you."

She releases her arrow and it flies into Aletta. BOOM! I hear Clove and Glimmer scream and then they see us. Glimmer loads her bow and shots at us. She misses us by about 2 inches and hit a try behind us. Clove gets a little closer and throws her knife at me. But I put my pack in front of me so the knife cuts open my bag. All three of us run away from the Careers.

Foxface's POV(5)

I finally found an alliance. They dont see me but i see them. Wait... I know two of them. It's Katniss and Rue. I think through plans so I can. I finally think of one I like.

I like 5 fett away from where they are and I start running. I finally get to the camp and I trip(on purpose). I look to my side and see them. They are more shocked then I am(but im not shock i just look like i am). I try to getup and i stumble and fall down again. Katniss gets her bow and the D4 gut grabs his trident. I think to myself either convince them or die.

"Wait wait wait. I wanna be your guys ally. Please! Please Katniss PLEASE!" I say convincingly.

"We have to kill her Finnick. I dont trust ayone except you guys anymore." Katniss says.

"No she seems helpless were not going to stoop to the Capitols level killing people for no reason she hasn't done anything to us. I mean are you hearing yourself Katniss. Calm down." Finnick says and takes her bow away from her.

"Thank you so much for this I owe you so much. I wont let you down." I say to them.

They hand me a canteen full of water and they give me some meat strips. They also gave me a back pack that has a small first aid kit, a small knife, some rope, a sleeping bag, and some iodine. Out of no where two things come out of the sky. They land in front of me. I open the little one first and its a knife. I look at Katniss and she glares at me. I tuck the knife in my pocket and she looks away. I open the next one. I was a back pack. Filled with all sort of goodies I need to survive. I take all of the stuff in my old pack and i put in the new one.

Alyssa'a POV(6)

Me and Jack are reliefed that we havent been killed yet. I know its just a matter of time though. We are short on supplies and we need food. Thats why were in front of the Cornucopia. I was searching the perimeter and the D1 girl, Glimmer is guard of the Cornucopia. She has weapons and very thing she could possibly need. We have a few weapons. I have a knife and Jack sword and a spear. I carry his spear though.

"Ok, Jack there is only Glimmer there so we should be good. There is a place where we can sneak up from behind Glimmer." I say.

We position our selves to my calculations. We start running toward the Cornucopia. It's bad enough that we in open terrian so anyone can see us. But whats worse is that Jack's feet cant be silent so Glimmer hears us. She turns around and says something to her self. She shoots at me but I turn when its about to hit, but i avoided it. Unfortunately, Glimmer then shot at Jack which hit his quad muscle. He fell to the ground but I never heard a cannon go off. I got close enough to Glimmer I stabbed her with the spear and she fell to the ground.

"That's for Lottie. SHE NEVER DESERVED TO DIE AND YOU DO!" I yell at her. She grins at me then I hear her cannon go off. BOOM! I grab as much stuff as i can. Which is 2 back packs, a spear, some spear heads, a first aid kit, and a big bag that says food. I go to Jack.

"Jack, get up the Career might be here soon. Get up we have to go! NOW!" I say to him. He points behind me and I turn around and see Clove again...

I start running like hell. I finally get to the forest. I run until I hear a cannon. Knowing it was Jacks cannon. BOOM!

Foxface's POV(5)

So its night time and the Faces of the Fallen have been showen. So im glad another Career is where they belong again. I remember this point of the games again. I was all alone and i just snagged a bag from the Cornucopia. Hmmm... stupid D3 boy. So i have my plan worked to get the stuff i need from these guys. And it's time everyone is going to bed.

"Ill be the guard for tonight you guys need your rest." I say to them.

"No no no. I will." Katniss says. Gosh she has to ruin everything.

"Calm down ladies. Good ol' Finnick will take care of everything." Finnick says.

"Ok well good night." I say, but im not going to sleep.

I hear fottsteps... Then i hear something being puntured into a tree. Thats when I know Finnick isnt near us. I got up slowly and i put on my night vision glasses i stole from a tribute's body. I take my bag and another bag. I get out my knife hearing Finick coming behind me. I turn around quickly and stab him in the chest area. BOOM! It wakes up Katniss and Rue. I flee the scene.

End of Day 3

District 1- Glimmer

District 4- Finnick Odair

District 7- Johanna Mason, Aletta Sifonios

District 10- Jack Hunt

Day 4

Karo's POV(2)

I woke up with Clove in my arms. She finally wakes up and smiles at me. We exchange a long look at each other. I can tell she likes me. But all I know is that she is the girl of my dreams. I love Clove. She rubs my chest. I then stroke her hair. We exchange another look. And then she kisses me. She holds on to my arm.

"I don't wanna let go." She whispers into my ear.

"Neither do I." I whisper to her. She then kisses my cheek. I hear like a parachute come down and it hits my head. Clove giggles a bit. I open it and its a Food Platter. And there is a note from my mentor.

A kiss will get you anything. Keep it up and I'll see you two soon.

- T

So we have got food. I feed her grapes and slices of watermellon and clean her face from the watermellon juice. She then gets piece of bread and cheese and sticks it on my nose, so I take it off and eat it then I kiss her again until we get another parachute. It's for Clove. She opened it and there wasnt a note. She got crackers, cheese, and meat strips. We look at each other and start making out hoping to see what we get.

Foxface's POV(5)

Its almost night fall. My plan went as planned. I found a hiding spot under the lakes water fall. I made trails to lots of trees knowing Katniss was following me. She must be searching for like crazy it's a good thing i had rope. I go to bed not caring about the Fallen.

