91st Hunger Games

Hey guys! Here is how I want you to enter tributes.






Please enter two tributes each. Have a happy hunger games! I will reserve spots for 24 hours. After that its up for grabs.

Chariot Rides

District 1

Ares and Gaea emerge in a sunset red chariot. Ares is wearing a red suit and his tie seems to be on fire. Gaea is wearing a sparkling red dress that has the audience mezmorized. Then fireworks start shooting out of the back of the chariot. The audience is impressed and cheers wildly.

District 2

Thanatos and Discordia come in holding hands. They are both wearing cloths that are covered in sparkling purple crystals. When ever they wave their hand or blow kisses to the crowd purple crystal dust flies every where. They are riding in a chariot that looks like it is entirely made of some dull gray rock. It seems like it because they have an extra two horses pulling the chariot and the horses are straining themselves. They have to stop right in the middle and change horses because the original ones cant pull anymore. The crowd boos them off stage. "What an embarasment for District Two!" The announces says, holding back tears of laughter.

District 3

As the District 3 Chariot rolls in the audience realizes that all of the big screen TVs have gone haywire. Suddenly they show all of the victories and shining moments of District 3. Adonitus and Adaquo are dressed in futuristic suits with buttons and flashing lights every where. Suddenly the two tributes start to glow. They get so bright that the audience has to squint their eyes. Then they are consumed in a ball of fire. There is a huge explosion and suddenly their suits are on fire. The audience is very impressed.

District 4

Splash and Waterlily come out totally dressed in blue. They are wearing capes that are literally made of water. The audience Oooooohs and Ahhhhs. The chariot is made up of shells and waves painted into the side. The audience claps wildly.

District 5

Rikki and Baily come out in a white chariot and they are in white clothes covered in glitter. Nothing else happens and the crowd is unimpressed.

District 6

Harry and Mary are Both dressed in black and white. Mary is very pretty but just stares into the distance. THe audience is mildly impressed but clap respectfully.

District 7

Storm and Dew come out wearing brown vests over silver armor. They are both holding axes and are looking defiantly at the crowd. The chariot is made out of wood and their is obviously someone hiding in the chariot throwing leaves out the back. The audience is impressed and happy that District 7 finally didn't do trees. The audience claps with enthusiasm.

District 8

Siron and Eisla come out wearing a modified version of peacekeeper uniforms. They are obviously unhappy with what they are wearing. The chariot is white with snowflakes that sparkle and glisten. The audience is impressed but thinks it could have been better.

District 9

Achilles and Bluejay come out holding hands. They are both wearing red from head to toe and they emit a soft red glow. The audience claps but is not very impressed.

District 10

Iroh and Florence are wearing a patch work of different animal skins. Florence is in a dress and Iroh is in a suit. The audience likes the idea but thinks they look just plain weird.

District 11

Murcury and Ivory are wearing tan shirts and pants that look like it is made of weaved grain. They wear straw hats on their heads. Suddenly parachutes rain from the sky with baskets full of apples. The audience is very impressed and they clap wildly.

District 12

Jay and Ali come out wearing black suits and capes of fire. The audience is already clapping for the blind girl but goes wild when they see what they are wearing. Fireworks erupt from the back of the chariot and the audience is now on their feet. District 12 is credited with the best performance of the night.

The Arena

The arena is all desert on top of a gigantic plateau. It is about 20 miles across and 15 miles wide. The average temperature in the day is 110 degrees but at night it can drop to below freezing. There are occasional boulders and lots of cactuses with poison needles. The only water is in the cactuses. You can cut the cactuses or you can tap them. The cornicopia is in the middle surrounded by boulders and cactuses. There is one small stream that runs near the cornicopia. The items in the cornicopia mostly contain water and anti-dehydration things but there are weapons too.

Day 1


The tributes rise up on their plates dressed in loose tan clothing and tight fitting leather shoes with no socks. They all have on plain tan baseball caps. Suddenly the gong goes off. Storm and Dew get to the Cornicopia first but can only pick up one bow, a set of arrows and a loaf of bread before the careers move in and start picking off tributes. Discordia picks up a knife and throws it at Sivon. It hits him square in the back and he falls on the ground. He starts to crawl away but Thanatos runs up to him and stabs him in the back of the head with his sword. Harry tries to grab a spear from the cornacopia but is shot through the head with a arrow by Ares. Jay escapes to the desert leading Ali by the hand but is shot in the arm with another arrow from Ares. Somehow Iroh sneaks past the careers, grabs a sword and stabs Splash in the chest, killing him. "Nooooo!" Waterlily yells as Splash goes down. She picks up a spear and throws it right through Irohs head. Elsewhere Baily is running through the desert when she sees Rikki. They make an aliance and keep running into the desert. The rest of the tributes run into the desert safely and the rest of the day is uneventful.


Sivon Regel. Killed by Thanatos.

Harry Fiderson. Killed by Ares.

