Day 1


The gong goes of and the blood bath begins. Clark isnt even half way to the cornacopia when Aaron dispatches him with a swift blow to the neck. The Careers (Blade, Glamor, Sapphire, Hannah, and Jake) Get to the cornacopia first. Hannah picks up a knife and throws it at Judith. It hits her in the chest and she dies instantly. Blade picks up a sword and sees Carn digging through the supplies for food. Blade comes up behind him and slashes his neck. Carn falls over dead. As Blade turnes from Carns' dead body, He practicly runs into Wendy. Wendy pleads with him to join the careers but he kills her anyway. Sapphire sees Amy running away, picks up a knife and runs after her. When Sapphire is just giving up Amy trips and falls. Sapphire stabs her repeatedly until she is dead. She then realizes she is lost and decides to stay put.Meanwhile, Sam is walking through the forest when he hears a noise behind him. He turns around but Henry has already broken his neck. The other tributes all have run into the forest. The rst of the day is uneventful.


Clark Strands. Killed by Aaron

Judith Aryan. Killed by Hannah

Carn Frankals. Killed by Blade

Wendy Weaver. Killed by Blade

Sam Collins. Killed by Henry

Amy Love. Killed by Sapphire

Day 2


The Day starts out with a heavy drizzle. You can hardly see 5 feet in front of you! most of the tributes stay put but Cooper is on the move. He heads back to the Cornicopia to steal a bow and arrow and figures the rain will conseal him. He is right. He gets a bow and plenty of arrows and heads back to his hiding spot. Meanwhile Tyler has just found Coopers hiding spot and is looking around when he sees cooper. They see each other at the exact same time and imidiatly Cooper has and arrow loaded in his bow while Tyler runs at him with his knife. Cooper shoots his arrow and hits Tyler in the shoulder. Tyler falls to the ground and again Cooper has another arrow drawn. Tyler looks up and says,"just do it!" Cooper dosnt know what to do and runs away. He climbs a tree and starts to cry. Then Tylers Cannon goes off. meanwhile Anona has found the place where Gracey and Will have camped. She sees Gracey and is sneaking up behind her When suddenly She hears a strange noise. She turnes around just as the bear mutation roars. Anona tries to run but the Mutation pins her to the ground. She dosnt even have time to cry out before the bear bites down on her neck, killing her. Gracey hears the noise andshouts at will to grab a weapon and get up a tree. They both make it just in time to see the bear crash through the trees into their camp. the bear cant find them because of the rain and walks away but Will and Gracey decided to stay in the tree for the rest of the day. By mid day the careers are heading in the direction that Sapphire went when they come across Cressida. They suround her and as she pleads for mercey Glamor comes up from behind and slits her throat. She is left to die. About an hour later they find Sapphire and are just turning around to go back to the cornicopia when Glamor sneezes thats when an arrow hits her upper arm. Thorn then realizes that he has missed and runs into the forest. Glamor Can walk but she is bleeding badly. As they pass the spot where Cressida was killed, Jake finds that He cant look anyone in the eye.


Tyler Potts. Killed by Cooper

Anona Camonile. Killed by Bear Mutation

Cressida Wilson. Killed by Glamor Day 3

Day 3


Day 3 begins with a steady downpour. The careers wake up to a bloody sight. Glamor is dead. But not from blood loss. Glamors throat has been slit and her blood is everywere. Sapphire looks around and says," It was Jake!! Look at the blood on his hands!!" Jake looks down and sees that his hands are covered in Glamors blood. Before Jake can say anything in his defence The careers surround Jake and Hannah. Sapphire says to Hannah,"You know he did it. KILL HIM!!!" Hannah stays calm but she and jake both pull out knives. Hannah says, "Regardless if he did it, if you threaten him you threaten me. You lay one finger on him and your dead." The careers think for a second but before they reply Hannah says,"C'mon Jake. We are leaving. They slowly back away and when they are about thirty yards away they turn around and sprint for it. Unfourtunatly Sapphire picks up a knife and throws it at Hannah. Its a lucky shot and Hannah Falls down in the mud, the knife sticking out of her back. "Run Jake!!" She screams as the careers start running toward them. Jake has no choice but to run. The last thing she says to him is "Jake I love-" But she is cut off as Blade thrusts his sword into the back of her head. Her cannon booms around the arena just as Jake looses sight of the cornicopia. He keeps runing and cry's until he blacks out. Jenifer has just finished setting her first trap when she Hears Hannahs cannon. She immidiatly looks up And coming out of the bushes is Zain. He starts runnig toward her with a knife but dosent see Jenifers trap. He steps right on is and is whisked into the air by a rope wrapped around his ankle. Jenifer Imidiatly shoots him with an arrow. He dies instantly but as the hovercraft picks him up, She finds tears in her eyes and walks away. Snowbelle is in the trees and is just about to let her arrow fly when Henry comes crashing through the undergrowth and kicks her in the side of the head. Her head starts bleeding and the kick gives her a serious concusion. She is trying to get up when Henry lands another kick this time on her throat. Snowbelle lays there choking, and the last thing she sees are Henrys feet walking away from her. The rain continues on into the night and when the anthem plays and the tributes who were killed are shown, you cant see a thing.


