Lately, I've seen far too many posts about the "good old days." It seems that a portion of the older users think that after/before the movie, there was a huge wave of people that joined the wiki and that having more members somehow made the wiki worse. I agree that many of the users just made annoying posts about Peeta vs Gale "hotness" .The thing is, now that we are a good month after the movie, only the newbies true to the wiki stayed (such as me and some of my friends). I haven't seen an annoying peeta or gale "hotness" post in a few weeks, the occasional time i do see one, i ask them to stop and they do. I think everything is just wonderful. I know many veteran users liked being a big fish in a small pond, but nothing bad can happen from an influx of new, dedicated users, trying to improve the wiki. sure there are some annoying users with less than 20 edits but they have less then 20 edits so that means they haven't been to annoying on the actual wiki. Frankly, i know most people love chat, but the real reason we are here is for the hunger games wiki. not the chat. so while some may be annoying on the chat, all of the ones who edit the wiki and would see most of these anti-newbie posts are good, hardworking n00bs. Most newbies don't know what it was like before they joined and to them, this is the golden age. So unless you have access to the TARDIS, you are just gonna have to deal with us n00bs. (p.s. newbies is orginally where the term n00bs comes from, fun fact :)

Some of you might say that the newbies on chat are annoying, but I'm willing to bet there were annoying people on chat in the "old days" as well. and besides, the amount of good newbies probably makes the ration of good editors to annoying chat people about the same as it was before. Thanks for reading, earthlings.

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