Splash Blue. Killed by Iroh.

Iroh Ragnorok. Killed by Waterlily.

Day 2


Day two begins as the careers make their way across the desert hunting for tributes. They see Adaquo slumped against a rock and stab her. They widen their eyes in horror as they realize she is already dead and a snake slither out from under the rock she was sitting against. Meanwhile Storm and Dew are just waking up when Rikki and Baily come crashing through the desert toward them. Storm quickly grabs the bow and shoots Rikki through the chest. He falls to his knees but not before he throws his knife at Storm who narowly dodges it. Baily and Dew are wrestling for the knife in Bailys hand when suddenly the knife comes free. Dew quickly picks it up and stabs Baily in the arm but before she can do any more damage Baily pushes her strait into a cactus. Dew realizes that the cactus is poison just before she passes out. Baily realizes she is out classed by Storm and she runs into the desert. Achilles is stalking the careers when he hears a noise behind him. He turns around just as the knife buries its self in his forehead. Achilles falls down dead just as Murcury goes to retreve his knife. He looks into Achilles eyes as they close and feels bitter regret as he walks away. The rest of the day is uneventful.


Adaquo Anima. Killed by snakes.

Rikki Star. Killed by Storm.

Achilles Valerio. Killed by Murcury.

Day 3


Day 3 begins as a cannon goes off. Mary has died of lack of water. The cannon shot wakes up Ali and she sits up startled. "Where is Jay! Is it close?!?!" "Calm down," Jay coos. "It's nowhere near us. Just relax." Jay tries to sound calm but he knows that infection is starting in his arm wound. He has managed to find food and water but he knows that if anyone finds them, then they are both dead. Elsewhere, the careers are hunting tributes when suddenly, Ivory jumps out of her hiding place and stabs Discordia in the chest, killing her. The careers are about to kill her when they realize how stunning and beautiful she looks. Ivory takes advantage of this and runs away. The female careers are infuriated by this and swear to kill Ivory with their dying breath.

In Storms Perspective-

Dew isn't doing well. I've given her plenty to eat and drink and she has rested all day but if we don't get some medicine soon Dew is going to die. I don't want to believe it but I know deep down in my gut its true. I hate the capitol. I hate the hunger games. I would fight to my dying breath to save Dew, but this is a battle she must fight alone.


Mary Blodbath. Killed by dehydration.

Discordia Harris. Killed by Ivory.


District 1 Male: Ares Natalya 10 $1000

District 1 Female: Gaea Natalya 10 $1000

District 2 Male: Thanatos White 10 $1000

District 2 Female: Discordia Harris 9 $1000

District 3 Male: Adonitus Veta 6 $1000

District 3 Female: Adaquo Anima 5 $1000

District 4 Male: Splash Blue 7 $1000

District 4 Female: Waterlily Wave 8 $1000

District 5 Male: Rikki Star 8 $1000

District 5 Female: Baily Spatz 7 $1000

District 6 Male: Harry Fiderson 6 $1000

District 6 Female: Marry "Jumpy" Blodbath 6 $1000

District 7 Male: Storm Willows 7 $1000

District 7 Female: Dew Twilight 8 $1000

District 8 Male: Sivon Regel 4 $1000

District 8 Female: Eisla Pulson 5 $1000

District 9 Male: Achilles Valerio 6 $1000

District 9 Female: Bluejay Crow 8 $1000

District 10 Male: Iroh Ragnorok 11 $1000

District 10 Female: Florence Syren 6 $1000

District 11 Male: Murcury Aitus 7 $1000

District 11 Female: Ivory Corrunpo 6 $1000

District 12 Male: Jay Moe 4 $1000

District 12 Female: Ali Gupi 2 $1000

May the odds be ever in your favor- Effie Trinket


Knife- 150

Bow and Arrows (12)- 500

Sword - 450

Spear- 225

Ax- 225

Trident- 400

Hatchet- 200

Vial of Poison- 300

Poison Knife- 325

Clothing, Sleeping bags, etc.

Sweater- 200

Warm Socks- 125

Sleeping Bag- 500

Blanket- 300

Winter Coat- 450

Mittens- 250


Loaf of Bread- 300

Basket of Apples- 350

24 Bread Rolls- 200

Bottle of Water- 150

Iodine- 250

Empty Water Bottle- 50

Energy Bar- 200

Energy Drink- 250


Tent- 700

Tarp- 350

50 Feet of Rope- 250



Night Vision Goggles- 500

Full Body Armor- 550

Helmet- 350

Medicine- Depends How Much

Note (I will only accept the note if it is 3 lines or less. It cannot reveal anything about the other tributes plans. It can be words of encouragement from friends or family)- 100

Each tribute will have $1000 in spending money. The amount they have throughout the games will show next to their name. I will only accept 3 sponsor gifts a day and they must be submitted to me before 5:00 Mountain time, USA.

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