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  • I live in Nerdfighteria, Narnia, Hogwarts, Panem, your imagiation, South Canada, Uzbekistan (but really NY)
  • I was born on October 7
  • My occupation is taco farmer by day, ninja by night
  • I am that depends on my mood, but usually female because i am female.
  • Madrigalmagic

    I'm leaving . I will miss Justafox and Primrose33 especially, but i will miss many others as well. I would just like to say in terms of why I'm leaving that I seem to be the only person defending the newbies in this fight we are having and every pro-newbie argument I make gets torn to bits by all of the old users. The one thing I can agree with them on is that this wiki has gone downhill. Not because of the newbies, though, but because of this anti-newbie campaign. I'm sure you guys will tear me apart in the comments, like you do, So i wish you good bye, or maybe see you much, much later.

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  • Madrigalmagic

    Lately, I've seen far too many posts about the "good old days." It seems that a portion of the older users think that after/before the movie, there was a huge wave of people that joined the wiki and that having more members somehow made the wiki worse. I agree that many of the users just made annoying posts about Peeta vs Gale "hotness" .The thing is, now that we are a good month after the movie, only the newbies true to the wiki stayed (such as me and some of my friends). I haven't seen an annoying peeta or gale "hotness" post in a few weeks, the occasional time i do see one, i ask them to stop and they do. I think everything is just wonderful. I know many veteran users liked being a big fish in a small pond, but nothing bad can happen fr…

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  • Madrigalmagic

    My "Chariot Rides"

    April 22, 2012 by Madrigalmagic

    i've decided to put together a collection of what i think are some lovely dresses for chariot rides.

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  • Madrigalmagic

    Hey guys! this is my second time hosting a game and I hope you enjoy it! please sign up, the arena details, training scores and other information will be posted after I have all of the tributes. You may submit up to 4 tributes, BUT MAY NOT have both tributes in a district (example: you may not have both the d4 girl and d4 boy) My reason for this is I find that often there are an abnormally large number of sibling pairs or romantic pairs, when 95% of the time in a real game, there would be no pairs like this. I hope you enjoy my game and may the odds be ever in your favour.

    pleas post your tribute's name, age, district, some strengths and a weakness of theirs. if you want, you can add a personality, strategy and backstory.

    girl: Misty Harrod-…

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  • Madrigalmagic

    this is my first ever games so I'm going to try really hard to update often and make this EPIC. This is not a user game. Please submit tributes with name, age, district, gender, strengths, weaknesses and strategy. May the odds be EVER in your favour.... (i will be skipping the reapings and interviews and going right to training scores and then the games. You can make alliances in the comments and i will incorporate them in my story. You can have up to 3 tributes. first come, first serve) I made it 3 now, cause im impatient.

    The arena has three parts (a forest, fields and a beach) the beach has many little rivers flowing into it, and the rivers go out into the other parts of the arena. The forest has everything from the sort of trees you woul…

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