• MakoTiger

    97th Hunger Games RPG

    December 2, 2012 by MakoTiger

    This is the 97th Hunger Games! The rebellion has lost, and the hunger games continue! Please create a tribute using the template provided. Once we have twenty four, I will start the games by describing the chariot rides by what you want your costume to be, then giving each tribute their training scores by what you tell me you show the judges, and finally the interviews. Comment with your tribute information! Also, I've changed the rules to allow each profile to add four tributes, so if you have already posted some tributes, you can add more!

    1. Up to Four tributes per profile
    2. No spamming
    3. Us the given templates


    Age(at least 12, at the most 18):



    Appearance: (lunaii, if you dont add one I will create it for you)



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