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  • Mac1313

    91st Hunger Games!

    January 5, 2011 by Mac1313

    Hey guys! Here is how I want you to enter tributes.






    Please enter two tributes each. Have a happy hunger games! I will reserve spots for 24 hours. After that its up for grabs.

    Ares and Gaea emerge in a sunset red chariot. Ares is wearing a red suit and his tie seems to be on fire. Gaea is wearing a sparkling red dress that has the audience mezmorized. Then fireworks start shooting out of the back of the chariot. The audience is impressed and cheers wildly.

    Thanatos and Discordia come in holding hands. They are both wearing cloths that are covered in sparkling purple crystals. When ever they wave their hand or blow kisses to the crowd purple crystal dust flies every where. They are riding in a chariot that loo…

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  • Mac1313

    The Arena

    October 13, 2010 by Mac1313

    Dont read this

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  • Mac1313

    Training scores

    October 12, 2010 by Mac1313

    Dont read this

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  • Mac1313

    84th Hunger Games!

    September 8, 2010 by Mac1313

    The gong goes of and the blood bath begins. Clark isnt even half way to the cornacopia when Aaron dispatches him with a swift blow to the neck. The Careers (Blade, Glamor, Sapphire, Hannah, and Jake) Get to the cornacopia first. Hannah picks up a knife and throws it at Judith. It hits her in the chest and she dies instantly. Blade picks up a sword and sees Carn digging through the supplies for food. Blade comes up behind him and slashes his neck. Carn falls over dead. As Blade turnes from Carns' dead body, He practicly runs into Wendy. Wendy pleads with him to join the careers but he kills her anyway. Sapphire sees Amy running away, picks up a knife and runs after her. When Sapphire is just giving up Amy trips and falls. Sapphire stabs her…

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