Hannah Spakes. Killed By Blade

Zain Milagros. Killed by Jenifer

Snowbelle Anderson. Killed by Henry

Glamor Spice. Killed By Sapphire

Day 4


Day four starts out as nice and sunny. Jake wakes up to find himself being dragged along the ground by Jenifer. He immidiatley reaches for his knives but they aren't there. "Where are you taking me?" He stutters. "Just stay quiet and everything will be O.K." She replies. Jenifer takes him into a cave hidden by a big boulder and mess of bushes. She gives him a slice of warm bread. "How did you get this?!?!" Jake says in a loud whisper. Jenifer points to a parachute lying on the ground. It turnes out that Jenifer had happened upon Jake just a few minutes ago and decided to bring him in. Jenifer offers to be allies and Jake gladly agrees. Meanwhile Thorn is traking the remaining careers. all of a sudden a bear pops out of the bushes right in front of him. Thorn Quickly shoots and arrow at it but it hits the bear in the side. Thorn starts to run but is met by an even larger bear. Thorn has two arrows left and Shoots them both at the second bear. One hits its side. The other hits the bear right in the fore head but instead of killing the bear, it simply cluttered to the ground. Realizing that this was the end, Thorn yells to all of the world how much he loves his family and how much he hates the capital. Then the bears attack and Thorn and he disapears beneath the claws of the bears and he dies. Gracey is out collecting berrys she found when she hears Will scream. When she gets back to their camp, Will is on the ground and he is covered in tracker jacker stings. He is unconcious and Gracey drags him under a bush. She knows it is bad and that she need some medicine to fix it. She sits there cradeling his head in her arms for the rest of the day.


Thorn Woods. Killed by bear mutations.

Day 5


Day 5 begins as Aaron is heading throught the forest looking for tributes. Suddenly Henry appears on the other side of of a clearing. They both stare each other down and then Henry starts running toward Aaron. Like Henry, Aaron has no weapons and he starts sprinting toward Henry. They both colide in the middle of the clearing and start wrestling on the ground. Jenifer and Jake hear all of this from their cave and come rushing out. Henry is just about to crush Aarons wind pipe when Jenifer Shoots an arrow into his arm. Henry looks up and knows he is surrounded. Henry runs off into the forest. Jenifer and Jake debate for a little bit and then decide to bring Aaron into their cave. They feed him hot broth from a parachute and nurse him back to health. Meanwhile, Will is getting worse. Gracey has to hide him up in a tree and cover his eyes or he will scream about things that aren't there. Wills eyes are blood shot and even though he is drinking plenty of water he has a monster fever and is sweating buckets of water. Gracey stays up all night taking care of Will and she dosent take her eyes off him for a minute. No one dies today.

