Hey guys! this is my second time hosting a game and I hope you enjoy it! please sign up, the arena details, training scores and other information will be posted after I have all of the tributes. You may submit up to 4 tributes, BUT MAY NOT have both tributes in a district (example: you may not have both the d4 girl and d4 boy) My reason for this is I find that often there are an abnormally large number of sibling pairs or romantic pairs, when 95% of the time in a real game, there would be no pairs like this. I hope you enjoy my game and may the odds be ever in your favour.

pleas post your tribute's name, age, district, some strengths and a weakness of theirs. if you want, you can add a personality, strategy and backstory.


District 1:

girl: Misty Harrod- death by electrocution (lane)

boy: Melanic Shinx- death by sword (laura)

District 2:

girl: Jade Avedon- death by poison

boy: Silas Howitzer- death by sword (miller)

District 3:

girl: Audacia Undersea- death by explosion (tessi)

boy: Lane Tocketter- death by asphyxia

District 4:

girl: Lily Carter- VICTOR!!!

boy: Hunter Riptide- death by electrocution (lane)

District 5:

girl: Rose Juna Ice- death by knife (hera)

boy: Christian Blair- death by sword (tessi)

District 6:

girl: Senner Leif- death by spear (misty)

boy: Micas Figaru- death by axe (jade)

District 7:

girl: Hera Flint- death by electrocution (lane)

boy: Sawyer Thomas- death by sword (miller)

District 8:

girl: Parie Sander- death by sword (tessi)

boy: Jimmy Mears- death by axe (jade)

District 9:

girl: Grace Mills- death by bunny (hehe. death by bunny. i love my sense of humour.)

boy: Miller Reese- death by trident (lily)

District 10:

girl: Tessi Fenete- death by asphyxia

boy: Selwyn Addie- death by knife (hera)

District 11:

girl: Emma Lien- death by trident (lily)

boy: Nezio Borinia- death by explosion (tessi)

District 12:

girl: Laura Worth- death by trident (hunter)

boy: Jared Holland- death by explosion (tessi)


So here is the deal. There will be chariot rides and using an app on my phone, the order of favorites will be random. The order doesn't have a ton of effect on the games, but it will generate one or two sponsor gifts.

7- 1st place. The tributes from 7 had leaves orbiting their heads and the girl had a gourgous shimmering green gown and the boy had a shimmering green tux.

3- 2nd place. The tributes from 3 were in a dress/ tux made entirely of L.e.d. lights. It was mesmerising and beautiful, but not very original.

8- 3rd place. The tributes from 8 had lady-gaga-ish costumes made of a variety of fabrics. It is considered very cool in the capitol, but it doesn't seem to be quite as good as 7 or 3.

4- 4th place. the girl's dress seemed to be made of water and was one of the greatest chariot outfits ever, but the boys was not nearly as good.

1- 5th place. The tributes from 1 had shimmering clothes made from jewels. it was beautiful but completely ordinary for d1 tributes.

12- 6th place. The tributes from 12 had color changing outfits that changed from red to orange to black, like coal, very lovely, but the capitol thought that it just wasn't as good as some of the others.

2- 7th place. The tributes from 2 had outfits that made it look like they were marble statues. This wasn't terrible, just not great.

5- 8th place. The tributes from 5 had plain dark-washed jeans and a black t shirt but on the black of the t-shirt written in a crackleing thing that seemed to be lightning were the words "district 5. power." on it. This was great because the ideal tribute is powerful but the plainness of it all made the capitol much less satisfied.

11- 9th place. The tributes from 11 had overalls and were dressed like farmers. This was very boring but other tributes were worse.

6- 10th place. The tributes from 6 were dressed like railroad workers. the capitol found their outfits boring and slightly ugly.

10- 11th place. The tributes from 10 had cow masks and were dressed like cows. the capitol didn't think this was at all entertaining.

9- 12th place. The tributes from 9 had nothing exept for simple cloths tied around them because of the "simplicity of their district" but the capitol just thought this was completely stupid.