End of Day 4

No tributes died

Day 5

Katniss' POV(12)

Rue has found some tracks leading to trees. I have found no tributes. Man that Foxface is clever.

"Rue find anything yet?"


"Hello Tributes. Today we will have our feast. And these for these Games we want to be generous. Because we know each of you tributes need something. And we plan to supply that. Please dont be late. Because early is on time, on time is late, and late means your dead. Well To Da Lu. TTYL GUYS!" the announcer says.

Me and Rue look at each other.

"Rue, the feast. We need to go. Clove will be there everyone will. Rue, WE HAVE TO GO!"

We do. And start head over to the Cornucopia.

Callam's POV(9)

I've been in the woods for I'd say for about 3 days and its been awful. I want to go home. I'm sick and tired of these games because im hungry and thristy. Hopefully I wont have to worry about that anymore since the feast and since I see a tribute with fire red hair and with a meal.

I grab an arrow and load my bow. This is probably the first time I used on. Hopefully i dont miss. I let the arrow fly and it misses the tribute. She looks at me and drops her meal and runs. I get over to the meal and see its a type of animal. It looks like it was cooked. I take a bite and its quite fruity. And without knowing it would be my last bite from something. BOOM!

Karo's POV(2)

We get up and i put back on my shirt and im having trouble putting my pants back on since we are hurrying to the Cornucopia. Clove finally get dressed and she helps me. I give her a kiss and we embrace. She is so hot. I love her and seeing her bare body was the cherry on top. kisses me again. We leave to the Cornucopia.

We finally get there and the announcer comes on,"Hello again tributes. This is the generous feast. The Capitol and I would to invite you to it. And something you didnt know there will be two victors as gift to you tributes. The feast shall begin 5 seconds and may the odds be ever in your favor."

"Ok leav Katniss to me you kill any other tributes." Clove says. We look at each other and kiss. I says, "We can go home you know, we can."

"I know, and we win i promise hun." Clove says

I see Foxface run and I then I chase after her.

Alyssa Burton's POV(6)

I see foxface run towards me. I dont think she shes me thought I lean to the side and I the District 2 boy, Karo. I stick one of my spears out. Not enough to se from a distints. And my plan works. Foxface come running into my spear. BOOM!. She knocks me over though and she is to heavy to get off and i look up to see Karo's foot on her back squishing me to the ground,

He smiles at me and take his spears and stabs it into my neck, I feel the air come out of my lungs and then I dont feelanything more. BOOM!

Clove's POV(2)

I'm still waiting for Katniss or the little girl, Rue. I hear two cannons waiting for Karo to come back. I see his head but barely. All of the sudden I see Katniss running through the ruins and I start sprinting after her. She grabs her bag and comes around the table. I slow down and throw one of my knives. It slashed opened her cheek. I start running again ready to tackle her. I think about last games. I was in hte same spot at the feast about to kill Katniss. And then thresh comes and kills me by throwing my head against the Cornucopia.

She shots one of her arrows but I duck and unfortunenately I fall. Katniss then gets away from me. I get up fast and catch her. I tackle her to the ground. She flips me over and tries to pin me to the ground. But I'm stronger than her. I flip over and her back is on the ground. I lift her upper torso up and slam it into the ground and she whines like a little dog.

"So Twelve nice to see you again. Did you miss me? Huh, you know its too bad Thresh isn't here to save you like the last games? There is that little girl. Rue? Yeah well Karo is searching for her right now and is going to kill her and we get to go home, Twelve. And you don't. How do that sound?" I say cheerfully and sadatically. I pick my biggest knife and she im about to kill her. Then she says something.

"You it's not safe for little girls to play with knives." She says. I makes me want to kill her even more. I then feel a sudden pain in my back. And then Katniss pushes my lifeless body off her. And I see Rue with a knife with blood on it... my blood. BOOM!

Rue's POV(11)

I cant believe it. I. Killed. Clove. I killed a career. Katniss looks at me and hugs me. She grabs both bags and we run to the forest trying to avoid Karo. But for non-Careers the odds arent in our favor. Karo sees us and throws his spear into Katniss. BOOM!

What I... I... I CANT BELIEVE IT. KATNISS IS DEAD! I look at Karo and charge at him with my knife. And instead of attacking me he hugs me.

"I'm so so so sorry. I really am. You dont deserve this. We dont deserve this." He says while crying. I cant believe a Career just hugged me and is crying about killing someone. I'm shocked. I dig my head into Karo's shoulder crying like i haven't ever before.

End of the 175th Hunger Games

After the Games

Karo's POV

I just woke up. And my prep team just arrived in time. Today I leave for the Victor's Tour today in a few hours. I get dressed and head down stairs to the living room in my house at Victor's Village. I eat my breakfast and head back up stairs to get ready for the Tour. I actually miss Rue. I talked to her last night and we exchanged reoccuring dream of ours.

My prep team gets done with preping me and my stylist comes in and dresses me. I head back down stairs and give my family hugs and kisses and they wish best of luck. I walk out through District 2 with all of the kids and adults yelling and chant my name. I give my friends hugs and walk to the train.

The train is huge. And now I see what the suprise is. President Cornelia Snow is going to the districts with us since the president comes on the Tour every Quell. She embraces me and whispers into my ear, "I knew you would win. I believed in you. You made me and Panem proud and I'd like to say thank you." I didn't care about what she said and I see Rue and I rush toward her and hug her tighter and closer than anyone before.

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