Day 6


Day 6 is a nice warm sunny day. As soon as the sun rises, there is a mesege from the game makers. There will be a feast at noon. There is somthing for every district. Jenifer and Jake are both certain that there is medicine in the district 9 bag but are not sure what will be in the district 4 bag. They decide that they should both go because Jake is a fast runner and Jenifer can cover him. Fern has run out of arrows and knows thats what will probably be in her bag. Copper is also running out of arrows but decides to stay put and will make dew with what he has. Henry figures that there will be bandages for his arm in his bag. Gracey knows there will be medicine for Will in her bag and knows that if she fails Will will probably die. The careers arent sure what will be in their bags and decide to make themselves scarce. At noon, there is no one at the cornicopia. There are two big backbacks for 1 and 2. There is a medium backpack for district 4. There are small backpacks for 5, 9, and 10. There are two medium backpacks for 11 and 12. All of a sudden Fern bursts from the trees. She is almost to the cornicopia when a knife comes from no where and buries its self into the side of her head. Her cannon goes off instantly. Fern is just falling to the ground when the careers come out of the forest and run the the cornicopia. The other tributes dont know what to do and stay in the trees. Then they realize what a mistake that was. The careers start going through the other tributes backpacks. Jakes backpack is full of useful supplies and the careers but it next to their stuff. Then they open Henrys small back pack. Its bandages and they also keep it. Next they open the district nine backpack and to the horror of Jenifer and Jake, Blade takes out the medicine inside and smashes it on the ground. Gracey realizes what they are going to do next and takes off for the cornicopia. Gracey is too late and the medicine for Will is smashed by the time she reaches the cornicopia. Gracey wants revenge and runs at Blade with a knife. Blade stabs her in the stomach with his sword and she is left to bleed to death. Her last words are "I'm sorry Will" and as she dies, it starts to snow. The careers destroy the rest of the bags and head off to make camp somwhere. The other tributes are left to go home cold and empty handed. Will deprived of his medicine is left to under his bush. His cannon goes off in the middle of the night and he dies under an endless blanket of stars


Fern Stone. Killed by Sapphire

Gracey Follows. Killed by Blade

Will Follows. Killed by Trackerjackers

Day 7


Day 7 begins with a light snow. Henry wakes up to find a parachute has just landed next to him. He opens it up and it contains some sort of energy bar and a 16 inch long knife. Henry gets the mesage and starts hunting down tributes. Meanwhile Copper has also woken up to a parachute landing near him. When he opens it, all it contains is a strong metal arrow. Copper dosnt know what is so special about it when a bear mutation comes crashing out of the forest. Since the metal arrow is in his hand he quickly puts it on his bow and shoots the bear. It hits the bear strait in the forehead but instead of harmlessly bouncing off it stuck in all the way up the the feathers. Copper now realizes how useful this arrow could be and is trying to get the arrow out of the bear when he hears a cracking sound, like a tree falling. He turns around just as Henry finishes snaping his bow in half. Copper knows this is a fight he cant win and takes off running. He goes about 10 yards when he is whisked into the air by one of Jenifers traps. Hanging by one leg he struggles to get free but realizes that this is the end. He has just enough time to yell about how much he loves his family before he is stabed through the heart. Copper dies and his cannon booms around the arena. The rest of the day is uneventful.


Copper Freeman. Killed by Henry

Day 8


Day 8 begins with a light snow. The careers wake up and head south from the cornicopia. Its about mid day when they come across Jake, Jennifer and Aaron. Jake sees them coming and throws a knife at Blade. He narrowly dodges it and plunges his sword strait through Jakes heart. Jakes is dead almost instantly. Sapphire is coming up on Jenifer who is strugling to load an arrow on to her bow. Aaron comes from nowhere and pushes her to the ground. Before he can do anything else, Blade is standing over her protectivly and then they both walk away. The rest of the day is uneventful.


Jake Spakes. Killed by Blade

Day 9


As day 9 begins, Jenifer and Aaron wake up and know they have to move. Aaron is fine exept that he can barley talk. They start heading north and stop for a break around noon. Just then Jenifer spots somthing and they go over to investigate. Its a dead bear mutation and it has a metal arrow stuck in its forehead. Aaron pulls it out with ease and hands it to jenifer for later use. Meanwhile Henry has just happened upon the careers and is planing what to do when Sapphire spots him. She throws a knife in his direction but it goes over Henrys head. Henry then runs up to Blade and lunges for him. Blades sword catches him on the leg but Henrys knife goes right through Blades skull. Then while he is still on the ground Sapphire comes up behind Henry and stabs him repeatedly until he dies. Sapphire takes Blades sword and practices with it for the rest of the day. she knows that tomorow will probably be the end of someone and she dosent want to be that someone.