Each tribute stares at the cournacopia, or rather the clock counting down the seconds till go time. they look around them and see an arena 1/2 forest and 1/2 rocky caverns and waterfalls. While some of the tributes are taking in their surroundings, Tessi Fenete throws her district token to the ground, setting off the mines around Audacia, Nezio and Jared, killing them. Then the clock at the cournacopia tells them its time to get moving.

The careers and a few other tributes head in. Laura, Miller, Lane, Tessi and Sawyer head in a few feat and grab a few small backpacks, but on the outside of Miller's pack is a small broadsword and he stabs Sawyer on the run. Jimmy, Selwyn, Hera, Micas and Rose all head toward the deep center of the cournacopia like the careers. Hera Reaches the center first, grabs a backpack and some throwing knives, and takes down Rose and Selwyn. Micas and Jimmy are still running to the cournacopia but they are simultaniously stabbed by Jade using 2 axes. Senner pauses while runnning away from the cournacopia because of the screams of her district partner. That cost her a life because the last thing she sees is Misty throwing a spear at her.

Day 1 tribute status:

The careers got all of the supplies as usual and hera has joined the careers after her impresive display at the bloodbath. They are camping out by the cournacopia.

Laura, Miller, Tessi and Lane all have some backpacks with small rations of food and water, as well as some matches, rope, and a sword. Laura, Lane and Miller are in the forest while Tessi is in the caverns.

Emma, Grace, Parie and Christian all have no supplies and no injuries. Parie, Christian and Grace are in the caverns while Emma is in the forest.


Christian and Parie meet up at the one water source in the caverns, a stream that flows through the smallest cave. Neither of them having weapons, they agree to become allies. Tessi is listening to their conversation from not to far away, and walks in and asks to aly with them, too. She has supplies from the cournacopia that could be very helpful, so they agree. Tessi takes first watch that night, and kills them in their sleep. she stabbed Parie first and she screamed waking up christian. Before she could kill him, too he punches her and breaks her nose. She stabs him and then her nose starts bleeding a lot, so she has to find somewhere to hide and rest for a while. she retreats into a small cave near the stream.

The careers go out hunting for tributes in the woods, and they soon find Laura hidden up in a tree. Jade throws up an axe and cuts down the branch laura was on, bringing her down to where the careers are. But laura has her sword ready and before they can kill her, she stabs Melanic and he falls down, dead. Immidiately afterwards, Hunter stabs her and she dies as well.

Day 2 tribute status:

The careers aren't slowed down much by the loss of Melanic and they are still out there hunting for tributes and they have lots of supplies and full bellies.

Tessi seems to have lost a lot of blood and may be dizzy for a while making her a target. But she has supplies and so as long as she stays hidden it shouldn't be a problem.

Lane and Miller have good supplies and working with the elements no problem. They aren't hungry at all and have weapons and they could be formidable.

Grace and Emma are doing decently as far as not having supplies, but because they are weaponless, they really need to ally with someone with a weapon in order to survive much longer.

Day 3, people of earth!

Emma started looking around for food in the forest, bumping into miller on the way. Emma, being desperate for food and weaponless, allied with him. Miller offered to share some of his dried beef with her and they bonded over talking about their districts. The thing is, they were talking a bit- loud. The careers headed towards them and when they came towards them, Miller threw his sword toward the sound of movement, hitting silas. Silas screamed, but it didn't kill him because it only hit him in the shin. Miller sprinted away while Lily "took care of" Emma.

Grace wanders the caverns, and starts to become hungry. VERY hungry. She comes across a rabbit who is just sorta sitting there, and with a feeble attempt, she reaches out to grab it in order to capture it. It hops a few feet away. she tries again, and again until the rabbit begins to grow. It grows until becomes only slightly smaller than grace and then proceeds to slash her to bits. don't you just love bunnies?

Back at the career camp, Lily is feeling pretty good after her first kill of the game, while in contrast, silas is feeling pretty bad. Lane is in a nearby tree, and recieves a sponsor gift. It is some electric tools and wire. Lane smiles because he knows he now has a fighting chance. Silas starts moaning, but sadly he does not recieve a sponsor gift and dies from blood loss beause careers are not known for medicinal abilities or for wanting to help other tributes. In fact, Hera basically giggles as silas dies.

Day 3 tribute status

Tessi is almost back to her senses and is still in her cave, fending off her cournacopia supplies.

Lane is trying to find a way to electrify his sword, and has almost succeded.

Miller is doing just fine and is trying to stay away from the careers.

Like in most hunger games, the careers are totally fine, and they outnumber the other tributes now.

Day 4, minions!

Lane has finally figured out how to electrify his sword and now he plans to wait above the water source the careers normally go to. He wants to throw his sword down and electrify anyone who walks into the water, willing to take the risk that he won't get the sword back and the water source will no longer be a water source. He waits for 6 hours in the tree and no careers come into the water. He starts to doze off, but he is awakened by the sound of splashing water below him. He instictively throws the sword down and Misty, Hera and Hunter are all electrocuted. He can't believe his luck! Now only Jade and Lily are the only careers left!

Miller looks through the woods for some food and finds a rabbit. He, however, is not desperate for food and after the rabbit hops away he does not chase after it. (good luck, too, cause he would have died from a giant bunny attack) He takes his supplies and goes to sleep in a tree not to far from Lane.

Tessi is roaming the caves freely, well aware that she is the only tribute in that part of the arena. Unfortunately for her, the game makers are aware of this, too, and send bunny mutts chasing her into the forest. She runs and runs and does not die by giant bunnies, however, she is now sleeping in a tree not far from Miller or Lane.

Lily and Jade are careers, and the death of their alliance members do not bother them, because it simply means less people they have to kill. They go to sleep on the ground not to far from the trees where the other tributes are. They are aakened by the announcement of a feast to come.

Day 4 tribute status:

EVERYONE IS A-OKAY! for now.... get ready for le grande feasty!

p.s. congrats on final 5 ppl

Day 5! FEASTY!

"the feast is to take place at the cournacopia" said claudius templesmith. Lily and Jade have an agreement. Jade will go in and grab items at the feast, while Lily watches and waits for the other tributes. Jade ran in and grabs a whole bunch of food, and no one comes to get her. She takes a bite of the meat and drops dead. Lily stares, mouth open. Was is all poisonous? or just the meat? Miller comes in from the other side, to inspect Jade's body and make sure she was dead, not just unconsious from the heat. Lily immidiately throws her trident at him and Miller dies as well.

Lane and Tessi, watching from up in their trees decide going to the feast would be downright stupid. They stay in their trees but Lane almost falls out. He doesn't but now Tessi knows where he is because he made a noise.

Day 5 tribute status:


DAY 6- the end?

the arena went dark. pitch black. and tessi and lane screamed because the trees they had been in had just dissapeared. the arena was un-making itself. claudius templesmith's voice came on the speakers, "it seems the gamemakers have had a.... malfunction. we need to remove all three of you from the arena. NOW."


DAY 7:

they wake up in a small room. just the three of them without weapons. There is a note on the wall it reads "You must vote on who the winner is. If you do not reach a consensus, all of you will die of dehydration or starvation or possibly asphyxia (lack of air)." The three of them exchanged looks. This wasn't how it was supposed to end! Tessi gave a persuasive speech about how she should win. Lane tried his best to convince the others why he should win, but Lily just sat there, staring at the wall muttering, "I need to get back to my family. I need to see my family." Tessi still tried to give a speech about why she should be the victor, but it was like trying to convince someone why they should die. oh. wait. it WAS trying to convince someone they should die. Lane and Tessi went back and forth for hours, while Lily just stared, muttering at the wall. After 9 hours, Lily stood up and whispered in a cracking voice- "listen. I need to go home. my family needs me to survive. my grandma is sick and she needs me. i need them, too." Tessi showed no response but Lane started to cry in sympathy. All three of them started coughing from lack of air. Lane shot up and screamed, "I vote lily! lily should be the victor!" lily nodded that she agreed, not able to speak, so there it was. A majority vote. Lily was led out of the room while Tessi and Lane died from asphyxia.


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