Blade Johnston. Killed by Henry

Henry Falcon. Killed by Sapphire

Day 10


When Jenifer wakes up, Aaron is gone. She knows that he has gone to the cornicopia to kill Sapphire. She imidiatly grabs her things and starts running to the cornicopia. She is starting to think its to late but then she sees him hiding behind a bush. They meet up and start planning. "She is inside the cornicopia!" Aaron manages to get out. Then they realize that Sapphire has just come out and is leaning next to the cornicopia eating an apple. Jenifer quickly finds the metal arrow and shoots it at Sapphire. It hits her in the arm and buries itself into the cornicopia. She is stuck to the side of the cornicopia. Then Aaron bursts out of the trees with a knife and starts running at sapphire. She pulls one of her knifes out of her jacket and throws it at Aaron. It hits him in the leg and He falls to the ground. Meanwhile, Jenifer is just about to shoot another arrow when a bear mutation comes out of the trees behind her. She uses all of her arrows killing it and then grabs her only knife and starts running at Sapphire. Sapphire throws another knife missing Jenifer by inches. Then sapphire grabs her last knife and they stab each other at the same time. Sapphire is stabed in the heart while Jenifer has been stabed in the cheast. Jenifer falls to the ground knowing she has but minutes to live. Aaron crawls over to her sobbing and saying sorry for everything. Then Jenifer says "Aaron, I know you are strong and you can get through this. Just remember, I love you." And then they kiss. When Aaron pulls away, Jenifers eyes are shining and as she draws her final breath, she is happy.


Sappphire Ammage. Killed by Jenifer.

Jenifer Sky. Killed by Sapphire.


Aaron Shadow!

After The Games

After the games, Aaron went back to a very celebritive District 9. His parents were overcome with joy that he had come back and there were celebrations everywhere. Aaron gave a huge portion of the victory money to Jenifers family and after moving into his new house he offered them to come and live with him, but they refused. Aaron visits Jenifers family every day, and sees Jenifer every now and then, in his dreams.

Victory Tour

When visiting the other districts Aaron made sure to emphasize how great the tribute was or how valiantly they fought. Aaron made a very touching speech in district 4 and told everyone how shocked he had been when he found out just how Hannah had died and how close she and Jake had been. In district 2 after a very short speech about Clark Strands, He looked over at Sapphires family and told them, "I'm sorry Sapphire had to die. At most times I was scared of her, but I never realized how much you all love her. Her loss is a great tragity." Then he couldnt say any more and walked off stage. Finally back in district 9, He made a speech about Jenifer. It was filled with so much love and compassion, that some of the audience were weeping. Including Aaron. To finish his speech he added how much he loved her and that he would miss her until the day he died, when he could join her in the stars.

The Arena

The arena is a hilly forest with lots of trees. It is a dome shape about 30 miles in diameter. There are impasable mountains surrounding it. There are wild deer and elk and other animals you would find in the forest. But, there are many bears and some may attack and strange mutations of birds and insects. There are many small streams and lots of wild berrys. Some are poisonous and some are not. The cornacopia is located in a clearing next to a stream.

Training Scores

District 1: Glammor Spice 8

Blade Johnston 10

District 2: Sapphire Ammage 9

Clark Strands 2

District 3: Wendy Weaver 5

Sam Collins 5

District 4: Hanna Spakes 10

Jake Spakes 7

District 5: Annona Camonile 6

Henry Falcon 8

District 6: Judith Aryan 4

Zain Milagros 7

District 7: Cressida Wilson 6

Carn Frankals 5

District 8: Amy Love 3

Tyler Potts 8

District 9: Jenifer Sky 7

Aaron Shadow 7

District 10: Gracey Follows 6

Will Follows 6

District 11: Fern Stone 7

Thorn Woods 8

District 12: Snowbell Anderson 7

Copper Freeman 9


District 1 Female: Glamor Spice

District 1 Male: Blade Johnston

District 2 Female: Sapphire Ammage

District 2 Male: Clark Srands

District 3 Female: Wendy Weaver

District 3 Male: Sam Collins

District 4 Female: Hannah Spakes

District 4 Male: Jake Spakes

District 5 Female: Anona Camonile

District 5 Male: Henry Falcon

District 6 Female: Judith Aryan

District 6 Male: Zain Milagros

District 7 Female: Cressida Wilson

District 7 Male: Carn Frankals

District 8 Female: Amy Love

District 8 Male: Tyler Potts

District 9 Female: Jennifer Sky

District 9 Male: Aaron Shadow- Victor!!!

District 10 Female: Gracey Follows

District 10 Male: Will Follows

District 11 Female: Fern Stone

District 11 Male: Thorn Woods

District 12 Female: Snowbell Anderson

District 12 Male: Copper Freeman

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